64. The Principles of Living Before God

1. Engage in real prayer every day, be able to fear God and shun evil, be able to seek to truly love and obey God, and be able to truly worship God;

2. Be often quiet before God and eat and drink His words, accept God’s judgment and chastisement, accept being pruned and dealt with, and focus on knowing yourself and on changing your disposition;

3. Pray to God and have real association with Him in all things, and obtain the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit so as to understand the truth and fulfill your duty;

4. Accept the scrutiny of God’s Spirit in all things, focus on contemplating God’s words with a prayerful heart to understand and practice the truth, and live by God’s words.

Relevant Words of God:

First begin with the matter of prayer. Be single-minded, and pray at a fixed time. No matter how pressed for time, or how busy, or what comes upon you, pray every day as normal, and eat and drink God’s words as normal. As long as you eat and drink God’s words, no matter what your surroundings are, your spirit is especially pleased, nor are you bothered by the people, events, or things around you. When you normally contemplate God in your heart, what goes on outside cannot bother you. This is what it means to have stature. Begin from prayer first: Praying at peace before God is most fruitful. After that, eat and drink the words of God, and ponder God’s words and try to obtain the light, find the path to practice, know what the aims of God’s utterances are, and understand without deviation. Ordinarily, draw close to God normally in your heart, contemplate God’s love, and ponder the words of God, without being disturbed by external things. When your heart is at peace to a degree that you are able to muse, so that, within yourself, you contemplate God’s love and truly draw near to God regardless of what environment you are in, and you have ultimately reached the point where you give praise in your heart, and it is even better than praying, then in this you will be possessed of a certain stature. If you are able to achieve the states described above, then this will prove that your heart is truly at peace before God. This is the first step; it is a basic exercise. Only after they are able to be at peace before God can people be touched by the Holy Spirit, and enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, only then are they able to truly commune with God, and able to grasp God’s will and the guidance of the Holy Spirit—and in this, they will have entered onto the right track in their spiritual lives. Exercising yourself to live before God to reach a certain depth so that you are able to rebel against yourself, to despise yourself, and to live in God’s words, this truly is quieting your heart before God.

from “On Quieting Your Heart Before God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

This “irrational” person God speaks of looks like they don’t have proper relationships with others, and they don’t have outward love or superficial practices, but when they are communicating spiritual things they can open their heart and selflessly provide others with the illumination and enlightenment they have acquired from their actual experience before God. This is how they express their love for God and satisfy God’s will. When others are all slandering and ridiculing them, they are able to not be controlled by outside people, occurrences, or things, and can still be quiet before God. Such a person seems to have their own unique insights. Regardless of others, their heart never leaves God. When others are chatting cheerfully and humorously, their heart still remains before God, contemplating God’s word or praying in silence to the God in their heart, seeking God’s intentions. They never make the maintenance of their proper relationships with other people the main focus. Such a person seems to have no philosophy of life. On the outside, this person is lively, adorable, and innocent, but also possesses a sense of calmness. This is the likeness of a person God uses. Things like the philosophy of life or “normal reason” cannot get through to this type of person; this type of person has devoted his whole heart to God’s word, and seems to only have God in his heart. This is the type of person who is what God refers to as a person “without reason,” and is just the person that is used by God. The mark of a person who is being used by God is: No matter when or where, his heart is always before God, and no matter how dissolute others are, how much they indulge in lust, indulge in the flesh—his heart never leaves God, and he doesn’t follow the crowd.

from “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Being face-to-face with God every day, communicating with God in everything, and giving God sovereignty in everything. We carefully ponder God’s word, our hearts are calm in God, and thus we come before God where we receive His light. In our daily lives, actions, words, thoughts, and ideas, we live within God’s word, and always have discernment. God’s word threads the needle; the things hidden inside unexpectedly appear one after another. Fellowship with God cannot be delayed; thoughts and ideas are laid bare by God. At every moment we are living before the seat of Christ where we undergo judgment.

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

Pay attention to being quiet before God, eat and drink more of God’s words and enjoy them, sing more hymns praising God, and let God have a chance to work on you, because God at present wants to personally perfect people, and He wants to gain your heart; His Spirit moves your heart, and if you live before God following the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will satisfy God. If you pay attention to living in God’s words and fellowship more about the truth to gain the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, then those religious conceptions, self-rightness and self-importance will all disappear, and then you will know how to spend for God, know how to love God, and how to satisfy God. Those things outside God are then unconsciously forgotten.

from “On Quieting Your Heart Before God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

How should you live before God today? How should you cooperate actively with Me? Get rid of your own conceptions, dissect yourself, take off your masks, clearly see your own true colors, loathe yourself, have a heart that searches with a hunger and a thirst for righteousness, believe that you yourself genuinely amount to nothing, be willing to relinquish yourself, be able to stop all your ways of doing things, quiet yourself before Me, offer up prayers more, lean on Me sincerely, look up to Me, and do not stop getting close to Me and fellowshiping with Me—this is key. People often get caught up in themselves and are not before God.

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

During the process of seeking to enter, every matter must be investigated and compared against God’s word and compared against the truth; they must be thoroughly mulled over to know how to do them in a way that is entirely in conformity with God’s will. Things that arise from your self-will can then be abandoned. You will know how to do things in conformity with God’s will and will then go and do them, as though everything is taking its natural course, and it will feel exceedingly easy. People who have the truth do things in this way. You can then really show others that you have genuinely changed your disposition, others will see that you surely possess some good deeds, and that you do things in a principled way, and do everything right. They will see that this is someone who understands the truth, who certainly has some human likeness and, sure enough, the word of God has reaped results with them.

from “Only by Seeking the Truth Can You Obtain Changes in Your Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

You should pray, step-by-step, in accordance with your true state and that which is to be done by the Holy Spirit, and you should commune with God in keeping with God’s will and His requirements of man. When you begin practicing your prayers, first give your heart to God. Do not attempt to grasp God’s will; only try to speak the words within your heart to God. When you come before God, speak thus: “O God! Only today do I realize that I used to disobey You. I am truly corrupt and despicable. Before, I was wasting my time; starting from today I will live for You, I will live out a life of meaning, and satisfy Your will. I would that Your Spirit always works within me, and always illuminates and enlightens me, so that I can bear strong and resounding testimony before You, allowing Satan to see Your glory, Your testimony, and the proof of Your triumph within us.” When you pray in this way, your heart will be completely set free, having prayed in this way, your heart will be closer to God, and by often praying in this way, the Holy Spirit will inevitably work within you. If you always call out to God in this way and make your resolution before God, the day will come when your resolution can be accepted before God, when your heart and entire being will be received by God, and you will ultimately be made perfect by God. Prayer is of the utmost importance for you. When you pray, you receive the work of the Holy Spirit, your heart is thus touched by God, and the strength of the love for God within you comes forth. If you do not pray with your heart, if you do not open your heart to commune with God, then God will have no way of working within you. If, having prayed, you have spoken all the words within your heart and the Spirit of God has not stirred, if you do not feel inspired inside, then this shows that your heart is not earnest, that your words are not true, and still impure. If, having prayed, you are gratified, then your prayers have been accepted by God and the Spirit of God has worked within you.

from “Concerning the Practice of Prayer” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you wish to be after God’s own heart, your heart must be obedient to God in His work, you must strive to pursue the truth, and you must accept God’s observation in all things. Has all you do undergone God’s observation? Is your intent correct? If your intent is correct, God will approve of you; if your intent is wrong, this shows that what your heart loves is not God, but the flesh and Satan. Therefore you must accept God’s observation in all things through prayer. … Today, most people are too afraid to bring their actions before God, and while you may deceive His flesh, you cannot deceive His Spirit. Any matter that cannot withstand God’s observation is not in accord with the truth and should be cast aside; otherwise it is a sin against God. So, no matter whether it’s when you pray, when you speak and fellowship with your brothers and sisters, or when you perform your duty and handle your business, you must lay your heart before God. When you fulfill your function, God is with you, and so long as your intent is correct and is for the work of God’s house, He will accept all you do, so you should earnestly devote yourself to fulfilling your function. When you pray, if you have love for God in your heart and seek God’s care, protection, and observation, if these are your intent, your prayers will be effective. For example, when you pray at meetings, if you open your heart and pray to God and tell Him what is in your heart without speaking falsehoods—then your prayers will be effective. …

… All that you do, every action, every intent, and every reaction must be brought before God. Even your daily spiritual life—your prayers, your closeness with God, eating and drinking of God’s words, fellowship with your brothers and sisters, living the life of the church, and your service in partnership—must be brought before God and observed by Him. It is such practice that will help you mature in life. The process of accepting God’s observation is the process of purification. The more you accept God’s observation, the more you are purified, and the more you are in accord with God’s will, so that you will not hear the call of debauchery and dissipation, and your heart will live in His presence. The more you accept His observation, the more ashamed Satan is and the more you are able to forsake the flesh. So, the acceptance of God’s observation is a path people must practice. No matter what you do, even during fellowship with your brothers and sisters, if you bring your acts before God and seek His observation, and if your intent is to obey God Himself, what you practice will be much more correct. Only if you bring all you do before God and accept God’s observation can you be someone who lives in the presence of God.

from “God Perfects Those After His Own Heart” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who truly expend themselves for God place their whole beings in front of Him. They genuinely obey all of His utterances, and they are able to put His words into practice. They make God’s words the foundation of their existence, and they are able to genuinely seek the portions of practice in God’s word. This is someone who truly lives in front of God.

from “People Who Can Be Absolutely Obedient Toward God’s Practicality Are Those Who Truly Love God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You cannot leave God’s words behind or turn a deaf ear to them; you must figure them out carefully, repeat your pray-reading, and grasp the life within the words. Don’t engage in futility by wolfing them down without giving yourself time to digest them. Do you rely on God’s words in everything you do? Don’t talk big like a child and then get all in a muddle whenever anything crops up. You must exercise your spirit every hour of every day, don’t relax even for a moment. You must have a keen spirit. No matter who or what you may encounter, if you come before God you will have a path to follow. You must eat and drink God’s words every day, figure His words out without being negligent, make more effort, get it right down to every detail and equip yourself with the complete truth so as to avoid misunderstanding God’s will. You must broaden your range of experience and focus on experiencing God’s words. Through experience you will be able to be more certain about God; without experience, saying you are certain about Him is just empty words. We must be clear-headed! Awaken! Don’t be slack any longer; if you deal with things in a slipshod way and do not strive for progress then you really are so blind. You must focus on the work of the Holy Spirit, listen carefully to the voice of the Holy Spirit, open your ears to God’s words, cherish the time left and pay whatever the cost. Put your mettle to the best use, get a good hold on the key and focus on practicing God’s words. No matter how well you do on the outside after leaving God’s words, it is all to no avail. Practicing by paying lip-service is unacceptable to God—change must come through your behavior, disposition, faith, courage and insight.

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

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