254 How Will You Meet the Return of Jesus?

Verse 1

If you remain in the Age of Grace,

you will never know God’s own disposition,

or be free from your corruption.

And if you live in abundance of grace,

but without the way of life to know God,

you’ll never gain Him though you believe in Him.

After you read God’s word

and you’ve experienced all His work in the Age of Kingdom,

the hopes you held for many years will all come true.

You’ll feel you’ve finally seen God, face to face.

Verse 2

And you’ll feel you’ve heard God’s words,

appreciated wisdom of His work,

and sensed how real, almighty He is.

You will know you’ve seen and gained

more than those before you.

You’ll know truly what it means to believe

and follow His heart all the way.

If you cling to the past and reject

or deny God’s second incarnation,

you will remain empty-handed, have nothing,

and be guilty of opposing Him.

Those who obey His truth and work

will come under God’s second incarnation, the Almighty,

be offered His personal guidance.

They will have more, see a higher truth,

receive the real human life,

and behold visions never seen before.

Verse 3

When God becomes flesh this time,

He shows His disposition through judgment.

He brings more truth, more ways to practice.

And this conquers man, saves him from his corruptions.

This is the truth of God’s work in the Age of Kingdom.

Do you want to be free from corruption,

gain higher truth, be made perfect by God?

Then how will you welcome Jesus’ return?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Preface

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