Only Those Who Properly Perform Their Duty Are People Who Have Truths and Humanity

Only Those Who Perform Their Duty Properly and Satisfy God Are People Who Have the Truths and Humanity

When a person is performing his duty, what are his revelations of corruption? First of all, unable to get along with others in harmony, lacking real collaboration with others, revealing corruptions while collaborating, being particularly self-righteous, having no respect for others, not listening to anyone. Therefore, when performing duty, a person’s corrupt disposition is most revealed during collaborations. Some people are unable to collaborate with anyone, they cannot get along with anyone. Even if you let someone like that choose a person that they can get along with, there will still be conflicts after they have been together for several days. A person like this never has respect for others, always seeing imperfections in others, unable to see his own problems. This is the greatest difficulty of humans. Therefore, there is no normal interpersonal relationship between people, this is fact. When performing duty, people are particularly self-righteous. Even though others see things that are wrong with him, he will not listen. He feels that his thoughts and his way are correct, therefore he does whatever he wants when performing his duty, making up his own mind, never communicating with others, never having a discussion to see what the proper approach is, or following the others when what they say is appropriate. This is never what a person like this would do. For someone who has sense, when what the others have said is good and appropriate, he would listen. This is an easy thing, there is no difficulty to this. However, this is very difficult for some people, because they feel that they have lowered their status by doing so, that they have given respect to other people, that they cannot hold their head high in front of other people, as if they are somehow inferior. What disposition is this? What’s wrong with listening to whoever says the right things? This is a simple thing to do. If you can’t obey whoever says the right things, but go your own way even when you know you are wrong, what disposition is this? Shouldn’t we dissect this issue? Isn’t this satanic disposition? Is this the normal humanity that a person should be equipped with? This is satanic disposition. Satan has never submitted to God, regardless of what God says; and humans do not listen no matter how right others may be, they do not submit to anyone. This is the most apparent revelation of people’s nature which resists and betrays God. Now, is it easy for you to listen to others in this regard? If the person you are collaborating with tells you that it is appropriate to do this or that, are you able to listen? Is it difficult for you to listen to and accept others’ suggestions or what they say? If this person is your enemy, someone with the most prejudice against you, yet what he says is right, are you able to listen to him? Is it really that difficult? I always felt that it is not difficult. What is so difficult about this? If it is very difficult for a person to listen to others under a situation like this, then isn’t this Satan’s disposition? Can someone like this submit to God? Some people say: “I do not submit to anyone, I only submit to God.” This is invalid. If you do not submit to anyone, then you are Satan yourself. How can Satan submit to God? Can Satan obey God? It cannot, it will not submit in the least. In its heart, Satan is terrified of God, it does not revere God. It knows that God will one day destroy it, therefore it is terrified, but it has never ceased to disrupt and destroy God’s work. This is fact. Therefore, Satan’s nature is never submissive to anyone. If a person has Satan’s nature like this, if, when anyone is acquainted with him, regardless of how right the things that others are saying, he will not listen, he will not accept, then this is Satan’s disposition. To put it accurately, he is the embodiment of the devil and Satan. If what others say is appropriate and right, for those who have experienced God’s work for several years, regardless of what these people are or what their status is, regardless of how much these people are lacking in our eyes, it is still easy for us to listen to them. When we are performing our duty, regardless of what we are doing, if we always ask for the opinions and thoughts of others whenever we are unable to see clearly things, isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t that easy to practice? Then how come it is so difficult for some people to accept a little bit of other’s opinions, to listen to what others say? This is Satan’s disposition.

Now, are there people who are willing to be attentive to God’s will and satisfy God when performing their duty? Very few. Some people say: “I am!” Then, have you always been doing so? Occasionally, when the Holy Spirit is working on you, you are somewhat motivated to be attentive to God’s will. However, when you encounter things that please your flesh, when you encounter some personal difficulties, you once again set aside the performance of your duty, you relegate it to second place, third place, even fourth place. Is this someone attentive to God’s will? If a person does not have a heart that truly loves God, he might put aside the matter of performing his duty when encountering some other things. Some people don’t have a good meal, which affects their mood when performing their duty, therefore their mind is no longer focused on performing their duty. Some people walk too much and get tired when performing their duty, which impacts their mood, making them feel like it is not worthwhile to fulfill their duty, therefore their mind is no longer focused on performing their duty. The husbands of some people reject them, attack them, persecute them, because of their performance of duty, therefore their mind is also no longer focused on performing their duty. “Because of performing my duty, there is now discord in this family, the relationship between me and my husband is not good. I am not performing duty anymore, because it is not worthwhile for me. I am paying too high a price, I am suffering too much. God should compensate me.” No matter what difficulties they encounter, men are unable to properly fulfill their duty. If things go particularly smooth when performing duty, then maybe they can still adequately perform their duty. However, once there are some difficulties and some setbacks, they blame God, and they muddle through when performing their duty. Do such people have any loyalty for God? What kind of people can demonstrate their loyalty to God when performing their duty? Regardless of the difficulties they encounter, they must be able to be attentive to God’s will, without being despondent, without being negative, still having the resolve to adequately perform their duty and satisfy God, not complaining regardless of how much they suffer, still giving their duty the highest priority, making it the most important thing to satisfy God. These are the people who truly love God, and for the God that they love, they are willing to endure any suffering and take all indignities. No matter how difficult things are, they are able to keep their head down and persist. Only people like this are loyal to God. God is willing to entrust His work to those who are loyal to him, and if you have no loyalty for God, can God trust you? Some people really cannot be relied upon. Regardless of the task that you give them, if it is something that should be finished in one month, it takes them two or three months. Can someone like this be relied upon? Can someone like this do great things? When performing their duty, some people always need others to push them, they always require dealing and pruning, before they are able to do a good job. Is someone like this loyal to God? Does someone like this have any conscience or sense? If a person has no conscience or sense when performing his duty, if he cannot endure sufferings, if he is not trustworthy, then he does not have humanity. I am not interested in someone like this. I like someone who does real work, and regardless of the work that he is doing, he is always pragmatic, always trustworthy, always keeping his word. When someone like this performs his duty, if he sincerely pursues the truths and has attained a knowledge of God, then he will become someone loyal to God, then he is most certainly someone who can satisfy God, and someone like this will most certainly be perfected by God. When performing duty, if someone is not trustworthy, if he does not keep his word, if it takes him two, three months to complete one month’s worth of work, while his work is also lackluster, if it is a total mess, can God entrust him with important things? Can he perform important work for God’s house? Men’s ambitions are loftier than the sky, they always think that they are going to do great things, that they are above everyone else. However, you must be competent, you must have the sincerity, you must truly be able to shoulder important things. If you cannot even adequately do small things, how can you do great things? What does it mean to be truly competent and have genuine knowledge? If you can truly perform your duty well, better than anyone else, leaving others too far behind to catch up with, so that anyone who sees your work would say that you have indeed done a good job, then you are truly competent and has genuine knowledge, then you are a pragmatist, and I admire someone like this. In God’s house, once I have discovered someone like this, I would make an exception to promote him, because someone like this can be relied upon. If someone can be relied upon, then he has character and dignity. If someone cannot be relied upon, then he has no character or dignity, he is worthless, and he is a piece of garbage. Someone who can be relied upon is invaluable. Since God has the essence of faithfulness, then we, who are to be saved by God, must also be equipped with the reality of being trustworthy, to keep our words, and we must be reliable. No matter what others entrust us, as long as we have accepted, then we must guarantee success, we must make sure that we can accomplish that. I most admire people like this. If I have discovered someone like this, regardless of the depth of his entrance into the truths, I will make an exception to promote him. If you have character and charisma, if you have good moral standing, I am willing to make your acquaintance. If you are not trustworthy, if you do not do what you have promised others, always putting them out of your mind, then what kind of a person are you? How can you properly perform any duty? Always uttering sweet words but only making a mess of things, can someone like this have humanity? This is deceptive in nature. A person like that is cunning and crafty, always telling lies, always unreliable.

The performance of duty most reveals men, this is for certain. Whether a person has any humanity, whether or not he is equipped with the truths, it is a certainty that we can see these things most clearly from his performance of duty. This is absolute. Those who have good results when performing their duty, those who have harmony when collaborating with others, these are the people who have humanity. Those who have hardly any result when performing their duty, those who have no harmony when collaborating with others, these are the people who have no humanity. If someone continues to have no results when performing duty, always committing all manner of evil, always causing trouble, people like this have the least humanity, these people are devils, that is indubitable. Some people are always causing trouble for God’s house when performing duty, always stirring up disputes like people who bring bad luck. Aren’t people like this the devil? Whenever they perform duty, they stir up disputes and cause trouble to God’s house, without bringing any positive impact. These people are the devil. What will be the result if God’s house uses devils to perform duties? The losses will outweigh the gains. When washing dishes, some people break two dishes for every one that they have washed. Tell me, would the employer want to use someone like this? The losses from someone like this performing his duty outweigh the gains. What should we do with those whose performance of duty has losses that outweigh the gains? Restrict them, do not let them perform any more duties. Whenever they want to perform duty, hurry and tell them: “Take a break, don’t perform any duty. You are causing us too much trouble, we don’t need you.” It is entirely appropriate to do so, for this is in consideration of the interests of God’s house and the brothers and sisters. We must restrict those people who belong to the devil and Satan, not allow them to perform duties. For those who perform their duty well, who are able to get along harmoniously with anyone, who can carry out a good discussion with others, who can listen to whichever person that is correct, and furthermore, regardless of the person they are with, who are able to treat others with patience, tolerance, and kindness, these are people with humanity. When performing duty, people with humanity are always seeking the truths, always being attentive to God’s will. What is the manifestation of being attentive to God’s will? That is, regardless of what is required of me, whether to suffer indignities or to listen to others, so long as I can properly perform my duty and complete my work, I will do whatever it takes. You can put me down, I do not mind the indignities that you make me suffer, as long as I can adequately perform my duties, for the most important thing is to satisfy God. Such a person is someone who has true conscience and sense, he is someone who has the most humanity. He loves God in his heart, he knows that the most important thing is to satisfy God. He would rather suffer indignities himself, he would rather endure pain himself, being treated with contempt, being looked down upon, being despised. He does not mind such things, as long as he can perform his duty well. Isn’t someone like this a person attentive to God’s will? When performing his duty, a person is always making others listen to him and he never asks for others’ advice even when he doesn’t know how to do something. This is because he thinks that in asking others, he would lose his dignity, he would lose his face, he would be looked down upon. So, he would do whatever he wishes and just not ask for others’ advice or seek the truths, “I would rather mess up my work than ask others for help, than exalt others, allowing others to have the advantage over me, to take advantage of me. That won’t do. How could I have any dignity?” Then the disposition of such a person is defective, he lacks virtue. Is a person like this someone who is attentive to God’s will? What kind of person is he? He is a despicable person. He only cares about his own self-respect, he only cares about his own dignity. He would rather make a mess of the duty that he performs, for what is important to him is to save face. He would never ask others for help. A person like this is despicable, he is too selfish. Such dispositions are Satan’s dispositions. What is wrong with asking others for advice in order to perform our duty well and satisfy God? Would others say that you are not as good as they are because you asked them for advice? Would they say that you are worthless? That you are inferior to them? Is this what would happen? Some people never ask others for advice, they are particularly self-righteous, always thinking that they are better than others. They do not know to look at the strengths other people have that they can learn from. They always think that they are better than others. What is the disposition of people like this? Isn’t it arrogance? People like this are too arrogant. Do people who are too arrogant have any sense? Can people who are too arrogant perform their duty well? They cannot perform their duty well, nor do they know how to be attentive to God’s will. They always think that they are correct, that the best way to do things is to follow their own will, only satisfying the desires and dignity of their own flesh. Such people are the most arrogant. Could God be pleased with those people in God’s house who are so arrogant? God loathes people like this the most, God will never entrust work to anyone like this. People like this cannot be relied upon, they will only hold up work.

When performing duties, what are the manifestations of those who have humanity? Do you have any clarity on this matter? Primarily, the manifestations are as follows: First, having an upright attitude when performing duty. Such a man is very clear that the duty he performs is entrusted to him by God, that he is answerable to God, that this is his opportunity to repay God’s love, and that there are no other opportunities to repay God’s love except to perform his duty. Therefore, he must properly perform this duty no matter what. This is the key, and this is fundamental. Second, when performing duty, if he himself has no experience, then he shall learn from others, then he shall ask for others’ advice. This is not being inferior to others, this is normal humanity. Whoever is better and has strengths is the person that we must learn from, for this is having sense. People like this has character and dignity. Regardless of the situation that he is under, regardless of the environment, a person like this is able to learn from others. Such a person has the most wisdom, such a person has honesty. All those who are conceited, who look down on others regardless of their strengths, who are envious whenever they are better than themselves in any aspect, and thus ignore them, worry that they may gain the upper hand, can people like this learn anything? People like this can never learn anything. All those people who are keen on learning from others, who can look at the strengths of others with the right attitude, such are the people with the most wisdom and they are the cleverest. In God’s house, everyone has their own strengths. When a person performs his duty based on his own strengths, when he performs the duties that most suit him, the results are always good. In this way, everyone performs their work according to their own abilities. When someone has strengths in a certain area, he is allowed to utilize his strengths in that area. This way, the work of God’s house can be accomplished, and those of us who pursue the truths can then reap the most benefits. Those who, regardless of the duty they perform, never learn from others or ask for others’ advice, are not people who pursue the truths. People who pursue the truths can recognize the strengths of other people, they can accept the strengths of other people. After they have clearly seen the shortcomings of other people, they look for all the ways that they can bolster themselves so that they do not walk the wrong path; they learn from the lessons of other people’s failure; they learn from and accept the strengths of others. Only people like this can continue to grow. Only those who are keen on learning can continue to get better at performing their duty, becoming better with the duty they perform. Those who are not keen on learning can never become better from performing their duty, they will always remain stagnant. Therefore, if a person cannot be compatible with God’s will when performing his duty, then he should not be placed in important positions, and God can have no use for someone like this.

Some people never accept dealing and pruning, some people never accept God’s judgment and chastisement no matter how many years they have believed in God. For some people, when the brothers and sisters point out their shortcomings, they fight with them, they turn against them. No matter how great their shortcomings are or how deep their corruption, they would allow no one to criticize them. Can someone like this have any transformation? If a man does not pursue the truths, but instead he wants to attain perfection simply by believing in God or by performing duty for a few years, isn’t that only a pipe dream? It is not God who is unwilling to perfect men, it is men who do not accept the truths, for men are too keen on concealing their defects, they are too selfish. They only care about themselves being blessed, yet they are unwilling to suffer and pay the price. They only want to satisfy their own flesh, they never intend to satisfy God. It is men who do not accept God’s perfection and are not equipped with the conditions that allow them to be perfected by God. The result is that the Holy Spirit is unable to perform work on them. Isn’t that the case? For instance, it upsets me to watch some people performing their duty. I say to them, you are an adult, why do you not listen? Why do you not do good work? Some of these people are quite cultured, and when asked, they tell me that they have graduated from high school or university. Then, how come you have no sense in the things that you do? Some people always want to restrict others, they can never get along with anyone, always wanting to command everyone, talking to others as if they are better than everyone else, always wanting to lecture others, as if they are God. Tell me, what disposition is this? God has not given you this position, why are you saying things as if you have such authority? The way that you are saying these things is inappropriate, you are standing on the wrong position as you speak. Isn’t it the most unreasonable thing man does? Some people are still restricting others even now, unable to have a good relationship with others, as if they were born to be arch-nemesis with everyone else. They are unable to get along with anyone, they are incapable of saying any human words. Some people become arrogant when the church promotes them, and their old problems resurface. How many times have they been dealt with, yet in the end, once they have been promoted, they are still the same way, their old problems resurfaced. Are you born to take on important positions? Are you born above everyone else? You have no sense at all. Aren’t people like this disgusting? I find you disgusting once I hear the things that you say and when I see the way that you do things. You have no position, yet why do you stand on that position as you speak? Isn’t it a great thing for us to stand on equal ground when speaking with each other, without any of us having any position? Normally, when I talk with ordinary people, I stand on equal ground with them. Sometimes, I also stand on equal ground when fellowshiping. Have you ever seen me seemingly occupy a special position? Only when there are some people that I must deal with, only when I have to prune these people, for if I do not deal with them with severity then they will always be acting that way and they will never change, and only at such a time would I get a temper, only then would I speak with severity, as if I am at a higher position. Other than situations like this, I always fellowship with others on equal ground. Some people have no position, yet they still stand at a high position when talking with others. These people have no sense at all. Always standing on the wrong position when speaking, aren’t people like this psychologically abnormal and mentally unhealthy? When performing duty, you should have a discussion with your partner. Even if you are a leader or worker, you should still use a tone of discussion. If someone is truly interrupting or causing disruptions and they must be dealt with, then at such a time you can demonstrate that you are the leader or the worker, for that is appropriate. For some people, you do have to deal with them. But situations like this are infrequent, and it is not appropriate for you to always be like that. You become arrogant, not listening to anyone, wanting to be in charge of everything only because you are performing some duty. Isn’t that Satan’s disposition? How can such a disposition be transformed? If you are always revealing Satan’s disposition, haven’t you become a sore sight? After a while, others begin to loathe you and they become disgusted with you. Isn’t that shameful? If you have some revelations here and there, others might say: “He is just being impulsive, he is having an outburst.” Most of the time, you still act normally, you talk with sense, you stand on equal ground as others, respecting others. For some people, they act as if they were given some special authority, as if they are from Mount Sinai, here to relay the words of God, therefore they must speak in a high tone, they must stand at a higher position. The things that people like this say make others uncomfortable. When you are revealing a disposition like this, do you not notice it yourself? You should be able to notice it afterward, and how come you are not turning red in the face once you have the realization? If you have done this only once, you should already be ashamed of yourself. If you have already done this two or three times, shouldn’t you be slapping yourself in the face? You must learn your lesson. How disgusting it is if you are always talking down to others as if you had such a lofty position. This is kingdom’s training, and even if someone has any position, this is still the training stage. During normal time, we are all brothers and sisters. Do not always embellish yourself for the sake of status, making yourself out to be so lofty and so great, always thinking about how you should look like so that others would look up to you, thinking about how you should speak so that others will listen to you and admire you. Such thinking is so wrong. What use is there in pretending such things? Aren’t those merely empty things? Such behaviors are the manifestation of having no sense. Some people have a lot of interest in such empty things, and once they have status, they no longer know what to wear, they have no idea of the tone that they should use when speaking, or the gait that they should adopt when walking. The only thing on their mind is how they should imitate the greatness of others. Could these be people who pursue the truths? For those who are sincerely pursuing the truths, even if they occasionally have such revelations of corruption, they would feel bad, afterward they would loathe themselves and they would be disgusted with themselves. They would feel ashamed, wanting to slap themselves on the face. When they have a revelation of corruption, they go home and slap themselves, and then when they have another revelation of corruption, they slap themselves a few more times, as punishment to themselves. Can you learn from others when performing your duty? Learn from the strengths of others so that you can complement your shortcomings. Can you do that? Do you know why you should do so? Not just for your own benefits, but the main purpose is so that you can properly perform your duty and satisfy God. That is the purpose. If a person is unable to accept the strengths of others, unable to accept the advice of others, then he is a person that has the least sense, for he is arrogant and not listening to anyone. Someone like this will certainly disgrace himself and fail. When you have things that you cannot see clearly, things that you do not understand, why not ask other people? Ask for the opinions of others, see what they think and whether or not they have better ways of doing things. What is wrong with that? Does it make you inferior to them by doing so? Does it mean that you are less than others? Even if you are less than others, so what? For this is how I am going to learn, this is how I am going to live my life, regardless of what others say. In order to adequately perform my duty, I will drop myself, I will learn from others and listen to others. Isn’t it easy to practice like this? It sounds easy, but can you truly practice like this when the time comes? Write down how many times you are going to practice this and the way that you are going to practice this. Do not think that this is easy. If you ended up not even being able to do this once, then what is the point of saying that this is easy? Isn’t it a good thing to ask others for help when you encounter difficulties? Would others look down on you? What would others think? They would say that: “You have a normal humanity, you have sense.” Who doesn’t have difficulties? Even I have difficulties. You might think that I have no difficulties, yet when I encounter difficulties, I still have to ask for your advice when we come together. How do you explain that? It is not something shameful to ask for others’ help, it is a good thing, so that others can see that you have humanity. To use the words of the unbelievers, this is called humility. The more a person is like this, the more he is knowledgeable, the more he has a good mind, the more he is sensible. He is keen on learning, anyone can be his teacher, and he is able to learn something from anyone. Someone like this is the cleverest person.


Humans have so many revelations of corruption when performing their duty, and if they can resolve all of them through pursuing the truths, then they will become the most blessed people. If someone asks you: “How much money have you earned these few years when you are performing your duty?” You reply: “I have not earned a cent.” “You have not earned a cent, yet you are still doing such a good job, putting in so much effort; isn’t that silly? Is there something wrong with your head?” “While I have not earned any money, I have gained the truths, I have gained humanity, I have gained a treasure. I pursued the truths through performing my duty, I can now see that I have received the grace of God, I can now see that I have attained salvation, I can now see the semblance of a human in myself, I now know how to live as human.” Isn’t this the greatest reward? Can you buy this with money? No, you cannot buy this. You must have clarity regarding what is the most precious thing. To gain the truths is the most precious, to live out the semblance of a human is the most precious, which can earn God’s blessing. What does it matter how much money you earn? Aren’t you still going to die, after you have earned all that money? This is the opportunity for God to perfect men, and if you have missed this opportunity, you will no longer be able to find another opportunity like this. The opportunities to make money are easy to find, yet there is only one opportunity for God to perfect men. When performing your duty, if you sincerely pursue the truths, then your adulterations, Satan’s poison, and the corrupt disposition within you can all be resolved, and they can all be purified through accepting the truths, accepting God’s dealing and pruning, accepting God’s judgment and chastisement. Finally you will live out the semblance of a true human, repay God’s love with sense and conscience, as well as absolutely submit to God, accept all truths, such that you are able to submit to anyone who says the right things, anyone who is able to discipline and chastise us. If we can live out such a semblance, wouldn’t we have enjoyment and comfort in our heart? Furthermore, wouldn’t God be satisfied when He looks upon us? When He sees that we have been purified from pursuing the truths, wouldn’t God also find comfort in His heart? In order to save mankind, God does not care how much He suffers; as He sees that this group of people He has saved have indeed lived out the semblance of humans, God finds comfort in His heart. Therefore, that which we gain when performing our duty far outweighs the money, and you are making the wrong comparison if your measurement is based on money. Some might say: “But some people have not gained any truths by performing their duty.” That is because they were not pursuing the truths, and they were not praying to God. When we are performing our duty, if we sincerely accept dealing and pruning, always pray in the presence of God, accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, accept the work performed by the Holy Spirit, wouldn’t the adulterations within us then become less and less? Wouldn’t our revelation of corruption become less and less? Wouldn’t the semblance of the devil and Satan found in us become less and less? Wouldn’t we have more and more semblance of a real human, which God and other people can now see? Isn’t this growth? This is growth. If you continue to pursue the truths in this way, if you continue to experience for a few years, you will see that you have gained significant transformation. Do you know what kind of people have no growth whatsoever? Those who do not accept the truths and do not pursue the truths, regardless of the revelation of corruption that they have, they continue to think that everything is as it should be, “It is quite a good life to live just like this. I would be missing out if I live any other way.” If they won’t accept the truths, then there is nothing that can be done, and they cannot change. Now, let us look at those who have sincerely accepted the truths, accepted the dealing and pruning. Have they been transformed? Such people have transformed, for this is the kingdom’s training, and the Holy Spirit has performed work. This is not some religious venue. Those in religion live out some semblance of humans through their own sufferance and restraint, yet in the end their old problems still resurface, they can see no transformation. Restraint can’t resolve their problems. The pretension of good behaviors through following rules and relying on knowledge is unsustainable, for those are trickeries that deceive. To pursue the truths, to resolve corruptions, to eventually attain purification, to live one’s life through the truths, such are transformations brought on by the truths. Can you see clearly now? Isn’t this the opportunity for God to perfect humans? If you indeed have such a confidence, if you can sincerely accept the truths when performing your duty, it is guaranteed that you will have transformations. If you do not have such a confidence, if you do not love the truths, then regardless of how many years you have believed in God, you will not have any transformation. Who are the people that become transformed in the end? Without a doubt, they are those who pursue the truths, who can accept dealing and pruning. Such people see that they have revelations of corruption, therefore they despise their own flesh, they loathe themselves, they come to accept the truths, and live out the semblance of a real human. Such people love positive things and loathe negative things, therefore they can be transformed. Do you love positive things? Are you willing to live out a true humanity? If you are not interested in positive things, if you have disgust and loathing for positive things in your heart, if you think that you are being taken advantage of by acting this way, how can you accept the truths? Can someone like this have any transformation? Even if you have believed for your entire life, you will not have any transformation. Just like those pastors from the religion, they give sermons their entire lives without having any transformation themselves. If even they cannot change, can the believers change? Isn’t that a deception?

Now, is there any meaning in pursuing the truths and living out the semblance of a real human? There is too much meaning. This is the salvation work performed by God. God’s salvation work is to transform those people who have been corrupted by Satan into real humans, allowing people to live out the semblance of a real human. Satan turned people into demons, God then turns people who have been corrupted by Satan into humans. Therefore, when we pursue the truths to cooperate with God’s work, eventually we will attain transformation in life disposition, we will live out the semblance of a real human, for this is the work performed by God and it is not the work performed by men. With God nothing is difficult. With such a confidence, if we also pursue the truths, we are guaranteed to attain salvation. This is absolute. Some people, after they have experienced God’s work for a period of time, through receiving dealing and pruning, judgment and chastisement, eventually they can feel that they have gained some transformations, and they now have some semblance of real humans. Thinking back to their actions and transgressions years ago, thinking back to the manner with which they lived their lives, they are now disgusted by it, they now feel as if they have swallowed a dead fly. They feel that: “How could I ever be called a human being back then? How did I live through that? I even felt that I was quite well. I was too ignorant.” Those who feel this way, have they now been transformed? Do you feel this way now? Most people still think: “This was how I used to be, and I am still this way now. This is how I am, and I fear that I will be this way forever.” Isn’t that troublesome? Now, when I am dealing and pruning with some people, they ponder in their heart: “Have I really done something wrong? In what way have I not done well? Was I right or wrong in what I did?” They then reflect upon themselves for a period of time. After having endured many sufferings, having shed many tears, after one, two, or three years, look at these people again, and I guarantee that they have grown. Transformation does not come in a few days, nor does it come in a year or two. After some people have believed for two to three years, they may feel that they have not transformed much. Is this normal? This is normal. There will not be any significant transformation in a year or two. There may be some small transformations. However, believe for three to five years, and then look again, and you will have gained some significant transformations. This is absolute. Furthermore, if you read a lot of God’s words when performing your duty, if you can sincerely submit to God’s words in your heart, if you can indeed accept God’s words, accept whatever God says, sincerely seek to know God’s words, to understand God’s will, then your transformation will come quickly. Some people’s transformation comes slowly, for they do not pursue the truths, they do not put much effort into God’s words. Furthermore, when performing their duty, they have not received much dealing and pruning, they have not endured much suffering, therefore they have not attained much transformation. This is normal. If a person has received more significant dealing and pruning, endured failures and setbacks, suffered some trials, and accepted the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, and if he is able to pray to God, seek the truths, and gain the work of the Holy Spirit each time he reflects upon himself and sees any revelation of corruption, then if someone like this can believe for three to five years, he can achieve some significant transformations. This is absolute. Even those who have not been earnestly pursuing truths can still achieve some transformation after believing for three to five years, therefore the transformation for those who sincerely pursue the truths will certainly be significant. This is for certain. You reap what you sow, and your reward will be proportional to the price that you have paid. The effort that you have put into the truths will be reflected in the transformations of your life disposition. This is absolute.

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