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Standards for Measuring Good and Evil People

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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Standards for Measuring Good and Evil People

Mankind has been severely corrupted by Satan. Filth and wickedness, which are Satan’s venom (i.e. the great red dragon’s venom), are found within all corrupt mankind. Therefore, no one can deny that corruption is rampant in all corrupt mankind. Fortunately, however, there is a difference between good and evil people, who are all part of corrupt mankind, and so there is a distinction between people who can be saved and those who cannot be saved. Although good people remain corrupt and may not be as good as we would have imagined, they can be saved because they still desire to pursue the truth and come to the light. They still have a contrite heart that yearns to break free from the darkness and evil and enter into a new, rehabilitated life of goodness. They still desire to be saved by God and to live a meaningful life. Such people are likely to be saved regardless of whatever transgressions they may have committed. Most of these people have good consciences and they are willing to pursue the truth and perform their duties well. That’s why they are considered good people. Of course, they are simply good people in this sinful age. There are no truly good or perfect people as many people imagine, and good people are a minority whereas evil people are a majority. This is due to the fact that mankind has been severely corrupted by Satan. How do we measure good people and evil people? We can see from God’s word that there is a clear distinction between good people and evil people, which is outlined in the standards below. Good people will certainly feel guilty when they commit a transgression. They are willing to repent after just one or two transgressions. Evil people will not feel guilty for their transgressions, for they have no sense of shame, which leads them to commit multiple offenses of all sorts without feeling the need to change. Now we will outline the standards for measuring good people and evil people:

I. Standards for Measuring Good People

1. They are more likely to exhibit honesty and a sense of justice. When facing unfairness, they will wish to fight against injustice.

2. They do things with a good conscience and in a reasonable manner. They will stay away from matters that are out of line.

3. They are relatively fair, reasonable, and trustworthy when dealing with others.

4. They do not take advantage of others or deceive them. They feel guilty when they do something bad. They are willing to apologize to people and admit their mistakes.

5. They are willing to help the poor and they easily sympathize with people.

6. They hate evil people. They will not associate with them, nor will they ever appease evil forces.

7. They tend to hold honest jobs and strive to act as good people. They love justice and righteousness and walk on the true path of life.

Anyone who meets these seven standards (or most of them) is considered to be a good person, even if they have committed some transgressions. If good people are purged or expelled due to transgressions, they should be allowed to return to the church as long as they are willing to repent.

II. Standards for Measuring Evil People

1. They are never kind-hearted or reasonable when dealing with others. They only care about their own interests. They are especially crooked, deceitful, selfish, and despicable.

2. They like to take advantage of people to their own benefit using whatever means necessary. They will even harm others for money.

3. In order to get what they want, they will distort the truth when they speak, they will frame people, pass judgment on and do harm to them. They like to sow dissent and create friction. They are capable of doing the most evil things imaginable.

4. They like to form alliances with other evil people, and curry favor with them. They are willing to work for evil people. They are extremely arrogant and submit to no one.

5. They like to fight. Due to their nature, they will not get along with good people, who they dislike intensely. They bully the weak and fear the strong. They often oppress good people. They target good and just people and treat them as enemies.

6. They love evil, and indulge themselves in sinful pleasures. They blindly follow trends and fashions. They never consider repenting and do whatever they wish.

7. They do not hold honest jobs or pursue the true way. They cause trouble and divisions. They will accuse the church or its leaders for the slightest dissatisfaction they have. They will easily sell out the house of God. Their faith in God is motivated by looking for opportunities to get blessings or by other wrongful intentions.

Anyone who meets these seven standards (or most of them) is considered to be an evil person. We should guard against them and stay away from them. We should share no part in the wicked deeds of evil people. Once an evil person is expelled from the church, it is permanent. No one is allowed to invite him or her to rejoin the church. Anyone who invites an evil person to the church is an enemy of God, is Satan’s accomplice and associate and must be expelled from the church.

June 12, 2006

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