Dear brothers and sisters who have been selected by God to receive the work of God incarnate:

Just like you, I am someone who experienced Satan’s corruption yet received God’s great salvation. It was God who lifted me up, allowing me to do my duty and serve before God. Such has been God’s grace to us. We must thank God and praise God, and bring the glory back to the practical God.

During the past few years, I have put in order the burdens on my heart and the words I was going to share with you, presenting them serially to you in written form. Time is pressing. Considering the urgent needs of the brothers and sisters, I have published these words with only minimal arrangement for the extracurricular study by the brothers and sisters. I believe that these fellowships will bring you some edification and benefit. There is the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit in these sermons and there is human experience in them, too. Due to limitations in my ability to express myself and of my composition skills there are some clumsy passages. I hope the brothers and sisters can forgive this. These fellowships are only the part of human cooperation in this stage of God’s work. The text has been read and approved by God for dissemination to the churches as supplementary reading material. It is merely intended to pave the way for people to understand the word of God, and should not in the least be considered as equivalent to God’s words. I hope that people will approach it correctly. Perhaps some brothers and sisters would like to fellowship with me face to face. These words are precisely the heartfelt words that I desire to share with you, however, and can completely replace face-to-face discussion. Because this is the written word, perhaps there will be some places that are not expressed clearly or are not explicit enough. I have considered this problem. If the writing is too detailed it gets wordy. I feel that anybody who has some capacity for receiving will be able to understand this style of writing. Though one may not understand thoroughly at first, he will be able to get the general idea. After a period of more experience he will be completely clear.

The core of all these fellowships is how to put truth into practice to achieve a change of disposition. The problems addressed exist in each and every brother and sister; they are problems that urgently need resolution. Most of these problems were reported by the leaders and workers below and discovered in fellowship with people with whom I was in contact. Of course, the majority of the areas are ones with which I have personal experience. Now that these fellowships have been put in order, I have a sense of comfort. There may be people who prefer not to read these writings because there are human impurities in them. I will not importune such people in the least, because these writings have been produced for those who like to fellowship about the truth. Wouldn’t it be better if people were able to directly understand the words from God? Fellowshiping about truth is actually toward the end of helping people understand the word of God. There is not much time left. I hope that the brothers and sisters will diligently read God’s words. I hope that these fellowships of mine can help brothers and sisters understand more of God’s word in their efforts to bear resounding witness for God. May God’s grace be with us always!

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