883 Only When God Became Flesh Does Man Have the Chance of Salvation

1 One day, your experience will be such that you understand the incarnation of God, with His fleshly body of normal humanity, is what all mankind needs. The more normal are God’s incarnation, humanity, all He has and what He reveals, the greater their salvation of us; the more normal they are, the more we need them. If God’s incarnation were supernatural, then not one of us—even though we were chosen by God—could be saved. It is precisely because of God’s humility and hiddenness, because of the normality and practicality of this seemingly unremarkable God, that people have a chance at salvation. In people, there is disobedience and the essence of a corrupt, satanic disposition, which give rise to all kinds of notions, misunderstandings, and antagonism of God, such that, as a result of these notions, people frequently deny this Christ, and deny His normal humanity. This is a huge mistake.

2 If you wish to be saved, to receive God’s salvation, and to accept the judgment and chastisement of God, you must first put aside all your different notions and erroneous definitions of Christ; you must put aside your various insights and opinions about Christ; and you must think of a way to accept all that comes from Him. Only then will the words He speaks and the truths He expresses find some entry into your heart and become your life. If you wish to follow Him, you should accept all that is associated with Him; you ought not to stand against Him, nor misunderstand Him by means of your own notions; you ought not to cling to your own notions and constantly misunderstand and doubt Him, or even resist and oppose Him. With such an attitude, you can only hurt yourself; it is not of the slightest benefit to you.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Only by Resolving One’s Notions Can One Embark on the Right Track of Belief in God (1)

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