64. The Principles of Impeaching Leaders and Workers

(1) Leaders and workers who do not do practical work may, upon confirmation of such by several people who understand the truth, be denounced, impeached, and replaced;

(2) Leaders and workers who go rogue and severely violate work arrangements should, upon accurate verification of their having done so, be denounced, impeached, and replaced;

(3) A leader or worker who commits a transgression or exhibits corruption should be helped lovingly. If they refuse to accept the truth, they may be denounced, impeached, and replaced;

(4) If a leader or worker should commit multifarious acts of evil and makes others suffer, entrapping and wrongfully accusing them, they must be impeached and denounced, and their dismissal must be enacted.

Relevant Words of God:

What is the attitude that people should have in terms of how to treat a leader or worker? If what he does is right, then you can obey him; if what he does is wrong, then you can expose him, and even oppose him and raise a different opinion. If he is unable to do practical work, and is revealed to be a false leader, a false worker or an antichrist, then you can refuse to accept his leadership, and you can also report and expose him. However, some of God’s chosen people do not understand the truth and are particularly cowardly, and so they do not dare do anything. They say, “If the leader kicks me out, I’m finished; if he has everyone expose or forsake me, then I will no longer be able to believe in God. If I leave the church, then God will not want me and will not save me. The church represents God!” Do these ways of thinking not affect such a person’s attitude toward those things? Could it really be true that if the leader expels you, you can no longer be saved? Is the question of your salvation dependent upon your leader’s attitude toward you? Why do so many people have such a degree of fear? If, as soon as one who is a false leader or an antichrist threatens you, you do not dare to report it higher up and even guarantee that from then on, you will be of a single mind with the leader, then are you not done for? Is this the sort of person who pursues truth? Not only do you not dare to expose such wicked behavior as might be committed by satanic antichrists, but on the contrary, you obey them and even take their words as the truth, to which you submit. Is this not the epitome of stupidity? Then, when you are harmed, is that not what you deserve? Has God caused you to be harmed? You have wished it upon yourself. You took an antichrist to be your leader, and treated him as though he were a brother or sister—and that is your fault. What is the attitude with which one should treat an antichrist? One should expose him and struggle against him. If you cannot do this alone, then multiple people must come together and report him. Upon discovering that certain leaders and workers higher up were walking the path of the antichrist, making the brothers and sisters suffer, not doing real work, and coveting the benefits of status, some people signed a petition to remove those antichrists. What a fantastic job these people did! It shows that people understand the truth, that they possess a certain amount of stature, and that they are neither controlled nor deceived by Satan. This also proves that antichrists and false leaders do not hold a dominant position in the church, and they do not dare to show their true selves too plainly in anything they say and do. If they do reveal themselves, there are people to monitor them, identify them, and cast them out. That is, in the hearts of people who genuinely understand the truth, a person’s status, prestige, and authority are not the things that hold sway; all those who understand the truth are able to have discernment, and they rethink and reflect upon what path people ought to follow in their faith in God, as well as how they should treat leaders and workers. They also begin to think about whom people should follow, which behaviors constitute following people, and which behaviors constitute following God. Having pondered these truths for several years, and listened often to sermons, they have unconsciously come to understand the truths about believing in God, and so they have gained some stature. They have embarked upon the right track of believing in God.

Excerpted from “They Exclude and Attack Those Who Pursue the Truth” in Exposing Antichrists

How should God’s chosen ones treat antichrists? They must identify them, expose them, report them, and cast them out. No matter how an antichrist comes into a position of leadership, he invariably is one who resists God. You must not accept the leadership of an antichrist, and you also must not recognize him as your leader, for what he does is not to lead you into the words of God; he wants to drag you down to hell and haul you along the same path of the antichrists that he is walking. He causes you to join with him in resistance against God and in disrupting and destroying God’s work. He tugs and pulls at you so that you come to wallow with him in the mire. Will you consent to this? If you do, and if you compromise with him, beg him for mercy, or are conquered by him, then you have not borne witness, and you are a person who betrays both the truth and God—and such people cannot be saved. What are the conditions a person must meet in order to receive salvation? First of all, they must possess the ability to identify satanic antichrists; they must have this aspect of the truth. It is only by possessing this aspect of the truth that they can genuinely believe in God and refrain from worshiping or following man; only people who can identify antichrists have the ability to truly believe in God and follow and bear witness to Him. In order to identify antichrists, people must first learn to see people and things with complete clarity and understanding; they must be able to perceive the essence of antichrists, and they must see through all of their conspiracies, tricks, inner motivations, and objectives. If you can do this, then you can stand firm. If you want to obtain salvation, then the first test you must pass is to learn how to defeat Satan and how to overcome and triumph over hostile forces and interference from the outside world. Once you possess stature and sufficient truth to persevere to the end in a battle against Satan’s forces, and have defeated them, then—and only then—can you pursue the truth steadily, and only then can you step steadfastly and without mishap upon the path of pursuing the truth and being granted salvation. If you cannot pass this test, then it can be said that you are in great danger, and you are liable to be captured by an antichrist and come to live under Satan’s influence.

Excerpted from “They Exclude and Attack Those Who Pursue the Truth” in Exposing Antichrists

Some antichrists, as soon as they have status, insist on others serving them the tea they drink, have the clothes they wear washed by others, and even have a particular person who scrubs their back when they bathe, and one who waits on them when they eat. Worse still, some even have a menu for each of the day’s three meals, take additional health supplements, and also want all kinds of different soups boiled for them. Have antichrists no shame? No, they haven’t! Would you say that it is somewhat lenient to simply deal with and prune that type of person? Will dealing and pruning make them feel shame? (It won’t.) So, how can this issue be resolved? It is quite simple. Deal with and prune them, then expose them. Let them know what they are. Whether or not they submit, they should be replaced and everyone should reject them.

Once you have discovered an antichrist, can you reject them? Do you dare to stand up and report them, expose them? (Yes.) Do you truly dare or is it just pretense? When you have others to back you up, you will dare to stand up and expose them, but without support, will you still dare to expose them? It is safe where you are now, there is no great red dragon reigning there, so you think, “What do I have to fear? They are nothing but an antichrist. God’s chosen people have His commission, so I dare to expose the antichrist and am not afraid.” However, it is different in the country of the great red dragon. If you expose an antichrist and they lose their status, then they will seek to punish and come down on you, sell you out, and will deliver you into the hands of the powers that be. Would you still dare to expose them? (No, we don’t dare.) In that environment, you would not. So, is not daring the right attitude? It is not right, and it is not testimony. These are not words an overcomer or a follower of God should say. Even if you say no words, your heart cries out again and again: “You antichrist, you the devil Satan, I will expose you. I will use wisdom to reject you, expel you from the church. You are not worthy of dwelling in God’s house, you are a devil, you are Satan! Even though I do not expose you publicly, I reject you from the bottom of my heart. I will seek out many brothers and sisters who understand the truth and together we will reject you. We will not accept your leadership or your manipulation.” Is this the right way? (Yes.) The environment may be adverse and acting this way will put you in jeopardy, but God’s commission, the truth principle, and man’s duty, cannot be renounced or abandoned. As for those antichrists who enjoy privileges, unabashedly enjoy the benefits of status, we should reject them, not allow them to become parasites in the house of God, not allow them to harm or deceive any more brothers and sisters. We should expel them. The resources of God’s house are not for the nourishment of these parasites. They are not worthy of eating within God’s house, not worthy of enjoying anything in God’s house, because they are devils. They deserve to be rejected. This is another manifestation of the antichrist—shameless enjoyment of privilege. Without contributing anything, they seize power as soon as they attain a position of leadership. Once made a leader, they enjoy the benefits of their status, and force brothers and sisters to cook and buy delicious food for them, misappropriate the fruits of their labors, and dispossess them of their property. To them, it is a matter of course, an invaluable opportunity, a chance that will not come again. Is this not the way a devil thinks? What shameless thinking it is. This type of person should be dealt with and pruned, exposed, and rejected by the brothers and sisters.

Excerpted from “They Do Not Accept Dealing and Pruning, nor Do They Have an Attitude of Repentance When They Commit Any Wrong, but Instead Spread Notions and Publicly Pass Judgment on God” in Exposing Antichrists

When you discover that someone is an antichrist, I tell you, if you think they have great power and that if you expose them, you may be purged, isolated, or have your books of God’s words confiscated, then do not go head-to-head with them. You should think of ways promptly to expose and report them and to renounce them, while keeping your books and not severing your contact with the church. Do not confront them directly. It would be useless for you to reason with them, it would be useless for you to try to reform them through love, and it would be useless for you to fellowship the truth to them. You cannot change them. It being so that you cannot change them, your best course is to avoid any personal conversations or attempts to reason with them in expectation that they will repent. Rather, expose and report them in a way they do not know of it. Let your superiors handle them, or rouse more people to expose, report, and renounce them, and thereby having the church cut them off. Is this not a good way to go about it? If you recognize an antichrist, and they try to draw out your inner thoughts and see whether you have identified them, what will you do? You must see through the trickery of the devil Satan; you must not fall into their trap or into the pit they have dug for you. Faced with the devil Satan, you must be wise. You must not speak truthfully to them. The ones to whom you can speak truthfully are God and your true brothers and sisters, so you can never tell the truth to Satan, devils, or antichrists. God alone is worthy of knowing what you think in your heart; God alone is worthy of sovereignty and scrutiny of your heart. No one, least of all the devil Satan, is qualified to control your thoughts or scrutinize your heart. Therefore, should the devil Satan try to draw out your truthful words, you have the right to say “no,” to refuse to answer, not to tell them what you are thinking. This is your right. If you say, “You, devil—try to draw words from me, and I won’t tell you the truth; I won’t tell you. I’ll report you, and what of it? If you dare to fix me, I’ll report you. If you fix me, God will curse and punish you,” will that do? (No.) The Bible says, “Be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Mat 10:16). At these times, you must be shrewd as snakes, and you must be wise. We must let God alone scrutinize our hearts, and we must let Him alone occupy them. We must give our hearts to God alone; He alone is worthy of possessing our hearts—Satan the devil is not! Therefore, antichrists are unqualified to know how or what we think. They try to draw words out of you, to probe you. Their purpose is to control you. You must see this clearly. So, do not speak truthfully to an antichrist. You have to find a way to come together with more of your brothers and sisters to expose them, forsake them, and pull them down from their position. Never let them prevail. Cut them off from the church and permit them no further chance to cause disturbance or wield power in the house of God.

Excerpted from “They Treat the House of God Like Their Personal Domain” in Exposing Antichrists

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