Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Practice the Truth Once You Understand It”


Let’s start our meeting and first read a passage of God’s word “Practice the Truth Once You Understand It.”

Practice the Truth Once You Understand It

God’s work and word are meant to bring about a change in your disposition; His goal isn’t merely to make you understand or know His work and word and have that be the end of it. As one with the ability to receive, you should have no difficulty in understanding the word of God, as most of God’s word is written in human language that is only too easy to understand. For instance, you can know what God wants you to understand and practice; this is something that a normal person who has the faculty of understanding should be able to do. What God says now is especially clear and transparent, and God points out many things that people have not considered and the various conditions of man. His words are all-embracing, as clear as the light of a full moon. So now, people understand many issues; what they lack is putting His word into practice. People must experience all aspects of truth in detail, and explore and seek it out in greater detail, not simply wait to take in what’s readily given to them; otherwise they become little more than freeloaders. They know God’s word, but don’t put it into practice. This kind of person doesn’t have a love of the truth, and will ultimately be eliminated. Having a style like a Peter of the 90s means that each one of you should practice the word of God, have true entry in your experiences and gain even more and even greater enlightenment in your cooperation with God, bringing even more assistance to your life. If you’ve read a lot of God’s word but only understand the meaning of the text and you do not have first-hand knowledge of God’s word through your practical experiences, you won’t know God’s word. As far as you are concerned, God’s word is not life, but just lifeless letters. And if you only hold fast to lifeless letters, you cannot grasp the essence of God’s word, nor will you understand His will. Only when you experience His word in your actual experiences will the spiritual meaning of God’s word open itself up to you, and it is only in experience that you can grasp the spiritual meaning of many truths, and only through experience that you can unlock the mysteries of God’s word. If you do not put it into practice, then no matter how clear His word, the only thing you’ve grasped hold of is empty letters and doctrines, which have become religious regulations to you. Isn’t this what the Pharisees did? If you practice and experience God’s word, it becomes practical to you; if you do not seek to practice it, then God’s word to you is little more than the legend of the third heaven. In fact, the process of believing in God is the process of you experiencing His word as well as being gained by Him, or to put it more clearly, to believe in God is to have the knowledge and understanding of His word and to experience and live out His word; that is the reality of your belief in God. If you believe in God and hope for eternal life without seeking to practice the word of God as something you have within you, then you’re foolish; it’s like going to a feast only to take note of what’s there to eat without actually trying it. Isn’t a person like that foolish?

The truth that man needs to possess is found in the word of God, a truth that is the most beneficial and helpful to mankind. It is the tonic and sustenance that your body needs, something that helps man restore his normal humanity, a truth that man should be equipped with. The more you practice God’s word, the more quickly your life will blossom; the more you practice God’s word, the clearer the truth becomes. As you grow in stature, you will see things of the spiritual world more clearly, and you will be more powerful to triumph over Satan. Much of the truth that you don’t understand will be made clear when you practice the word of God. Most people are satisfied to merely understand the text of God’s word and focus on equipping themselves with doctrines without experiencing its depth in practice; isn’t that the way of the Pharisees? How can the phrase “The word of God is life” be true for them, then? Only when man practices the word of God can his life truly blossom; it cannot grow simply by reading His word. If it is your belief that to understand God’s word is all that is needed to have life, to have stature, then your understanding is warped. Truly understanding God’s word occurs when you practice the truth, and you must understand that “only by practicing the truth can it ever be understood.” Today, after reading the word of God, you can merely say that you know God’s word, but you can’t say that you understand it. Some say that the only way to practice the truth is to understand it first, but this is only half right and not entirely accurate. Before you have knowledge of a truth, you have not experienced that truth. Feeling that you understand something you hear in a sermon is not truly understanding, but is just having the literal words of the truth, and isn’t the same as understanding the true meaning therein. Just because you have a skin-deep knowledge of the truth doesn’t mean you actually understand it or recognize it; the true meaning of the truth comes from having experienced it. Therefore, only when you experience the truth can you understand it, and only when you experience the truth can you grasp the hidden parts of it. To experience it in depth is the only way to grasp the connotations of the truth, to understand the essence of it. Therefore, you can go everywhere with the truth, but if there is no truth in you, don’t think of trying to convince your family, much less religious people. You will be like fluttering snow without the truth, but with the truth, you can be happy and free, where none can attack you. No matter how strong a theory is, it cannot overcome the truth. With the truth, the world itself can be swayed and mountains and seas moved, whereas a lack of the truth leads to ruin by maggots; this is simply fact.

What’s important now is to first know the truth, then put it into practice, and to equip yourself further with the true meaning of the truth. That should be what you aim for, not merely to have others follow your words but to have them follow your actions, and only in this can you find something meaningful. No matter what befalls you, no matter what person you come across, you can only stand firm with the truth. The word of God is that which brings life to man, not death. If after reading the word of God you do not come alive, but you are still dead, then there is something wrong with you. If after some time you’ve read much of God’s word and have heard many practical sermons, but you are still in a condition of death, this is proof that you are not one who values the truth, nor are you a person who pursues the truth. If you truly sought to gain God, you wouldn’t focus on equipping yourself with high doctrines and using them to teach others, but would instead focus on experiencing God’s word and putting the truth into practice; isn’t that what you should currently enter into?

There is a limited time for God to do His work in man, so what outcome can there be if you do not cooperate with Him? Why is it that God always wants you to practice His word once you understand it? It’s because God has revealed His words to you, and your next step is to actually practice them, and God will carry out the work of enlightenment and guidance as you practice these words. That is how it is. The word of God is meant to allow man to blossom in life without causing deviations or negativity. You say you’ve read God’s word and practiced it, but you still haven’t received any work of the Holy Spirit—what you say could only deceive a child. Man doesn’t know if your intentions are right, but you think God won’t know? How is it that others practice the word of God and receive the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, yet you practice His word and don’t receive the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit? Is God emotional? If your intentions are truly right and you’re cooperative, then God’s Spirit will be with you. Why is it that some people always want to take center stage, and yet God does not let them rise up and lead the church? Why is it that some people merely fulfill their function and without realizing it, they gain God’s approval? How can that be? God examines the innermost heart of man, and people who pursue the truth must do so with right intentions—people who do not have right intentions cannot stand. At its core, your goal is to let God’s word take effect within you. In other words, it is to have a true understanding of God’s word in your practice of it. Perhaps your ability to receive God’s word is poor, but when you practice the word of God, He can supplement the flaw of your poor ability to receive, so not only must you know many truths, but you must also practice them. This is the greatest focus that cannot be ignored. Jesus also suffered much in His thirty-three and a half years because He practiced the truth. Why is it always said in the records that He was persecuted? It is to explain He suffered much. It was because He practiced the truth and did the will of God that He suffered a lot. Suffering He would not have undergone had He known the truth without practicing it. If Jesus had followed the teachings of the Jews, followed the Pharisees, then He would not have suffered. You can learn from Jesus’ practice that the effectiveness of God’s work on man comes from his cooperation, and this is something you must recognize. Would Jesus have suffered as He did on the cross if He had not practiced the truth? Could He have prayed such a sorrowful prayer if He had not acted in accordance with God’s will? Therefore, you should suffer for the sake of practicing the truth; this is the kind of suffering a person should endure.


This passage of God’s words “Practice the Truth Once You Understand It” is most important to people’s entry into life. Why is it most important? What is key is that this passage thoroughly explains the true meaning of practicing the truth, and in addition it also explains the way to practicing the truth very clearly. What must God’s chosen people rely on to attain the truth to believe in God? It is by practicing the truth that people can put the truth into action. This is entering onto the right track for believing in God. What is the sign of entering onto the right track for believing in God? What’s the evidence? The evidence is that you can practice the truth. If people can only follow rules, is this considered practicing the truth? Only following rules is the method of those who don’t understand spiritual matters. Those people don’t know what practicing the truth is. They will just take following rules as practicing the truth. Rules, no matter how they are followed, or whether they can always be followed or not, can’t represent practicing the truth, not to mention having the reality of the truth. Some people say, “While I believe in God, as long as I don’t sin, I have the reality of the truth, and I am the person who stands witness.” Does this statement hold water? Someone says no. Why is that? Because he hasn’t practiced the truth. If he has not practiced the truth, then does he have the reality of the truth? Do people that never practice the truth have humanity? Do these people have life? Some say they don’t. Why do they have no life? Because they have not acquired the truth, they don’t know the truth. What does life itself refer to? It refers to truth becoming the reality of one’s life. With truth as life, with truth directing a person’s life, a person can look at things based on the truth, choose his or her path, live his or her life, and go about absolutely everything based on the truth. These types of people are the ones with the reality of the truth, and the people who possess the reality of the truth are the people who have life. Now many people can’t practice the truth. Why is it that they can’t practice the truth? No matter what they do, or whatever duties they perform, they have no principles. Do these types of people have life? No. That’s for sure. Some people wonder, “I have believed in God for so many years and I’ve never committed any deadly sin. Could it be that I have no life?” Is this question easy to interpret? You have believed in God for so many years and you haven’t committed any serious sins, so do you dare to guarantee that you have life? Currently, some people use not having committed a deadly sin as capital to say that they have life, is this correct? What evidence is there that you have gained life by believing in God? It is the people that hold God in awe and revere God in their hearts, these people are the ones with life. Some people say: “I don’t dare sin seriously, I’m afraid of God. I also dare not stray away from or betray God. Isn’t this revering God?” Can this represent that you have life? It is only in order to obtain blessings that you don’t deny belief in God, it is only because you want blessings that you don’t dare to stay away from God, and it’s because you want blessings that you don’t dare to commit serious sin. However, have you ever done something unprincipled, or done things in a perfunctory way? If in fulfilling their duties a person is rarely perfunctory, that is a person we can say is truly God-fearing and evil-shunning. If in fulfilling their duties a person is often perfunctory, what will you use as evidence that you are a person who is God-fearing and evil-shunning?

After I exposed the problems with some district leaders, they went back and discussed the matter: “How does the brother know? Who reported it? Who betrayed us? Go and ferret out the culprit.” They didn’t solve the issue, they just insisted on finding the person who reported them, and finally found the suspects. “Maybe it was just those few people who did it, because they all know the brother. Okay! Isolate them! Don’t talk to them about anything, don’t say a word to them about the church. We’ll see whether they can report anything more to the brother! “Is this considered doing one’s duties properly? Does it count as solving problems? Some say it doesn’t count. Then what is the nature of what they did? Is what they prepared a benevolent act or a malign one? On the surface it doesn’t appear to be malign. It did not involve promiscuity, theft, or robbery, so why does this count as evil? Because these people want to establish an independent kingdom, everything they do is shameful and can’t stand exposure to light. Therefore, they are scared about somebody reporting them, afraid word would get to leaders higher up, afraid of being exposed. Do people like this have right intentions? Do they revere God in their heart? So are these sort of people evil? If these sorts of people were in power, would they be antichrists? Antichrists don’t revere God. Once in power they would want to be in complete control and would want to do this and that behind God’s back. “The man used by the Holy Spirit, you cannot interfere with me. I’m the leader now, I’m the one elected by God’s chosen people, you have no power to interfere, what I want to do is not your business.” Do these sorts of people accept God’s examination? Is he someone who honors God as great? Does he revere God and shun evil? Does he do the will of God? Absolutely not. If he really did, he would dare to accept God’s examination. If he really did obey God, he wouldn’t be scared of anyone’s supervision, exposure, accusations, or scared of word getting to higher authority, because he conducts himself in an upright manner. It’s said that “He who never wrongs others does not fear ghosts at his door.” Then why was he so afraid of supervision from God’s family? Why was he so afraid of people reporting his problems? Why was he so scared that I sent people to investigate his situation? He cut off all connection with me, and didn’t report anything to me, but put several people I know under his control, and didn’t let them take part in large meetings or let them come in contact with other people? What is this problem? Isn’t this a case of always wanting to set up an independent kingdom? This is exactly a case of always wanting to set up an independent kingdom. I have said in the past that I am very strict with leaders, and once I have found out the problem I will prune and deal with them. Is the reason for that now clear? It is because these people do not have good intentions, and always want to hold power themselves, always want to do things behind the back of God’s house. Tell me whether these people are bad. They are all too bad! On the surface they have done nothing evil, but to be capable of doing something like that is already a great evil, more serious than rape, or murder, arson, or robbery, because this is in direct resistance to God. On the surface they have broken no laws, but they have committed the sin of resistance to God. They have wanted to isolate the man used by the Holy Spirit: “I’ll make it so that you don’t have a clue what is going on with us. I’ll make it so that you have no hand in our church. I’ll make it so that you can’t hear about the issues in our church. Let’s see what you can do to deal with us.” What do you think of these people’s precautions? Are they “airtight”? What these people have done is despicable! So once I saw them I could not keep from being angry and felt compelled to prune and deal with them. Why was that? They disgusted me. These people are capable of doing anything behind others’ backs, and once they had power, within a year or less with no supervision they would be capable of a great deal of evil. So then, do people like this practice the truth? These are not people who practice the truth, nor do they accept God’s examination or follow the arrangements of God’s house. These things in themselves amount to resistance to God.

For someone who genuinely practices truth, if the brother of the above knows someone, he would say, “Okay, I will take him to our church, let him know about us, so that the above may know about us, will prune and deal with us, correct our mistakes and errors, and solve our problems directly, and so that many of God’s chosen people in our church may receive God’s blessings and enter into life even sooner.” If they do this, it shows consideration for God’s will, it is an expression of obeying the work of God. This is an expression of revering God and shunning evil. Acceptance of God’s examination is an essential principle of experiencing the work of God. This sort of practice is the practice of the truth, proving that he consciously accepts the examination of God, accepting being learned about by God’s family, so that God’s chosen people have more benefits, and what they do suits God’s will. Are there any leaders who can accept God’s examination, be unafraid of anyone’s report, and carry out their work in a just and honorable way? We cannot say that there aren’t, but they seem to be few and far between, objectively speaking. So these few people are very precious, these people can obtain the truth.


The beginning of this passage of God’s words says, “God’s work and word are meant to bring about a change in your disposition; His goal isn’t merely to make you understand or know His work and word and have that be the end of it. As one with the ability to receive, you should have no difficulty in understanding the word of God, as most of God’s word is written in human language that is only too easy to understand. For instance, you can know what God wants you to understand and practice; this is something that a normal person who has the faculty of understanding should be able to do.” God’s words are crystal clear, anyone with normal receptive capabilities can understand. Isn’t this a fact? “… as most of God’s word is written in human language that is only too easy to understand.” What is the purpose of God’s words? What does God want people to understand? What does He want us to practice and pay attention to? How do we obey the work of God, approach the truth and practice the words of God? How should we look at the world and discern Satan? How to deal with things with principles? All these are explained very clearly, isn’t this a fact? How to be an honest person, hasn’t God said many words about it? To let people solve their transgressions, hasn’t God said many words about it? To let people do enough good deeds, hasn’t God said many words about it? With regard to punishing evil people, hasn’t God said many words about it? With regard to what type of people God will perfect, hasn’t God said many words about it? Has God not said even more words about how we can understand God? Why does God use the great red dragon to be a foil, has God not said many words about it? Has God not said many words about the darkness and evil in the world? Now that you know all of this, do you really understand? If you understand, have you put them into practice? Many people say, “No.” Why don’t you put them into practice? God tells us to banish and solve our transgressions, why don’t you put it into practice? God tells us to be honest people, why don’t you do it? God tells us to obey Him, obey the truth, why don’t you follow through with it? God tells us to do things with principles, why don’t you implement this? God tells us to forsake the flesh and practice the truth, why don’t you practice it? You clearly know it’s the truth but you don’t practice it. What’s the problem? Reflect on yourself! If you clearly understand the truth but do not put it into practice, how can you still be arrogant and self-righteous? However, you boast that you know so much. Someone just came straight out with it and said, “I know all about the truth, I just can’t practice it. What’s the problem? Tell me!” He asked me what the problem is, and wanted me to resolve it. What do you think the problem is? How to resolve it? I wanted to say: “Because you are a demon, therefore you are unable to practice the truth; if you were a good person you would be able to practice the truth.” If I said this, he would become negative and would not like what he heard. Yet, is what I could’ve said correct? If some people believe their humanity to be great and say: “I have never sinned, on what grounds do you deem me to be a demon?” How should I answer this? I will say: “It’s because you don’t practice the truth that I call you a demon, do you have a different opinion?” What do you think about this matter? Is this a practical problem? Don’t think that you are a good person because your humanity is good and you’ve never sinned. Does this theory make sense? No, it doesn’t. Dare you say that you have never sinned? Sure, you haven’t committed any crimes as set forth by the law, you haven’t killed, set fires, raped or robbed, but you judge and resist God a lot. Is this not a sin? You are sloppy with your duties and you always cheat God. Is this not a sin? You understand the truth but do not practice it in the slightest. Is this not a sin? You are fed up with the truth, you resent the truth. Is this not a sin? People’s satanic disposition is much more serious than the crimes of breaking the law. It is a graver sin. All crimes governed by the law are relatively insignificant compared to the resistance and blasphemy of God. There are some crimes outlined by the law, and breaking them is considered very serious, but God can forgive them. The most serious sin is the resistance of God and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and forgiveness for such things shall not be granted in this life or the next. For example, on the outside the Pharisees had not broken any laws, but they strongly opposed God and they nailed Christ to the cross. Tell me, is breaking the law more serious, or is the Pharisees’ sin of resisting God more serious? God didn’t say that woes shall befall those breaking the law and being charged with various crimes; God said that woes shall befall those who nailed Him to the cross. The sin of nailing Christ to the cross is deemed the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. If you thoroughly understand this, then does the saying that “I haven’t broken the law, therefore I’m a good person” still hold water? You cannot say that.

When I first started believing in the Lord, I also had this point of view. I said, “I’m a good person. I don’t smoke, drink or steal. I don’t break the law and the police won’t come looking for me.” In the end, after experiencing the judgment of God, I discovered that I was rather corrupt, with many satanic dispositions, I was arrogant, selfish, mean, cunning, and I lied. I was responsible for all these sins. After that, I saw things differently. The way I thought about things changed, I no longer say that people who haven’t committed crimes are good people, for that is just people’s notion. Some people say, “In the house of God I haven’t committed any serious sins, then how can you say I don’t have the reality of the truth? How can you say I don’t practice the truth?” Do these words hold water? Some people appear to be honest on the outside, however they also lie. They don’t lie all the time, they mostly speak their hearts; but with regard to personal gains or important things, they will lie. They think that if they don’t lie, they won’t be able to get important things done. Can you say that these types of people are practicing the truth? Some people say: “I don’t sin when I’m doing many things, then tell me, with regard to all those things that I have done and performed, have I not been practicing the truth?” Many people say no. If they all say so with confidence, then let us thoroughly understand one thing, that even if no sin has been committed on the surface, it does not equate practicing the truth. Even if on the outside one hasn’t committed any sins as governed by the law, it still doesn’t mean that they are a good person. This should be the motto for anyone entering into life. Right now, if you have abandoned many of your external things, abandoned your family, abandoned the world and follow God to fulfill your duties, does this count as practicing the truth? Some people say, “Didn’t we abandon these things because God told us to? How can this not be practicing the truth?” Does this count as practicing the truth? If you have abandoned everything, but it is not because you want to experience the work of God, obtain the truth and be made complete by God, it is because you want to receive blessings, it is in order to enter the kingdom of heaven—it is because you have your own purpose and intentions that you chose to abandon everything, does this count as practicing the words of God? There are personal intentions and Satan’s schemes mixed in it. This is not practicing the words of God. If you say this is practicing the words of God, then this is as if blaspheming God. Do you understand now?

Some people are willing to become leaders. They do not say that it is because of personal intents, they say it is for the consideration of God’s will and the courage to carry a burden. Is this saying correct? Some say no. Why isn’t this correct? If you really are brave enough to carry burdens and show consideration for God’s will, even if you are not a leader, you can still do these practical work, you can still solve problems for God’s chosen people and the church. Must you be a leader? If you really become a leader, if you really want to do it for the consideration of God’s will and to carry heavy burdens, then why don’t you do some practical work and solve some actual problems? Why lead a happy-go-lucky life sated by food and enjoy the benefits of having position? How can this be explained? That is to say, the way that people explain things no longer makes sense, what they say is impure. They are hypocritical, they are sophistry. Therefore, many things may appear to be right on the surface, but deep down they might not contain the truth, they might even contain Satan’s schemes and personal intents. So would you be deceived by such outside appearances? If you can’t see clearly things on the surface, you will be deceived by them; do these sorts of people have the reality of the truth? They only see the surface, without any reality. In order to get into Group A for meetings, some evildoers said to their brothers and sisters: “Write me an evaluation. I’m repenting, look at me!” “What kind of repenting is that?” They talked about some surface matters: “I know all about this, I know so much about all of it! I hate these vile actions and my flesh. I really have repented now; I won’t do any of these things in the future.” “Okay, you have a good understanding, you have repented. Good job. I will write an evaluation for you, you should go to Group A.” Is this the way to do things? Does this accord with the truth? Is the way they see things correct? They simply look at the surface and not at the essence of the problem. No one will have a chance in cheating the house of God. Some people only follow certain rules, “Don’t steal God’s offerings, choose starvation over stealing the offerings of God; don’t disturb church life, don’t fornicate, and when in trials, don’t deny the name of God and become Judas. If I don’t commit these sins, I should be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Are these sorts of people practicing the truth? They are just people that follow the rules. Is the path to the kingdom of heaven through obeying the rules? This is not the way. God does not look at whether you have done such things on the outside. Such things do not form the basis of judging whether someone has the truth.


Whether or not someone has obtained the truth and whether or not they will survive, what rule is this based on? This is based on that person’s real performance. What kind of real performance? Firstly, does he do things according to principles? Do the duties he fulfills achieve God’s requirements? Are there real results? How many good actions has he prepared? Secondly, how much of his corrupt disposition has he eliminated? Thirdly, does he have a solid understanding of God? Fourth, the most important point, does he revere God and does he keep his distance from evil? If there is reality of these few things, then this is a person who has the truth and he will survive. If, in the end, this person who has the truth becomes a person that reveres God and keeps his distance from evil, then even if he committed adultery in the past, stole offerings, walked on the path of the antichrist, betrayed God, abandoned his duties and fled back to the material world or had numerous transgressions, God would look past these things. Even though this person is riddled with scars, he has gone through a change in his life disposition. Isn’t this person someone who has obtained the truth? Can this kind of person enter the heavenly kingdom? In the end, God will save and perfect this very group of people. This is why you must not use an external method or path. It is not practical! Do you think that if, outwardly, you did not commit a few obvious crimes, then you have the reality of the truth? This does not mean that you have the reality of the truth. How much of your corrupt disposition, arrogance, conceitedness, crookedness, treachery and lies has been resolved? Do you do things according to principles? Do you have a devoted heart for God? Do you obey the truth and how much of reality do you have in obeying the truth and God? It is according to these factors, these standards, that we can confirm whether or not a person has obtained the truth and life. This is the most accurate way. This is how God evaluates man. Some people try to never offend anybody. Even though they have not made a big mistake, they make little mistakes all the time. Does this kind of person have the reality of the truth? On the surface, this kind of person seems docile, well-behaved and very simple and honest. Yet, when you ask them about the reality of the truth, they have none. They cannot say anything about it. Can this person experience a real change in their life disposition? This is why I say, even if a person is innocent, does not commit any sins and does not do any evil deeds, this does not mean that they have the truth. There are some people, externally they are arrogant, conceited and self-righteous. They look down at other people. However, when it comes time for being dealt and pruned, they are able to reflect on themselves and have real change. Afterward, they are a little more low key when they do things. They do practical things, they do great things for God’s house. They start to have principles when they fulfill their duties. They follow principles when they do things. They commit fewer and fewer transgressions. This kind of person is someone who has had a change in their life disposition.

When it comes to whether or not someone has truly obtained the truth or has had a change in their life disposition, God does not care about a person’s past sins, or how bad their reputation was. God looks at a person’s performance at the very end. He evaluates whether or not they have the reality of the truth based on their performance at the very end. The most important thing is the person’s performance at the very end. This is why you must not let some sins in your past control you to the point that you abandon yourself to despair. This is ignorant! Do not abandon yourself to despair. God looks at whether or not you can obtain the truth in the future, whether or not your life disposition can change, whether or not you have a heart that reveres God, and how many good actions you have prepared. These are the most important things! There are some people who committed a lot of sins in the past, they have not done any good deeds. Afterward, they prepared a lot of good deeds and they paid the cost for all of them. It was not easy for them to do this. It is this kind of good deeds that people admire. Now, would you say that this kind of person is someone that can be saved? This person can be saved. Preparing good deeds that can be remembered by God is quite amazing. There are some good deeds that many people are able to do. However, there are some good deeds that many people are not able to do. Now, when he has prepared for the good deeds that the majority of people cannot do, well then this really illustrates something. This is witness, and everyone has to be convinced of this! Abraham obeyed God, who would dare challenge his faith? Who does not commend Lot’s righteous deed? Who would not give it a thumbs up? He gave up his two daughters and in return exchanged them for two angels. Who else would be able to do this? There are very few people who would have been able to do what he did. Everyone admires him. This is what a good deed is. Truly, a good deed. The average person is unable to do what Lot was able to do. This really says something. This person has a sincere heart when he does good deeds. There is a price for this. You cannot just say you can do it and then do it! No matter what, the average person would not be able to do what Lot did. No matter how much truth you communicate, they will still be unable to do it. Lot was able to do it though. How can this be explained? Having the reality of the truth, preparing good deeds, all of this is not simple! Some people think that if they follow the rules carefully, if they do not commit serious sins, just making little mistakes, then they will be able to enter God’s kingdom. Their thinking is too simple. They definitely do not understand the spiritual matters!

Here, God says: “What God says now is especially clear and transparent, and God points out many things that people have not considered and the various conditions of man. His words are all-embracing, as clear as the light of a full moon. So now, people understand many issues; what they lack is putting His word into practice.” This is a key passage! “So now, people understand many issues; what they lack is putting His word into practice.” Remember these words, make them your motto. Someone said, “I understand every bit of the truth. I just can’t put it into practice.” How should this problem be explained? Isn’t this person just more lacking in putting it into practice? “[W]hat they lack is putting His word into practice.” If you are given another chance and you still do not put it into practice, then it’s over. You are truly a satanic demon. If you are a human, then you will be able to put a little bit of the truth into practice. If you are a satanic demon, then you will never be able to put any of it into practice. Is this a good explanation? How can those who truly believe in God say, “I understand every bit of the truth, I just can’t put it into practice”? If you cannot put any of the truth into practice, then aren’t you a satanic demon? Do you have any humanity? If you have even a little bit of humanity, then you will be able to put a little bit of the truth into practice. If you have a lot of humanity, then you will be able to put a lot of the truth into practice. How much humanity you have, you will be able to put an equivalent amount of the truth into practice. Is what I’m saying correct? The truth can be a person’s life. If you have a certain humanity, then you will be able to put the corresponding truth into practice. The truth is the reality of life that people with humanity are able to possess. This is a key sentence! There have been some people who were captured by the great red dragon and have gone through torture and cruel treatment yet they never denied God’s name. Now, do you dare say that these people’s understanding of God is very deep? Their understanding of God is not necessarily deep. So, then how could they go through torture and cruel treatment yet still be able to not deny God and believe in Him resolutely? This has to do with their conscience, sense and humanity. They have these qualities. “Great red dragon, you are truly evil, you are truly despicable. The things you do make people’s hair stand on end! The more you do these things, the more I will not listen to you. I firmly believe in God. Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will believe to the end. I must humiliate you, the demon Satan.” The more the great red dragon tortures him, the more he is able to see through the great red dragon’s evil and cruelty; the more he is able to see through the truth of the evil demon, the more he will hate the great red dragon. The more he hates the great red dragon, the more he feels that faith in God is correct and the more his heart believes firmly in God. “God is God. The truth is the truth. No wonder Satan is in opposition like this! The more Satan opposes my belief in God and persecutes me, the more it confirms that God that I believe in is real and the road I am walking on is correct. This is why I will be more and more resolute!” Isn’t this standing firm? In fact, his understanding of the truth may not necessarily be very deep. All he understands is this point and it is enough. Now, why does he stand firm and bear witness? It is because he understands this truth. Additionally, he has this kind of humanity, this kind of conscience, and this kind of sense. He knows how to deal with the great red dragon. He has seen through the great red dragon, that is why he stands firm and bears witness.

What is the key point when it comes to putting the truth into practice? The key is whether or not this person is someone who loves the truth and whether or not this person has humanity. If he truly has humanity and he acknowledges that this is the truth, then he will put into practice the truth that he loves. Now, what is the issue with those who understand the truth but do not put it into practice? This means that these people do not have any humanity. At the very least, they do not have any conscience or sense. They do not love the truth, that is why no matter what truth they understand, they will not put it into practice. Many people, after they finish telling lies, in their heart, they understand that they have told a lie. People ask them, “Would you still tell lies next time?” “It doesn’t matter, being an honest person is for fools! Those who tell lies are smart, they have wisdom. That is why I say this.” Is this kind of person able to be an honest person? Does this person know that being an honest person is in accordance with God’s intentions? He knows. If he knows, why does he not put it into practice? He does not love the truth. He does not like the truth of being an honest person. He thinks, “Honest people are idiots. This is why I will not put being an honest person into practice. Sly people are clever. The more sly and shrewd someone is, the more capable they are and the more other people look up to them. It is Satan’s philosophy that is the truth.” As a result, he keeps to Satan’s philosophy and is eternally sly. He eternally tells lies and never tries to be an honest person. As for truly clever people and people who love the truth, “Even if I face humiliation as an honest person, I will still be an honest person. Even if it is advantageous to be a sly person, I will be an honest person. Even if I suffer loss, I still want to be an honest person.” Why is this? It is because this person loves the truth. Why is it that some people understand the truth, yet they are still unable to put it into practice? It is because they do not love the truth. Do people who do not love the truth have any humanity? They do not have humanity. They only have an evil nature, a demonic nature. Now, according to this fact, we can come up with a conclusion: All those who understand the truth yet do not put the truth into practice are satanic demons. This conclusion is absolutely correct, there is no mistake to it!

[W]hat they lack is putting His word into practice.” Do you now understand these words of God? If you do not put God’s words into practice, if you do not put the truth into practice, then it is very troublesome. You should be eliminated. If you refuse to believe until you are faced with grim reality, then one day, when a disaster arrives, when death is knocking at the door, then you will be full of regret and you will cry. If you do not put the truth into practice, then you will die. You think not putting the truth into practice is a joke? Someone said, “I will not put the truth into practice.” “I actually cannot put the truth into practice.” Then you are waiting for death! Someone said, “Why is what the man used by Holy Spirit says so absolute?” Because it is this absolute. These are real words and I tell it like it is. Someone said, “Then I won’t listen.” If you do not listen, then you are just waiting to die. When death comes knocking at your door, then you will know.


Let’s continue with some words from God, “People must experience all aspects of truth in detail, and explore and seek it out in greater detail, not simply wait to take in what’s readily given to them; otherwise they become little more than freeloaders.” If you understand every aspect of the truth, are you able to gain entry? Does understanding mean you have it? Does it mean that you possess it? Is it fair to make that assertion? No. If you understand it, but don’t put it into practice, you have not established your own piece of it! God enlightens you with understanding of the truth so that you can go practice and experience it. It’s just like building a house. Others may tell you what kind of materials you need and even how to build it, but if you then say, “I understand, this means I have a house now,” it won’t work. You have to go and build it yourself. You have to go and experience. When others explain and fellowship, it is so that you can go and experience, practice, gain, and build what belongs to you. When you build the truth and life inside your own heart, that life belongs to you. It is the reality of the truth that you obtain from experiencing God’s word. That is your own witness. The witness and experience of others, no matter how good, or how much you might understand it, is not yours. Isn’t this the case? Have you established your own portion? If you haven’t, how can you tell others about your experience and witness? Does it work if you parrot what others say? Can you convey clearly if you parrot what others say? If you do not have your own true experience, and instead rely on, “I listen to others’ experiences, I listen to what other people say, I remember all they have said, and once I finish parroting what they have said, it means I have my own understanding of the experience,” will it work? Some people parrot what I say. Whatever I say, they parrot. They do not have any experience or understanding whatsoever. What is this called? Hypocrisy, piracy, to reap without sowing. Now, does this kind of person have the reality of the truth? Some people fellowship on the truth, but that’s what they have learned from the words of another. They can’t talk about their own experience and understanding. They can’t concretely resolve other people’s problems. The more you ask, the more confused they become. In the end, you can question them until they sweat, but they still aren’t able to explain it clearly. They just say those dead words. People say, “What you have said are dead words. Can you rephrase them?” “I cannot change. These things are dead, they cannot be changed!” Such “testimony” and words can’t even be rephrased! Is this based on your own actual experience? When the words can’t be changed, it confirms that the speaker’s words belong to someone else. He stole them. They’re mere reasoning, mere letters and doctrines, mere rules! Look at how some people fellowship on the truth. After they finish saying some dead letters and doctrines, they are afraid that God’s chosen people will ask them questions. “When I fellowship, you cannot ask me questions. After I finish, everyone else can continue their fellowship. Nobody is allowed to ask questions. If you have a question, figure it out yourself. I will not answer any questions.” Isn’t this a little bit fake? If you truly possessed the reality of the truth, would you be afraid of others asking you questions? If you fear others asking questions, this means that you are deceitful and lacking in confidence. Inside, you are fake! This is why you must go and experience every aspect of the truth yourself. You must go put it into practice, explore and seek. This is of utmost importance. If you do not experience and gain some reality, will you be able to witness? Will you be able to fellowship? When you fellowship, will what you say be appropriate? When you experience something yourself, you will have your own words to describe it, because it is living. A good example is if you see a situation with your own eyes. When others ask you, “How did you see it? What did you see? Tell us briefly, what you saw.” You will be able to describe it to them briefly. If someone says, “Tell us in detail.” You can also tell them in detail. No matter how they ask you to describe it to them, you can, because you saw it with your own eyes. You saw it in detail and for a long time. If someone listens to another describe it, all he can do is remember a few sentences. Aside from those sentences, he would not be able to describe it in detail or in brief. All his words are dead. Those dead words confirm that what he describes is not something that he saw with his own eyes. It is not something he experienced himself. It is not something he understands himself. Isn’t this correct? That is why there are many who fellowship the truth but do not have any reality. If someone says, “Tell us in detail. I do not understand. Tell us specifically, give us an example,” such people have nothing to say and would start to get impatient, “You don’t understand? Even when I put it like this, you still don’t understand. Do you have any inner quality?” He has excuses for not saying it in detail, and attacks others. He attacks others until they dare not ask any more questions. He is even proud of himself, “How dare you nitpick at this? This is all I have, yet you still nitpick. I can’t answer you. Are you trying to embarrass me? Now I’ll let you have it!” Does such a leader have the reality of the truth? He does not, and instead looks for excuses. He looks for an opportunity to prevent other people from asking by attacking them. He ponders in his heart as he attacks people, “If you nitpick, I’ll have to knock you out. If I don’t, then no one will listen to me.” Is this type of leader a benevolent servant or an evil servant? He is an evil servant. He is extremely evil, evil enough to directly attack others. He even wants to knock people out. Now, what about a truly benevolent servant? He acknowledges that communicating the truth is a way to fulfill one’s duties. He acknowledges that to be a leader when experiencing God’s work, this duty must be fulfilled. He refuses to abandon his oath to fellowship clearly about the truth, “I have fellowshiped the experience and understanding I currently possess. When I have deepened my experience, I will fellowship my new understanding and experience next time.” If next time his fellowship further solves the problem, but someone again asks a deeper question beyond his purview, he will say, “I can’t provide that fellowship.” He cannot provide fellowship, what should he do? He says, “The question you have asked is very deep, and my experience is still quite shallow. I have already finished communicating my experience. What you have asked of me, I do not have. Later on, once I experience this, I will fellowship with you again!” Is this the right thing to say? This is reason. This person will not groundlessly attack people. He does not consider this embarrassing. If he doesn’t have this experience, then he simply says he doesn’t have it. If he is lacking, then he says he is lacking. In the face of the truth, everyone is like an infant. If we understand, we are infants. If we do not understand, we are still infants. What is embarrassing about this? What is there to be ashamed of? We are just being practical. If someone asks me a question that is beyond my understanding, I will say, “I just can fellowship a bit concerning your question, but I don’t know anything beyond that.” I am brave enough to say this. Are you? If you want to be an honest person, then you should speak and act in accordance with the facts. Why would you not dare to say it? Because you aren’t brave enough, am I right? If someone asked you, “How many years have you believed?” “I have believed for 10 years or so.” “How much reality of the truth do you have?” “Not a lot. I have a bit, but I can’t say I have a lot.” “Well, then fellowship on it!” Talk about your understanding of God’s work, your understanding of your own corrupt essence, your understanding and experience of being an honest person. Talk about these real and practical things. Do not talk about reasons. Just talk about the experience that you have, regardless of how shallow it is. “Do you have any lies?” “Yes.” In terms of adequately fulfilling your duties, talk about how much you can do adequately, which aspects you can do adequately, and which aspects you cannot do adequately. Speak from your heart. This is very honest!


Which truths should God’s chosen people put into practice every day? This is very important!

The first truth to put into practice is to eat and drink the words of God and to pray to God. This is a duty of a human being. You need to eat and drink God’s words, pray to God and seek the truth from God every day. If you are missing this in your experience of God’s work, then you are not someone who experiences God’s work. If you only eat and drink a little bit of God’s word every few days, then it is over. You do not have the experience. If you have this kind of faith for a lifetime, you will still be unable to obtain the truth. If you eat and drink God’s word and have a solid connection with God every day, then it does not matter if it is only a few words. This is the root of being a human being. This is the root of experiencing God’s work. If you do not firmly stick to this principle, then you are not someone who truly believes in God. Isn’t this the first truth that should be put into practice? Someone asked, “How much of God’s word should one eat and drink in a day?” A lot would be one chapter, a little would be a few paragraphs. Look for the key truth. When you are very busy, eating and drinking one or two paragraphs every now and then is fine. If you do not even eat or drink one paragraph of God’s words each day, then it is over. This kind of person is way too lazy.

The second truth that you should put into practice every day is the homework of seeking the truth. This is because there are many things that man cannot see clearly. There are many situations that man is muddleheaded and careless about. He just wants to get through it and does not take it seriously. This is why, every day, you must do the homework of seeking the truth. This will help you understand the truth. Someone says, “I have to seek the truth every day? How is it that there are many situations that require me to seek the truth?” Are these words tenable or not? Every day, there are many situations where you do not understand the truth and you need to seek the truth. If you only do the homework of seeking the truth once per day, is this a lot? It really is not a lot. This is why this truth is something that must be put into practice everyday.

The third truth, in which the most important truth that must be put into practice every day is: being an honest person. Every day you must examine yourself: In which situations did you tell lies; in which situations were you an honest person and told the truth; in which situations were you an honest person but you had wisdom; in which situations were you an honest person but revealed ignorance and did not have wisdom. Summarize these four aspects.

The fourth truth that must be put into practice every day is fulfilling one’s duties. See if you can do things with principles while you are fulfilling your duties every day.

The fifth truth that you must put into practice every day is doing something out of your love for God, in order to satisfy God. It does not matter if this thing is a significant thing or a small matter, it just needs to be a good deed. This is your homework everyday!

The sixth truth is no matter what kind of duty you fulfill, you must put into practice a little bit of the principles of the truth. Keep to the principles. A similar example is if you encounter five situations in a day. For at least one of those situations, put some principles into practice. Do that one thing with principles. This is a solid way of entering into the life. Suppose you encounter five situations, and in four situations you fail to approach them according to principles, you follow the rules and do them according to your own intentions. However, with one situation, which is the key situation, you seek the truth and you understand the principles of truth. That’s good. You would then approach this particular situation according to principles. This can be considered fulfilling the reality of the truth that day.

The seventh truth that must be put into practice every day is to obey the truth. Within the span of a day, if there is someone who says something that touches me emotionally, if what this person says is correct and it is in accordance with the truth, then I will obey. In the past, in this kind of situation, I would not obey. I was arrogant and conceited. I would not listen and I would reject it. I still did things according to my own intentions. Now, I obey. Even if this person is a very insignificant brother or sister that I look down on, I can obey and accept what this person says if it is in accordance with the truth. This is something that must be put into practice every day. This is an important point.

The eighth truth that must be put into practice every day is that you must learn how to fulfill one duty that is special. Go help and assist a brother or a sister. Learn to connect and interact with them. Empathize with other people’s weaknesses. Learn to talk about your own experience and witness. You must do at least one of these kinds of things. These are key drills to put into practice in terms of communicating the truth, connecting with other people and assisting others. It is not okay if you do not train yourself like this.

The ninth truth to put into practice is, every day, you need to practice how to differentiate people. It does not matter if it is positive or negative, you need to learn how to distinguish at least one person every day. A good example of this is, today, I came into contact with this one person quite a bit. So, I tried to see if this person had the reality of the truth, whether or not they were someone who loves God, whether this person was a good person or a bad person and what kind of path this person was on. I performed a concrete analysis and evaluation of this person in order to gain an understanding. What do you think about this homework?

The tenth truth to put into practice is to love others as yourself. Loving others as yourself is to love those that truly believe in God and love the truth. For example, of the people you come in contact with, there is one person who truly believes in God. However, they do not have much reality of the truth, “I must help him. I must connect with him, accept him, be patient with him and pardon him so that I can learn how to love others as myself.” Do something every day in order to learn how to love others as yourself.

The eleventh truth to put into practice is learning how to let go. Let go of the material world and let go of external things. Don’t pay attention to these things and do not be controlled by them. Let go of unbelieving parents. Do not be controlled by them. Let go of certain relationships. Let go of sons and daughters. Let go of the accumulated entanglements of life. Learn how to let go every day. You must bear a witness to letting go.

The twelfth truth to put into practice every day is you must distinguish and see through the world’s evil and darkness. Analyze it according to God’s word, distinguish its essence, see through the unbelievers, their politics and their systems. Analyze one category daily. Sometimes you do not need to write it down, analyze it within your heart, distinguish it within your heart: To what degree is this world’s human race corrupt? What are the most accurate words to describe the human race? What kind of age are we living in? Just what is it when demons are in power? How does Satan corrupt people? Sometimes you just need to sit somewhere and open your eyes. It’s like you are looking at the sky but you’re not. It’s like you are looking at the trees, but you’re not. Look for half an hour, more than an hour. Remain steadfast. What are you doing? You are pondering these things. You are analyzing and differentiating them by the truth. See something clearly according to the truth. You are practicing this basic skill.

The thirteenth truth to put into practice every day is to reflect upon yourself and connect with God. Each day you must reflect on these things: Which truth did I put into practice today? In which situations did I do things according to principle and practice the truth correctly? In which situations was I simply following the rules? In which situations was I simply not committing sins and living according to Satan’s philosophy? In which situations was I muddleheaded and careless? Truly reflect upon yourself every day. Have a real connection with God through prayer. Tell God about your deficiencies. Tell God about the corruption you have exposed. Tell God about your shortcomings. Also tell God about the situations of you putting the truth into practice and entering into the reality of the truth, how you put the truth into action, what your intention is, and for what reason you were putting it into action. Tell God about the principles you were abiding by as well. It might take you 8–10 minutes to reflect on these things. Sometimes, it might take up to 20 minutes.

The fourteenth truth to put into practice daily is to offer true praise to God from your heart. It is due to God’s grace and protection that you do not meet with temptations or sink into fiendishness. And it’s due to the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and guidance today that you should praise and give thanks to Him. Worship Him, lie prostrate on the ground and say, “God! You have protected and blessed me today. You are my Savior and You are my Lord. You are my God and I am willing to obey and worship You forever.” Connect with God in this way. This is something you have to put into practice every day.

In order to enter into the truth, the fourteen truths above must be put into practice every day. Persevere with these fourteen truths and in one year, you will have the reality of the truth. In terms of being an honest person, you will have reality and a path. You will have reality in doing things according to principles. In terms of distinguishing people and seeing situations clearly, you will have reality. You will have reality on how to assist, water and provide for people. You will have reality in all of these things. When you gather with people and live the church life, communicating about the reality of the truth will no longer be difficult. Someone asked, “How much time is needed in terms of persevering with these fourteen truths every day?” You do not need a lot of time. There are 24 hours in a day. You usually sleep eight hours and it will not be cut short. It will not interfere with eating meals and getting things done. Why is this? It’s because these things are matters of the heart. If you do not ponder these fourteen truths, then is your heart unoccupied? Whichever day you are idle, you say, “I have not pondered over these matters. I just make an effort for God and fulfill my duties!” When you fulfill your duties, your hands are busy, but is your heart idle? Putting these fourteen truths into practice every day actually takes the time that is used for idle chatter, random thoughts and daydreaming and puts it to good use. You may have understood this! Even if you do not have these fourteen truths, your heart will not be unoccupied. What will your heart ponder over? It will ponder about relationships, what to wear, what to eat, and whether you have had a good meal today. Some people ponder, “What is my mother doing at home? What is my father doing at home? How is their health?” You will ponder over idle matters and absurd things. No matter how much time you spend pondering over these matters, in the end, it is useless, right? Focus your thoughts on these fourteen truths, persevere for a year and you will achieve some results. You will have the reality of the truth. Is this wasting your time? It is not. Someone says, “It is tiring to ponder these things. Daydreaming is not tiring. Look, when I spend time pondering about relationships, it is quite enjoyable. It’s not tiring. Not at all!” Is this the case? Why is it said that every thought in the heart of the corrupt human race is evil? The pondering of evil and crooked means is not evil? The pondering of this crooked means is evil, but if you, instead, put your focus on proper things, this is good. We take the time that we spend daydreaming, thinking of the crooked means and use it on these fourteen truths, is this right? Is this a waste of time? Is this tiring? It is not tiring! These are thoughts and matters of the heart, right? Do you use your hands when you put these truths into practice? Do you use your feet? Do you use your eyes? Do you use your nose or ears? You do not use any of these things. Every now and then, your mouth utters a few sentences, but most of the time, you do not use your mouth. Isn’t this the case? Now, when you think of these things, does it affect the fulfillment of your duties? Does it affect your work? Does it affect you going about your business? Not only does it not affect these things, it actually benefits these things, right? Some of these things, you can ponder while you eat. Other things, you can resolve at the same time as you are talking with other people, “This is just what I’m about to fellowship.” By getting in touch with others, you can resolve these things. When you fulfill your duties, you can ponder about the truth of fulfilling your duties. When you get in touch with other people, you can ponder about the truth related to getting in touch with people and distinguishing people. When you assist people, you can ponder about how to assist people, provide for people and how to water people. You can think about how to resolve difficulties in these areas, how to connect with people and have a relationship based on equality with other people. You can ponder the truth of these things. For many truths, when you connect with relevant things, when you start pondering about these areas, the truth and the reality of these aspects starts to materialize and then you can enter into the truth. That is why there is a direct relationship between pondering about these things and the people we interact with every day, the environments we are in, the duties we fulfill and the topics of conversation that we encounter. It forms a background to all these things. It does not interfere with the things we do, the people we interact with or the duties that we fulfill. In actuality, it doesn’t interfere or contradict with these things but it is instead beneficial to us. However, there are some people who ask, “So, I need to persevere with these fourteen truths every day, I can’t do any less?” Under normal conditions, it is better if you are able to persevere with this much. In other words, if you do not love the truth or do not have the energy to pursue the truth, then it is better for you to persevere with one or two of these versus none, right? Some people, upon hearing this, they say, “Oh, that’s great. Then I will only keep to one of these a day and it should be enough. This is so much easier.” If you only keep to one then you can only obtain one. If you do not keep one, then you do not gain anything. Keeping to one is better than none. It is also better than, “I understand all the truths, it’s just that I cannot put them into practice.” If you persevere with one, then you will receive one. If you persevere with two, then you will receive two. Some people, when they first start persevering with one, they say, “This is not right. I have a lot of time to get in touch with this matter, to get in touch with this duty. Wouldn’t this time be better spent in practicing? A similar example is I am determined to seek the truth in at least one matter each day. The result is, in one day, I encounter three situations and I end up seeking the truth in all of them.” Look, this person has obtained two more truths. You should seek the truth in many situations. However, when you first start, just try to seek and understand the truth in one situation. Is this requirement too much? It is not too much. By doing this, you will end up resolving a lot of matters that you have been dealing with.


Other than when they are sleeping, people’s hearts are never idle. Even if you do not put the truth into practice, and do not ponder or pay attention to matters of truth, your heart will still feel restless. Therefore, pondering putting the truth into practice does not seem like it would be tiring. What situations tire your heart the most? Working excessively hard, anxiety over matters of the flesh and feeling remorse over sins that you have committed will tire your heart the most. A good example is when someone commits a sin of promiscuity, he has an affair with someone. In the end, there is an accident, she gets pregnant. There are consequences. Her family does not allow it, she has to be hospitalized, and she needs to live. She lost her work, so he has to support her. When a baby is born, what should he do? He can tire himself to death thinking about these consequences! Is getting married tiring? Getting married is very tiring. Why do I say that getting married is tiring? We are all part of a humanity that has been corrupted. Before you are familiar with the other party, the things they say seem fair and reasonable. Once you get married, whatever preposterous arguments and unresolved issues will come out. It is tiring when you have to live with someone who is unreasonable and pesters you endlessly. Afterward, both of you have to figure out different situations in life such as what to eat, what to drink, where to live, what recreational activities you want to enjoy. This is all tiring and it can clearly be frustrating! You can see that being single is not tiring, there are no responsibilities. You only have to feed one mouth three meals a day. You only need one place to sleep and that place only needs one bed. You only need one place to kick up your feet. If it is a little more spacious, you will have a little more free space. Even if it is small, it still doesn’t matter. Surviving as a single person is not tiring at all. There are many difficulties that arise when two people have to live together. It’s like encountering an endless number of difficulties, this is tiring! Thinking about matters of the flesh is very tiring. Thinking about spiritual matters involving life and truth is not tiring at all. The more you think about it, the more enjoyment you’ll have in spirit, the more liberated your spirit will become, the simpler your life will become and the more practical the truth will become to you. In the end, your life would become more relaxing. The more you walk the path of the world, the more you follow worldly people, the more tired you get. When you follow worldly people, you have to find a partner. After you have found a partner, if he or she meets someone else, they might end up starting their own relationship. Your partner will start thinking about whether this new person is better than you, and you will start keeping closer tabs on your partner. Isn’t this tiring? How much money does your partner have in his or her pocket? Will he or she give it to the person who he or she is having an affair with? When your partner comes home, you smell their clothes to see if they have been with someone of the opposite sex. This is especially the case with women. They will see if their man’s clothing has any long hair, or whether they can smell any perfume. If they smell perfume, then it gets serious and the two start to argue. Isn’t this tiring? When women see that their husbands are not treating them well, they will start wondering whether or not their husbands are having an affair. Isn’t this tiring? Clinging to the secular world and living in the flesh is very tiring. Pursuing the truth is very relaxing. Even if you use your whole heart to pursue the truth, you won’t feel tired. Isn’t this the case? What kind of person feels that pursuing the truth is tiring? Demons and Satan. They feel that pursuing the truth is tiring but they say that living in the flesh is not tiring. The average person does not really understand this. If you truly understand and can see this clearly, then you will feel that pursuing the truth is not tiring. Look at how some people have meetings every day and they are not tired. They fulfill their duties every day with a happy heart. Living in this way is great, they feel free and liberated! The more they meet with others in God’s house, the more they fulfill their duties in God’s house, the more they feel that, “I see the road of life very clearly. Abandoning the world is great. Not having to find a partner is great. Fulfilling duties is great. Believing in God is great. Obtaining the truth is great!” The more they walk this road, the more bright their life gets. The more they live this life, the more relaxed they become.

Now, there are still people who say, “Isn’t it extremely tiring to ponder about all these matters of truth every day?” “Fine, if you think about one situation, that is all you need.” If you find that pondering one matter is not tiring, then add one more. If you can ponder two matters for two or three days and not feel tired, then add one more. When you can ponder 14 matters in one day and not feel tired, then you have succeeded. You have the reality of the truth, you are living in God’s word and you are living in the midst of the light. Is it okay to add more and more like this? Every day we can add one more, we can start adding right from the beginning until we get to 14. At that point, you will have pretty much entered the life. Live like this every day. Live like this for one year. If you do not have the reality of the truth by then, it would be strange. Right now, no one will give others more burdens. Just start from the first matter, eating and drinking God’s word and praying to God, then you will feel that you have too much idle time during a day. When you are idle, your thoughts start to wander and think about useless things: your husband (wife), your kids, or your parents; should you have a partner or kids, or should you earn some money? These are the things you always ponder. You’ve pondered them for years, yet there are still no results. You might as well not think about these things. Let’s think about proper things. Just offer your heart to God, do not give it to your flesh. Giving it to your flesh is a waste! If you give your heart to your flesh, is it tiring? There are some people who age quickly. What is the issue with this? They ponder matters related to their flesh. They ponder until they cry, have anxiety, feel pain inside, no longer have energy and are paralyzed. Isn’t this tiring? Look at how I communicate and resolve problems every day. Am I so tired that I have fallen over? When I perform my duty, I have God’s blessings. That is why I have not collapsed, developed an illness or felt worn out.

If you truly put into practice the truth that you must put into practice every day, and you do so excellently, and in these few things, you are able to enter and have understanding every day, then are you not receiving daily? You know which sentence of God’s words that you have put into practice every day. You have an understanding of one portion of God’s words every day, you have an understanding of God’s reality and substance. Some of God’s words are about bearing witness to God. God uses these words to express His disposition, to express all that He has and is and to express His intentions. When you have finished reading this type of God’s words, you will have a direct understanding of God. Some of God’s words are concerning visions. The truth of understanding God is all the truth of the vision. Man is only able to understand, he will not be able to put it into practice. However, do not forget, these words that can allow you to achieve an understanding of God can become your life, can become your faith, can become your compassion and can become a truly reverent heart for God. If it becomes your faith, your compassion and a truly reverent heart for God, then what kind of results would this produce? Every kind of result that is associated with putting the truth into practice. This is because, once someone has faith, compassion and a heart that reveres God, it is easy for him or her to put into practice any aspect of the truth. He or she will have a path and be able to accurately put these truths into practice. When they encounter truths that they do not understand, they will be willing to seek. Once they understand these truths, they are also willing to put them into practice. Therefore, when you encounter some truths of the vision, the more of this kind of God’s words that you understand, the more abundantly you will gain. It is deeper than the truth involving practice. Every day, you should also read some truth of the vision. That is, all aspects of the words that testify to God’s disposition, God’s work, all that God is and has, bear witness to God’s almightiness and wisdom. If you continually read all these aspects of the word, one day, you will have an understanding of God, “God has this kind of disposition. All that God is and has is like this. God is truly great! God is truly beautiful! He is awesome! God is the greatest God! God is truly almighty. God is truly wise. God’s wisdom is immeasurable!” Once you have this kind of true understanding of God, your faith will suddenly become great. Can you feel it? You cannot feel it. When you are just thinking of all that God is and has and God’s love, your relationship with God will suddenly be more intimate. You will suddenly have faith in God, feel that to die for God is worthwhile and you will be willing to risk your life for God. It is now clear how faith starts to grow! Some people ask, “Why does nothing grow even though I have read God’s words? Why is it that I read God’s words and none of my problems are resolved?” It is because you do not know how to read God’s words and you do not have an accurate understanding of God’s words. If you truly understand what you have read, then everything will grow. Your faith, your passion and your reverent heart for God will grow. Why was Abraham’s faith so great? Why was Job’s faith so great? It is because they read and listened to God’s word and they pondered it over afterward. Once you have an understanding of God, and you understand God to an extent, your faith will grow, along with your compassion and your reverent heart for God. All these things grew continuously without stop. The more you understand, the more these things grow. When you have understanding, you also have growth. You will understand and grow every day. Your lives will become great in this way.

Is it crucial to read God’s words every day? Some people say to me, “Here, in this place, we have some people who do not pursue the truth. When you ask them to fulfill their duties, they say ‘Huh? Huh? What do I need to do?’ They do not have any enthusiasm, how should I deal with this?” Read God’s words! See if you can read God’s word with them, if you can communicate God’s words with them. If you continue to read and communicate like this and you have truly read God’s words thoroughly then speak about your understanding and help others gain an acceptance and an understanding that is pure. One day, when they understand what they read, their enthusiasm will naturally arise. Some people still ask, “There are some people who do not gather in meetings properly, and even more crucially, they do not put their effort into eating and drinking God’s words. What can be done about this?” Those that do not eat and drink God’s words do not love the truth. They are unable to receive God’s words. We must treat these people differently. Unbelievers do not have faith and moreover, they do not eat or drink God’s words. If you read God’s words with them, their eyes go red, they treat you like you are an enemy and they mock you. These kinds of people are demons. Some people have accepted God’s work, but inside, they have the disposition of demons. They do not love the truth. When you start speaking about eating and drinking God’s words, the expression in their eyes as they look at you is not right. Do not pay heed to this kind of person. They will not listen. They are not humans, they are demons! If they are truly human, when you deal with and prune them, they will not hate you, they will be able to listen and they will be able to accept it. If they are human, you would be able to lead them and help them eat and drink God’s words, you will be able to water and provide for them. If they are not human, they will not be able to accept your watering or shepherding. They will not accept your exhortation. You should just deal with them as if they were demons and move on. God’s work does not force someone to do something. God will not force people. This is God’s loveliness. Therefore, when we deal with people, we must do all that we can to help them. When it comes to people who do not pursue the truth, if we can help them with a loving heart, then help them. If in fact we can’t, love is not effective, and they do not pay heed to it, then treat them as if they were demons. This is what is called having principles.


There are some believers who did not know how to pursue the truth in the first 10 years of their faith. Now, after they have listened to many sermons, they feel that those first 10 years were wasted. It is a great pity. Now, they are older, and they begin to do what is right. They have become mature and are not as energetic as before. Only now do they begin to pursue the truth, but this is a gratifying situation. You can repent and understand right before you die. This shows that you can still be saved. Right now, there are a lot of young people in their twenties who are not looking for boyfriends or girlfriends. They start to focus on pursuing the truth. They are the best people and the treasure in God’s family! Are there a lot of these people? There are not a lot! Especially those whose mothers and fathers do not believe but only they themselves do. In an environment where the great red dragon frantically captures and persecutes them, under conditions where negative rumors fill the sky, these young people stand firm and are still able to follow God. They abandon their families in order to serve God. Are there a lot of such kind of people? There are not a lot! These people are predestined by God to be perfected in the last days. These people are rare and precious! They are in their twenties and they have found a partner, but because of their faith in God, they have broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Are there a lot of such kind of people? Not a lot! They are at an age when they need to find a life partner. Who does not feel lust? Who does not have this kind of weakness? These young people are able to persevere and give up their search for a partner. They are rare and precious; these people are treasures! Some people are in their twenties or thirties, but they abandoned their children and divorced their husband in order to believe in God and pursue the truth. Is this easy? This is called faith. This is what it means to truly cast aside everything! Can the average people do this? It is not easy, it can be a testimony convincing everyone. This is called true witness. If this kind of witness can be adhered to, and this person can pursue the truth all along and not seek a partner, they have built their witness successfully. When God mentions these people, He is happy. There is peace and comfort in God’s heart. These are the people that have hope to be completed and obtained by God. These people are very valuable. Some people start off extremely well, but afterward, they start looking for partners. They do not have any witness, they have failed. Those who truly stand witness have a good beginning as well as a good ending. This kind of witness is successful. Let’s take a look at David. He committed adultery once due to his temporary weakness. Afterward, he did not commit this crime throughout his life even during his later years. In his later years, people brought a young woman to his bosom, yet he did not get intimate with her. This is good witness. It confirms that David truly repented. This is in accordance with God’s intentions.

Some people are fairly strong-willed. Even if other people throw themselves into these people’s arms, these people are still able to reject and break away from this. Is this easy? This is not easy. There are some people who do not look for partners because other people do not introduce potential partners to them. But if when other people introduce potential partners to them and they see that this potential partner is enticing, they are still able to decline, this is witness. Therefore, do not overlook these matters. God is secretively observing! There are some people who have only completed half of their witness. Their witness is not complete. At this time, keep pursuing the truth, persevere until the end. Complete this witness. Then when God puts a period behind it, you will have become one of the people that God blesses. However, if you do not pursue the truth, isn’t it easy to fall back into your old ways? It is easy. If you pursue the truth you will be able to resolve the problem of falling back into your old ways. You will have it under control. This depends on putting the truth into practice, reading God’s word, getting closer to God, self-reflection and preparing good deeds every day. In this way, you will understand more of the truth, get clearer of it, and you can put more truths into practice and grasp more principles. When you have completely entered the reality of the truth, and avoided a lot of evil, you will finally bear your witness. You have not fallen back into your old ways, this is true repentance. This kind of person will obtain God’s praise. Avoiding getting trapped in old ways is a crucial point! Let’s say at first you got rid of your partner and after a few years, you do not faithfully pursue the truth and you find another partner, who is even an unbeliever. Isn’t this even more serious? This is falling back into your old ways! Before God puts a period behind your witness, you found yourself another partner. Then, it’s all over! And your witness will be ended with an exclamation mark—it’s a pity! Instead of a happy ending, your witness ends with failure. And to some people, their witness ends with a question mark instead of a period. Isn’t this frustrating? You start out doing very well. Though there was a bit of impurity, you still had faith and a strong will. However, you did not stay on guard. Later on, you take back your word, you look for a partner again. This witness isn’t done well, it is a failure. You’ve only built half of your witness. You do not pursue the truth, and the whole building collapses because there is no foundation. In the end, you have not completed the witness, your witness is not successful, it is over! Isn’t this a very pitiful matter? Your will was quite great in the beginning. You abandoned your partner, you gave up a good job and you gave your youth to God. This is such a great faith, why did you not persevere? Isn’t it because the truth was not clear to you? You withdrew because you did not pursue the truth. And that is why in the end, you still failed and you did not bear witness. Some people fail in the beginning but succeed in the end. Other people succeed in the beginning but fail in the end. What is this issue? What is the root of this? Some people are leaders. After enduring an instance of dealings, they become negative and say, “Why is it so hard to be a leader in God’s family? Why is it that no matter what I do, it is wrong? I might as well quit!” Is this way of speaking correct? Where is it wrong? You have not pondered over whether God’s family has principles when they deal with someone. Do they blindly deal with people? Do you think the things that God’s family does are not fair? Do you think God’s family wrongly accuses people? The things that God’s family does have principles. When they deal with people, it is even more so that they have principles. Look, do I deal with average believers? Do I deal with those who have a grasp on principles? Some people go through a period of dealing and afterward, they grow. They do things sincerely and with principle. I do not deal with them anymore. Instead, I encourage them. Who demands too much from you? Nobody demands too much from you.

Some people suddenly do something that transgresses the principles. In the past, these people were very arrogant. The more works they do, the more arrogant they get. Now, they make big mistakes, shouldn’t I deal with them? Some people know what principles are, they just do not put them into practice. They deliberately make mistakes and they follow their flesh. Shouldn’t I deal with them? They know what the truth is, yet they do not put it into practice and they insist on following their own notions and imaginations. Shouldn’t I deal with them? I should deal with them. If they do something wrong because they do not understand a little bit of the truth and follow their own notions and imaginations, should I deal with them? In this situation, I won’t deal with them, I will just communicate the truth to them. If I have communicated two or three times and they have understood the truth, but they then do something that violates the truth again, should I deal with them? They make mistakes knowingly, and they understand the truth but do not put it into practice. Now, I will deal with them. If they are stiff-necked and they want to protect their own benefits, I will deal with them. If they know perfectly well that what they do is not in accordance with the truth and that it is evil, yet they still do it, not only does this person need to be dealt with, they also need to be punished. Is this in accordance with principles? This is all in accordance with principles. There are some people who make complaints. I communicate the principles to them and see if they can obey and accept it. I will make them see whether what I do is appropriate. Do you think that I groundlessly deal with people? I have provided you with sermons for such a long time in vain! This should be something that is crystal clear. Do you think that my mind is simple? Do you think I dare do these things without grasping a significant amount of truths and principles? Do you think people could be convinced because of no reason? This is not a simple matter. If you were asked to do some work or to preach with your little theoretical knowledge, you would not be able to even give one sermon. Don’t you believe? I do not prepare any material beforehand and I do not have notes. When I preach, everyone listens intently. Why is this? If I do not have a firm grasp on the truth and principles, do you think I can achieve such a result? Is this a matter of being cultured? Is this a matter regarding the ability to speak? Is this a matter of eloquence? It has nothing to do with these things. This is not something that can be achieved through knowledge, language or eloquence. Being able to achieve this involves experience, having the Holy Spirit’s work and enlightenment. When I say this, it seems like it is very simple, but in reality, is it simple? Look, I do not prepare any material, I do not have a draft and I do not even have notes. I can speak to you spontaneously about anything. When I read a passage of God’s word, I just communicate it spontaneously. When people report to me a problem that exists in the church, or when they ask me a question, I am able to talk all meeting about it. I can also spontaneously come up with a topic and talk about that throughout a whole meeting. That is why, for me, leading a fellowship and talking about something is nothing out of the ordinary. What is this all about? You must have the Holy Spirit leading you, you must have the Holy Spirit’s work and you must have your own practical experience. If you do not have your own practical experience, would you be able to do this if you only had the Holy Spirit’s work? Would you be able to express these things adequately? You would not be able to do this. The things I say are all practical. These are all words based on practical experiences, that is why I can fluently speak about anything without even preparing a draft. How do I link this subject with that subject? I just start talking and they spontaneously link together. They end up fitting together without contradictions. Isn’t it something easy? This is an issue of spiritual stature. If I let one of you workers or leaders host a gathering, would you be able to host it well? How would you prepare? You would need to write a draft, come up with some examples and ponder about how to connect different topics. Afterward, you would need to pray consistently. If you can’t find the words through prayer, then you start fasting. If fasting does not work, you have to find someone else to pray for you. Wouldn’t you say that for you to host a gathering, it is very tiring? After hosting a gathering, you need to take a break for a couple of days. Do you see me feeling tired after a gathering? No, I actually feel quite relaxed afterward. The next day, I can resolve problems and speak and communicate like before. Isn’t this the case? One sentence sums it up: You need to have experience! After you have a good amount of experience, been perfected by the Holy Spirit and have the reality of the truth, then you can do what I do. It would be very easy.

Do you like to pursue the truth? What was the purpose of what I just said? I said it so you would pursue intently and put the truth into practice. If you faithfully experience these things, put the truth into practice every day, then one day, you will be able to become a leader and you will be able to bear witness this way. I have believed in God for 30 years now but I have only experienced God’s work for 20 years. You need another 10 years of experience. If your inner quality is good, then you will be ready to preach and do work the way I do. If it is bad, then it won’t do. If your inner quality is too poor, even if you believe for one hundred years, it would be no use, right? Now, you have two advantages, on the one hand, you possess basic cultural knowledge. And on the other hand, you have an even better qualification: You are energetic, young and you have time! Being energetic is very valuable. If you used your energy on pursuing the truth, wouldn’t you improve very quickly? That is why I say that if you follow my instructions to experience, in ten years, you will be able to be perfected! If you have been perfected and have gained the truth, then when you talk about testimonies of your experiences, communicate the truth and solve problems, you will have a perfect command of these skills. It will be very natural for you.

If you pursue the truth intently, do you still need to worry about what to eat, what to wear and what you need to use? If you pursue the truth, in the future, you will have everything you need, you will not need to worry. Later on, those who love God will run across the whole world and traverse the entire universe. And with God’s blessings, no disaster can befall you. Do you have faith in God? Right now, we cannot imagine what God will prepare for us in the future; it is beyond man’s imagination. Therefore, it is best not to ponder about whether you should find a partner later on, whether you should get married or have kids, or whether you should buy a house. Thinking about these things is useless! After the great disaster, it will be a brand new world. Everything will belong to God’s chosen people. The unbelievers, they do not worship God, they do not believe in God and they always do evil. God hates these people, He will destroy them. Everything that God has created was prepared for His chosen people to enjoy. Faithfully pursue the truth and pursue perfection from God and all the blessings shall be yours! Today you say, “The clothes I wear are not ideal at all.” It does not matter if the things that you wear today are not fashionable or stylish. One day, when the Millennial Kingdom is realized, at that time, God will bless this human race. He will give all of heaven’s abundance to us. The things that the human race will enjoy will be 100 times better than what the corrupt human race enjoys now. God will give heaven’s abundance to the human race. Afterward, everything on earth will be from heaven. Isn’t this even better? The hymns you listen to now, you may not think they are very good to listen to. Do not worry. Gradually, heaven’s songs, the sound from heaven will descend upon us. God’s chosen people are enlightened by the Holy Spirit when they compose their songs. The songs they compose are truly beautiful. When you sing them, they will cause you to become ecstatic. Afterward, the clothes you wear will be nicer and the transportation tools will be better. They are like UFO, when you sit in them, you will fly away. You do not need gasoline and there are no accidents or pollution. The animals in the future will be tamer than those right now. The food in the future will all be very tasty. Everything you eat will have its flavor. The food these days all need to have fertilizer and growth hormones. They look quite big, but they have no taste. The food in the future will be much better. It will be blessed by God with favorable weather conditions. Whatever you eat will be delicious. You will no longer be picky about what you eat. You will feel that all that God has made is good. Everything will be organic and raw. You will not need to pay money for it. You can just eat, it will all be free. In the past, there were no free lunches. In the future, everything will be a free lunch. Do you think these words are true? One day, you will realize that they are true.

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