260 Pining for Almighty God

1 Oh God, oh God! We pine for You. You become flesh, the Son of man, and walk among the churches. Your words water and sustain us, You lead and support us at just the right time. We savor Your words every day, living before You, our hearts are at ease and at peace. Oh God, oh God! Our beloved Almighty God. The judgment and revelations of Your words allow us to know ourselves, escape Satan’s harm and step onto the right path in life. The grace of Your salvation cannot be forgotten, it’s etched into our hearts. We pine for You!

2 Oh God, oh God! We pine for You. You utter words and do work among us every day. You use words to remind and exhort us, and harshly judge and reveal us. We’ve seen our corruption is too deep, we are so remorseful and have nowhere to hide, our reverence for You grows. Oh God, oh God! Our beloved Almighty God. So we may grow in our lives, You’ve uttered every word possible and worked Your heart out. You judge and cleanse us so that we may be saved and gain all of Your love. This is our blessing, we grow even more attached to You.

3 Oh God, oh God! We pine for You. You’ve been with us always through the CCP’s persecution. Your words guide us at just the right time, we are no longer timid or afraid. With Your words to guide and support us, we stand tall and strong in the midst of our suffering, we bear witness to and glorify You. Oh God, oh God! Our beloved Almighty God. Your words guide us to defeat Satan the enemy. In hardships and trials we feel Your love, our hearts grow closer to You. We see Your holiness and righteousness, Your almightiness and wisdom, we will praise You forever.

4 Oh God, oh God! We pine for You. You’ve worked for many years, living alongside and with us. It was full of laughter and cheer, leaving such beautiful memories. We cannot forget Your genuine love, our hearts filled with love for You long ago; we’ve resolved to be faithful to You forever. Oh God, oh God! Our beloved Almighty God. We bear in mind Your exhortations, practice Your words, and devotedly fulfill our duties to bear witness to and glorify You. On earth we will obey and worship You forever. We will always be closely intertwined with You, we can never part from You.

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