Chapter 99. Only If One Practices the Truth Can They Possess Normal Humanity

On a day-to-day basis, if your thoughts all have to do with resolving your own corrupt disposition, how to put truth into practice, and how to seek the principles of truth, and if what fills your heart is how to have more and more of a human likeness, how to conform to God’s will, how to be able to obey and revere God, as well as practicing restraint and accepting God’s observation in everything you do, then your conditions will continue to improve. This is someone who lives before God. If what fills your heart is what you can do to achieve high status, or how to do things in front of others so they admire you, that is the wrong path. Then you’re doing things for Satan and you’re just rendering service. There are two paths. One just emphasizes behavior, fulfilling one’s own ambitions, desires, intents, and plans—this is living before Satan and living under Satan’s domain. The other path emphasizes how to satisfy God’s will, enter into the reality of truth, obey God, have no misunderstandings of God, and not be rebellious, in order to attain a heart of reverence for God and perform one’s duty well—this is living before God.

If you have a correct attitude of facing the truth, have an attitude of accepting the truth, and adopt a humble attitude, then even if you are of poor caliber, God will still enlighten you and allow you to gain something. If you are of good caliber but are always arrogant, constantly thinking that you are right and forever unwilling to accept anything that others say, and are always resisting, then God will not work in you. God will say that your disposition is bad and you are unworthy to receive anything, and God will even take away what you once had. This is what is known as being exposed.

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