144 I Pledge My Life to Following Christ

1 The Chinese mainland, where the demons of the Chinese government wield power, is truly a place of darkness and terror. I preach and bear testimony to the appearance and work of God, but am hunted by the government. I am often followed and watched; I face arrest and imprisonment at any moment. China is a palace of demons, where Satan holds power; it is devoid of any Christian haven. When will I be able to assemble and perform my duty normally, and no longer need to hide from the police to evade capture? When will I be able to read God’s words in peace, and stop having to live like a vagrant? What is this “religious freedom and the right to life”? It is all but deceitful nonsense of the king of devils. Who in this big wide world knows of the persecution suffered by Chinese Christians?

2 How fortunate I am to have encountered the appearance and work of God, yet I am hunted and oppressed by the great red dragon, forced to leave my home and pining for my loved ones. I despise the demons of the Chinese government for their inhumanity. Subjected to persecution, hardship and trials, I see clearly the hideous faces of these demons. The heavenly road is a hard one, filled with ups and downs—but having God with me puts my heart at peace. I have had my fill of suffering from persecution by the Chinese government; this shows that I am too small of stature. Amidst trials and refinement, my flesh is weak; I reveal too much negativity and too many complaints. However, in due time, God’s words enlighten and illuminate me, giving me strength and enabling me to stand firm. In hardship, I savor God’s love and protection and despise the great red dragon even more.

3 In the midst of adversity, I savor God’s love; thinking of His grace, there is sweetness in my heart. That I have escaped time and time again from the tiger’s maw is completely thanks to God’s caring for me and protecting me in secret. Amidst perennial danger and adversity, God’s words have strengthened my faith. Seeing that God is omnipotent, and rules all, I am even more resolved to follow Him. Undergoing trials allows me to understand many truths; my corrupt disposition is being cleansed, and I forsake all to follow Christ. I have been face to face with God, and though the heavenly road is rocky and hard, I recognize that Christ is the truth—and even if I must rot in prison, I pledge my life to following Christ to the very end.

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