988 To Believe in God but Not Gain Life Leads to Punishment

Verse 1

You may have suffered much, but you know nothing,

and you’re ignorant of life.

Though you’ve been judged and chastised,

you’re unchanged, having gained no life.

Your work will be tested one day

in trials as fierce as fire

and even greater tribulation.

This will turn you into ashes.

Bridge 1

As one who doesn’t possess life, corrupt, with no gold within,

who can’t even be a good foil, won’t you be discarded?

Verse 2

Can a man worth less than a penny,

without life, be used for conquest?

When that time comes, your days will be

harder than Noah’s and Sodom’s!

Prayers won’t help you then.

How could you repent and start again

when the work of salvation is ended,

and the evil begin to be punished?

Bridge 2

You resist and you rebel, you knowingly do evil.

Will you not receive a punishment most severe?

Verse 3

When disaster comes, won’t it be too late

if you don’t listen to God now?

Will you only then start to

feel regret and believe?

God forgives your past transgressions,

seeing only your positive side.

His words and work are meant to save you,

with no ill intentions.

Bridge 3

Yet you refuse His kindness and cannot tell good from bad.

Do you not just wait for punishment and righteous retribution?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)

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