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Only Those Who Possess the Truth Can Truly Be Fit for God’s Use

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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Only Those Who Possess the Truth Can Truly Be Fit for God’s Use

Now, most leaders and workers in the church still understand too few truths and are unable to clearly see through to the bottom of things. This inevitably leads to them still having conceptions and judgments about God and even rebellion and resistance against God in their heart. These people are far from being perfected and attaining compatibility with Christ. The root of the problem is that they do not possess the truth, and their life disposition has not yet been transformed. You are unable to see clearly through people like XX, who is selfish and shameless, who has a malicious nature, who is always muddling through and fooling around, and who is always demolishing things at critical moments. And you are also unable to discover those people of good caliber who can be perfected. Regarding those people that please God, those that are hated by God, those that God’s house should use or should eliminate, you do not have the slightest idea who they are if the above does not directly mention their names or dissect them. Your statures are too small and you are unfit for use by God. Take XX, XX, XX for example. They don’t have good humanity and they don’t pursue the truth. On the one hand, they refuse to accept pruning and dealing, while on the other hand they are unable to fulfill their duties with loyalty. So they are most certainly not people that God wants to perfect. Instead, they are precisely the targets for elimination that have been revealed. The fundamental requirements for those being used by God’s house are that they must pursue the truth, pursue to know God and focus on transformation in life disposition. Only such people can be perfected by God. If someone is discovered to be able to pursue the truth, be able to achieve knowledge of God, and be equipped with the requirements for being perfected, then they can be promoted and used. If it has been discovered that any of the leaders or workers is definitely someone who does not pursue the truth and cannot be perfected, then they must be replaced and eliminated. Such implementations completely fit with God’s will. If any leaders or workers of the church are always harboring conceptions about God, always muddling through in fulfilling their duties, always disloyal, always making demands of or complaining about God, then they are not capable of leading God’s chosen people to eat and drink God’s words and enter into the truths. These are the people who must be replaced and eliminated. Those who do not understand the truth are evil like this; this is how they resist God. They are also self-righteous, arrogant, conceited, and don’t listen to anyone. Therefore, those who don’t understand the truth are not fit to be used by God. Those who have been confirmed to be not pursuing the truth—in other words, people who do not like to eat and drink God’s words or fellowship about the truths, if they have become leaders or workers, they must be replaced and eliminated, for that is the only way to be attentive to God’s will.

It is not an easy thing to understand the truth. Do not think that you have gained the truth simply because you have experienced God’s work for several years and are able to talk a little about your life experiences and your knowledge of God. In fact, it is not as simple as people imagine to gain the truth. How come so many people who can preach are unable to use the truth to solve problems? How come they are unable to resolve people’s conceptions and corruptions? How come they still do not truly submit to God’s work and still harbor conceptions? How come their points of view are still in opposition to God? Why do they muddle through and fool around when fulfilling their duties and have no loyalty to God? How come they are unable to lead people into the reality of God’s words? Why are they still following rules and pretending and copying others? This is sufficient proof that those who are able to preach and perform work are not necessarily those who have gained the truth. It could be said that all those who harbor conceptions toward God are those who have not gained the truth; all those whose preaching and work are unable to resolve practical issues are those who have not gained the truth; all those with points of view that are similar to corrupt mankind’s don’t have the truth; all those who are unable to know the substance of Christ and who are unable to realize that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, don’t have the truth. Because people who don’t have the reality don’t have the truth. If in some things you have conceptions and misunderstandings about God, it shows that you have no knowledge of God’s work and God’s wisdom and almightiness, and this is sufficient proof that you don’t have the truth.

During the Age of Kingdom, God’s work is fully revealed and made public, which is to say that God’s disposition, His wisdom and His almightiness are completely revealed and opened up to people. This is so that people may come to truly recognize that God’s wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s trickery, that God is using the evilness and trickery of Satan, evil spirits, and corrupt mankind as foils, that God is using the truth and wisdom to defeat Satan and the resistance of corrupt mankind. The only easy way to know God is by experiencing God’s work like this. Therefore, those who truly know God must also have knowledge of the nature and essence of Satan and the great red dragon, for without Satan and the great red dragon as foils, people will not be able to truly know God’s righteousness and holiness. Those who still confuse Satan and evil spirits with God are those who do not really know God. Those who have real knowledge of the work of the Holy Spirit must also be able to clearly discern the work of evil spirits, the counterfeit of Satan, and the imitation of people. Those who still confuse the work of the Holy Spirit with the work of evil spirits are those who do not have a real knowledge of the work of the Holy Spirit. If someone can come to the knowledge that the realities of all positive things originate from God, then he must also be able to know that all negative things originate from Satan, and that Satan is the source of everything evil and dark. If a person is unable to discern positive from negative things, then he most certainly has no knowledge of God, and he also has not seen clearly through Satan. If someone can truly come to know all that God has and is, then he shall also come to know all the counterfeit, absurdness and pretense of corrupt mankind, or else, he is not someone who truly knows God. If someone is able to truly know the essence and the work of Christ, then he will no longer have conceptions and misunderstandings about Christ, instead he shall become truly compatible with Christ. If a person is unable to absolutely submit to God and sincerely worship God, then he is revealed to be someone who does not really know God or fear God. If a person still harbors much rebellion and resistance against God, it is sufficient proof that he has not gained the truth, and that he has had no transformation in his life disposition. Is it really this easy to gain the truth? Does having some shallow knowledge of certain truths or some shallow knowledge of God’s work mean that you have gained the truth? No, because this is only a superficial understanding of the truth and is still very far from understanding the essence of the truths. Can those who have truly gained the truth still have conceptions and misunderstandings about God? Can they still deal with God in a perfunctory manner? Can they still go against God’s will and serve God as they like? How are they still unable to discern those who can be perfected and those who must be eliminated? How can they not know what types of people to promote and use, and what types of people to eliminate and replace? Therefore, we can see that only those who have gained the truth can meet the standard for being used by God and can serve God’s will. Of this, there is no doubt.

Most people who serve God, during their work and sermons, are able to speak of some knowledge of God, but they are unable to see clearly through specific practical problems, and they are unable to see clearly through the substance of various types of people. They are useless at dealing with the things in which people most easily have conceptions about God, and they are even unable to avoid having conceptions themselves. Most people who perform work are able to perform some superficial administrative work, but when it comes to substantial and critical work of serving God, they are inept. While they might seem to be “great, glorious and correct” on the outside, if real demands are made of them, they cannot perform any work of substance but are only able to perform some administrative work that does not involve the truth. Regarding any issues that involve the use of the truths for their resolution, regarding any issues that require the use of the truths to discern the true from the false, regarding any issues that call on the truth to refute various fallacies, they just can’t do it, like asking Pigsy to fight off the demons. To be so self-righteous, arrogant, and boastful while having such small stature shows that these people are totally shameless.

Now, most people who perform work might concede that “without the truth, nothing much can be accomplished. We can only perform some superficial work, and we are really not fit to be used by God.” A small knowledge like this is still progress. At least it might lessen their arrogance, and make them be low-key while doing things, and they begin to have some sense and gain the semblance of a human being. Those who don’t have the truth most easily harbor conceptions about God, most easily judge God’s work, most easily fool and deceive God, and most easily make the mistake of resisting God while serving God. What is the cause of this? This is because people have a nature that resists God and have the philosophy of Satan. They also have the knowledge, conceptions and imaginations of corrupt mankind. Therefore they naturally come to have conceptions, judgments and resistance toward God. It is particularly dangerous when it comes to the matters that people most easily have conceptions about, and by either judgment or by condemnation they come to betray God very easily. If someone has possessed the truth, then when they look at those matters that people might easily have conceptions about, not only would they not have any conceptions, they might even gain true knowledge regarding God’s essence and thereby praise God greatly. This is the difference between having gained the truth and not having gained the truth, and there is an enormous difference between the two. Those who don’t have the truth very easily come to have conceptions and misunderstandings about God, therefore they judge and betray God very easily; while for those who have gained the truth, because they have a real knowledge of God, their conceptions and misunderstandings are cleared up, therefore they are able to obey God, bear witness for God, and serve God according to His will. Those who have gained the truth will attain more and more knowledge of God, they will become more and more obedient, and as such, they will become qualified to bear witness for God, serve God, and be formally used by God. Those people who don’t have the truth, because they always have conceptions and judgments about God, are always negative and have no real obedience and are just muddling through and fooling around even when they are fulfilling their duties. They always face the danger of betraying God and leaving God. Compared to ordinary people, those who have gained the truth look at things differently. They are able to see clearly through the essence of the issues and are able to grasp the key and hold onto principles when performing work, so they are able to resolve issues using the truth. The key to being able to see clearly through the essence of issues is to first understand the truth, for without the truth people are unable to see the essence of issues clearly. Most people cannot understand God’s words when they read them, and they are unable to know God’s will no matter how much they try, so they are only able to treat God’s words as rules to be followed; they are only able to speak letters and doctrines or learn to speak some spiritual words when they perform work and give sermons, therefore they easily fall into the trap of restricting others with rules. If we read God’s words and have grasped God’s will, then we will come to feel brightened in our heart, and when we practice God’s words, we will have a path, and we will be principled. We will come to feel that God’s words are the truth, and that they are extremely meaningful.

A few days ago, I fellowshiped with several brothers and sisters about an event in the life of David during the Age of Law. David was the king of Israel, he was someone who feared God, but he had once taken someone else’s wife and was subsequently judged and punished by God. But why did God still say that David was after God’s heart? This is something that is not easy for ordinary people to understand. If we look at this matter from a human point of view, we would say that God is unfair, otherwise why would He choose such a person to be the king of Israel? This is unfathomable for man. Most people do not understand that God is the truth, and that God never makes mistakes in anything that He does. They also fail to realize that David was truly after God’s heart. This is because the experiences of most people are too shallow and they understand too few truths, hence it is inevitable that they fail to come to understand certain things. Regarding David being cursed and judged by God after he committed his sin, most people are only able to recognize God’s righteousness and mercy on a superficial level. They see the side of God where He saves mankind to the greatest extent possible, but regarding the punishment that David has received, they only understand that corrupt mankind is most certainly inflicted with corruption and, as long as they are able to repent and obey, God shall bless them. The knowledge of most people is this simple, somewhat rule-based, formulaic, and lacking in detail. In fact, God’s judgment of David was righteous, yet loving and merciful, for David was someone pleasing to God, and he was also someone after God’s heart. God anointed David as the king of Israel, allowing him to lead the people of Israel in worshiping God, therefore, when he sinned, God had to discipline and judge him as a matter of course. God only disciplines those who He loves, and if the people of Israel had sinned, God would have handled it in a different manner. God’s requirements for David were certainly more stringent than those He had for the ordinary people, therefore God’s judgment and punishment of David after he had sinned revealed God’s righteous disposition. From the manner and details of God’s judgment of David we can see God’s righteous disposition, as well as God’s wisdom and almightiness in His salvation of mankind. There is no need to detail such things here; they can slowly be understood through careful reading. Regarding this event, people only have a formulaic knowledge of what God did. They are only able to say that God is so righteous and that He treats everyone the same—the prince is treated just as the peasants would be if he sinned. This shows how much people are lacking. Most people do not recognize the reason for which God’s anointment of David was appropriate, or the reason why David was after God’s heart. All that people can see is that David sinned, that he offended God, and that he received God’s judgment and punishment, as if David was inferior to ordinary people. And if they themselves were king, they might not have sinned like David did.

This matter completely reveals that most people have conceptions regarding God’s anointment of David. They most certainly do not submit to God’s will, and they might even resist and revolt against it. This is determined by the nature of corrupt humankind. We must come to understand: Why did God anoint David? How was David different from everyone else? How much was David better than everyone else? In what way was David after God’s heart? Of the entire corrupt humankind, how many people are equipped with what David had? If these questions are clarified, then people shall have real understanding regarding God’s anointment of David. They will no longer have conceptions, they will no longer have prejudice against David, they will no longer pass judgment on or condemn him, and therefore their difficulties will basically be resolved. However, as a matter of fact, not one person is able to realize that God’s anointment of David was entirely appropriate. Could God be wrong in anointing David? Indeed, no one else can come close to David’s faith, his resolve in loving God, his courage and daring in battling the enemies, his loyalty and obedience to God, his quality of humanity. Even though David transgressed, David was still the best man out of the entire corrupt mankind, a fact that no one has recognized. In particular, after David received God’s judgment and punishment for his transgression, he was able to truly repent without the slightest complaint, without negativity or resistance. This is sufficient proof that, through the ages, no one has been able to match David’s obedience and loyalty. God said that David was someone after God’s heart, of which David was fully deserving. Unfortunately, people of the last days are too deeply corrupted, they are all arrogant and conceited, they do not have self-knowledge, and they are unable to see this clearly, which is a very sad thing. This also shows that people know too few truths, their experience of God’s words is shallow, and they do not have any real understanding of themselves. Given this, how can they see David’s compatibility with God, which is in a way that no one else is able to match? People are unable to clearly see how David was after God’s heart, and so it is impossible for them to obey or to have no conceptions regarding God’s anointment of David. From what people say, we can see that rebelliousness still exists inside of them, as if to say: “Yet no matter how David was punished, he was still Jehovah’s anointed after the fact….” People seem to think that no matter how David sinned, once God had anointed him, nothing could be changed. From the revelation of people’s corruption, we can see that they still have conceptions regarding God’s anointment of David, and they do not grasp God’s will. Is that the principle of God’s action? God chose Saul as king, so why did He change His mind? What is, in fact, the principle of God’s action? People are unable to understand this. Does merely acknowledging that God is principled mean that they understand it? David in essence was a kindhearted man, and he only revealed some corruption. How can you say that “there is still a side of him that is kindhearted”? From this, it is obvious that no one can see clearly whether or not David was someone who was after God’s heart. While people inevitably admit that God is righteous, that He treats everyone the same, yet people also harbor conceptions against God’s anointment of David, thinking that since God anointed David, then people must obey, that there is nothing more to say. Most people say things like: “Man focuses on appearances, and God focuses on the essence.” However, no one can really see that: Only David was after God’s heart, and no one throughout history has been able to match him. The “good men” that people imagined do not exist within corrupt mankind. We can say that David was the best man among corrupt mankind, and those people that are better than David only live inside the imaginations of people and do not exist. This is the most difficult thing for people to understand. Even now, people are unable to discern whether a person’s essence is good or evil, for their corruption is too deep, their experience of God’s words is too shallow, and their understanding of the truths is too limited. People are not even able to see the degree of their own corruption. If they themselves were to become a ruler there is no certainty as to what deeds they might perpetrate or where they might lead people, and as such, how are they able to see in what way David was after God’s heart? In these times, how many truths do most leaders really possess? Can they guarantee to bring God’s chosen people before God? Can they use the truths to resolve the revelation of people’s corruption? Can they work God’s words into people’s heart? They are still unable to resolve their own conceptions about God and their rebelliousness and absurdness, so how can they guarantee that they are not resisting God? I see some people’s understanding is filled with arrogance and self-righteousness, as if they are better than David, as if were they in David’s position they would never take someone else’s wife. In actual fact, David committed the transgression once, but after he received God’s judgment he was able to repent, and then he provided a wonderful witness. If it were anyone else, they would have sinned three or five times, and even after they had been judged, pruned or dealt with, they still might not have repented to the degree that David did. While David was king, he only sinned once, he only committed the one transgression, yet if it were anyone else who was king there is no saying how many transgressions they would have committed. While David was king, his transgression was in only one area, yet if it were anyone else they might have committed transgressions in multiple areas. The greatest wish of David was to build a temple for Jehovah where all the people of Israel could worship Jehovah, and to which end David devoted his entire life and made every effort to achieve it. Who can compare with him regarding this? No one throughout history can match him. We all belong to corrupt mankind, yet, except for David, the rest of us only care about ourselves; we only devote our lives to our own interests and our own goals. Which one of us is devoting our entire life solely to accomplishing God’s will? This is another thing for which no one can match David. Why is mankind unable to follow David’s example and discover David’s virtues? In what way are these people qualified to criticize David’s shortcomings? David’s single transgression was in no way representative of David’s nature, and in no way did it represent the essence of David. Such a transgression was merely an occasional revelation of corruption, but David himself was not this kind of person. That which can most represent David is the effort he made and the price he paid to fulfill God’s will, his loyalty and obedience to God, his true faith in God and his reliance on God, his worship and reverence of God. And after David’s single transgression, his true repentance and obedience were revealed precisely in the way that he treated God’s judgment and punishment. Not only did he not voice a single complaint, he even became more reverent and loyal to God. If David had not committed this transgression, it would not be easy for us to see that David was able to truly revere and obey God’s judgment and punishment, for this could only be revealed when he was being judged and punished by God. This is truly a wonderful witness of reverence and obedience of God that David rendered. From this, we can see that while people are enjoying God’s grace, their nature and those things buried deep inside them are not easily exposed. People are only truly revealed when God tries and refines them. The more God’s work does not fit with people’s conceptions, the more they are revealed. Whether people have true faith in God, truly submit to God, are truly loyal to God or rebel against God, is only revealed when they undergo trials.

God’s trial for David further revealed that, of the entire corrupt mankind, David was indeed the most loyal to God, the most obedient to God, and had the most confidence in God. David was someone who truly revered God. David’s witness in these areas fully confirms that, among corrupt mankind, David was indeed the person with the best humanity. David had the most conscience, the most sense, the most dignity, and the most integrity. David loved positive things, he had a sense of justice, and he was someone who pursued to satisfy God. God said that David was after His heart, and this is universally accepted and approved. God deserves praise and glory! The matter of David receiving judgment for adultery shows us that David was one hundred times, one thousand times better than all other corrupt people. If this had not occurred, we would not be able to see David’s repentance for his transgression and his true obedience to God during God’s judgment and punishment. David belonged to the same mankind corrupted by Satan, and experienced the same judgment and chastisement from God, yet David’s conduct was so much better than God’s chosen people of today. David didn’t hear so many words of God, and the amounts of God’s words that we have heard and God’s deeds that we have experienced have far surpassed what David heard and experienced, yet our conduct is so much worse than David’s. Our obedience to God cannot be compared with David’s, our faith in God cannot be compared to David’s, and our loyalty also cannot match David’s, yet we have committed far more transgressions than David. We even continue to transgress after many confessions, we remain incorrigible, and this is the truth. Our instances of perfunctoriness, our deceptions, our demands of God are very numerous and we do not have any loyalty or obedience to God. This is proof that our transgressions are much more than David’s, that David was far better than us. Furthermore, we are doing so poorly even without being in David’s high position. If we were to be in his position, we would not fair much better than the great red dragon. This is a fact that no one can deny.

In God’s eyes, David was a hundred times, a thousand times better than us, yet we have not realized it. Some people even go so far as to pass judgment on David and deny David’s virtues. Isn’t this arrogance to the point of lacking any sense whatsoever? You are unable to discover the many virtues of David, you are unable to see them in the numerous words of the Bible, and therefore it is obvious that you are inferior to the degree that you are not even able to discern the truly good people. It is no wonder that you have promoted and used many hypocritical evildoers without realizing it. You don’t have any truth, and you can see clearly through nothing. From examining David’s conduct in receiving God’s judgment and punishment for his transgression, it is obvious to me that many virtues that David had are not possessed by ordinary people. It could be said that we might never be able to find someone as good as David in this day and age. It might be entirely impossible. From the understanding of most people regarding the judgment that David received it is apparent that they indeed do not possess the truth. They are also arrogant and lack discernment, and so they are able to treat good people as evildoers, and regard false Christs, antichrists and hypocrites as good people. People who don’t have truths are too easy to deceive! Most people have no idea how to look at a person’s essence; they only look at people’s conduct. How can they not be deceived? People with such a stature definitely cannot stand up to any trials, and if false Christs and antichrists were to show up to deceive them they would be able to lure them away. Right now, false Christs and antichrists have appeared in churches everywhere. They are all sneakily denying God, judging God, and slandering the man used by the Holy Spirit. As a result, some people have been deceived. It is an easy thing for those who don’t have truths to submit to and follow the antichrists and the hypocritical evildoers, in spite of themselves. If a person does not possess the truth, how can they lead God’s chosen people to enter into the truths of God’s words? How can they battle Satan and the antichrists to protect God’s chosen people? How can they use and promote those people that are compatible with God’s will? How can they discern and abandon all those who are incompatible with God’s will? Those who do not possess the truth are blind, they cannot see clearly through anyone or anything, their actions are always causing disruptions and interruptions, but they still think that they are loyal to God. How can those without understanding of truths be fit to be used by God?

Let us fellowship some more regarding the rumor about Jesus. Most people deny this rumor, but were it to be true they would accept it in an obedient manner. There is some sense in such an attitude. Let us first put aside other concerns and look at whether getting married and having children are positive things or negative things. Getting married and having children originate from God’s creation and predestination. It was God who initially created man and woman in order for mankind to reproduce and multiply. This is an indisputable fact. Since getting married and having children originate from God, therefore they are positive things. This is undeniable. Mankind treats getting married and having children as a matter of course, family bliss, and no one condemns such things. Yet, regarding this matter, mankind treats Christ with an attitude different from that which they treat themselves. What would be so wrong if Jesus had indeed gotten married and had children? His getting married and having children would not have conflicted with His mission, and it would not have affected God’s work in any way, therefore why must people judge and condemn Him for these things? This shows that mankind has no sense. They approve of other people getting married and having children, but why do they not approve of Christ being married and having children? God incarnate is the Son of man. Why shouldn’t He have been married and had children? Who decreed such laws? This is too unfair to Jesus. Why must people treat Jesus this way? What is wrong with Jesus if He got married and had children? Is it the case that Satan is allowed to marry and have children, that corrupt mankind is allowed to marry and have children, yet Jesus is not allowed to marry and have children? Whose logic is this? Was Jesus not worthy to marry and have children? Was Jesus not deserving of offspring? Would the son of Jesus pose any harm to mankind? Who does mankind welcome, and who does mankind reject? Why does mankind abhor Jesus getting married and having children? This is beyond belief. Some people even use the words of Bible to support their argument, saying Jesus never said that He would marry or have children, and that the Bible likewise contains no prophecies about Jesus getting married or having children. Are they saying that Jesus would have first had to give notice to mankind before getting married and having children? Would He have had to require the approval of mankind before getting married and having children? This is most preposterous. Why must mankind always impose such limitations on God? Why must mankind always resist God in this way? What could be so wrong even if Jesus had indeed married and had children? Why must mankind so frantically pass judgment? It is proof that mankind is too unfair. Mankind allows no justice. Mankind is too evil. Mankind is too unreasonable. No wonder the world is in such darkness. In the final analysis, mankind has always been chasing God away, discriminating against God, not allowing positive things to exist and only allowing evil things to exist. How could the world not sink further and further into darkness with each passing day?

The viewpoint from which corrupt mankind looks at things is just so absurd. Whatever matter arises, they must always look for a basis in the Bible and in God’s words. It makes sense to look for a basis in God’s words regarding matters that involve life entry and the truth, yet people also look for a basis in the Bible regarding God’s life and God’s action, even regarding the matter of Jesus getting married and having children. In actual fact, God’s work does not follow rules. In God’s actions He only follows principles. Except for God’s work, in all matters that concern God His principle is not to discuss with people, and not to be restricted by people. God has God’s freedom; God has no need for people to monitor Him. God’s action does not require people to make any decisions, and it also does not require people to be gatekeepers. That is why God does not prophesy or personally tell such things to anyone. This is decided by God’s dignity and God’s disposition. Regardless of how people look at this, God does not care. God is always God, man is always man, and the truth is always the truth, which will sooner or later be known to the people saved and perfected by God. All those who dare to judge God and condemn God will be destroyed. Those who can accept truths will be saved, and those who cannot accept truths shall perish. It will be the same as for the mankind that did not accept Noah’s witness during the age of Noah: On the day that the ark was completed the flood came, and all the people that did not believe drowned. This is fact. Those who dare to judge God and condemn God are digging their own graves, and they deserve to reap what they have sowed.

A belief in God should involve pursuing the truth and accepting the truth. This is fundamental. Do not always study God or judge God, and do not interfere with the actions of God. The created should have at least this much sense. People do not have any right or qualifications to interfere with God. Those who continue to interfere with God and monitor God are most certainly devils. Therefore, how should people judge the difference between the way that God does things and the way that humans do things? It is a sin when a human performs a bad action, for humans have corrupt natures, and those actions that originate from their corrupt natures which resist God are sins. However, when God performs an action that does not fit with people’s conceptions, it still originates from God’s essence and God’s disposition. Because God has no corruption, therefore that which God says and that which God does are all the truth. Even if they do not fit with people’s conceptions, they still have meaning, and they are still positive things. But for mankind, the same thing done by two different people might have different natures. For example, my dealing with and reproaching another person when compared with someone arrogant dealing with and reproaching another, are they the same in nature? The nature of the manner in which I serve God, compared with the nature of the way others who are copying me serve God, are they the same? That is to say, we must always base our point of view on the essence of things, instead of simply relying on surface appearances. When different people do the same thing, there is a distinction in the nature of their doing. Therefore, when God and people are doing things that appear the same on the surface, the nature of their doing is even more different. Absurd people, people who do not understand the spirit and people who do not possess the truth are all unable to see things clearly, and it is easy for them to have conceptions and pass judgments. Those who don’t have the truth cannot see through things clearly, and it is too easy for them to judge God and resist God. The viewpoints of those who don’t have the truth are fallacious, absurd and laughable. I have seen that the knowledge of most people regarding these two matters is doctrinal and dogmatic. Only very few people have some real knowledge; most people are in no way speaking of knowledge. They are simply judging God, criticizing God, and delimiting God based on their own imaginings. As if to say that if God acted in such a manner—if His action exceeded people’s imaginations, if He went against people’s conceptions—then God would be no longer God. It is as if they are in a contest with God, that if this is really what God is like then they shall no longer recognize Him as God. The implication is that they shall no longer believe in God. You see, doesn’t a viewpoint like this indicate that they are judging God, delimiting God, and denying God? They have no rationality and no obedience at all. Could this be a real knowledge of God? This is entirely a manifestation of people’s arrogance, and originates from a nature that resists God. Speaking so arrogantly and presumptuously, are they worthy to serve God? How can such people not resist God when serving God? Once they find that God’s deeds do not fit with their conceptions, their satanic nature comes out, and they might even end up publicly rebelling against God or staging a rivalry against God. Therefore, God said that during the last days, many false Christs and antichrists will appear to deceive people. These are the arrogant and conceited people who study God in particular, opportunists who make themselves stand out by finding faults with God so that they can gain positions. These people are becoming restless and are starting to reveal their true colors. When God finishes His work on earth, they will begin to initiate strikes. They want to get even with God, and at such a time, people will see their true satanic faces. These people are the Satans and antichrists that most disturb God’s work, which is why they must be removed first. The antichrists that are showing up in churches everywhere—that is, those arrogant and malicious people who have been revealed and eliminated by God’s work—have become indignant from shame and are finally showing their true colors. They are beginning to say things that blaspheme and condemn God. With all the effort that they are exerting to find faults with God, how could they not condemn God? These people are really God’s enemy, and they are even more dangerous and more vicious than those antichrists within the religion. They are entirely capable of deceiving ignorant people who have no understanding of the truth. When the wheat has matured, the tares will also have grown into enemies. They will not resign themselves to failure, and they will not resign themselves to being eliminated, so how can they not resort to making a huge scene? Therefore, we must be particularly cautious with such people, these various evildoers in God’s house who have already been revealed and eliminated. They will not give up easily, and they will not willingly submit to God’s punishments on account of all the evil deeds that they have perpetrated. In fact, this is the result of them not pursuing the truth but instead persisting in doing evil. They have no one else to blame but themselves. If those who do not pursue the truth still have some conscience and some sense, then they will cease to further intensify their resistance to God. These people don’t have the truth or the slightest conscience and sense, so how can they not be eliminated and condemned?

Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Those who have not gained the truth most certainly cannot be compatible with Christ, and similarly, those who do not possess the truth are never fit to be used by God. In experiencing God’s work, those who have gained the truth are those who are perfected by God, and only those who possess the truth are fit to be used by God. There are three conditions for someone to be fit to be used by God: I. By understanding the truth, he is able to use the truth to resolve the various problems people have. II. By understanding the truth, he can discern people and see clearly through the essence of each kind of people, and so are able to promote and use those people that can be perfected by God, as well as eliminate and abandon those hypocrites that cannot be perfected by God. III. By understanding the truth, he can understand God’s will, do substantial work well to fulfill their duties in serving God, and at the very least, will not go against the work arrangements of God’s house. These are the three criteria for serving God in accordance with God’s will. People who do not possess the truth can never meet these three criteria. Anyone who has met these three criteria is someone fit for God’s use, while anyone who has not met these three criteria is someone not fit for God’s use. Each leader and worker can apply these three criteria to measure their service to God, and then they will know whether or not they are fit to be used by God. If they have truly met these three criteria, without obvious deviation or disparity, then they are compatible with God’s will. Look at all those leaders and workers who have been eliminated. Because they did not understand the truth, in their service to God, they had too much resistance to God, they muddled through or fooled around too often, they created too much deception, destruction and disruption, which finally resulted in them being eliminated. Regarding the work of leading God’s chosen people, a person must first have experience, have knowledge of God, have true obedience to God, and only then can they have witness. When serving God, one is unable to lead people if he doesn’t have practical experience or testimony of true obedience to God. True witness comes from the understanding of the truth and the true knowledge of God. One must enter into God’s words and gain the truth in order to lead others to enter God’s words and gain the truth. If you can only talk about spiritual doctrines, if you only learn to say some things about spiritual reality, yet you yourself have no reality, then the work that you perform will not produce results. Without an understanding of truths, the practical issues cannot be resolved, so people who do not understand truths are not fit to be used by God. Look at your knowledge regarding the matter about David and the rumors about Jesus, and you will see that your ability to judge things is very poor. So how will you be able to adequately manage the many complicated people and matters within the church? In the future, you will be required to testify about God’s work to foreigners, which will be even more complicated. Without the understanding of truths, and without any wisdom, how can you properly perform the work of testifying about God? How can you convince others? Experiencing God’s work does not merely require talking about some doctrines. You must dissect the different trials and tests and special people that you’ve encountered and see clearly their essence so that you are able to look at things accurately and handle things appropriately in a way that is completely compatible with God’s will. This is not an easy task. Can those without an understanding of the truth perform such work? In this era, devils and Satans in disguise and hypocritical evildoers are very numerous. Can you discern them if you have no understanding of the truth? Can you overcome these sophisticated devils and Satans without an understanding of the truth? Without the truth, and lacking in wisdom, how will you be able to battle against Satan and the antichrists? How can you properly protect God’s chosen people from the deceptions of the antichrists and the hypocritical evildoers? Without understanding the truth, how will you be fit to be used by God? Those serving God must be clear on this: You are only fit for God’s use when you have an understanding of the truth.

December 14, 2005

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