629 Lose Your Chance to Be Perfected by God and You Will Regret It Forever

Verse 1

God ordained that we walk this path,

so don’t think you’re unlucky or special.

Don’t comment on God’s current work,

or you may be smashed to rubble.

Pre-chorus 1

Light has come to Me through God’s work:

His work can never be altered;

no matter what, God will make

this group of people complete.

Chorus 1

He is going to bring these people

right to the end of the long road,

and complete His work here on earth.

All should understand what He’ll do.

Verse 2

Most people are insatiable,

always forward-looking,

lacking an understanding

of God’s current anxious intention.

Pre-chorus 2

So they think of escaping

out to the wilderness,

wandering like wild horses.

Only a few want to settle down,

Chorus 2

settle down in the good land of Canaan

to seek the way of human life.

In the land of milk and honey,

shouldn’t people only think of enjoying it?

Verse 3

Everywhere that’s outside Canaan

is nothing but wilderness.

They’ve entered the place of rest,

yet they can’t uphold their duty.

Pre-chorus 3

If they just cannot do this,

aren’t they then just harlots?

Missing God perfecting you there

is something you’ll repent forever.

Chorus 3

You’ll be like Moses who gazed at Canaan,

unable to enjoy it,

empty fisted, dying with regrets.

Isn’t that something so shameful?

Don’t you think that being scoffed at by others

is an embarrassing thing?

Are you really willing to be

humiliated by others?


Don’t you strive to do well for yourself,

be honorable, upstanding, perfected by God?

Do you really lack resolution?

Do you dare go against Heaven’s will?

If you don’t want to take other paths,

what about the one God’s ordained for you?

No matter how great your skill,

can you really offend Heaven?

Adapted from “The Path … (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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