762 The Reason Why Man’s Nature Is Betrayal

1 Mankind’s existence is predicated upon the incarnation of soul in turn. In other words, each person gains a human life of the flesh upon the incarnation of their soul. After a person’s body is born, that life continues until the greatest limit of the flesh, that is, the final moment when the soul leaves its shell. This process repeats again and again with a person’s soul coming and going, and coming and going, thus maintaining the existence of all mankind. The life of flesh is also the life of man’s soul, and man’s soul supports the existence of man’s flesh. That is to say, each person’s life comes from their soul; it is not their flesh that originally had life. Therefore, man’s nature comes from their soul, not from their flesh.

2 Only each person’s soul knows how they have undergone Satan’s temptations, affliction, and corruption. Man’s flesh cannot know this. Accordingly, mankind is unwittingly becoming more and more filthy, evil and dark, while the distance between God and man grows farther and farther, and mankind’s days become darker and darker. Mankind’s souls are all within Satan’s grasp. As such, it goes without saying that man’s flesh has also been occupied by Satan. How could flesh such as this and humans such as this not resist God and be innately compatible with Him? The reason Satan was cast down by God into the air is because it betrayed Him, so how could humans extricate themselves from the repercussions of this? This is the reason that human nature is betrayal.

Adapted from “A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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