87. The Principles of Cooperating With the Work of Leaders

(1) As long as leaders or workers can work according to work arrangements from the Above, and use the truth to resolve problems, they should be accepted and obeyed;

(2) When leaders or workers encounter difficulties in the course of their work, God’s chosen people should give them help and support, and safeguard the work of God’s house with one mind and spirit;

(3) One should be able to identify when a leader or worker is violating the work arrangements and, instead, working as they wish. Do not obey them blindly, but turn their course with loving fellowship;

(4) If a leader or worker is falsely accused and attacked by evil people, one should stand up and expose those people, safeguard the work of God’s house, and protect the leader or worker.

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

All the leaders and workers in the house of God have been selected from within the church. They have shouldered the burden of leading and watering the church, as well as the work of spreading the gospel. The duty they perform in the house of God is also to accomplish what God has entrusted them with, so that God’s will may be carried out. Everyone should provide them with support and cooperation for their work. Should they be found to have some shortcoming or that they have deviated in their work, one may fellowship with them and help them, or else prune and deal with them; one absolutely should not adopt a hostile attitude toward them. However, there are some people who cannot treat leaders and workers appropriately. They find fault with them, and even belittle them, speak cuttingly, exclude them, and attack them. This is the revealing of their arrogant disposition. There are some people who even use rejection and hostility in their approach to leaders and workers. These tactics disrupt God’s work, and these are behaviors of resisting and betraying God. This is purely doing evil. God’s chosen people should all have discernment regarding the practices of that kind of person; they are terribly arrogant. When performing their duty, it is inevitable that leaders and workers will reveal some adulteration or something of a corrupt disposition. This is a perfectly normal thing. As long as their work is advantageous for the church work, as long as it is beneficial and edifying for other brothers and sisters, then anyone who has a conscience and reason should support and cooperate with them. If leaders and workers do things that do not benefit the work of God’s house or are not in line with the truth, then we must fellowship about the truth with them so that they may let go of that practice. This is upholding God’s work, and it is being both loving and helpful to them. This is the attitude one should have toward leaders and workers. On the one hand we provide support and cooperation, and on the other hand we can resolve issues by fellowshiping about the truth. This is beneficial overall, and only this kind of practice is in line with God’s will. All people must have an upright attitude toward leaders and workers, and focus on being considerate of God’s will and upholding His work. Any previous incorrect attitudes or viewpoints should be immediately remedied and rectified; God’s work must not be disrupted, and His feelings must not be hurt. This is a principle all God’s chosen people should put into practice.

Excerpted from The Fellowship From the Above

Just how should God’s chosen people discern and handle leaders and workers at all levels? This question is actually very easy to understand. If what they do can truly supply God’s chosen people, can use the truth to resolve the practical problems of the life entry of God’s chosen people, and can lead God’s chosen people to enter the right track of belief in God, then this leader or worker is recognized by God and approved by God as someone who truly serves Him. Such leaders and workers certainly have the work of the Holy Spirit and God’s chosen people should uphold them, support them, and cooperate with them. All those who do not provide for the life of God’s chosen people, who cannot lead God’s chosen people to understand the truth or enter into reality, who keep disrupting God’s chosen people’s pursuit of the truth and deceiving God’s chosen people so that they follow and obey them, who keep suppressing and harming God’s chosen people, and who do not care whether God’s chosen people live or die, are all false leaders, false workers, or antichrists without the work of the Holy Spirit. God despises and hates these people, which is why they do not have the work of the Holy Spirit. This completely verifies that God does not recognize them as people who serve God. God does not acknowledge these evildoers, so God’s chosen people should loathe them, expose them, dismiss them from their posts, and reject them. Doing so completely conforms with God’s will. Discerning and handling false leaders, false workers and antichrists in this way completely conforms with the truth and is entirely correct.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

Leaders and workers at all levels in the church are responsible for watering and providing for God’s chosen people and leading them into truth reality. If the actions of leaders and workers are in accord with the truth principle and beneficial to the work of God’s house, then God’s chosen people must uphold, support, and cooperate with them—only this accords with God’s will. If, because someone has a private prejudice, they stubbornly label another as being a false leader or false worker due to one single transgression or one single revealing of corruption, or they speak at odds with the facts, make unfounded accusations, try to frame the other person and arbitrarily make them suffer, then are they not a wicked person who belongs to Satan and devils? Those who understand the truth should speak in accordance with the facts, and even more so should base their outlook on the truth and on God’s words. If, because of a personal prejudice, someone attacks a leader or worker who insists on acting in accordance with the truth principle and possesses a sense of justice, then such a person is a wicked person who disrupts the work of God’s house, and God’s chosen people should immediately take a stand to stop them, and should protect the leader or worker. Only this is standing on the side of God and upholding God’s work. Banning false leaders and workers is entirely in line with God’s will; protecting well leaders and workers who are in line with God’s will, and preventing them from being subjected to the traps of satanic forces is even more in line with God’s will. While banning false leaders and workers, no wrong should be done to a good person, nor can an evil person be let off. This is the way to accurately carry things out according to the truth principle. Only this is truly upholding God’s work, and this kind of practice is beneficial for God’s chosen people. A good leader, a good worker, will love and protect God’s chosen people. So, God’s chosen people must also love and protect good leaders and good workers. This is the bounden duty of God’s chosen people.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

Brothers and sisters who pursue the truth should be of one accord with leaders and workers in expanding God’s kingdom gospel, so that more people who truly believe in God may come before Him and accept His work. If someone is unable to do this, then it means their stature is too meager and that they are incapable of doing work. Do not look at whether a person is perfect or not, what weaknesses they have, or what kind of corruption they reveal. As long as they are someone who pursues the truth and upholds God’s work, then they are someone who stands on God’s side, and someone who serves God with devotion. You should be of one mind with such a person, working and serving alongside them. People should make up for each other’s shortcomings, and through fellowshiping about the truth help each other to enter into reality and gradually cast off their corrupt dispositions. Being in accord is key! With a unified goal and direction, and by achieving accord together in order to complete God’s commission, the testimony of the church will become prominent. No matter what kind of satanic enemy forces there may be, when they see a handful of people in the church who are in accord this way, who are devoted to God and standing witness, they will be thoroughly humiliated. If someone sees in the church people who are of one mind and they always want to disrupt them and break them up, and become the main person themselves, what kind of person are they? They are a lackey of Satan, a minion of the great red dragon, Satan’s accomplice. A truly sensible person will stand together with those who pursue the truth, unite as one and combine their efforts. No matter how anyone treated such a sensible person in the past, whatever personal grievances they have or whatever misunderstandings there may be, they will let go of their prejudices and carry out God’s commission with one heart and mind, and be utterly devoted to Him. This kind of person is one who is considerate of His will and who is obedient to His work. If a person has this kind of resolve and is able to practice in this way, it shows that they possess conscience, reason, and humanity. Therefore, if there are some brothers and sisters, and leaders and workers in a church who are of one heart and mind, and who are united as one, it shows that those brothers and sisters possess the truth, that they have stature, and that they have started to enter into reality. And if someone starts to cause disturbances, what should people do? First, we must see through Satan’s cunning schemes, and then prune and deal with the wicked person, expose and rebuke them, and see whether or not they have any desire to repent. If they do not repent and show no signs of obedience no matter how one fellowships on the truth with them, then they should be eliminated and rejected.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

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