598 People Just Don’t Practice God’s Words

1 God has no more words to say, but people have not kept up at all, they have fallen too far behind, they are unable to stay close with every step, and are unable to closely follow the Lamb’s footsteps. What they should abide by, they have not abided by; what they should have practiced, they have not practiced; what they should have prayed for, they have not prayed for; what they should have set aside, they have not set aside. They have not done any of these things. Therefore, this talk of attending the banquet is empty; it is without any real meaning, and is all in their imagination. It can be said that, viewed from today, people have not discharged their duty at all. Everything has depended on God’s doing and saying things Himself. Man’s function has been far too small; people are useless trash who are incapable of cooperating with God.

2 God has spoken hundreds upon thousands of words, yet people have not put any of them into practice—whether it be forsaking the flesh, discarding notions, practicing obedience to God in all things while developing discernment and gaining insight, not giving people a place in their hearts, eliminating the idols in their hearts, rebelling against their wrong intentions, not acting out of emotion, doing things fairly and without bias, giving greater thought to God’s interests and their influence on others when they speak, doing more things that benefit God’s work, keeping in mind benefiting God’s house in all that they do, not letting their emotions rule their behavior, discarding what pleases their own flesh, eliminating selfish old conceptions, and so on. People have not put any of them into practice.

3 They do actually understand some of all these requirements that God makes of man, but they are simply not willing to put them into practice. What else can God do, and how else can He move them? How can sons of rebellion in the eyes of God still have the nerve to pick up His words and admire them? How do they have the nerve to eat God’s food? Where is their conscience? They have not even fulfilled the bare minimum of the duties they ought to have fulfilled, to say nothing of doing their utmost. They are living in a pipe dream, are they not? There can be no talk of reality without practice. This is a fact that is as plain as day!

Adapted from “Focus More on Reality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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