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Several Principles for Leading Non-Religious New Believers

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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Several Principles for Leading Non-Religious New Believers

God’s salvation of people is not limited to those who are already religious or are outsiders. As long as a person is willing to accept God’s work, is able to eat and drink God’s words and seek truth, then they are a suitable target for God’s salvation. God’s will is such that all those who can accept the work of Almighty God and attain purification are those who shall attain God’s salvation. There is no seniority among believers when practicing faith in God. As long as someone seeks truth and accepts God’s judgment and chastisement—thereby achieving transformation in his or her life disposition—then they are someone perfected by God. Therefore, mankind’s conceptions, imaginings or delineations about God are all ridiculous. God is righteous; God does not treat anyone with preference. To nurture and give sustenance to non-religious believers—truly bringing them into God’s words and helping them to enter into all truths—is God’s requirement, and this is also God’s commission to the leaders and workers of God’s house. All those who have prejudice against or exclude non-religious new believers, all those who muddle through the work of nurturing and giving sustenance to non-religious new believers, are all servants of Satan and they are all interrupting and disturbing God’s work. This is entirely the revelation of mankind’s satanic nature that opposes God. This must be clearly discerned.

I. The work of nurturing and giving sustenance to non-religious new believers is primarily divided into the two stages of before and after establishing a new church. Before establishing a new church, small group meetings must be arranged for the new believers. The person preaching the gospel should be responsible for nurturing and giving sustenance to them, or the church should send someone else to continue giving sustenance. After establishing the new church, the church leader or the person nurturing new believers shall take over all of the nurturing and giving of sustenance. Regarding those places with over 20 new believers, in general, a church can be established after they have kept the faith for 3 to 6 months. Regarding those who do not pursue, those who we cannot clearly discern if they truly believe in God, or those who don’t possess good humanity, their admittance to the church should be delayed for a period of further observation. If the new believers are individuals unknown to each other, or if they are the family, relatives, friends of the brothers and sisters, and if they are performing well, then they can be accepted into the church after they have believed in God for 3 months. After establishing the church, if it is discovered that there are some people who are not reliable, some wisdom should be employed when arranging group meetings in order to put all the unreliable people into one group so that they may be further observed.

II. The principles and conditions for establishing a church for non-religious new believers are that they must be equipped with the minimum common sense that a Christian should have: 1. They must recognize, from their hearts, that only Almighty God is the one true God that created the heavens and earth and all things, and that He is the Master of all things in the universe. 2. They must realize that faith in God is for the purpose of attaining salvation, escaping sins, escaping Satan’s influence, completely turning to God, obeying God, and worshiping God—only then will their faith in God gain them everlasting life. 3. Those who believe in God must preserve the name of the true God, without worshiping idols, without worshiping evil spirits, and must abandon all the false gods and evil spirits. 4. They must not participate in political activities. They must follow the laws of their country, but their beliefs should not be restricted by any country, government, or political party. They must obey God, and not follow people. 5. Christians must learn to be wise, as they are all responsible for protecting the work and interests of God’s house, otherwise they do not deserve the grace of God. After they have understood these matters, then a church can be established for them or they can be accepted into other churches. If they have no understanding regarding these matters, then the establishment of the church or their acceptance into the church should be delayed.

The leaders and deacons of the church are all elected. If a church consists entirely of non-religious new believers, then two wise people must be appointed by God’s house to play the role of church leaders in order to nurture and give sustenance to them. Of course, the church deacons must also be elected, and new believers must be informed that they must elect those with good humanity who are able to quickly accept the truth and are willing to fulfill their duties.

After the church has been established, each member should be given these books: Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh, Utterances of Christ of the Last Days Selections, Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs, God’s Sheep Hear the Voice of God New Believer Essentials, Testimonies of Experience of Christ’s Judgment, as well as the recording of the fellowship from the above, and the various movies and videos of God’s house. It is sufficient that each group is equipped with one set of the other books. Regarding The Word Appears in the Flesh, it shall only be issued to those who seek truth, have good humanity, and are willing to fulfill their duties after they have believed in God for over a year. Of course, it must be issued to those who are responsible for church work, that is, the church leaders, deacons and group leaders. Before establishing the church, various books can be lent to those who possess good humanity and seek truths, so that they can grow more quickly. This is mandatory.

The 3 to 6 months of nurturing before the church is established is the foundation work. This is when we must let all the non-religious new believers know what God’s three stages of work are in general, what work God performed during the Age of Law, what work God performed during the Age of Grace, and what work God incarnate has come to perform during the Age of Kingdom. They are not required to have a deep understanding of it all; it is sufficient that they have a general understanding. After the ground work has been laid after these 6 months, they no longer need to study the Bible; instead they can directly enjoy the words of Almighty God, and then they can enter onto the right track of believing in God.

April 4, 2005

Amended October 12, 2016

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