752 To Believe in God but Not Gain Life Leads to Punishment

1 Maybe you have suffered a good deal in your time, but you now still understand nothing; you are ignorant of everything about life. Even though you have been chastised and judged, you have not changed at all and deep within you have not gained life. When it comes time to test your work, you will experience a trial as fierce as fire and even greater tribulation. This fire will turn the whole being of you into ashes. As someone who does not possess life, someone without an ounce of pure gold inside, someone still stuck with the old corrupt disposition, and someone who cannot even do a good job at being a foil, how can you not be eliminated?

2 What use does conquering work have for someone who is worth less than a penny and who does not have life? When that time comes, your days will be harder than Noah’s and Sodom’s! Your prayers will do you no good then. Once the salvation work has ended, how can you start over to repent? Once all the salvation work has been done, there will be no more salvation work. What there will be is the start of the work of punishing the evil. You resist, you rebel, and you do things that you know are evil. Are you not the target of severe punishment?

3 God is spelling this out for you today. If you choose not to listen, when disaster befalls you later, will it not be too late if you only then start to feel regret and start to believe? God does not remember your past transgressions today; He forgives you again and again, turning away from your negative side to look only at your positive side, because all God’s present words and work are meant to save you and He has no ill intention toward you. Yet you refuse to enter; you cannot tell good from bad and do not know how to appreciate kindness. Is not this kind of person simply bent on waiting for that punishment and that righteous retribution?

Adapted from “The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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