79. The Principles of Knowing God’s Utmost Salvation of Man

1. As long as there is a sliver of hope that people are able to accept the truth and truly repent, God will not abandon His salvation of them.

2. When people transgress, as long as they are able to know and repent, and can change, then God will forget. God gives people the chance to repent so that they may gain salvation.

3. During the time of the work of God’s word, no man is readily punished. To the greatest extent possible, God is tolerant of people and gives them the chance to repent.

4. God saves those who truly believe in God, loathes and curses antichrists, the wicked, and unclean and evil spirits. Those who hate the truth will surely be destroyed.

Relevant Words of God:

As long as you now have one hope, regardless of whether or not God remembers the things of the past, you should maintain this mentality: I must seek a change in my disposition, seek to understand God, not be fooled by Satan again and not do anything that brings shame on the name of God. What key areas determine whether someone is now worth anything, whether or not they will be saved and whether or not they have any hope? They are, after you have heard the preaching, whether or not you can receive the truth, whether or not you can put the truth into practice and whether or not you can change. These are the key areas. If you just feel remorse, if you just go and do things and continue to think in the same old way, and have no understanding at all about this matter but instead get worse and worse, then you will be without hope and should be declared as worthless. The more you understand God, and the more you understand yourself, then the more able you will be to master yourself. The more you are able to penetrate your own nature with understanding, the more you will be able to master yourself. After you have summed up your experience, you will never again fail on this matter. In actual fact, everyone has some blemishes on them that have merely not been looked into. Everyone has them, some have small ones, some have large ones; some speak plainly, and some hide their intentions and work in secret. Everyone has them; some people do things that others know about and some people do things that others don’t know about. There are blemishes on everyone and they all reveal some corrupt dispositions, like arrogance or conceit, or they make some transgressions, or some mistakes or errors in their work, or they show some small rebelliousness. These are all pardonable things as they are things that no corrupted person can avoid. Yet they should be avoided once you have understood the truth. It will then no longer be necessary to always be troubled by things that happened in the past. Instead, it is to be feared that you will still not change even after having understood, that you will know that it is wrong to do something and yet continue to do it, and that you will continue to do something even after being told that it is wrong. These people are beyond redemption.

from “To Serve God One Should Walk the Path of Peter” in Records of Christ’s Talks

In the past, words of cursing and detesting and loathing have been said to you, but today you have changed, so God’s attitude toward you has also subsequently changed. People always feel afraid and insecure. This proves that they still do not understand the will of God. Now that this matter is clear, can this kind of phenomenon still occur later on when some matter comes upon you? Do you have some understanding of the natures within people and of each aspect of human reason? Do you have a rough idea? In the past, some people have been expelled for doing some bad things and the church has rejected them. They roam about for years, and then they come back. It is good that they haven’t completely run away; since they haven’t completely run away, they have the opportunity and the hope to be saved. If they ran away and didn’t believe, and became like unbelievers, then they would be completely done for. If they can turn around, then they have hope. This is rare and precious. Regardless of how God works people and regardless of how God treats people, hates people, or detests people, if there comes a time when people can turn around, then I will take special comfort; this means that people still have that much of God in their hearts, have not completely lost human reason, have not completely lost humanity, still intend to believe in God, and intend to acknowledge and return to God. Regardless of who runs away, if they return, and this family is still in their hearts, I will become a little sentimentally attached and will take some comfort; however, if they never return, I will think it’s a pity. If they can return and begin to sincerely believe in God, My heart will especially be filled with gratification. They were able to come back, and it seems like they haven’t forgotten Me and have come back. They have such a heart and mind. At that time when we meet, I will be moved; when you left, you were certainly negative and your situation was not good, but now you have returned, which proves that you still have faith in God. However, it is still unknown whether you are able to continue moving forward, as people change too quickly. In the Age of Grace, Jesus had pity and grace for the people. If one sheep was lost out of a hundred, He would leave the ninety-nine and look for the one. This phrase does not describe a mechanical practice, it is not a rule, but it shows God’s intentions toward mankind, God’s urgent intention to save mankind, and God’s deep love for mankind. It is not a way of practice, but it is His disposition and His mentality. Therefore, some people leave for a year or half a year, or they have many weaknesses and many misconceptions. Afterward, if they wake up to reality and are able to have understanding and turn back and get back on the right path, I will be especially comforted and take pleasure in this. Being able to stand in the current world and age of sensual pleasures and evil, being able to acknowledge God, and being able to get back on the right path and return are things that really bring comfort and are exciting. If you raise children, regardless of whether or not they are filial, how would you feel if they didn’t acknowledge you and ran away? Wouldn’t your heart always refuse to give up on them and wouldn’t you always think: When will my son return? I’d like to see him. I have always had him as my son; I’ve raised him and loved him. You have always thought this way and have longed for that day to come. Everyone has this frame of mind. People nowadays have small stature, but one day they will understand, unless they don’t have any intention to believe and don’t acknowledge Him as God. According to people’s stature nowadays, besides being dealt with regarding big problems, they also need to be regularly supervised and watched a little, and they cannot be completely left alone; it will be good when you needn’t be worried about at all. With your stature being the way it is, you shouldn’t always have to be supervised and driven by others. If others must still watch and supervise you in order for you to work, then it is hard to justify and it proves that you lack too much and your stature is so small. Without the truth and with small stature, you cannot comfort or satisfy God. You have to have a little bit of will and resolution for Me to not worry.

from “People Who Always Have Requirements for God Are the Least Reasonable” in Records of Christ’s Talks

Some people who have committed a small transgression will suppose: Will I be struck down by God? God did not come this time to strike people down, but rather to save people to the greatest extent possible. Who is entirely free from errors? If everyone is struck down, then how could it be called salvation? Some transgressions are done on purpose and other transgressions are done involuntarily. With involuntary matters, you can change after you recognize them, so would God strike you down before you change? Is this how God saves people? It is not like that! Regardless of whether you transgress involuntarily or out of a rebellious nature, just remember: Hurry and wake up to reality! Press onward; no matter what situation arises, you must press onward. God is working to save people and He will not randomly strike the people He wants to save. Regardless of your degree of transformation, even if God struck you down in the end, then God would certainly do it in righteousness; when that time comes, He will let you understand it. Right now your only responsibility is to press onward, seek a transformation and seek to satisfy God; you should only care about fulfilling your duty according to God’s will. There is no mistake in this! Ultimately, no matter how God treats you, it is always done in righteousness; you should not doubt this or worry about it; even if you can’t understand God’s righteousness right now, there will be a day when you will be convinced. God is certainly not like a government official or the king of devils! If you carefully try to understand this aspect, then you will eventually firmly believe that God’s work is saving people and transforming people’s dispositions. …

It has been mentioned before: Events of the past can be written off by the stroke of a pen; the future can be used to replace the past; God’s tolerance is boundless. But these words do have principle in them; it is not the case that no matter how big of a sin you have committed in the end, God can write it off in one stroke; all the work of God has principle. In the past there was this kind of administrative decree: He who committed a certain sin before accepting God’s name, let him join in; if he commits that sin again after entering in, deal with him in a certain way; if he commits that sin repeatedly, then expel him. God has always forgiven people to the greatest extent possible in His work; from this standpoint, it can be seen that this work is truly the work of saving people. But in this final stage if you still commit some unpardonable sins, you will not be able to be cured or be able to change. God has a process for changing people’s dispositions and for saving people. Through the process of people revealing their dispositions, God will transform them; through the process of people continually revealing and transforming their dispositions, God obtains His purpose of salvation.

from “God’s Will Is to Save People to the Greatest Extent Possible” in Records of Christ’s Talks

God does not like cowards; He likes people with determination. Even if you have revealed a great deal of corruption, even if you’ve taken many winding roads, or even if along the way you’ve had many transgressions or have resisted God—or there are some people who hold in their hearts some blasphemy against God or blame Him, have conflict with Him—God doesn’t look at this. God only looks at whether or not a person will someday be able to change. In the Bible, there’s the story of the return of the prodigal son. Why would there be this kind of analogy? It is that God’s will to save mankind is sincere. He gives people opportunities to repent and opportunities to change, and during this process, He understands people and deeply knows their weaknesses and the extent of their corruption. He knows that they will stumble. Just like when someone is a small child and they are learning to walk, no matter how good of a physique they have and how tough they are, there will be times that they fall, times that they stumble, times that they bang into something or trip. God understands every single person like a mother understands her own child. He understands every person’s difficulties, weaknesses, as well as their needs. Even more, He understands which difficulties each person will encounter in the progression, the process of entering into a change in disposition, and what kinds of weaknesses and failures will occur. This is something that God understands most. That is why it is said God sees into the depths of people’s hearts. No matter how weak you are, as long as you do not forsake the name of God, as long as you do not leave God or this way, you will always have an opportunity to achieve a change in disposition. And if we have the opportunity to achieve a change in disposition then we have hope for our continuing survival. If we have hope for our continuing survival, we have hope of being saved by God.

from “What a Change in Disposition Is and the Path to a Change in Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

The purpose of God’s work on man is so that they can satisfy God’s will and it is all done to save man, therefore during the time of His salvation of man He does not do the work of punishing man. During the time of the salvation of man, God does not punish evil or reward good, nor does He reveal the destinations for all the different kinds of people. Instead, only after the final stage of His work is complete will He then do the work of punishing evil and rewarding good, and only then will He reveal the ends of all the different kinds of people. Those who are punished will be those who are indeed unable to be saved, while those who are saved will be those who have obtained God’s salvation during the time of His salvation of man. During the time of God’s work of salvation, all those who can be saved will be saved to the utmost limit, none of them being discarded, as the purpose of God’s work is to save man. All those who, during the time of God’s salvation of man, are unable to achieve a change in their disposition, all those who are unable to obey God completely, will all become objects for punishment. This stage of work—the work of words—opens up to man all of the ways and mysteries that they do not understand, so that man can understand the will of God and God’s requirements of man, so that they can have the conditions to put God’s words into practice and achieve changes in their disposition. God uses only words to do His work, and does not punish people because they are a little rebellious, because now is the time of the work of salvation. If everyone who is rebellious was punished, then no one would have the opportunity to be saved; they would all be punished and fall into Hades. The purpose of the words judging man is to allow them to know themselves and obey God; it is not for them to be punished by means of the judgment of words. During the time of the work of words, many people will expose their rebelliousness and defiance, and they will expose their disobedience toward the incarnate God. But He will not punish all these people because of this, instead He will only cast aside those who are corrupt to the core and who cannot be saved. He will give their flesh to Satan, and in a few cases, terminate their flesh. Those who are left will continue to follow and experience dealing and pruning. If while they follow they still cannot accept dealing and pruning and they become more and more degenerate, then these people will have lost their chance for salvation. Each and every person who has accepted the conquering of words will have ample opportunity for salvation. God’s salvation of each one of these people shows them His utmost leniency, meaning that they are showed the utmost tolerance. So long as people turn back from the wrong path, so long as they can repent, then God will give them the opportunity to obtain His salvation. When people first rebel against God, God has no desire to put them to death, but instead does all He can to save them. If someone really has no room for salvation, then God will cast them aside. That God is slow to punish someone is because He wants to save all those who can be saved. He judges, enlightens and guides people only with words, and does not use a rod to put them to death.

from “You Should Put Aside the Blessings of Status and Understand God’s Will for the Salvation of Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You can see God’s love in this time-frame; He does not delay by a single day or a single month. When the day comes that He should speak, then He immediately speaks. If He delayed another few months, then some people would gradually withdraw. This is working according to people’s actual situations. He doesn’t delay at all or waste time, He pays special attention to everyone. Since He is saving people, He is responsible all the way to the end. But some people don’t live up to expectations, they slip and fall down. Before some people leave, the Holy Spirit especially moves them and urges them to stay. Some people are truly urged to stay but do not. God truly loves people greatly, but people are not worthy to let God love them. If God was not able to love people who withdraw, then it would turn to hatred, and He would completely ignore that kind of person. … God is able to work this way today because His management plan has achieved this level. He loves mankind so He saves mankind, He is able to do this because He is driven by love and is under the premise of love. God became flesh and suffered enormous humiliation in order to save this group of corrupt mankind. This sufficiently proves that His love is so great. There is counsel, comfort, encouragement, tolerance, and patience in the words that God speaks, even more so, there is judgment, chastisement, cursing, public disclosure, beautiful promises, etc. in His words. Regardless of the method, it is all dominated by love. This is the substance of His work, isn’t it? You all currently have some understanding, but it is not that deep. At the least you are able to have some sense, and later, after you have experienced three to five years, you will be able to sense that this love is so deep and so great. It is impossible to use the words of man to describe. If people do not have love, how are they able to reciprocate God’s love? Even if you offered your life to God, you wouldn’t be able to repay Him. After you experience three to five more years, and reflect on your current manifestations and disposition, you will be extremely remorseful and will kneel down and bow your head to the ground. Why are most people following so closely? Why do most people have this much enthusiasm? They have understanding of God’s love, and they see that God’s work is saving people. Think about it, is God’s work not especially precise in its timing? One link closely follows another link without the slightest delay. Why is He not delaying? It is still for mankind. He is not willing to sacrifice or lose a single soul. People do not care about their own fates, therefore, who on this earth loves you the most? You don’t love yourself, you don’t know to cherish your own life, and you don’t know how precious it is. It is God who loves mankind the most. Only God loves mankind the most. People might still have not observed this, thinking that they love themselves. Actually, what love do people have for themselves? Only God’s love is true love; you will gradually experience what true love is. If God had not become flesh and worked and led people face to face, if He had not been in contact with people and lived with people all the time, then truly understanding God’s love would not be an easy thing for people to do.

from “Do You Understand God’s Love for Mankind?” in Records of Christ’s Talks

In doing so much work, God’s aim is to perfect all those whom He wishes to perfect. In what spare time He has outside of this, He will eliminate those who are evil. Know that He does not do this great work because of those who are evil; on the contrary, He gives His all because of that tiny number of people who are to be perfected by Him. The work He does, the words He speaks, the mysteries He reveals, and His judgment and chastisement are all for the sake of that tiny number of people. He did not become flesh because of those who are evil, much less do they incite great wrath in Him. He speaks truth, and talks of entry, because of those who are to be perfected, He became flesh because of them, and it is because of them that He bestows His promises and blessings. The truth, entry, and life in humanity of which He speaks are not for the sake of those who are evil. He wants to avoid speaking to those who are evil, and wishes to bestow all truths upon those who are to be perfected. Yet His work requires that, for the moment, those who are evil be allowed to enjoy some of His riches. Those who do not carry out truth, who do not satisfy God, and who interrupt His work are all evil. They cannot be perfected, and are loathed and rejected by God.

from “Only Those Who Focus on Practice Can Be Perfected” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If a person’s nature is very bad, if he is an evil person, then God will not save him, and the Holy Spirit will be unable to work within him. Put another way, it is like a doctor curing a patient: A person who contracts pneumonia can be treated, but one who contracts lung cancer cannot be saved.

from “How to Know Man’s Nature” in Records of Christ’s Talks

Some of people’s transgressions can be forgiven, while some transgressions are unforgivable. What is that based on? It is based on the context that brought about this transgression, on whether you understood just what you were doing. If you knowingly transgress that is grave. If you commit the transgression before you have understood the truth, then undergo pruning and dealing and change after you understand the truth, that is transgression that is forgiven. If you don’t change after dealing and pruning but repeat the transgression that is unforgivable. Therefore, God manages things in a principled way also. The work that He does is primarily in order to save people, to do the utmost to save people. Tell me whether anyone has not transgressed? Everyone has, but to varying degrees. Some people have transgressed to a lesser degree and then changed after they understood so they don’t do such a thing anymore, as in the saying, “Once bitten, twice shy.” They have learned their lesson, never to do that again, and in this matter have no transgressions. In this matter, if you seek the truth and practice the truth you can satisfy God.

from Records of Christ’s Talks

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