Chapter 93. Only Fulfilling the Duty of a Created Being Is a Life Worth Living

How do you feel in your hearts after singing the song “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything”? Have you come to any realizations? Everyone goes through a lot of pain in their lives, but no one knows why, no one thinks carefully about what the root cause of this pain is or whether this pain is worth it or not, and no one thinks about whether the way they live is right or wrong. When people are very young, they think about having nice clothes to wear and good food to eat, and when they have these things they live happily; when they get a little older, they think about studying hard and being a good student, they think about distinguishing themselves, living a good life in the future, having fame and gain; when they get a little older, they think about acquiring assets, carving a place for themselves in this world, having fame and gain, influence and power, having no one dare to push them around, being top dog and not an underling, not being a lowly person, not being an ordinary person, but being an official, ruling and controlling others, and not being pushed around by anyone else. And when they have all these things, they hope for their family never to decline, that they can have descendants, for the descendants of their household to always keep the family going, and for them to be always flourishing and prosperous. What do people proceed through these steps for? Why do people think this way? Why do people live this way? Because they have no path, right? What do I mean by “have no path”? It is that they don’t know what they are living their whole lives for. These words sound a little strange, don’t they? That is, they don’t know how they should be living their lives, how they got here, how they leave, or where they go after—people don’t know these things. Why do they keep living when they don’t know these things? Why do they keep rushing forward when there is death at the end of their lives? It is because everyone lives by their yearnings; a child around 10 years old will have the yearnings of a child around 10 years old; someone in their twenties will have the yearnings of someone in their twenties; and someone in their thirties will have the yearnings of someone in their thirties. They forge onward and push onward one step at a time and, in this way, they gradually get old, and then die. Is this how one individual lives? No, this is how every single person lives. Why do they live this way? If they didn’t depend on these yearnings to live, they would come to a dead end in this world. That is, they would not be able to survive and would feel that life is meaningless, right? When people have no money, they want to make money; when they’re not making much money, they want to make more money; when they’re making a lot of money, they want to make even more money; and when they’ve earned enough and have made a name for themselves, they then want to cling onto their assets and get them passed down to their children. Before they die, all they worry about is: “Will these assets be kept within the family? Will my children be able to keep hold of them? Will my family property all be destroyed in a day? What will happen to it in the future?” They depart with regret, bewilderment, and with reluctance. When people read the words of God carefully, they think: “Some people live long lives, some people live short lives; some are poor and some are rich, there are ordinary people and there are prominent officials and eminent people—there are people of all levels. But actually, everyone lives the same, in the same way, all depending on their yearnings and vying with each other in all things, stubbornly sustaining themselves to live on.” When they see this present situation, they think: “Why does everyone live this way? Is there another path that can be followed? Do people have a choice? Why do people live? Do they live only to die? Where do they go after they die? How come there are so many people, one generation after another? So many people, but no one lives any differently!” They look carefully at the people around them, and they watch historical dramas, and they find no other way to live. Where does the root cause lie? Mankind doesn’t know where they come from, what their mission is in life, they don’t know who is in charge of everything or who holds sovereignty over everything. People come to the world one generation after another, and one generation after another they leave, every generation living the same way, dying the same way, coming to the world in the same way, leaving the world in the same way, and they never find the path. Man has all lived the same way since ancient times and they have all probed this question, waiting, wanting to see what mankind will be like in the future. But no one knows and no one has seen it. In the final analysis, man does not know who the One is who holds sovereignty over everything and who is in charge of everything, exactly whether or not there is the One who holds sovereignty over everything, whether He exists or not—they don’t know the answer. They can only live like this, living without any alternative. Twelve months, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, mankind has lived this way, looking forward a day at a time, enduring one day at a time, all the way up until today. If people knew what all this was for and how they should be living, wouldn’t they then begin to have a path in life? Wouldn’t they then be able to get rid of this pain, and not have to live by their yearnings anymore, not have to live by a kind of hope or a kind of sense of curiosity anymore, and not have to depend on these things to sustain their lives anymore? When they come to understand why man lives and why they must die, who is in charge of this world and exactly whether or not, throughout the entire universe, there is that one Sovereign who rules everything, when they have obtained the answer, wouldn’t they then have a path to follow? They would then know how to live, without having to live by hope, and without having to live by their yearnings anymore. They wouldn’t find life so wearisome, or so painful. They would have found the answer to why people live and why they die and, in this way, wouldn’t they then be disencumbered? And by being disencumbered, they would be set free and liberated.

After hearing this song, what should you think deeply about? “Every family in ancient times lived like this, and they were no different from modern people. The people in ancient times did not have modern living environments, nor did they have these modern conditions. Their lives were so wearisome. Modern people do have these things, and yet their lives are just as wearisome. It is as though whether mankind lives happily or unhappily is a question of the path they follow. If mankind were to know why they live and why they die, know exactly who is the Sovereign of all things on earth, the One who is also in charge of everything, where exactly He is and what He requires of man, if they could understand all these things, then they would know how to approach the Creator, they would know how to worship and obey the Creator, and they would no longer live in such torment and pain.” The path people choose for their lives is crucial and, in the final analysis, they must come to understand this kind of truth. How people live is also important. How people live and what path they choose to follow decide whether their lives are joyful or sorrowful. In the end, people think, “Mankind all live in this kind of regular pattern; ancient people were no exception and modern people are just the same, as they were of old. They haven’t changed their ways. So, is there a Sovereign amongst mankind, a legendary God who is in charge of everything? If mankind can find God, find that One who is in charge of everything, wouldn’t mankind’s heart be capable of feeling happiness? The key now is to find the root of mankind; where is this root? If they found the root, then perhaps they would be able to live in another kind of realm. If they are unable to find it, then mankind will continue to maintain the same old way of life. In that case, they will be unable to see or feel happiness.” When people hear this hymn, their hearts cannot but feel this kind of deep emotion. When you recognize that this mankind is bad, what then? And when you live amongst this mankind, is it OK that they are bad but you are not? You cannot achieve this, as you do not have another path to follow. They live that way for their children, and you say, “I don’t want to live that way for my children.” But can you achieve this? They rush around for wealth and for fame and gain, and you say, “I don’t need to do that.” But can you achieve this? Unknowingly, you have embarked upon that path, and you cannot achieve what you say, right? How you live in this world is out of your hands! What is the root cause? To say it simply, it is that there is no faith in the heart of man. What spiritually sustains man? Where do they find their spiritual sustenance? They find it by being together with their families, in marital bliss, by enjoying material things, and in wealth, fame and gain, in their status, in their affections and in their careers, as well as in the next generation, and in the happiness of the next generation. They are sustained by these things. To varying degrees, everyone finds their spiritual sustenance in these things. Those with children find it in their children and in the next generation; those without children find it in their careers, in their marriages, in their status in society and in their fame and gain. And so, the way of life that is produced is the same; it is that under the domain of Satan, and under Satan’s mastery they involuntarily rush around and hustle for fame, for gain, for their own prospects, and for their own careers, marriages, families, for the next generation and for carnal pleasures. Is this path the right path? No matter how merrily people bustle around in this world, how accomplished their careers are, how happy their families are, how large their families are or how renowned their status is, are they capable of embarking on the right path? By angling for fame and gain, angling for the world and by pursuing their careers, are they capable of understanding the truth of “God is in this world, God holds sovereignty over everything and God holds sovereignty over the destiny of mankind”? It’s not possible, right? No matter what people pursue or what path they walk, if they are incapable of understanding this, what then is the path they walk? It is not the right way, not the right path. So what path is it then? It is the wrong path, the evil path, the downward path, right? Regardless of whether your spiritual sustenance is satisfied or unsatisfied, or where you find your spiritual sustenance, it is not genuine faith, and it is not the right path for human life. What is genuine faith? Genuine faith is embarking upon the right path of human life. What is the right path of human life? It is the path that enables people’s humanity to become increasingly normal, that enables them to understand what is good and what is evil, what things are positive and what things are negative, what mankind’s destiny is and who the Master of their destiny is. When they understand how mankind’s destiny comes about, they are then able to comply with all the arrangements for that destiny, and then live under the orchestrations of the Creator. Isn’t this the right path? This is indeed the right path.

When people follow the right path, are they able to understand what they are living for? (They live to complete the mission and the commission that God has given to them.) You now understand a little, so what are you living for? (To fulfill the duty of a created being.) “I want to fulfill the duty of a created being, and I live for this. I want to complete God’s commission.” This is a subjective intention, that is, it is your own thought, and you say: “I want to live this way.” What people live for objectively is arranged by God. Subjectively, you all know what people live for; objectively however, how should you view the practical side of this matter? See whether or not you understand what I say—it is a matter of fact that everyone who comes into the world has a mission; they don’t come into the world arbitrarily, and they do not get sent here accidentally. Once every single person gets here, no matter what they study or what they do, it is all for the sake of playing their role in this world. What role is that? It is that they must complete a task and perform some actions in this world. Someone is born into a family, for example, and what is their role? First of all, they play the part of a child in that family, and they live for that role—this is what they do first. A husband and wife establish a family, they have a child and, in this way, these three people make up a complete family. What does the mother live for within this family? She lives to complete her mission and her role as a mother. She is the mother in this family, she looks after her child, looks after her husband and looks after this family; this is her role and she lives for all of it. If she were not part of this family, would that role within the family have anything to do with her? No, it would not. What does the child in this family live for? Once this family has a child, then it becomes a complete family, and what role does the child play? They become the descendant of the family who will carry on the family name; they play the part of the next generation of this family. Because the family has this next generation, it becomes established and perfected—this is the role the child plays first of all. Immediately following this role, whether the child is a boy or a girl, they have their mission within the family. Does God plan all the arrangements for the child’s destiny, stage by stage, such as what the child’s destiny will be, what they will study in society, where they will work, what job they will do, what duty they will do upon entering God’s family, what their special skills will be and what things they will do? Does the child itself have a choice? From the moment they are born into this family, in actual fact, they do not choose any stage of their destiny—it is all arranged by God. It is all arranged by God, and within these arrangements is the truth; this relates to what people live for. Say you are now studying music—you have this condition and you have this family environment. Is it you who have chosen to study this? (No.) You study it involuntarily, and you complete this kind of mission, complete this kind of action. Who is it you complete this for? You complete it because it is predestined by God, not by your own choice. Isn’t your completing this mission the result of the Creator’s orchestrations? You now perform your duty, and you apply what you have studied and what you know to your duty; who decided this? God decided it. It was not up to you, right? Looking at this objectively, who are you living for now? In fact, everyone is the same. They live for the sake of God’s sovereignty and His arrangements. People are all like chess pieces. Where you are, what you do, how long you stay in a place and where you go are all orchestrated by God. So, looking from the perspective of God’s orchestrations, who does mankind live for? Mankind actually lives for God’s sovereignty and arrangements, and they live for God’s management; they do not live of their own free will. So is there an answer to this matter now? It is that no matter how talented you are or how gifted, you cannot surpass the destiny that God has predestined for you. Looking at it from this level, no one alive can surpass this limit or surpass the destiny and life that the Creator has set and arranged for them. Under God’s orchestrations and sovereignty, all of mankind has reached today involuntarily without actually being aware of it—this is from an objective perspective. Looking at this matter objectively, what does man come to realize? Which aspect of the truth should they gain? What should they understand? (Man should recognize God’s sovereignty. They should not struggle against their destiny, try to escape it or change it themselves.) (They should not wish to subjectively rule their own destiny, but instead must obey under the sovereignty and arrangements of God.) It’s great that you have realized these things. That is, no matter what kind of family you are born into, and no matter what your quality, mind, thinking or any other aspect is like in society or amongst other people, your destiny, your all, is held within God’s orchestrations and is not up to you. The path you should choose is to understand how God arranges and leads everything about you, and how God will lead you in the future. You should seek to understand God’s intention and His will, and then live your life, go live in accordance with the direction of the destiny that the Creator orchestrates and rules for you. Living in this way is right and proper; it is not to vie, to rob, to seize, to oppose or to scrutinize the Creator’s intention, or to scrutinize and oppose everything that God arranges for you. You are not to scrutinize or oppose these things. Is it not right and proper for people to live this way? By living this way, man dispenses with their misgivings about why they live and why they must die, and they also dispense with the pain that is caused by the living repeating the historical tragedy of the dead. They then feel that, by living all their lives in this way, there are no difficulties, they have found the true root, they know what man’s destiny is all about, and they know how man should obey the arrangements of Heaven, how they should obey the Creator’s arrangements and not oppose them. Living in this way has meaning, and they no longer aimlessly strive, struggle, and contend in dependence on their own strength and gifts, or on their own minds and imaginations; they know that is all an ignorant and stubborn way to do things.

Are you living like this right now? Does anyone here feel that you are very wronged, or that your talents are very much going to waste in the way you live your lives? Although you feel that your aspirations are given by God and arranged by Him, that God gives these kinds of special abilities to you, yet you feel really wronged, and by doing a few duties you are not putting your aspirations to good use. In fact, you have greatly ambitious goals and the field in which you do your duty now does not give free rein to your aspirations. Is there anyone who thinks like this? (No.) The negative things are gone, and this means that more than half of the obstacles are gone. That which is left to do is to resolve your corrupt dispositions and understand the truth. In this way, the path along which you live and the direction in which you advance will become clearer and clearer, and you will never again ask: “What do I live for? What do people die for? Is there really anyone in charge of all this? Who is it exactly?” Can you still ask questions like these? (No.) So if someone asked a question like this, how would you answer them? (We live in accordance with the role God has ruled and predestined for us, and we live under God’s sovereignty and arrangements. We live for the sake of God’s predestination.) No matter what it is that mankind seeks or what they desire, only those who return before the Creator and dutifully fulfill and complete what they are supposed to do and the commission which they have accepted, will live with an easy conscience and will live in a way that is right and proper, without any pain. This is the meaning and the value of life. One day you come before the Creator, and He asks you: “How have you lived your life? What do you depend on to live?” You say: “I studied music, and I did some duties by depending on my talent for music.” “And how well are you doing with your duties?” “My accomplishments in music have improved.” “That’s good. Do you understand the truth?” “Yes, I understand the truth.” “Are you now able to use the music that you’ve studied to praise and bear witness to the Creator?” “No, I can’t do that.” “So is the truth you understand of any use?” “Yes, it’s of use. I can preach doctrine!” And God says: “Then continue to study your music to a higher level.” What does this mean? It means that God doesn’t accept you, and you are in trouble. You live for music, you live for your career, and this is not doing the duty of a created being. What’s more, while you perform the duty of a created being, you don’t understand the truth. And what is the outcome when you don’t understand the truth? You cannot use that which you have understood whilst performing your duty to bear witness to the sovereignty and arrangements of the Creator, or to bear witness to the way in which the Creator orchestrates this mankind. How well you are doing with your duties, therefore, is plain to see.

With regard to the duties that each one of you perform now—whether it be shooting a movie or singing hymns to bear witness to God—are they of any value to this mankind? Where does their value lie? Their value is to bring people to read God’s words and walk the right path, so that they all understand that they are numbered amongst created beings and so that they all come before the Creator. Don’t they have many questions that they don’t understand? Don’t they feel helpless? Don’t they feel empty? Don’t they feel that they live without any spiritual sustenance? Don’t they feel that life is so wearisome? So where does the root cause of all this lie? The answer is within God’s words. You perform these duties in order to bring about this effect: to guide their thinking, to lead them to seek God, to seek the right path, to find the Creator, and to accept, obey, understand, and know the sovereignty and arrangements of the Creator. Only then will they understand what they are living for, what the value and the meaning is of their lives, and how they should live. Therefore, when you do your duties you must pray more, make some effort and not be lazy; you must be diligent and not be indolent, and everyone must fellowship more together. After He created this mankind, God had a management plan. Over the past several thousand years, this mankind bore no heavy responsibility or commission to bear witness to the Creator, and the work God did amongst mankind was comparatively hidden and simple. But here in the last days, things are different—you bear a heavy responsibility! What heavy responsibility is this? Besides spreading the words of God, what is even more important is that you bear witness for the Creator to every created human. Furthermore, you must also bring every created human who has heard God’s gospel before the Creator, so that they may understand why the Creator created mankind and understand that, as a created human, they should return before the Creator, and come before the Creator to accept His sovereignty, arrangements and orchestration. Can you achieve this by merely doing a dance or singing a hymn? It won’t do to merely do one aspect of work. You must utilize all kinds of ways and all manner of different forms to bear witness to the deeds of the Creator, and to spread word of the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements. In this way, you will then be able to bring even more people before the Creator, so that they may accept and obey the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements. Is this not a heavy responsibility? (Yes, it is.) Then what attitude should you adopt to approach it? Would it be OK to be muddle-headed about it? Would it be OK to turn a blind eye to it? Would it be OK to apply only half your strength to it? Would it be OK to be in two minds about it? Would it be OK to drag your heels and be nonchalant about it? (No.) Then how should you do it? (By investing our whole body and mind.) You should invest your whole body and mind, and apply all your energy, your experience and your insight. Unbelievers do not understand what mankind lives their whole lives for; don’t you now understand this a little? The duties you are performing now have value. Maybe you are temporarily unable to see any results, or have temporarily not obtained any great effects, but in the long term, if they are done well, then their contribution for mankind will be priceless and they are more precious, valuable, and worthy than anything else; they will live forever. They are the good deeds of every single person, and are things worth remembering. Besides believing in God and walking the right path, what people live their entire lives for is all empty and is not worth remembering. Even if you have done something great that shakes both the heavens and the earth, like reaching for the skies or ascending to the moon, it is all useless; even if you have produced scientific results that are of some benefit and help to mankind, they are still useless. All of this will pass away. Only what will not pass away? Only God’s words will not pass away, only bearing witness to God will not pass away, only all these products of your duties and testimonies that bear witness to the Creator will not pass away, and only the good deeds of man will not pass away. These things will live forever and they are so valuable. So cast off your fetters and get to work, and apply all your energy and your painstaking effort. It is worth it!

You now follow God, you follow the Creator, you accept the Creator’s commission, and sometimes it’s a bit hard and you get a bit tired, and sometimes you endure a little humiliation and a little refining—is this a good thing? This is no bad thing. What will you gain in the end? What you will gain is the truth, and what you will gain is an affirmation, an experience and an obtainment of your life goals, the value of your life and the path for your life. What you will gain in the end will be the Creator’s approval and affirmation of you, with God saying: “You follow Me. You are one whom I favor and am pleased with.” God says nothing else, just that you are a created being in His eyes, and so your life is not in vain, it is useful. To be verbally acknowledged by God is incredible—this is no small matter. And if someone follows Satan, what do they gain? (They perish.) And what do they become before they perish? They become devils. No matter how many skills they have learned, how many blessings they have earned, how greatly they have enjoyed themselves, how much fame and gain they have won or how high their status is on earth, inside they become worse and worse, more and more evil, more and more filthy, more and more rebellious and false, and in the end they turn into what? They turn into living devils, and are no longer people. They are not people, and how does the Creator see them? Does He merely say they are not people and then that’s it? What is the Creator’s view on people like this? What is His attitude toward them? He is disgusted by them, He detests them, He finds them revolting, He gives up on them, and in the end He curses them, punishes them, and then He destroys them. When people walk different paths, they ultimately come to different ends. Which path do you choose? (To follow God.) You choose to follow God. This is the correct path, but it depends on how you walk it. If you want to live this life with value and with meaning, free from any qualms, if you want to genuinely return before the Creator, return to the Creator’s side, then you must invest your whole body and mind. You mustn’t be in two minds about it. “Throughout my whole life, I don’t hope to get rich, to distinguish myself, to glorify my ancestors, to show filial obedience to my parents, to have family reunions, to win any fame or gain, to make people look up to me or to stand above other people in this world. I never contend for these things and I don’t walk that path. So what path do I walk? I simply follow God, and I offer up my whole life, my energy, what small talent, mind and effort I have to my duties and devote it all to God. In devoting this to God, I am spurned by others, I have a little less enjoyment, my flesh suffers, and sometimes I even suffer being dealt with, I suffer being misunderstood by brothers and sisters, or God refines me. I have no enjoyment in this life, I am alone and friendless. I accept all this, and I devote my entire being to God.” This is the resolution you must have! When you have this resolution, you are able to endure many things and much suffering. If you don’t have this resolution, when you only have that desire, when you temporarily have such enthusiasm, then that won’t do, and you are not motivated. For example, when you are busy with your duties you miss a couple of meals and you lose some sleep, and when you see yourself you think, “I look terrible. This won’t do. I must take a rest. No matter how busy I get, I must take a rest. I mustn’t let myself get old before my time, I mustn’t suffer this much. I must make taking care of my health my priority.” How about this way of thinking? (It’s bad.) This is being inconsiderate to God’s will. Valuing your flesh supersedes valuing your own duty or valuing God’s commission. You value your flesh too much, you are unwilling to suffer anything, and when you do suffer a little you tuck your head back into your shell, you complain, and you don’t worry like God does and you don’t think like God does—you are inconsiderate to His will. You have to get your work done quickly, for example, and you say, “I don’t care about those matters, I’m now taking some medicine. I must take care of myself!” Are there people like this? Are these people good or bad? (Bad.) Why bad? (They are selfish and contemptible, thinking only of themselves.) Selfish and contemptible, treacherous, they are calculating and insincere, right? But they also say they devote themselves to God, so what do you think of this? (They devote their mouths to God, but not their hearts. They are deceitful.) With their mouths they say they devote themselves to God, but they don’t do anything real, they don’t suffer anything, and they don’t pay any price. So does God take any pleasure in people like this? Do they have God’s blessing?

Some people don’t suffer anything at all when performing their duty. Young people in particular like to look attractive, and the moment they see themselves looking haggard, or losing hair, or their skin losing its luster, then they stop work, they become unwilling to do their duty, worrying about this, worrying about that, always worrying—this is not truly paying the price. Truly paying the price, in principle, is that God requires people’s heart. Sometimes people think, “It’s fine to offer up my heart. It’s enough to have that desire.” But they continue to operate in the same old way, and what does God think of this? God doesn’t look at what you desire in your heart; that is, He looks simultaneously both at your desires and your real actions—these are the things God scrutinizes. You have desires, you have resolution, and furthermore you expend and pay the price practically. Although sometimes you are weak, God sees that you haven’t really given up in your heart, He sees that you are still making headway, and that you are someone who loves the truth, loves fairness and righteousness, and loves positive things, and so God will not abandon you. Some people talk the talk very well, but their hearts are unmoved, and they simply can’t find it in their hearts to walk the walk. They say these things involuntarily, muddling along with the people beside them, as this makes them look a little better. But their hearts would prefer not to do these things, to the point where they simply don’t do them. They do what they think, what is advantageous to themselves and what protects themselves. Isn’t there a disparity here? Is God able to perceive this disparity? God scrutinizes it. People are deceitful and calculating; they think that God doesn’t know it, that God isn’t paying it attention and doesn’t see it. How does God treat those who are calculating, and how does He treat those who are honest? Are you able to perceive the difference between God’s treatment of these two types of people? (God blesses honest people, and He does not bless deceitful people.) How does God bless them? You can see in real life that God’s blessing of honest people has a practical expression. (Honest people see results in their duties.) (God enlightens honest people and honest people are more able to enter into the reality of the truth. Not only are deceitful people unable to enter into the reality of the truth, but on the contrary, they become living devils revealed by God, that are exposed and eliminated by God.) Here you see the difference between God’s treatment of different people, of people who walk different paths, and His attitude toward them.

Honest people do ignorant things too, and they also get weak. But they have God’s guidance, God’s protection, God’s enlightenment, they are able to see God’s blessings in all things, and when God disciplines them, prunes and deals with them, or refines them, they then change and they make progress. As for calculating people, you can see God exposing them in all things, they have no enlightenment and no illumination, as if they live in a quagmire or in darkness. No matter how they grope about or exert themselves, they cannot see the light or find their direction. They have no inspiration or guidance when doing their duties, they run up against walls in many matters, and in some things they are even exposed unknowingly. What’s the purpose of exposing them? It is so that brothers and sisters can tell them apart and see through them, so they know what kind of people they are. When brothers and sisters have discernment of this type of person, when their discernment has matured, what does this type of person turn into? They become serving objects, and some are eliminated. What’s more, some are handed over to Satan, and they then show their true colors, speak blasphemously and show their demonic faces. Once they show their demonic faces, once everyone is able to tell them apart, then they are rejected; some are purged, some are sent home, and some are expelled. Doesn’t God use different methods in His treatment of different people? God’s work on people is done to move them, to enlighten them and to guide them somewhat within their hearts, and to change their inner states. Good people increasingly feel in their hearts, “I must walk the good path. I mustn’t rebel against God. I must obey God in this matter.” Within them they have a kind of unhindered state, in conformity with what God wants. As for bad people, evil people and negative people, what does God do with them? God sends lesser devils into their hearts to harass them and, when they are being harassed, they then behave evilly. When they are behaving evilly, their behavior is entirely involuntary; they speak adversely and negatively, they foment disharmony, they act like clowns everywhere, and when they take a long time to do things, and they become a disturbance in the church, then they are to be expelled. Are they in control of all these things? They don’t walk the right path, so God hands them over to Satan, hands them over to lesser devils, and they are utterly finished. And after they have been exposed, they wonder: “What’s happened? I’ve behaved evilly? I’ve caused a disturbance? I’ve caused interruptions? How could I not have known?” They say they didn’t know, but actually, in accordance with their nature, nothing good can come of them. God, however, wants to expedite their ruin, He wants to act. And so, they are eliminated and exposed quickly. God does some things Himself, and for some things He uses lesser devils, Satan or evil spirits to render service and do things for Him, to perfect and edify God’s chosen people on the one hand, and to expose and eliminate evil people on the other. If you use conceptions as your yardstick, saying, “This is not something that God has done. God doesn’t do these things. These things are not orchestrated by God,” then isn’t this wrong? All things are within God’s hands; you will come to know this once you have experienced these words.

Some people don’t work hard at their duties, and their hearts are always unsettled, always unwilling. They still don’t wish to leave God’s family and are afraid that one day others will really be blessed and they will miss out, and so they are slipshod in their duties, and they disseminate negativity. Although this does not constitute a disturbance, does God know what it is they do? (Yes.) Do other people know? Many times, other people are unable to perceive their behavior, and they say, “They are so good! They get up early with everyone else to do their duty and go to bed late with everyone else. They suffer and pay the price. It’s just that they get weak sometimes, and they prefer to keep to themselves.” God knows, and He bides His time until a certain level is reached and, at that time He allows an illness to befall them. And when they get sick, they are unable to do their duty. What does this signify? It signifies that they must be expelled from the ranks of those who do their duty. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? (A bad thing.) You are willing to do your duty, so to you this is a bad thing. But to them? They are unwilling to do their duty, so they think this is a good thing, saying, “This is my chance, I don’t need to do my duty anymore.” In fact, this is a bad thing. When they suddenly get sick and are purged from the ranks of those who do their duty, other people still don’t know what’s going on, and they say, “They do their duty so well, they never cause any issues, nor do they cause disturbances or interruptions. They can still do their duty.” God doesn’t want them anymore and they are not to be counted. This is the kind of method God uses to clean them out. And once they are cleaned out, their illness gets better, and they are not sick anymore. What do you see from this? God holds sovereignty over this matter. They don’t do their duty and their illness gets better, and when they are well again, what do they go and do? They go to work a job and earn money, they go live their lives and get rich, saying, “At last I don’t need to do my duty anymore. I don’t need to eat or live with these people anymore, or eat from the same big pot as everyone else.” Is this a good thing or a bad thing? (A bad thing.) Why is it a bad thing? God doesn’t want them anymore, and this is a catastrophe! What does it signify when God doesn’t want someone anymore? It signifies that this person will have no end, that from that moment this person has vanished from the Creator’s sight, and will no longer have any chance to be saved. God predestined them and chose them, but from that moment on God detests and rejects them. He determines no longer to save that kind of person and that they must be uprooted from God’s family. God will never save that type of person and, from that moment, they have lost their chance to be saved. That is, no matter what they do or what expressions they have, God no longer wants them. Is the matter over when God doesn’t want them anymore? Is there an ending to this person’s story? (No.) How come there is no ending? (Their flesh lives on, but their soul has died.) This is theoretical—the flesh lives on and the soul dies. Have you seen this? So how do you explain this? God doesn’t want them anymore. Before God chooses someone, where do they dwell? Before God chooses someone, they dwell under the domain of Satan. After God chooses them, they return to God’s family, and when God clears this person away once again, where do they return? They return again under the domain of Satan. What does this signify? (That God doesn’t want them anymore.) God not wanting them anymore is with God, but to whom does God throw this person? He throws them to Satan, saying: “Here you are, I don’t want this person anymore. They are a bad sort, so you can have them.” And Satan takes them; this is what happens. They return to Satan. That is, after God clears them out from God’s family, He hands them over to Satan once again. And after they are handed over to Satan once again, do you know what it is they obtain, and what it is they lose?

When someone is chosen by God, what things do they gain from God? (A chance to be saved.) This is one thing. Any more? (They gain the truth.) Yes, they gain these things. When God chooses someone and they arrive in God’s family, God brings this person from Satan’s domain into God’s family, and does Satan dare say anything about it? Satan doesn’t dare lay any conditions. God says, “I want this person. You are not permitted to touch them anymore. If you do, I shall punish you.” So Satan behaves itself and doesn’t dare touch this person. Afterward, this person’s food, clothing, housing and transportation and all their activities come under God’s care, and are in God’s sight. Without God’s permission, Satan dares not touch this person. The implication of this is that this person comes to live completely under God’s care and protection, and they are not disturbed or encroached upon by any influence in the outside world. This person’s daily happiness and sorrow, pain and joy, all come under God’s care and protection. If they encounter a disaster, God says they are to evade this disaster, and they are fine; if they were to be involved in a traffic accident, God says, “I will not let them go there today,” and they evade this disaster. As for those unbelievers, those whom God has not chosen, their destiny remains their destiny, those who should die die, and those who should meet with misfortune meet with misfortune; this one whom God has chosen, however, remains fine. Say there is a flood; how does God handle this? A great flood will happen here today, He thinks, so I must send this person somewhere. “Today a great flood will happen to the south, so go deliver something to the north.” Or it just so happens that someone in the north asks you to go there, and you go. The next day you hear that a great flood happened to the south, and you say, “Fortunately I wasn’t at home that day. If I had been, I would perhaps have drowned.” You’ve evaded this disaster, right? If something is to happen in a place, and you just so happen to be there at the time, then because of your presence nothing happens there, you avoid it. Is this not God’s protection? You eat something, and someone else eats it too. When they eat it they get diarrhea, to the point where they die of food poisoning. But when you eat it, you only have diarrhea for a couple of days; you’re fine and you don’t die. Some people say: “You didn’t die in this great disaster. How come you didn’t die and those other people did?” What’s the situation here? God is protecting you, and He won’t let you die. A plague occurs somewhere, for example. Isn’t it the case that whoever gets infected with the plague dies? At the time, you don’t know there is a plague, and when you go to the infected area to do your duty, you get stranded there and you cannot leave for many days. Next to you, many unbelievers become infected, and the area to which the plague spreads gets larger and larger. You also fear becoming infected and you pray to God, and in the end, you are not infected—you are protected. Why don’t these mishaps come upon you? Because of God’s protection. Satan, lesser devils and evil spirits dare not touch you. The moment they get anywhere near you, it’s like they have a restricted zone before them that blocks their way, as though they see the words “This person is not to be touched,” as though they see heavenly seals blocking their path. And so they dare not touch you, and thus you are protected. You have lived well these past few years. Everything has been plain sailing and very smooth, and this shows that you are in God’s hands and are protected. But after someone receives God’s protection, they are unaware of it, and they are unable to perceive or realize it, and they say, “I have lived well these past few years. I have good luck, a good destiny and I’m tough. Satan and those lesser devils don’t dare touch me.” They don’t say it is because of God’s protection, and they don’t know to repay God’s love, they don’t know to repay God’s kindness, they don’t work hard at their duties, and they cause disturbances and do bad things. God sees this and observes them for a long time, and He says that this person cannot be saved. In the end, God decides to hand them back over to Satan. This person is worthless and contemptible, and God doesn’t want them anymore. When God doesn’t want someone, who is happiest about this? Satan is happy. “One more lesser devil! One more to ruin people, one more bad sort. Come to me!” Does the person know that Satan is happy? They are simple-minded and unaware that Satan is happy, and they are muddle-headed when handed over to Satan, to return back to Satan’s embrace. And when Satan embraces this kind of person, what does it do? What things does it do? (It tramples them underfoot and harms them.) How does it harm them? Does it kill them? Does it make them stupid? Is this how it harms them? Ordinary people are unable to see through the things Satan does. It’s not the case that Satan does everything by making you develop a mental illness or turning you into a devil. Satan works relying on schemes and evil, using all manner of means to lure you into following it. It’s not just like people say, that it harms, ruins and ravages people. On the surface, these words all sound like brutal means, but does Satan in fact always act this way? The nature of the things it does to people is always to corrupt, to harm and to seduce. But are these the means it uses? They certainly aren’t.

After people have been handed over to Satan, some of them will find they have a clear road to prosperity, and there are some officials who will give them the green light. They suddenly become very clever and are very able to use the means at their disposal. When they engage in business, they collude with officials and they send gifts, and suddenly their careers become unimpeded and they get promoted and become rich. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? (A bad thing.) To man, this is a good thing. So why do you say it’s a bad thing? Their road to prosperity is open, they get promoted and become rich, and before long they become a big shot, they become rich, they have status, they have a good reputation, they become famous, they live a good life and they thoroughly return back to the world. Are they then capable of thinking about God? Do they still want to believe in God? Do they still have God in their hearts? Do they think believing in God is wise or stupid? (Stupid.) Their views have changed, they have utterly left God and deviated from the true way; they are wholly captured by Satan and taken captive by it. Are they members of God’s family at that point? (No.) Then what have they become? They have utterly become people outside of God’s family; they have become unbelievers. They are taken by Satan, they no longer follow the right way, God is no longer in their hearts, there is not the tiniest place for God in their hearts, they haven’t the slightest bit of interest in believing in God and have no concept of it whatsoever—they are completely done with it. After they enter the world, they gradually become like this. Can people like this still have God’s protection? And so what is their condition when they live in this kind of world and live in Satan’s domain? Each day, they don’t know if they will live or die and, whenever they leave their house, they don’t know whether or not they will meet with some mishap. They have no peace, no joy, their hearts are full of terror, full of unease, and full of fear. They haven’t the slightest immunity to evil trends and they have no choice but to follow them. They are unable to perceive any of God’s care and protection, or any of God’s blessings. Although people like this live a good life and live as free people, in their hearts they are in a constant state of anxiety, they have no real happiness, not knowing when a lesser devil may come to harass them, not knowing when they will fall into the hands of bad people or wicked people. How does this condition come about? How do these feelings come about? Why, when God doesn’t want them, do they have no peace or joy? At the root of it, man cannot perceive God’s protection, God’s guidance or God’s care for them. Day after day, they live their lives very naturally and very peacefully. But when they lose God’s care and protection, their hearts immediately fall into darkness, and that feeling and how they felt before are two entirely different realms. Very soon, they are without peace and without joy, and they are unable to perceive it. Why can’t they perceive it? Because God has abandoned them. When God abandons someone, this is how they feel in their heart. They live in such darkness that they cannot see their hand in front of their face, they grope their way forward, testing the way, and every step they take is so difficult, so terrifying and so painful; they live in such pain. Do you think they live in pain because of their pursuit of fame and gain, because they seek the world, live comfortable lives and walk the path of the unbelievers? Not so. When God abandons them, when He withdraws His hand, they no longer have God’s protection and care, and they immediately fall into darkness. The first thing they feel when they fall into darkness is an absence of peace; they feel that the whole world is full of terror, full of pitfalls, full of deception and that there is danger in everything. And so they live difficult lives, right? Does this depend on their status among worldly people? Does it depend on how capable they are? Does it depend on how powerful they are? No, it does not.

When God is protecting someone, they feel at ease, peaceful and joyful in their heart. They live like a human being, they engage in every activity with a normal humanity, everything about them is normal, they do everything in the proper order and in an orderly fashion; their heart is free and relaxed. When they lose God’s care and protection, this feeling is gone—all these things are gone. They then rely on their own capabilities, skills, thinking and life philosophies, and on their own hot bloodedness to respond to all the people, matters and things around them. What people, matters and things are around them? Bad people, evil people, greater devils, lesser devils and evil spirits, right? When someone is without God’s protection, and they live in this kind of place infested with unclean spirits, do they live easy lives? (No, they don’t.) Therefore, when someone leaves God they are unable to have even one good day—their lives become this hard. When people live under God’s care and protection, they don’t know to cherish it and they blithely ignore it. But the moment God abandons them, it is too late even for their regrets, and that is truly a catastrophe! Only when people live within God’s orchestrations and under God’s care and protection can they have genuine bliss and genuine peace and joy. That is peace and joy in the deepest recesses of their hearts, with its source in God! The moment they lose God’s care and protection, they feel pain, anxiety, worry, fear and uneasiness also in the deepest recesses of their hearts, and they have no one to turn to. How capable and strong are they then? What is it that they face alone? They face all manner of unclean and evil spirits. On the surface, they look like all manner of people, matters and things, with form and shape, with flesh and blood; but what is behind them? Who is behind these people, matters and things, controlling them? Satan is behind them, along with all manner of evil and unclean spirits. How capable is someone to face all these things? Are they capable of not being afraid? Are they capable of having peace and joy? No matter how great a person they are, no matter how skilled they are or how evil they are, when they live in Satan’s domain, when they live in this world, what is it they feel in their hearts? When they are on their own and they become quiet, when they lie down quietly, they think of the people, matters and things around them, and they realize that everything is so hard to face for them, and they have to rack their brains to handle all these things and settle all these things. Using human strength and human means, their lives are so difficult and they live in such pain. Some people say that great people don’t suffer that pain, but actually great people suffer even greater pain. Unimportant people face living small, limited lives with narrow horizons, whereas great people face a life with broader horizons, and are confronted with even greater tests and torment by people, matters and things. Do they have any happiness in their lives? (No.) Therefore, the moment someone leaves God’s care and protection, the moment they are abandoned by God, what kind of life are they confronted with? (A life of constant anxiety.) Yes, they are confronted with having to face all the unclean and evil spirits alone and single-handed, and there will ultimately be a fight to the death. That life is very hard to endure! At some point they will be shot and killed by an opponent or die after being caught in an opponent’s cunning scheme; they will live wearily, painfully and in torment. Some people are simple-minded, thinking that, in terms of their belief in God, always seeking the truth, always talking about obeying God and listening to God’s words is so dreary, and they say, “Look at those worldly people, living so free and easy! I don’t want to believe anymore. Belief in God is meaningless.” So they always cling to this idea, and one day they will come to know what this idea results in.

What people enjoy in the hands of the Creator is perpetual peace, joy, blessings, protection and care. If someone has no humanity and no conscience, then they will not appreciate these things. The moment God abandons them, however, they come to thoroughly understand exactly what bliss is, what happiness is and what God’s blessing is, but when that time comes it is too late. You say, “I regret it. Is it OK if I start over?” Will God give you another chance? You didn’t want God, so will God still want you? Don’t you love Satan? Will God give His assent when you love Satan but still want to follow God? Therefore, you must ponder very carefully and come often before God to contemplate these things. You must think thoroughly about what genuine bliss is, how man should live in order to have true bliss, true joy and true peace, and what or which things are the most valuable and the most worth cherishing to man in this life—these are the things you must ponder. The more you ponder serious things and the more you ponder positive things, the more God will enlighten and guide you, allow you to understand, allow you to know and allow you to see, and the more you will be enlightened and illuminated with regard to positive things. In this way, won’t your faith become greater and greater? If you are always idle, always conflicting, always averse to the truth, never loving the truth, never wanting to come before God, always wanting to be debauched, always wanting to leave God, and not accepting God’s guidance or God’s care and protection, will God compel you? With you having this kind of attitude, God certainly won’t enlighten you, and without God enlightening you, you will have no faith. During your belief you will lose enthusiasm, and when you are always unenthusiastic you will begin to complain and to place blame. You will gradually cause trouble, and when that happens you will be expelled; you will have come to the end of your path. Who is to blame for this? (Oneself.) They choose the way of worldly people, they choose to follow Satan. They don’t choose to follow God, so God must abandon them and give up on them; God doesn’t impose Himself on people. God’s salvation, God’s words and God’s truth and life are bestowed on people freely. He doesn’t want money from you, He doesn’t bargain with you, and yet you still don’t want these things. So what should God do? God should give up on you, and He certainly will give up on you. Such a great thing, and you still don’t want it; you still feel so sad, so wronged, so why should you bother? You’d better go back to the mud pit. Go and live however you want! God pays no more heed; your end is determined.

Some people are cruel, saying, “They don’t want God, so why doesn’t God just kill them? If they don’t follow God, then God should destroy them! Curse them, punish them, and then destroy them!” Is this God’s disposition? No, it is not. God doesn’t act that way; He does not impose Himself on man. How someone’s life will be is already determined by God—God doesn’t act arbitrarily. Their destiny, their destination and their end are already determined by God. If they don’t follow God, God still allows them to live their life naturally in accordance with their original destiny. Once He hands them over to Satan He then washes His hands of them. Ultimately, their life comes to an end, and God determines their end when it is time to determine it; God does not upset the laws of all these things. Using human words to describe this, there are many things that God does that are exceedingly rational, unlike people’s impulse to say, “You don’t follow me, so I’ll kill you!” What kind of disposition is this? This is gangsterism. What is gangsterism? It is having the disposition of a gangster, or a hooligan. “You don’t follow me, humph. If you don’t follow me then I’ll make sure you come to no good end. It’s easy to join me but not so easy to leave. Once you’re in, then don’t even think of getting out. If you want to get out then you have to pay a price—your life!” Is this what God does? God really doesn’t do that. He says: “You don’t follow Me, so off you go back to Satan. Do what you want, but from now on we will have a clean break. You won’t be able to enjoy My care or protection and you will have no share in this blessing. Go live your life however you like!” God is tolerant to people and does not impose Himself on them, unlike Satan’s interminable desire to control you and capture you whether you like it or not. God doesn’t act that way; God acts with His own principles of action. This is God’s disposition and it is what God has and is.

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