72. The Principles of Church Purges

(1) All manner of evil people, absurd people, half-wits, and rotten apples, as attested to by the majority, must be purged;

(2) Muddled people of very poor caliber, who cannot understand the truth in the least and are up to no good in the church, must be purged;

(3) Any people who engage in crookedness and deceit, who sow discord, who form factions, or who plot and conspire to disrupt church life must be purged;

(4) Any people who frequently judge and level accusations against leaders and workers, whose baseless charges are meant purely to incite and provoke, must be purged;

(5) If someone is to be purged, the church must have adequate reason for it, it must accord with work arrangements, and a majority of members must concur.

Relevant Words of God:

God saves those who can come to life, who can see God’s salvation, who can be loyal to God and who are willing to seek God. He saves those who believe in God’s incarnation and in His appearance. Some people can come to life, and some people cannot; this depends on whether their nature can be saved or not. Many people have heard a lot of God’s words yet do not understand God’s will, and are still incapable of putting them into practice. Such people are incapable of living out any truth and also deliberately interfere with God’s work. They are incapable of doing any work for God, they cannot devote anything to Him, and they also secretly spend the church’s money and eat in the house of God for free. These people are dead and they will not be saved.

Excerpted from “Are You Someone Who Has Come to Life?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those among brothers and sisters who are always giving vent to their negativity are lackeys of Satan, and they disturb the church. Such people must one day be expelled and eliminated. In their belief in God, if people do not have a heart of reverence for God, if they do not have a heart of obedience toward God, then not only will they be unable to do any work for Him, but on the contrary will become those who disturb His work and who defy Him. Believing in God but not obeying or revering Him, and instead resisting Him, is the greatest disgrace for a believer. If believers are just as casual and unrestrained in their speech and conduct as unbelievers are, then they are even more evil than unbelievers; they are archetypal demons. Those who give vent to their poisonous, malicious talk within the church, who spread rumors, foment disharmony, and form cliques among the brothers and sisters—they should have been expelled from the church. Yet because now is a different era of God’s work, these people are restricted, for they face certain elimination. All who have been corrupted by Satan have corrupt dispositions. Some have nothing more than corrupt dispositions, while others are different: Not only do they have corrupt satanic dispositions, but their nature is also extremely malicious. Not only do their words and actions reveal their corrupt, satanic dispositions; these people are, moreover, the genuine devil Satan. Their behavior interrupts and disturbs God’s work, it impairs the brothers’ and sisters’ entry into life, and it damages the normal life of the church. Sooner or later, these wolves in sheep’s clothing must be cleared out; an unsparing attitude, an attitude of rejection, should be adopted toward these lackeys of Satan. Only this is standing on the side of God, and those who fail to do so are wallowing in the mire with Satan. People who genuinely believe in God always have Him in their hearts, and they always carry within them a God-revering heart, a God-loving heart. Those who believe in God should do things cautiously and prudently, and all that they do should be in accordance with God’s requirements and able to satisfy His heart. They should not be headstrong, doing whatever they please; that does not befit saintly propriety. People must not run amok, waving the flag of God all over the place while swaggering and swindling everywhere; this is the most rebellious sort of conduct. Families have their rules, and nations have their laws—and isn’t it even more so in the house of God? Aren’t the standards even stricter? Aren’t there even more administrative decrees? People are free to do what they want, but the administrative decrees of God cannot be altered at will. God is a God who does not tolerate offense from humans; He is a God who puts people to death. Do people really not know this already?

Excerpted from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Today, I rise up and chastise all sorts of evil spirits that defy Me. Regardless of how long they have followed Me, they must leave My side. I do not want anyone who is against Me (they are those who lack spiritual understanding, those who have been temporarily possessed by evil spirits, and those who do not know Me). I do not want a single one of them! All will be removed and become sons of perdition! After doing service for Me today, they must all leave! Do not loiter in My house; stop your constant shameless freeloading! Those who belong to Satan are all sons of the devil, and will perish forever.

Excerpted from “Chapter 109” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

When God’s work of the last days is soon to end, the work of purging and cleansing the church becomes imperative and must be enforced, and God’s righteous disposition will be entirely revealed in this matter. God’s chosen people already know that God’s disposition is not only merciful and loving, but is, moreover, majestic and wrathful and brooks no offense. From the time that God embarked upon the work of the last days and began to speak, every manner of antichrist, wicked person, evil spirit, and unclean demon has been unceasing in passing judgment, attacking, deceiving, inciting, disturbing, demolishing, destroying, creating chaos everywhere, even going so far as to arbitrarily suppress, entrap, punish, and expel God’s chosen people, sending every church up in smoke, and wreaking havoc. This long ago offended God’s disposition, and God became wrathful, and began to reward the good and punish the wicked, utterly and completely dispense with these satanic demons, these evil spirits and unclean demons. Only by eradicating all antichrists, wicked people, evil spirits and unclean demons could the church be thoroughly cleansed, and only then could God’s heart be fully satisfied. God’s words say, “God has now turned to the work of ‘sorting people out,’ which shows that what God wants, and what satisfies God, is not the church of today, but the kingdom after the sorting. At this moment, He gives a further warning to all the ‘dangerous goods’: Unless God does not act, as soon as God begins to act, these people shall be wiped from the kingdom. God never does things perfunctorily. He acts always according to the principle of ‘one is one and two is two,’ and, if there are those He does not wish to look upon, He does everything possible to wipe them away, to stop them from causing trouble in the future. This is called ‘taking out the trash and thoroughly cleaning’” (“Chapter 12” of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). The thorough purging and cleansing of the church is the final step of God’s work of the last days. It entirely reveals God’s disposition that brooks no offense. God’s chosen people realize that God’s righteous disposition is majestic and wrathful, and see that God’s uprooting of Satan’s evil forces is His true love and salvation for man. They therefore extol and praise the righteous Almighty God from the bottom of their hearts. After God’s chosen people understand God’s will, they should be utterly faithful to God during the work of purging the church, and, in the end, do battle with the evil forces of Satan headed by antichrist demons, and bear beautiful and resounding testimony for God to repay His love and bring comfort to His heart. This is what God demands, and it is the duty that must be fulfilled and the beautiful testimony that ought to be borne by God’s chosen ones.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

One must be able to discern and see clearly the kind of people who are to be eliminated and destroyed, for such people are wicked people who oppose God, and they have no love for the truth. Regardless of how they are pruned and dealt with, or watered and supplied, in the end, they will remain incapable of accepting the truth, and are liable to change tactics to commit evil and oppose God. There is no remedy for such people, and some people are punished for their multifarious evildoings, and some are exposed, eliminated, and expelled. All antichrists, wicked people, evil spirits and unclean demons who are expelled for their multifarious evildoings shall be eliminated and consigned to annihilation. For those who have not committed much evil but whose nature essence has no love for the truth, though they may not appear overly wicked on the outside, over time they will reveal themselves, and when they do, they must be purged or expelled. Those who cannot yet be clearly discerned may be allowed to remain in the church and can be purged and expelled once they have been exposed. All who have not committed any great evil but have been unceasing in minor evils and have, after being pruned and dealt with, improved their behavior, can stay; if they continue to behave badly, and still keep making the same old mistakes, then they must be purged or expelled. People are eliminated and consigned to annihilation under the following circumstances: Firstly, all who have never been serious about eating and drinking the words of God, who always kick up a fuss about nothing, who provoke people and alienate them, who form cliques and gangs, who cause trouble, who bring serious harm to the life of the church, causing them to be loathed by the chosen people—they are wicked, and these people must be purged or expelled, and dealt with as soon as they are identified; secondly, all who have never attended to their proper business, who find every reason and excuse to get out of doing their duty, or who perform their duty reluctantly, who do so sloppily and perfunctorily, and who do more harm than good—they are non-believing interlopers, evildoers who have tricked their way into the church, and they must be purged or expelled; thirdly, some people are willing to perform some small duty for the sake of obtaining blessing or pleasing themselves, but what they do has no effect, they get a free meal in the church, everywhere they go they cause disturbances and interruptions, and there is no evil they will not commit—these people are wicked and must be purged or expelled; fourthly, those who do nothing but bring shame upon God’s name while performing their duty, or who cavort with members of the opposite sex, who fritter away money, play around, indulge in food and drink, and lavishly spend offerings, under the banner of performing their duty and spreading the gospel—these people are beasts devoid of humanity, and they must be purged or expelled. If people’s transgressions are occasional, or it is their first offense, they can be given an opportunity to reflect on themselves. If it is a serious transgression or they are a persistent offender, they must be expelled. People can be purged or expelled for nothing more than not pursuing the truth. If they also do not perform their duty at all, or even if they do perform their duty, they always have personal motives and taints, they act to satisfy their personal interests, and they consistently cause disturbances and disruptions and act wantonly, even going so far as to lavishly spend God’s offerings, and their every action brings shame upon the name of God, then such people are wicked, and must be eliminated! Any church that discovers such people must purge or expel them.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

Since the work of God in the last days is the work of words and the work of judging and chastising the human race by expressing the truth, it is required of people who accept His work that they possess normal thinking, sound sense, and that they are willing to pursue the truth and that they possess the necessary conditions for understanding the truth. We can see clearly that the church has been infiltrated by some who do not at all love the truth, or some who are even demon-possessed and who have the grave work of evil spirits, as well as all kinds of dull-witted people and people with abnormal sense. Because these people do not understand the truth in the slightest degree, and are unable to fulfill the duties they need to fulfill, if they remain in the church, they are just a burden and entanglement, and so they must be purged. Doing so is beneficial to the church as well as God’s chosen people. The church must mainly purge the following kinds of people:

1. If someone does not love the truth at all and does not live the church life over the long term even though the family environment allows for gatherings, then they are a nonbeliever and must be purged.

2. If someone does not pursue the truth, does not perform their duty at all and is just there to make up the numbers, then they are a nonbeliever and must be purged.

3. If someone who once had a mental disorder or was possessed by demons never has a normal sense of reason or frequently has the evil spirits working on them, then they do not meet the conditions for accepting God’s work, have no way of understanding the truth, and must be purged.

4. Those who are severely handicapped, those who suffer from all sorts of odd diseases, and those old people who are deaf, have blurred vision, are numb and dull-witted are unable to understand the truth no matter how you fellowship with them, and they must be purged.

5. If someone always has notions about God, always has a suspicious attitude, does not pursue the truth in the slightest, has a malicious heart, and wants to sue the church or sue church leaders due to their own feelings of dissatisfaction, then they are evil and must be purged.

6. If someone acts or speaks in an exceedingly dissolute way as the unbelievers do, and most people in the church loathe them, hate them, and are disgusted by them, then they are a nonbeliever and must be purged.

7. If someone always harbors notions about Christ or the man used by the Holy Spirit, is never able to comprehend the truth, who very much enjoys following and flattering others, who even revels in believing lies and devilish talk, and who is liable to be deceived into following false leaders, antichrists, and those who are being worked upon by evil spirits, then they are absurd and vile and must be purged.

The seven kinds of people mentioned above do not meet the conditions for accepting God’s work and have no way of understanding the truth. Even if these people believe in God, they cannot obtain the truth and they cannot be saved. That is why they are all people who must be purged.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

There are principles to all the work carried out by God’s house. There are principles for promoting and using people; there are also principles for purging and expelling people. In order to handle matters in accordance with principle when carrying out purging work, one must never go by people’s external behavior, but must see through to people’s essence; only in this way will one be able to discern and handle people correctly, objectively, and impartially. Such practice conforms with God’s will. When we are unable to see through to the essence of people, it is easy for us to violate principles and rigidly apply a “one rule fits all” approach. Right now, some leaders and workers understand too few truths and they are unable to see through to the essence of most people. Therefore, when matters arise, they become totally confused, and all they are able to do is rigidly follow rules. They are therefore unable to ensure that they can properly carry out the work of purging people. Before the church purges or expels a particular person, they must first understand this person’s nature essence thoroughly. At the very least, they must understand thoroughly that this person is absolutely someone who does not pursue the truth, that they basically do not possess a normal person’s conscience and sense, that they will not change no matter how many more years they believe for, and that the Holy Spirit absolutely will not work on them. This person can be purged or expelled only if everyone acknowledges that they are like this. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that there will not be any mistakes made. If people are able to completely understand God’s will in terms of which people should be saved, abandoned, or eliminated, then they will adopt correct practices when purging or expelling people, without wronging any good people and without missing any bad people. The church must base its decision of purging or expelling someone on that person’s essence. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the decision is made in accordance with God’s will and that no mistakes will be made. For example, demon-possessed people, antichrists who continue to judge God’s work or the man used by the Holy Spirit, those who are persistently promiscuous or commit homosexual acts, and those who continue to act recklessly and disturb the work of God’s house are all expelled because by nature essence they belong to Satan and they cannot be saved. As determined by their essence, these people have not been predestined and selected by God but are wicked people and opportunists who have sneaked into God’s house. Therefore, we must expel all people like this. Such acts can never be wrong. This is because these procedures are implemented based on a person’s essence and not on their momentary transgressions. If they are implemented only based on a person’s momentary transgressions, then it is likely that some people who commit transgressions but are able to genuinely repent will be ruined. God’s family has never permitted the expulsion of people who have committed serious transgressions but are able to truly repent.

To ensure that the church acts correctly regarding the people it expels and purges, God’s house has previously stipulated that full approval from the church leaders and deacons must be obtained to purge someone. Approval must also be obtained from over 80% of the church members before someone is expelled. This principle must be adhered to. Moreover, should anyone who has previously been purged or expelled and who has comparatively good humanity, have been expelled mistakenly due to a momentary transgression, they can be invited back to resume their church life. Regarding those with evil humanity, they should be abandoned forever. When you are able to see through to people’s essence to see what kind of people they are, then it becomes much easier to carry out the work, and easier to handle matters in accordance with the principles.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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