135 Longing for God

Verse 1

Watching God depart so breaks my heart.

My mind replays the past, His teachings echo in my ears.

Don’t be sad, don’t be dismayed.

At our parting, my heart has many words to say.

Chorus 1

Oh God, Oh God, dear God! When will we meet again?

When will we hear Your words once more? Dear God!

Verse 2

I pine for God; in my heart, remorse.

Transgressions’ debt inside, they are so hard to make up for.

God’s words judge, and they console me, exhort me.

Patiently He teaches, guides me on with every step.

Chorus 2

Oh God, Oh God, dear God! Our hearts so yearn for You.

We long to be with You again. Dear God!

Verse 3

I pine for God’s grace and yearn for Him.

I feel His love while walking with Him through dangers.

In hardship and refinement, God’s words are with me,

so I can stand firm in my testimony, victorious over Satan.


I could speak of times we shared and never stop.

Yet my eyes are filled with tears, and words fail me now.

I remember God’s exhortation; it is in my heart.

To the ends of the earth, to the depths of the sea,

no matter how hard or demanding the journey,

I shall not stray from completing my mission.

Chorus 3

Oh God, Oh God, dear God! Our hearts so yearn for You.

Forever we’ll love and belong to You. Dear God!

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