177 Pledging My Life to Bear Testimony for God

1 In China, citadel of demons, where Satan holds power, human rights are nowhere to be seen. While spreading the gospel and testifying to God’s words, I was arrested by the CCP. The brutal, evil police, using methods both hard and soft, tried to force me to betray God. Cruel torture and vicious beatings mutilated my body. Hanging in the balance between life and death, a difficult choice: to remain faithful, or to compromise? My mind was weak; I begged for God’s protection, for Him to give me faith.

2 Enlightened by God’s words, deep down I understood: Life and death are in the hands of God. As a creature of God, who enjoys His love, I should be loyal to Him. Preserving my own flesh is being selfish and ignoble, and would turn me into a shameful Judas. If I should surrender to Satan in order to save my life, I would surely be punished by God. Suffering for righteousness, I have no complaints; I ask only to glorify God. I’ll emulate Peter, submit unto death, and bear resounding testimony.

3 God is so wise; He has created this environment to test and perfect me. God’s words forge true faith, and death holds no fear for me. I resolve to love God without complaint or regret, my heart unwavering. I give my life, submit to God’s orchestrations, and put first His satisfaction. The path to the heavenly kingdom is long, each step perilous, but I pledge my life to follow God. I shall bring shame upon Satan, glorify God, and not live in vain.

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