378 Betrayal Is Human Nature

Verse 1

Man’s nature is different from God’s essence,

for man’s corrupt nature comes from Satan.

Man lives under its evil and ugliness.

Man’s world is not of truth and holiness,

and much less does man live in the light.

Verse 2

No one is born with truth in possession,

nor an essence that fears and obeys God.

Instead, people are possessed with a nature

that disobeys God and dislikes the truth;

this very nature is betrayal.

Bridge 1

Man exists through rebirth of the soul.

From birth, a person lives in the flesh,

till the body reaches its limit.

In that moment, the soul leaves its shell.

This keeps repeating, a soul coming and going,

thus mankind’s existence continues.

Verse 3

The life of flesh is the life of the soul,

the soul allows man’s flesh to exist.

The soul, not the flesh, is where each life comes from,

and thus, mankind’s nature comes from the soul;

man’s nature is not from the flesh.

Verse 4

Only man’s soul knows what they’ve been through

with Satan’s temptation and corruption.

The flesh of man has no way to know it.

So man’s unwittingly become fouler and darker,

ever more evil and distant from God.

Bridge 2

Man’s soul is in the hands of Satan,

thus man’s flesh is in Satan’s control.

Such flesh and humanity resist God.

How could they be compatible with God?

Betrayal is why God cast out Satan.

How, then, could humans be free of involvement?


The nature of man has been processed,

it has been corrupted by Satan.

Satan was cast down for betraying God,

thus betrayal is human nature.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (2)

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