Chapter 52. People Who Always Have Requirements for God Are the Least Reasonable

If people are to understand themselves, they must understand their true states. The most important aspect of understanding one’s own state is to have a grasp on one’s own thoughts and ideas. In every time period, people’s thoughts have been controlled by one major thing. If you can gain control over your thoughts, you can gain control over the things that are behind them. People cannot control their thoughts and ideas, but they do need to know where these thoughts and ideas come from, what the motives behind them are, how these thoughts and ideas are produced, what controls them, and what their nature is. After your disposition has transformed, your thoughts and ideas, the desires your heart seeks after, and your viewpoints on the things you are pursuing—which have been produced from the parts of you that have transformed—will be different. Those thoughts and ideas that originate from the parts of you that have not changed, the things that you do not understand clearly, and the things which you have not replaced with the experiences of truth are filthy, dirty, and ugly. People nowadays, who have experienced God’s work for several years, have some sense and awareness of these matters. Those who have experienced God’s work for a short period of time do not yet understand these matters; they are still unclear. They do not know where their Achilles’ heel is or in what areas it is easy that they will fall. You do not currently know what kind of a person you are, and though other people can see to some extent what kind of a person you are, you cannot sense it. You cannot clearly distinguish your ordinary thoughts or intents, and you do not have a clear understanding of what the essence of these matters is. The deeper you understand an aspect, the more you will transform in that aspect; as such, the things you do will be in accordance with the truth, you will be able to meet God’s requirements, and you will be closer to the will of God. Only by seeking in this way can you obtain results.

Many people believe in God, but they don’t pay attention to transforming their life disposition; rather, they focus on God’s attitude toward them and whether or not they have a place in God’s heart. They are always guessing what kind of a person they are in God’s sight and whether or not they have status in God’s heart. Many people are like this, and if they see God, they will always be watching to see if God is speaking gladly or angrily to them. There are also some people who always ask others: “Has God mentioned my difficulties? What is God’s attitude toward me? Does He care about me?” There are people who are even more amazing who seem to discover new problems: “Ah, God has just given me a bad look, I don’t know what I have done wrong.” People pay special attention to these things. Some people say: “We believe in a God who took on the flesh; if He doesn’t pay attention to us, are we not done for?” The underlying meaning of this is: What are we believing for if we don’t have status in God’s heart? Then we shall not believe! Isn’t this unreasonable? Do you know why people should believe in God? People are always looking for a place in God’s heart to stay and they never ponder whether or not God has a place in their heart or how they treat God. People are so arrogant and conceited! This is where people are most unreasonable. There are even some people who lack reason to the point that when they hear God ask about other people, without asking about them or mentioning their name, or when God is concerned about other people and not concerned about them, or shows consideration for other people but not for them, they are not satisfied and say: “I can’t believe anymore; this kind of God is unrighteous and isn’t even fair or reasonable.” They begin to complain, which is an issue with people’s reason; they are not in their right mind. They frequently say: I’ll submit to God’s arrangements, submit to God’s orchestrations. Regardless of how God treats me, I will never complain; God can deal with me, prune me and judge me. But when matters truly come upon them, they can’t make it. Do people reason this way? People think especially highly of themselves, and they think that they are exceptionally important. Never mind pruning and dealing, if a single glance does not look right, then they feel that there is no hope. “I’m finished! I won’t believe anymore! God doesn’t pay attention to me, I have no hope.” Or it is the tone of voice that is a bit harsh that pricks their heart and they lose hope and become discouraged again, “God spoke to me this time with a tone of voice that was not good! There are words within the words, there are thorns within the words, and the words carry other meanings. I feel like there is no significance to my belief in God, God doesn’t pay attention to me, therefore it is impossible for me to believe anymore.” In the past some people have thought: “You see how others have been so certain about God and how they view Him as so important. If a single glance from God was abnormal, they would examine what God meant by this. They are exceptionally faithful to God and they view Him as exceptionally important; this is truly taking the God on earth as the God in heaven. They view a glance from God as being exceptionally important.” Is it so? Some people are very confused; they don’t see anything clearly. People’s stature is so small, it is truly a disgraceful exhibition.

People demand too much from God, and such demands are excessive; they are utterly irrational in how they are always asking Him to do things in this way or that. People are not able to completely submit to God or worship Him. Rather, they make their unreasonable requests according to their own preferences. They expect God to have a lot of tolerance, to be always patient with people, to never get angry about anything they do, to always smile and communicate about the truth whenever He sees them, to always speak to them, and so on. You should reflect on these matters. Human reason is so flawed, is it not? Not only are they not able to completely submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements or accept all that comes from God, but on the contrary, they impose additional requirements upon God. How can people with such requirements be faithful to God? How can they submit to the arrangements of God? How can they love God? People all have requirements for how God should love them, tolerate them, watch over and protect them, and care for them, yet they have no requirements for how they themselves should love God, think of God, be considerate toward God, satisfy God, have God in their hearts, and worship God. Do these things exist in people’s hearts? These are things that people should do, so why do they not press forward diligently in these things? Some people can be enthusiastic for a time, but it is not lasting; running into a little setback can cause them to feel discouraged, lose hope, and complain. People have so many problems, and there are too few people who pursue the truth and seek to love and satisfy God. Humans are utterly irrational, stand in the wrong position, and see themselves as especially valuable. Some people say: “God regards us as the pupil of His eye, He did not hesitate to allow His only begotten Son to be crucified in order to redeem mankind; we are so valuable, God paid a high price to bring us back; we all have a place in God’s heart, His heart is so big. So many of His children and people hold a place in His heart, and we are not simple people.” People think so highly of themselves and that they are so great. Actually, originally there were some leaders like this who, after they were promoted and had status, thought: “God favors me and has allowed me to become a leader. I will diligently run and work for God and God has paid attention to me.” They were incredibly complacent, and as a result, in a matter of time, their true colors were revealed when they did some bad things. They were sent back home, and they hung their heads and said, “Ah, God has removed me, I am finished, I better hurry and return home.” If their ugly expressions were revealed and dealt with, they became even more negative, and they couldn’t believe anymore. Finally, they pondered: “Who am I close to in this world? Besides my mom and dad, no one is close to me. Nothing God does meets my expectations, He does not have any mutual affection or feelings. It is said that God empathizes with people’s weaknesses, so why am I removed when I have committed such a small transgression?” As a result, they became disheartened and didn’t want to believe.

People do not demand much of themselves, but they demand much of God. They ask Him to show them special kindness and to be patient and forbearing toward them, cherish them, provide for them, smile at them, and take care of them in many ways. They expect Him not to be strict with them at all or do anything that would upset them even slightly, and are only satisfied if He sweet-talks them every single day. Humans are so lacking in reason! People are not clear on what they should do, what they should accomplish, what viewpoints they should have, what position they should stand in to serve God, and what position is suitable for them to place themselves in. People with a little bit of status think very highly of themselves, and people without status also think quite highly of themselves. People never know themselves. You must come to a point in your belief in God where regardless of how He speaks to you, how strict He is with you, and how much He might ignore you, you can keep on believing without complaint, and continue to fulfill your duty as usual. You will then be a mature and experienced person, and you will truly have some stature and a bit of the rationality of a normal person. You will not make demands of God, you will no longer have extravagant desires, and you will no longer make requests of others or of God according to your own preferences. This will show that to a certain extent, you possess the likeness of a human. Currently, you have too many requirements, and they are far too excessive. Your many intentions prove that you are not standing in the right position, your position is too high, and you have viewed yourself as overly honorable, as though you are not much lower than God. Therefore, you are difficult to deal with, and this is precisely the nature of Satan. If there are such situations that exist within you, you will certainly be negative more often, you will be normal less frequently and, your progress will be slow. Other people have less difficulties and don’t think that much, so they enter in quickly. They are simple and thus don’t suffer as many hardships; but you think too much, your mind and your emotions are heavy and you focus on too many things and have too many requirements for God. Thus you suffer more hardships and have more obstructions. This kind of person has difficulty entering in. Some people will seek in the same manner no matter how others treat them; they are not affected at all. Their hearts are wide open, so they won’t suffer as many hardships; they will enter in normally and won’t have as many obstructions. You fuss with so many matters; today you mind this matter and tomorrow you mind that. Someone may give you a bad glance, look down on you or ignore you, or God may speak a word which provokes you, weighs on you, hurts you, hurts your self-esteem, pricks your heart, or you may not be treated with courtesy when having meals, or something nice is given to someone else instead of you. You think too much, your heart is too complicated, you are too unreasonable, your integrity is too low, and you are too troublesome and difficult to deal with. You have so many shortcomings; how much truth must you understand and how long will you need to be refined in order to transform? You are wrapped up in too many things, your thoughts are exceptionally complicated and heavy. This type of person must suffer more hardships and shed more tears. This type of person is not easy to get along and associate with.

You frequently communicate these things and some people say: “I slipped in such and such a matter, and I understood after I suffered some hardships.” Most people have this kind of experience. It may have taken several years to reach this understanding; this understanding and transformation may have come after much torment and the extreme pain of refinement. It is so pitiful! How many impurities there are in people’s belief! Their belief in God is so difficult for them! Even today, everyone has many impurities inside. The amount of requirements you have for God is the amount of impurities you have inside. These impurities prove that there is a problem with people’s reason. They are also an exposure of people’s natures. You have to be able to distinguish which requests people have of God are proper and which ones are improper. You must be clear on where people should stand and what reason they should have. Some people are like this, and their hearts always hold these things: who God is good or not good to, or who He is displeased with. If they discover that He is not happy with them, or if they hear any words about them, then they will not let go, and no matter how you explain it to them, it will be of no use, and they won’t be able to turn around for a long time. They will jump to conclusions about themselves and will grasp at a single phrase to determine God’s attitudes toward them. No matter what you say in order to tell them how they should seek normally or how they should go down the path ahead, they won’t sense that what is being said is directed at them; they will feel that it is deceiving them. It can be seen that people do not understand God’s righteous disposition in the least; they simply don’t understand that there is a process for transforming and God’s attitude toward people will change. If your attitude toward God does not change, then can His attitude change toward you? If you change, then God will change how He treats you. If you don’t change, then He will not change. There are people who still don’t clearly understand the things that God despises and the things He is fond of, neither do they understand His emotions of pleasure, anger, sorrow, and happiness. “God is almighty and wise; He is so wise, such that people do not understand clearly.” People feel that they are unable to clearly understand. This is what is difficult about people. People don’t remember earnest and well-meaning advice that is said to them; if a stern word is said to them, or if words of pruning, dealing, and judgment are said to them, they prick their heart. Then why don’t people take the positive guidance seriously? Why do they become uncomfortable and negative, and why can’t they get up anymore after they hear some words of judgment and pruning and dealing? In the end, they may turn around after pondering for a long time; and they will only wake up to reality with the help of a phrase of comforting words. Without these words of comfort, they wouldn’t get up. When people begin experiencing, they have a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions; people always think that they are right, and they won’t listen to other people no matter what they say to them. After experiencing three to five years, they gradually begin to understand and see clearly, and will feel that they have been too difficult to deal with as if they have finally grown up. People with a lot of experience understand God and they have few misconceptions. They don’t complain anymore and they begin to believe in God normally. In comparison with their stature in the past, they feel more grown up now. In the past, they were like little children, frequently angry and negative, distancing themselves from God, frequently having complaints on the inside and doubting. Now there is progression and their situations are more stable than before. This is the outcome of understanding the truth and the effect that the truth has upon people. That is to say, as long as people understand the truth, they can resolve any amount of difficulties; as long as people are able to accept the truth, they can resolve any difficulty. Primarily this has to do with people’s experiences and time, and it takes a process.

Using you to do the work now doesn’t mean that you have great stature; you merely have slightly better qualities than average people, you seek a little bit more than them and have a little bit more cultivating value than them; but that doesn’t mean that you are able to submit to God and are able to accept God’s orchestrations, and it doesn’t mean that you have given up on your future prospects and hopes. People still don’t reason like this; you all have some negative aspects and have some situations in your work. It seems that you are trying to compensate for your mistakes, you are not happy and willing to do the work, and you have not reached the point that regardless of how God treats me, I will close my eyes to it and just work, I will simply work according to the will of God and according to God’s requirements. Can you attain this? People do not reason like this! Everyone wants to explore: What kind of attitude does God have toward me? Is He truly using me or is He using my service? Everyone has the intention to explore; do you dare say that you don’t have any such intention? Everyone does, but no one dares to say it. The fact that you don’t dare say it proves that you are controlled by something: It’s no use talking, this is my nature and it can’t change. However, as to what I can or can’t do, as long as I have a grasp, I am done. As long as I don’t do bad things then I am fine. My requirements are not that high. You limit yourselves to the bare minimum and in the end, you don’t make any progress. When you work, you work perfunctorily, and ultimately, after communicating with you a few times, you understand a little and have a bit of understanding. Being used or not being used and God’s attitudes toward you are not important things. The key concerns your subjective diligence, whether or not you can change, and the path you choose. These are the most critical things. It is of no use when God’s attitude toward you is good but you don’t change. When His attitude is good toward you, but some matter comes upon you and you fall, it is of no use. Does the key not still concern the path that you take? In the past, words of cursing and detesting and loathing have been said to you, but today you have changed, so God’s attitude toward you has also subsequently changed. People always feel afraid and insecure. This proves that they still do not understand the will of God. Now that this matter is clear, can this kind of phenomenon still occur later on when some matter comes upon you? Do you have some understanding of the natures within people and of each aspect of human reason? Do you have a rough idea?

In the past, some people have been expelled for doing bad things, and the church has rejected them. After roaming around for a few years, they have returned. It is good that they did not run away completely, and they now have the opportunity and the hope to be saved. Had they run away and stopped believing, becoming the same as unbelievers, then they would be completely done for. If they can turn around, then there is hope for them; this is rare and precious. Regardless of how God saves people, and regardless of how He treats them, hates them, or detests them, if there comes a time when they can turn around, then I will take great comfort; it will mean that people still have that little bit of God in their hearts, have not completely lost their human reason, have not completely lost their humanity, still intend to believe in God, and have some intention to acknowledge and return to God. No matter who leaves God’s family, if they return, and this family is still in their hearts, then I will become a little sentimentally attached and will take some comfort. However, if they never return, I will think it a pity. If they can return and begin to sincerely believe in God, My heart will especially be filled with gratification. When you walked away, you certainly were being quite negative and were in a bad state; if you can come back now, it proves you still have faith in God. However, from now on, whether you can continue forward or not is an unknown factor, because people change so quickly. In the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus had pity and grace for humans. If one sheep was lost out of a hundred, He would leave the ninety-nine to look for the one. These words are not a kind of mechanical method, nor are they a rule; rather, they show God’s intentions toward humans, His urgent intention to save them, and His deep love for them. His love for humanity is not a way of doing things; it is a kind of disposition, a kind of mentality. Therefore, regardless of how many weaknesses and misconceptions people have, if they wake up, understand, and make a turn-around, then God will be especially comforted. In this world of sensual pleasures, and in this evil age, being able to stand firm, acknowledge God, and get back on the right path are things that bring quite a bit of comfort and are exciting. If you raise children, regardless of whether or not they are filial, how would you feel if they did not acknowledge you and ran away? Your heart would always refuse to give up on them, and you would always wonder, When will my son return? I’d like to see him. After all, he is my son; I’ve raised him and loved him. You have always thought this way, and have always longed for that day to come. Everyone feels the same in this regard. People nowadays are of small stature, but one day they will understand God’s will.

According to people’s stature nowadays, besides being dealt with regarding big problems, they also need to be regularly supervised and watched a little, and they cannot be completely left alone; it will be good when you needn’t be worried about at all. With your stature being the way it is, you shouldn’t always have to be supervised and driven by others. If others must still watch and supervise you in order for you to work, then it is hard to justify and it proves that you lack too much and your stature is so small. Without the truth and with small stature, you cannot comfort or satisfy God. You have to have a little bit of will and resolution for Me to not worry.

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