65. The Principles of Admitting Responsibility and Resigning

(1) Any false leader or worker who does not accept the truth, who cannot do practical work, and who, for some time, has been bereft of the work of the Holy Spirit, must admit responsibility and resign;

(2) Whoever refuses to issue or implement work arrangements or sermons and fellowship, standing in the way of God’s chosen people being led and shepherded from the Above, must admit responsibility and resign;

(3) Whoever violates work arrangements and goes rogue, causing the work of God’s house and His chosen people to suffer great loss and disaster, must admit responsibility and resign;

(4) If, having committed a transgression or evil deed, a leader or worker is pruned and dealt with, and is able truly to repent, ensuring good work in the future, they may retain their position for the time being.

Relevant Words of God:

As your life progresses, you must always have new entry and new, higher insight, which grow deeper with every step. This is what all humanity should enter into. Through communing, listening to sermons, reading the word of God, or handling some matter, you will gain new insight and new enlightenment, and will not live within the rules of old and times of old; you will always live in the new light, and will not stray from the word of God. This is what is meant by embarking upon the right track. Paying a price on some superficial level will not do; day by day, the word of God enters a higher realm, and new things appear every day, and man, too, must make a new entry every day. As God speaks, so He brings to fruition all that which He has spoken, and if you cannot keep up, then you will fall behind. You must go deeper in your prayers; eating and drinking of the word of God cannot be intermittent. Deepen the enlightenment and illumination you receive, and your notions and imaginings must gradually recede. You must also strengthen your judgment, and whatever you encounter, you must have your own thoughts about it and have your own viewpoints. By understanding some things in the spirit, you must gain insight into the outward things and grasp the essence of any issue. If you are not equipped with these things, how will you be able to lead the church? If you only speak of letters and doctrines without any reality and without a way of practice, you will only be able to get by for a short period of time. It may be marginally acceptable when speaking to new believers, but after a time, when new believers have had some actual experience, you will no longer be able to supply them. Then how are you fit for God’s use? Without new enlightenment, you cannot work. Those without new enlightenment are those who do not know how to experience, and such people never gain new knowledge or new experience. And, in the matter of supplying life, they can never perform their function, nor can they become fit for God’s use. This kind of person is good for nothing, a mere wastrel. In truth, such people are wholly incapable of performing their function in the work, they are all good for nothing. Not only do they fail to perform their function, but they actually place much unnecessary strain on the church. I exhort these “venerable old men” to make haste and leave the church, so that others no longer have to look upon you.

Excerpted from “Those Who Obey God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

In order to sort out and remove all false leaders, false workers, and antichrists, the Above issues forth the following notice:

Any evildoers who have committed any of the following seven acts must accept responsibility, resign, and admit their sins to God’s chosen people, to placate people and make God feel at ease.

1. Any who lack the work of the Holy Spirit, whose fellowship lacks truth reality, who cannot resolve practical problems of entry into life for God’s chosen people, and who cannot do a practical work must accept responsibility and resign.

2. Any who have condemned the work arrangements of the Above, who have withheld or refused to distribute work arrangements, sermons and fellowship, who have limited God’s chosen people’s ability to receive work arrangements, sermons and fellowship distributed by others, and who have closed off the church must accept responsibility and resign.

3. Any who refuse to implement work arrangements and restrict the church’s elections of leaders and deacons—including nominally permitted elections—but who also try to forcefully or covertly appoint candidates, must accept responsibility and resign.

4. Any who have mistakenly expelled or isolated many of God’s chosen people without consulting with the church, who have refused to reinstate them in church life, who have no love at all for God’s chosen people, and who do not ask or care about the problems of God’s chosen people must accept responsibility and resign.

5. Any who have restricted the ability of God’s chosen people to fellowship on work arrangements and discern false leaders and antichrists, who have obstructed God’s chosen people in fulfilling their duties and practicing the truth according to work arrangements, and who have spread absurd theories to make people obey the church and leaders must accept responsibility and resign.

6. Any who misappropriate God’s offerings, taking them as their own, or who abuse the use of offerings in violation of the provisions of work arrangements, must accept responsibility and resign, and must also fully confess the facts of their crimes and repay the money they took in full.

7. Any who have taken revenge or condemned those among God’s chosen people who dare to expose false leaders and antichrists and stand up for what is right, or who have suppressed them or done them injury, are in reality excessively evil devils, and must accept responsibility and resign.

God’s house will no longer allow any evildoers who have committed any of the seven acts above to continue holding leadership or worker posts at any level, because these people have severely disrupted and disturbed the work of God, they have no love at all for God’s chosen people, they have viciously harmed God’s chosen people, they have striven to prevent God’s chosen people from understanding the truth or obeying God’s work, and they have even condemned and framed those of God’s chosen people who obey work arrangements and uphold righteousness. This is evil beyond measure, a sin beyond compare. God’s chosen people can no longer tolerate such evildoers in leadership and worker positions, and cry out to God for salvation. It is apparent that these false leaders, false workers, and antichrists have incited the people’s wrath and offended God’s disposition, so they must accept responsibility and resign. This is entirely in accordance with God’s will and the people’s desires. If today they accept responsibility and resign, and show they are capable of repentance, God’s house will grant them another chance; they will be allowed to retain their church life and assigned appropriate duties—and if they can pursue the truth and genuinely repent, they will still have an opportunity to be saved. If, however, they do not accept responsibility and resign, and continue to resist God’s house, they can be defined as antichrists, and must be expelled and forever rejected by God’s chosen people.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

How should people discern and determine situations in which they should accept responsibility and resign as opposed to situations in which they do not need to accept responsibility and resign? Some leaders and workers do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, and they are incapable of doing even a little practical work. All they can do is handle general affairs and do some trifling, unimportant work. Such people should accept responsibility and resign. If they can do some practical and beneficial work, even if the outcome of their work is not that productive, yet their humanity is comparatively good, and they are obedient, then people like this can be retained in their roles. What are the conditions for retention? They must be able to do some practical work. At the very least they have purity of understanding, possess some realities for fellowshiping on the truth, provide some help to others and edify them, and solve some practical problems. People like this do not need to take any responsibility upon themselves and resign. If someone is unable to do any practical work whatsoever, and creates all kinds of interruptions and disruptions, and in addition, they do not know what kind of work they should do and only act when others tell them what to do, such a person must resign. These principles should be clear to you by now, right? If some people do not know whether or not to accept responsibility and resign, they should ask God’s chosen people, as they have the most say. If you have self-reflected and are clear about how you have behaved in the past, have genuinely repented, and can guarantee to do some practical work in the future, then you do not have to take any responsibility upon yourself or resign. If you are unable to do any practical work at all, and therefore should accept responsibility and resign, yet you feel that in doing so you would be betraying God, then is this really a betrayal of Him? This is of benefit to God’s chosen people and to the work of God’s house. If, after you resign, you are loyal in fulfilling the duties you are capable of doing, such as preaching the gospel, hosting brothers and sisters, or completing some general affairs, then you will find your place. If you do not accept responsibility and resign, and are still acting in a leadership role, then you will become a stumbling block. If you still do not resign, and you continue to think that resignation is a betrayal of God, then your way of thinking is pure fallacy. If you accept responsibility and resign, the stumbling block you have become will be removed and you will no longer be an obstruction. This is not a betrayal of God; rather, it shows that you possess reason. If you are able to truly repent, this is the act of accepting the truth and submitting to God. If you continue to do evil and oppose God, caring nothing for whether God’s chosen live or die, you will have no choice other than to face God’s punishment. You will not only lose all standing and reputation, but will also be destroyed by God.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

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