65. The Principles of Admitting Responsibility and Resigning

(1) Any false leader or worker who does not accept the truth, who cannot do practical work, and who, for some time, has been bereft of the work of the Holy Spirit, must admit responsibility and resign;

(2) Whoever refuses to issue or implement work arrangements or sermons and fellowship, standing in the way of God’s chosen people being led and shepherded from the Above, must admit responsibility and resign;

(3) Whoever violates work arrangements and goes rogue, causing the work of God’s house and His chosen people to suffer great loss and disaster, must admit responsibility and resign;

(4) If, having committed a transgression or evil deed, a leader or worker is pruned and dealt with, and is able truly to repent, ensuring good work in the future, they may retain their position for the time being.

Relevant Words of God:

God’s house makes optimal use of people according to their actual capacities, in the way that is most suitable. If your humanity is good but your caliber is poor, perform your duty with all your heart and all your strength. You do not need to be a leader or worker to meet with God’s approval. If you were willing to concern yourself with what a leader needs to concern himself with but unable to do so, if you do not possess the qualities required to be a leader and are not up to the task, what should you do? In that case, do not insist on it and make things harder for yourself. If you can carry fifty pounds, carry fifty pounds without showing off and saying, “Fifty pounds isn’t enough—I want to carry a greater burden! I’ll carry a hundred pounds, even if it kills me!” Your inability to be a leader or worker certainly wouldn’t kill you, but it would delay the work of God’s house and affect its rate of progress and efficiency, and it would delay a number of people’s progress in their lives. This is not a responsibility you can bear, because your caliber is not sufficient. Thus, if you have self-awareness, you should take the initiative to step down and to recommend someone to be the leader or worker whose caliber is good, who is properly qualified, and who is better than you. This is the wise course, and only in doing so is one a person with true humanity and true sense, who truly understands the truth and practices it. You think always, “Although my caliber is poor, my humanity is good. I am willing to take on concerns, to endure hardship and pay the price. I am resolute and I do things with greater perseverance than you. I am tolerant and unafraid of being dealt with or pruned, or being tried. What does it matter if my caliber isn’t so great?” This is not meant to condemn you but to classify you, to give you clarity about what you are able to do, what suits you, and what duty suits you. In yet another regard, one of the most practical problems you now face is that your quality is too low. You cannot fulfill the duty of a leader. It does not suit you, and if you try to lead, you will delay the work of God’s house. If you enjoy being busy and have humanity, and if you are willing to take on concerns and pay the price, then there is a job that suits you, a duty you should perform, and God’s house will arrange it appropriately. It accords with the rules and principles of God’s house not to let you be a leader, but God’s house will certainly never deprive you of your right to do your duty or your right to believe in and follow God because of your caliber. Is this proper? Is there still a need for more detailed fellowship on this matter? Some people of lower caliber hear this and think, “Enough fellowship. There is no place to show this face of mine. I know that my caliber is poor, so I won’t be a leader or worker—to be a group leader or supervisor would do, or perhaps I’ll do odd jobs, cook, clean … anything is fine. I’ll just do what I must, no matter what others say, and submit to the arrangements of God’s house and to God’s designs. Being of lower caliber is also the grace of God. There is God’s good will in it, and God does not work wrongly.” If you can look at things in this way, that will do, and the problem needs no more fellowship. In sum, we dissect only the problems of people of lesser caliber, revealing the truth as it is so that more people will have the correct attitude and view toward these people, and so that these people can have the correct attitude and view toward their own poor caliber. They can then situate themselves accurately and find their own appropriate position and duty, so that the price they pay and their resolve to endure hardship can be put to reasonable use and brought into play. This does not affect your understanding of the truth or your practice of the truth. And it does not affect your image in God’s house or in the presence of God.

Excerpted from “Identifying False Leaders (8)” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

Do you wish to be a false leader, or an ordinary follower? (An ordinary follower.) If the brothers and sisters elect you, give it a go; maybe they see things more clearly than you. If the brothers and sisters think you can do it, you should give your all. If you really try, but still fail in the work, and your heart burns with anxiety, and you can’t sleep, and you simply don’t know how to do it properly, then stop; it’s too hard on you. If you carry on, you will likely become a false leader, in which case you should write a letter of resignation, declaring, “Effective immediately, I wish to resign because I am of poor caliber, and likely to become a false leader; please choose someone else.” This is the wisest course of action. This is the most suitable thing to do: It is rational, and better than occupying the position and being a false leader. If you know full well that you are of poor caliber and incapable of being a leader, but cannot bear to give up the role, and say to yourself, “Why can’t I do this? Who can give me some help? How great it would be if I were in this role and someone else made the plans! But no one fits the bill, so I’ll muddle though, getting through it day-by-day; even if I can’t do the work, I’m still the leader, and being a leader makes me better than the brothers and sisters. If the house of God does not replace me and I am not removed by the brothers and sisters, then I won’t resign,” is this reasonable? (It is not.) Acting thus delays the work of the house of God—it hurts others, and it hurts yourself. Do you know what it means to be a leader? It means you have a direct relationship with many people’s entry into life, and you have a direct relationship with how they walk the path before them. If you lead well, they will walk this path well; if you lead them onto the right path, they shall set foot on the right path. If you lead poorly, and take them into the gutter, and they become a Pharisee like you, then your sin is great. And is great sin the end of it? It shall be noted by God. You know full well that your caliber is poor, that you are a false leader, and incapable of doing real work, yet you do not step down, but brazenly cling to your position, and do not allow anyone else to have it. This is a sin, and God shall keep account. And will His keeping account be good or bad for you in the future? You’re in trouble! I’ll tell you the honest truth: God keeps account of such things for each and every person, and every item is clearly written down. If something so major were to happen on your path to salvation, then the impact on you would be huge. Whatever you do, do not walk this path, and do not be this kind of person.

Excerpted from “Identifying False Leaders (5)” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

Some people say, “Before, I wasn’t too clear about the responsibilities of leaders and workers, and was bewildered about such a position, thinking that if I had passion, and was willing to suffer, I was fit for the job. But when You fellowshiped this, I was dumbstruck—it turns out I am a false leader, that I don’t have what it takes, that I can’t even implement one specific work arrangement of the house of God. I used to think that it was enough to read the work arrangements a few times, make sure everyone has a copy, then watch everyone below me get on with it—I just had to monitor and keep watch, that’s all. After a while, I discovered the work wasn’t being done properly, and that many specific practices were being ignored. Only then did I realize what I was, that my caliber was extremely poor.” So what to do? Is it ok to “drop the load”? Is there a way to solve this? Is it the case that there is no solution to this problem? (No. Based on what God asks, they must try to do better.) That’s a very positive perspective—it’s a great point of way of looking at it: based on what God asks, trying to do better, not believing you can’t do it, not being negative, not giving up. This is one answer, and it is a good one. Is it the only answer? (No. If their caliber is too poor, and they really cannot do the work, then they can also step down.) That’s the second answer. If you’ve already tried, and think you can’t do it, if it’s a real struggle for you, and very hard, and a source of great anxiety, and makes you lose sleep, if you feel as if you’re being crushed by mountains every day—if you can’t lift your head or catch a breath, if your feet feel heavy as you walk—and after hearing these specific requirements, you have an even greater sense that your caliber is poor and you can’t do it, then what should you do? There is a solution: go ahead and resign. If you can’t do it, you should admit it. What does it mean to admit it? You must have a precise understanding and grasp of yourself, a clear awareness of your own abilities and caliber. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. So how is such awareness achieved? Not by imagination, but because it has already been tested; you do not possess this caliber and ability. For the caliber of this kind of person, such matters are too complicated, the difficulty is too great; they are truly incapable of doing this, they are not simply giving up. So is there any room for growth if they try and better themselves? Can they improve their caliber? If they’ve already tried, and seen that this really is their caliber, then there’s no point in trying again, no use in re-proving the point. They should go ahead and resign. Don’t keep on in this role; if you can’t do specific work, you will have an impact on others and delay them. Is this a path? Either one of these two paths isn’t the only one; you can choose, can make a real and accurate judgment based on your understanding of yourself, and the understanding of you of brothers and sisters around you who are familiar with you, and then you can make the right choice, for which the house of God will not be hard on you. Some people say, “I still want to try, to improve myself. I don’t think I’m that bad. It’s just that during those years I didn’t pay much attention to pursuing the truth, I was bewildered about being a leader, and didn’t know what to do. At the start, I thought the work of the house of God was simple: It was just fellowshiping the truth, and as long as I devoted more effort to the words of God, I would be able to do the work well. But as soon as I was confronted with real work, I saw that the work of the house of God is not so simple.” Now they know that doing any of the specific work of the house of God isn’t that simple. Partly, people have to have caliber; partly, they must have a burden; and partly, they must understand the truth. All of these are indispensable. Not pursuing the truth is unacceptable; poor caliber is unacceptable; poor humanity and no burden is unacceptable; and specific work must be approached specifically. It’s not so simple. Some people aren’t convinced, and still want to have another go, to be given another chance. Should such people be given a chance? If they are capable of doing some specific jobs, and are merely of average ability and caliber, but are not sloppy or reckless when they work, and are able to listen and obey, being basically capable of carrying out the work in accordance with the work arrangements, and the requirements and principles of the house of God, then even though previously, such people failed to do the work properly because they were naive, young, and had a shallow foundation, and because they had the wrong idea about a lot of things, they are still the right person, and should be given a chance; don’t blindly replace them or blindly ask them to step down. Being a leader or a worker isn’t that easy, nor is choosing a leader or a worker that easy. People now understand something of the responsibilities of leaders and workers, and the next time they work, they will do it better than before, when they didn’t understand such things. This is fact.

Excerpted from “Identifying False Leaders (9)” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

In order to sort out and remove all false leaders, false workers, and antichrists, the Above issues forth the following notice:

Any evildoers who have committed any of the following seven acts must accept responsibility, resign, and admit their sins to God’s chosen people, to placate people and make God feel at ease.

1. Any who lack the work of the Holy Spirit, whose fellowship lacks truth reality, who cannot resolve practical problems of entry into life for God’s chosen people, and who cannot do a practical work must accept responsibility and resign.

2. Any who have condemned the work arrangements of the Above, who have withheld or refused to distribute work arrangements, sermons and fellowship, who have limited God’s chosen people’s ability to receive work arrangements, sermons and fellowship distributed by others, and who have closed off the church must accept responsibility and resign.

3. Any who refuse to implement work arrangements and restrict the church’s elections of leaders and deacons—including nominally permitted elections—but who also try to forcefully or covertly appoint candidates, must accept responsibility and resign.

4. Any who have mistakenly expelled or isolated many of God’s chosen people without consulting with the church, who have refused to reinstate them in church life, who have no love at all for God’s chosen people, and who do not ask or care about the problems of God’s chosen people must accept responsibility and resign.

5. Any who have restricted the ability of God’s chosen people to fellowship on work arrangements and discern false leaders and antichrists, who have obstructed God’s chosen people in fulfilling their duties and practicing the truth according to work arrangements, and who have spread absurd theories to make people obey the church and leaders must accept responsibility and resign.

6. Any who misappropriate God’s offerings, taking them as their own, or who abuse the use of offerings in violation of the provisions of work arrangements, must accept responsibility and resign, and must also fully confess the facts of their crimes and repay the money they took in full.

7. Any who have taken revenge or condemned those among God’s chosen people who dare to expose false leaders and antichrists and stand up for what is right, or who have suppressed them or done them injury, are in reality excessively evil devils, and must accept responsibility and resign.

God’s house will no longer allow any evildoers who have committed any of the seven acts above to continue holding leadership or worker posts at any level, because these people have severely disrupted and disturbed the work of God, they have no love at all for God’s chosen people, they have viciously harmed God’s chosen people, they have striven to prevent God’s chosen people from understanding the truth or obeying God’s work, and they have even condemned and framed those of God’s chosen people who obey work arrangements and uphold righteousness. This is evil beyond measure, a sin beyond compare. God’s chosen people can no longer tolerate such evildoers in leadership and worker positions, and cry out to God for salvation. It is apparent that these false leaders, false workers, and antichrists have incited the people’s wrath and offended God’s disposition, so they must accept responsibility and resign. This is entirely in accordance with God’s will and the people’s desires. If today they accept responsibility and resign, and show they are capable of repentance, God’s house will grant them another chance; they will be allowed to retain their church life and assigned appropriate duties—and if they can pursue the truth and genuinely repent, they will still have an opportunity to be saved. If, however, they do not accept responsibility and resign, and continue to resist God’s house, they can be defined as antichrists, and must be expelled and forever rejected by God’s chosen people.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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