The Meaning of Obtaining the Truth and the Characteristics of Those Who Obtain the Truth

The Characteristics of Those Who Obtain the Truth

What characteristics do those who obtain the truth have? First, they have a heart that reveres God. Regardless of what situation they encounter, they pray to God, seek to grasp God’s will, stand on God’s side, do things that please God and they definitely do not do things that would displease God. These are the manifestations of those who have a heart that reveres God. Second, they have a heart that loves God. What manifestations are there of those who have a heart that loves God? Since they really love the truth and love all that God has and is, when they see God’s word and all God has and is, they feel admiration in their hearts, they feel that God’s life is extremely beautiful, kindhearted and amazing, and they feel that it is something that people should aim toward and seek, and so they therefore love God. To love God is to love the essence and beauty of God’s life, to love God’s righteous disposition and to love all that God has and is. In particular, when deeply corrupt people experience a few years of God’s work, they see the truth and essence of corrupt humanity extremely clearly. They see that the corruption that corrupt humanity has to reveal is very repulsive, filthy, evil, worthless and depraved. And that is why they gradually love the beauty and essence of God’s life more and more. In this way, they give rise to a heart that truly loves God. And when someone has a heart that genuinely loves God, is it difficult for them to obey God? Is it difficult for them to satisfy God? It is not difficult to achieve. What is the most difficult thing for them? When they notice that they have harmed or resisted God, they feel regret and pain and they weep. Therefore, those that have a heart that loves God are guaranteed to be able to conform to God’s will when they serve God. Their being used by God ensures that they are qualified to be used by God, because they know God’s heart. Those who have obtained the truth have one more very clear characteristic: They are absolutely upright and honest people. Truly honest and upright people are the best kind of people and they are the most kindhearted. Some people say, “There are also kindhearted people amongst the unbelievers.” Just what is true kindheartedness? Those who love the truth are genuinely kindhearted. Those who genuinely love God are genuinely kindhearted. How can the hearts of those that do not love positive things be kindhearted? What rubbish! That is fake kindheartedness! God’s life is so beautiful. The truth is so beautiful. Why do you not love it? Why do you not love and pursue positive things? Only those who have the truth are kindhearted. Those without the truth are not kindhearted. Someone said that he himself is very kindhearted. He pities Satan and is of one heart with Satan. If Satan is to be destroyed, he will continuously try to rescue it and cry. Is it kindhearted to sympathize with Satan? All the truly beautiful and positive things possess the essence of truth and the essence of God, and only those who truly love positive things are genuinely kindhearted people. When someone has the truth within them, then their love and their hate is principled. God is a righteous God. Does He have love for corrupt humanity? Does He have hate? He has both love and hate. Where does His love come from? Humanity was created by Him. God regards all humanity He created as His flesh and bones, so He loves humanity in the same way as He loves His own flesh and bones or the way He loves the pupils in His eyes. What does He hate about humanity? He hates the corrupt disposition that exists within humanity, He hates the satanic poison that exists within mankind, He hates the evil that exists within man, and He hates how they follow Satan and defy Him. Because of His hatred for Satan and for the corruption of man and man’s God-defying nature, He implements judgment, chastisement, dealing and pruning in order to save mankind. This is God’s love and hate. What manifestations can we see of God’s love for us? In order to save us, God has suffered so much pain, spoken so many words and paid such a price. He has endured so much of our rebelliousness, defiance and judgment, and regardless of how weak we are, how much we rebel against Him, how negative we are or how much we defy Him, God endures it all and patiently uses His words to enlighten us, comfort us and guide us. Especially when we reveal all kinds of corruption, and when we are weak or when we have grown distant from Him, all along He pities, pardons and forgives us. He does not see our weakness or corruption—He just persistently does His work. From God’s disposition, we can see that God is very lovable. At this time, we can see that, even though God is angry at us, judges us or chastises us, He still loves us very much. He does this completely out of love. That is why, through our experience, we feel more and more that only God is love. Without God, there is no love, corrupt humanity has no love whatsoever, and all that Satan has is hate. Those who have an increasing understanding of God’s work, have a love for God that is more and more true and a hate for Satan that gets stronger and stronger, when people get to this stage in their experience, they will see that God is indeed the truth, the way and the life. The more people eat, drink and enjoy God’s word, the more they know God and the more they understand the truth, and the more they understand the truth, the more they feel how lovable God is. Therefore, the longer someone experiences God’s work the more they feel how lovable God is and, in the end, they feel forever inseparable from God. They will be inseparable from God and from God’s word. The more they read God’s word, the more they enjoy it and the more they see it as the truth, the way and the life. There are some portions of God’s word that you have read a few times, and it seems that, you understand them theoretically but are unable to speak about them clearly. You don’t know when, but one day, all of a sudden, they will become clear to you and you will understand God’s word. You will then be able to talk about the reality of God’s words. This will occur according to God’s time, and so all you can do is read, eat and drink His words, grow close to God, pray and seek the truth. Unconsciously, you will understand more and more of the truth. The more you understand the truth and the more clear it is to you, the more your way of seeing things will change. Your life disposition will also experience a change at the same time and, unconsciously, you will be perfected and completely changed by God’s word, and people like this will have obtained life from God. … All those who can obtain the truth from their experience of God’s word are people that have obtained life from God. Can those who have obtained life live out the reality of God’s words? Those who have life are able to naturally live out the reality of life. The life that you have will be the reality that you live out. This is a natural law. Some people may ask, “Do those who understand the truth still commit transgressions?” Transgressions are transgressions, but reality is reality. Just because someone commits a transgression, it does not mean he does not have reality, and having a little reality does not mean that he does not transgress. However, those who have obtained a new life commit less and less transgressions, until such time as they are completely clear about the truth and have completely gained the truth. At this point, they will no longer commit any transgressions—they will completely vanish. This is also a natural law. Tell me, do those who understand the truth now commit less and less transgressions? This is a fact, and nobody can deny it. As for those who do not have a normal humanity and who do things the way unbelievers do, do people like this have life? What do those who do not have life reveal? All they reveal are their satanic corrupt dispositions and their arrogance and conceitedness. They do not obey anybody, they believe that they themselves are infallible and they do as they please. Whenever they do work, they boss people around, they preach letters and doctrines, they enjoy controlling other people and they don’t get along with anyone. Isn’t this the type of corruption that they reveal? Why are they unable to shed these expressions of corruption? It is because they do not have the truth within and, without the truth, they have no way of getting rid of or changing the satanic dispositions and satanic way of doing things that exist within them. Whatever man is, that is what he lives out. If someone is a demon, wouldn’t he live out the appearance of a demon? Is it possible for the great red dragon to live out a normal humanity? Is it possible for Satan to live out a human likeness? These are impossible things. There are some people who do not want to obtain the truth, yet they long to experience a great change and they long to be able to live out reality. Is this realistic? Pursuing the truth and entering into reality is something that must be experienced one step at a time. You cannot just imagine it and thereby attain it. Do you think that it is possible that if you believe for one or two years or if you spend a couple years living the church life, that all of a sudden you will wake up one morning completely changed? Obtaining life is not a simple matter. One must suffer a lot for it! One must cry many tears! One must go through a lot of dealing, pruning and smiting! You must be well aware of these things. Now, are you clear about how much you have suffered? Each person should reflect upon how much they have suffered. How many tears have you cried due to your corruption? How much have you suffered due to dealing, pruning, judgment, chastisement and eating and drinking God’s word? If you have not suffered much, then you definitely do not have life! How many years have you suffered? Can you obtain life if you only suffer for one year? Some people have not suffered at all, yet they like to indulge in fantasies, thinking “Why haven’t I experienced a change yet?” How can you change if you have not obtained the truth? Obtaining the truth is not a simple matter.

Several Criteria for Talking About Reality

Now that you can distinguish doctrine, how exactly can you have a discourse on reality? There are a few criteria when talking about reality. First, you must have a real talk about genuine understanding of God’s work and of God. These are the two aspects. That is, how has your understanding originated from your experience? How did you obtain this understanding from your experience? If you can speak simply about this process of experience and the results of this understanding, then this is reality. Second, you must be able to speak about your corrupt expressions, your corrupt essence, as well as the level of understanding you have reached. Afterward, you must speak about the process of true experience involving how you have repented, changed and in the end cast off this corruption. This is also reality. Third, speak practically about the process of understanding any given truth and your true understanding of it in the end, so that when other people hear you speak they feel that this is reality. Fourth, speak about the process of how, in any given situation, you experienced the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination and obtained a genuine understanding of the truth. This is also reality. Fifth, talk about the various manifestations you had formerly when you were without the likeness of a man, and express using realistic language how, after you experienced a few years of God’s work, and in the several aspects related to being without humanity, you experienced a new transformation and you came to live out a human likeness. This is also reality. Sixth, speak about how in the past, you had a superficial level of understanding when it came to your own corrupt state, and then afterward talk about the process of how you experienced so many instances of God’s judgment and chastisement and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination in order to obtain a genuine understanding of yourself. This is also reality. Seventh, speak about how your conceptions of God and of God’s work were transformed through your experience of God’s work, and through the revelations, the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, as well as through the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination, how your conceptions were ultimately dispensed with and how, moreover, you came to have a genuine understanding of God’s words. Talk about this kind of experience process, for this is even more reality. Regardless of which aspect of reality you talk about or how deep or shallow your discourse goes, when other people listen, they will gain the benefit and be edified. This is because it is real experience, and people are all willing to listen to it because it is beneficial to them. Are you clear about just what is reality and how to talk about it? … If you really have reality, what would be the use of talking about theory? If you have reality, then it’s great to talk some about it. Why would you still talk about theory? Could it be that people cannot tell them apart? Are you unable to distinguish what reality is and what to say that will benefit people? What can you do if you cannot distinguish these things? If you really cannot distinguish them, ask other people and fellowship with other people about it. Would you say that the results that can be achieved through dealing and pruning are reality? Is reality having a genuine understanding of one particular aspect of the truth? Is reality talking about the real change that has occurred inside one’s own heart? These are all examples of reality. I feel that there are some people who have believed in God for a few years and they should have a bit of reality. So how come they cannot choose reality to talk about? What’s the use of always talking about some theory? When someone has some of the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and has achieved a bit of genuine understanding of God, and they have some true and clear understanding of the truth, they should fellowship about it. This is most beneficial to other people and these things are real, so why not talk about these things? Why always talk about theories? What is so good about theories? Only those who have obtained the truth are people who have life, so talk about the process you went through to obtain the truth and understand the truth. This is reality. If you truly understand the truth, the way you see things will change. If you truly understand the truth and have obtained the truth, what you live out and what you practice will definitely be real. At the very least, a part of it will be real. Along with someone’s increasingly clear and deep grasp of the truth, the reality which this person can live out will become more and more clear, prominent and comprehensive. Therefore, the reality that those who genuinely and clearly understand the truth live out is obvious.

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