Chapter 72. Life Entry Is Most Important to Believing in God

If you put your heart into fulfilling your duty, the value of your work will increase by 30%-50%. Suppose you merely exert strength without putting your heart into it and are satisfied with the status quo; you’re muddle-headed all day and live in a state of aimless ignorance, thinking, “I’ll just keep doing the same old thing every day. I just need to keep up my old job and maintain the things I’m already doing. I’ll be fine just sitting on my laurels; there’s no need to put in so much effort!” If you don’t put your heart into it, and you are performing your duty with a mentality of going through the motions, that is, a march-on-the-spot mentality, this is what exerting strength means. If you don’t put your heart into it, then the fulfillment of your duty will be substandard; you don’t do it with all your heart, and you are merely exerting strength. Exerting strength doesn’t count as putting in all your strength. Putting in all your strength means you must do your duty with all your heart. You must do it with all your heart in order to put in all your strength, right? These days some people have gotten better and better at fulfilling their duties. I must say that you have certainly put more effort and put your heart into fulfilling your duty, and have begun to learn how to fulfill your duty with your heart. At the very least, I should say that a portion of you have begun to ponder how to fulfill your duty properly, how to enter this reality, how to use your heart to perform your duty properly, to fulfill what you should be doing as a created being, so as to satisfy God’s heart, as opposed to slacking off negatively and passively, and waiting for the above to issue commands, orders, and rules. You are no longer just passively waiting, and now have some proactive ingredients in you. I can see this growth from your work and in the tasks you have completed. That’s pretty good! But we cannot be satisfied with the current situation; the technical work will always have room for improvement. We don’t need to be flowery or colorful or ingenious, but we need to keep growing, keep exploring, and keep improving on the things we have to do. We must strive for vindication. If other people can do it, then why can’t we? Others only have two hands and a brain, also; we are no worse off than other people, so why can’t we do as well? Let’s strive for this vindication! Entering life and entering truth require hard work, but in matters that can be achieved if we do our very best, why don’t we put in more effort and satisfy God in this regard? This is the ambition and the strength of character that normal people should have. People smear our church and say we can’t do this or that; we therefore should strive to do it well and accomplish as much as we can. We’ll show them whether we truly can or can’t, right?

In terms of fulfilling your duty, if you do it in a laid-back manner, your results will be poorer and your grades will be lower. If you put in more effort, then your grades will be higher, your results will be better, your achievements will be good and you will achieve more, and your gains will be greater. In the end, what kind of mentality do you have? “It’s difficult to do this task well. But getting to the point where I can satisfy God and achieve peace of mind and be at ease is very easy.” We must bring into play the effects of conscience and rely on conscience. How many blessings has God given us over the years of our life? We live in God’s hands; we live under God’s dominion; we live under God’s rule. God gave us this breath of ours, so we should put our hearts into it and do all that we can to fulfill our duty well in order to shame Satan and satisfy God. We must put in all our effort without holding back, and we must try to satisfy God without leaving anything in reserve. We can do this, right? If you have this mentality and do not have any selfish desires or intentions in your heart, or try to leave some wiggle room for yourself or have your own motives, God will look upon your heart and He will see and measure your mind, your intentions, and the thoughts that are deep inside you, as well as what you think about every day. God will look inside your heart and He will enlighten you. In any given minor matter, if God does not enlighten you, you will never have any inspiration, and without it, you will never be able to break through in this regard. If people simply rely on their human brains, intelligence, and calibers, there will be many things that humanity will be unable to break through in several hundred or even a thousand years. Why can’t they break through? It’s because until the time determined by God, and until God has commenced His work, it is useless, no matter how capable humans might be. You must understand this, right? You must have faith that everything is in God’s hands, and that humans are merely coordinating with Him. If you are sincere, God will see it and He will open up all paths for you, making difficulties no longer difficult. You must be confident in this. Therefore, you needn’t worry about anything. As long as you use all your strength and use all your heart, God will not make things difficult for you or force you to do what you’re not capable of. What is fearful is that you say what you do not mean, saying something when you don’t feel it or intend to do it in your heart. If you do this, you will be finished. If you treat your duty and God with such an attitude, then God will treat you in a corresponding manner. That’s simple. Who are you deceiving if you deceive God? (Deceiving yourself.) Yes, it means you are deceiving yourself. In the end, God will say, “This person is too cunning! They don’t have a shred of honesty in them. They are untrustworthy and cannot be entrusted. Cast this person aside!” Where will you be cast? In serious cases, you’ll be cast to Satan, to evil spirits, and to filthy spirits; in minor cases, you will be left aside, unable to understand anything. Others will continue to receive enlightenment and illumination, but you never will; you will simply remain there, numb. Whenever the truth or life entry is being communicated, you will get sleepy and doze off. What is this phenomenon? Have you seen this phenomenon before? God is refusing to do His work on you. What is the purpose of living if God will not do His work on you? Is a tiny created being worthy of being alive if their confidence, motivation, and capital for living are gone? Are they still human? They are worse than swine and dogs. God sees, through your actions and behavior, that you are not a reliable person and not worthy of trust, so God despises you from the bottom of His heart and abandons you or temporarily casts you aside.

This is something that always makes Me ponder: How can such a person not feel awful inside? How can their heart bear so much? Regardless of whether your belief is genuine or fake, you already understand many doctrines. You can survive in this world even if your mother or father doesn’t want you. As long as you are an adult, regardless of who does not want you anymore, you can still keep on living. However, only when God says He doesn’t want you and will abandon you, or when God plans to abandon you—is there any meaning if you continue to live? Sometimes, when I see such a person, I say, “This person’s heart can bear so much.” Normally a person would cry their eyes out if God said He was planning to abandon them. They would want to die, and they would not have any desire to live. You should think of every way possible to turn back and repent. “How can I make God pleased with me? I committed wrongdoings; I resisted God, and I disobeyed God. I should slap my own face; I hate myself. What did I do to hurt God and make Him despise me so? If it was a momentary lapse, then I must plead for God’s forgiveness. But if it was just a momentary lapse, then God would not do such a thing. God would not treat anybody unjustly! It appears that my nature is too evil, and my rebellion against God is too serious; I don’t have anything worthy of being liked by God. I am too loathsome for God! God has put too much effort into me and waited for too long, yet I have not repented at all. I am so hardened!” You should quickly find someone who understands to communicate with, figure out a way to resolve your predicament, and immediately come before God to repent and confess, to dissect your disobedience, your nature and essence, and the parts of you that resist God. You must hurry up and get to know these things bit by bit, and stop being hardened. There is no good in continuing to be hardened! If you bicker with your parents and never see them again for the rest of your life, that might be okay, and you can keep on living; if you break off your relations with any person you have a relationship with, you can keep on living. However, if you have no relationship with God, then will your soul not cease to exist? Will you not then be no more than an empty shell? What will be the point of living? Anyone who has reached this stage already has no destination to speak of. Their only way out is to quickly come before God to confess. If you are truly sincere and genuinely repent, God will forget your transgressions. However, there is one rule that you must remember: Regardless of when, whether you understand God or have some misunderstanding of God on a certain matter, or if you have committed some wrongdoings, or even if you don’t understand at all, you must not go up against God; don’t turn away from God, and don’t turn your back on God. If you ever discover that your heart has grown hardened and there’s a state in which you say, “I’m going to do what I want. I’ll see what God can do to me. I’m not afraid of anybody! I was like this before, and what of it?” then you are in trouble. This is your satanic nature exploding; this is hardness. If you already know you are in a great danger or that you have done wrong, but you don’t take it seriously, have no fear in your heart, and feel no sense of guilt, reproach, or concern, and moreover you are not upset, then there is a hardened state here. This is troublesome. When you reach this point, and you are still so numb and do not know to turn back, is your relationship with God easy to recover? How can you get back to a normal relationship with God, and feel that coming before God is what has always been the natural order of things, and you obey, drop to the ground, devote all that you have, fear God, and accept everything God says and treat it as the truth? When can you get back to this state? How far must you walk in order to reach this state again? I’m afraid there is certain level of difficulty in this, because it’s not a question of time or the length of the path, it’s not a question of a concrete distance—it’s a question of your life condition. That is, it’s a question about whether or not you have these realities; it’s a question about whether or not you truly enter these realities of the truth. Even if you have believed in God for five, six, ten, or twenty years, the problems you possess cannot be resolved using the truth at all. Moreover, you have not even realized the seriousness of the situation and often live happily in such a state—in such a state of rebellion—without any awareness whatsoever. When you do or say something wrong, when you have disobedience in your heart, and when you contradict God, disobey God, resist God with a hardened heart, and rigidly hold on to what you have, you don’t have any awareness of it. So how far away are you from the condition of truly obeying and fearing God? Can you measure this distance? (No.) Why not? (As God communicated before, there is no distance when a person leaves God. When one leaves God, they may betray God and return to the domain of Satan at any time.) This is a problem to do with one’s life condition, right? This distance cannot be calculated. It cannot be measured with a ruler.

What do you now think is the biggest key to believing in God apart from properly fulfilling your own duty? Do you have any awareness of this in your hearts? (Having a God-fearing heart.) Having a God-fearing heart—this means that in the overall framework, that is, in a general direction, you have such a truth of the vision serving as a foundation within your heart. However, what is the key in terms of actual practice and life entry? Do you know? (Having a normal relationship with God.) This is one aspect of it. (Seeking the truth in everything.) That is another aspect. (Learning how to use the truth to resolve our rebellious, erroneous conditions.) Anything else? Understanding the truth, entering the reality of the truth, and putting a lot of effort into life entry: This is very crucial. When things happen to you, do not ignore them. That is, when something happens to you, you may have certain thoughts or expressions about it and you may feel there is something wrong without being able to explain clearly what it is. If you can’t explain clearly what it is, you won’t know how to practice it. So you should bring it up and communicate about it. If you notice a problem, you must communicate. And after communicating, you unconsciously will have fewer and fewer problems and doubts, and at the same time, you will be able to understand more and more truths. That way, your stature will have grown before you realize it. If you never pay attention to this, then who will always indoctrinate you? You must strive forward. Does anyone say, “When it comes to believing in God, all I need is to comprehend the knowledge in these books and understand these doctrines, and my life will grow before I know it.” Does anyone think like this? “How good the general environment is right now; I am learning by osmosis. Brothers and sisters meet every day to communicate about things of believing in God. It’s fine that I’m infected like this. Every day, I pray in accordance with my prescribed routine, eat and drink God’s words, sing hymns, and fulfill my duty. I’ve done all that I’m supposed to do, without missing any of it. In addition, with such a great environment, won’t I also be influenced? ‘Be influenced by close association.’ We have such a great environment, so all I need to do is to be influenced by it, and I don’t need to put any effort into resolving the problems of my personal life entry or disobedience.” Does anyone think this way? Those who believe in a confused way think like that. They say: “How great things are now! What a fantastic environment! What a great situation!” Someone asks, “How have you been doing?” They answer, “Don’t worry; I won’t starve as long as everyone else has food to eat.” “Do your chickens have anything to eat? Do you have anything to feed your pig? Do your children have clothes to wear?” “No need to worry!” they reply bombastically. They keep saying it; other people are all living a good life, while they continue to live in poverty. Do such people exist? (Yes.)


The people God saves are those who have corrupt dispositions by way of Satan’s corruption; they are not perfect people without the slightest blemish, nor are they people who live in a vacuum. For some, as soon as their corruption is revealed, they think, “Yet again, I’ve resisted God; I’ve believed in Him for many years, but I still haven’t changed. God surely doesn’t want me anymore!” How is this attitude? They have given up on themselves, and think God does not want them anymore. Is this not a case of misunderstanding God? Being so negative makes it easiest for Satan to find chinks in your armor, and once it has succeeded, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, no matter how much difficulty you are in or how negative you are feeling, you must never give up! In the process of life growth and while being saved, people sometimes take the wrong path or go astray. They exhibit some immaturity in their life for a while, or sometimes grow weak and negative, say the wrong things, slip and fall, or suffer a failure. From God’s point of view, such things are all normal, and He would not make a fuss over them.

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