162. The Principles of Obeying the Church

(1) Submit to all work arrangements and rules of God’s house. If the decisions of the church accord with the work arrangements and God’s word the truth, then they should be obeyed;

(2) If what the leaders and deacons of the church say conforms to the truth and to the arrangements of God’s house, then all of God’s chosen people should obey and never violate them;

(3) Decisions that are approved by a majority in the church, and are confirmed to be in complete accord with the work arrangements, should be accepted and obeyed by all and neither rejected nor resisted;

(4) A minority of leaders and workers cannot represent the church. If a leader’s or worker’s actions do not accord with the truth, they should be rejected, and one should not be constrained by them.

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

No matter what happens to you or what you hear, you must quiet yourself before God and pray to Him, seek the truth, and base everything on God’s words. Regardless of who it is said by, or what level of leader says it, you must discern and treat what they say in accordance with God’s words. No matter who said it, as long as it does not conform with God’s words, do not believe or accept it, but just treat it as devilish words or fallacy. Whenever anyone tries to make us do something, if it does not conform with God’s words, we must not listen or obey. We only believe in all the words of Almighty God—the Christ of the last days—and we only follow all the work arrangements of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the level of leader, we only follow and obey if what they communicate is the truth, and if the work arranged by them conforms with the work arrangements from the Above. This is a principle of conduct of God’s chosen people. If we hold on to this principle, we will be able to walk on the right path and act in accordance with the will of God. Violating this principle makes it easy for us to be tricked and end up walking on the wrong path. We may even be deceived into betraying God and returning once again to being under Satan’s domain.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

It is the responsibility of leaders and workers of all levels to perform their work and fulfill the duties they ought to fulfill in accordance with God’s words and the work arrangements, sermons and fellowships from the Above. No one has the right to restrict, obstruct or interfere. The fulfilling of duties is legitimate as long as it does not violate work arrangements. Anyone who restricts, obstructs or disturbs leaders or workers who fulfill their duties normally in accordance with work arrangements is disrupting the work of the church.

Leaders and workers of all levels have the right to handle all kinds of wicked people in accordance with work arrangements. As long as it is verified by evidence and the facts are convincing, no one should restrict, obstruct or interfere. Leaders and workers of all levels have the right to handle the church’s various difficult problems in accordance with work arrangements and to determine church affairs both big and small. As long as their actions conform with the truth principles and work arrangements, and are beneficial to the church, no one has the right to restrict, obstruct or interfere.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

The Above supports and will uphold any decision to expel someone by a leader or worker of any pastoral area that is backed by unambiguous evidence and is in line with the facts. Once any antichrist or evildoer has been exposed and reported by God’s chosen people, as long as the evidence is unambiguous, the leaders and workers of each pastoral area should expel them and issue a notice of expulsion. No one may oppose this decision. Any who oppose and condemn a decision made by leaders and workers of a pastoral area to expel someone are evil, and shall never be forgiven by the house of God. That is because the decisions taken by the leaders and workers of a pastoral area are passed by agreement of eighty percent of God’s chosen people in the church; their decisions represent decisions made by God’s chosen ones, and are absolutely not the personal decision of a leader or worker at any one level. If God’s chosen ones recognize that someone is wicked and the church expels them, this represents the sentiment of the people and the will of Heaven, and it is entirely in line with the will of God. God’s chosen ones have seen through to the nature essence of this wicked person based on the words of God, and have seen through to the evildoing essence of this wicked person based on God’s words and the truth, and they have raised their hands in agreement of the person’s expulsion. As such, it is a decision of the church, and may not be annulled by anyone. If there are several muddle-headed people who vent their grievances and do not agree, who call for the Above to replace the leaders and workers who made decision to expel the person, is this in line with the truth? Are they not condemning people for no reason? Do they not disturb the work of the house of God? Are they not deliberately creating disorder? Is this not the disposition of Satan?

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

God’s chosen people must approach all issues in the light of God’s words, and decisions can only be allowed to stand after they have been confirmed by at least several people with a good understanding of the truth. If there are only one or two leaders defining someone to be an antichrist, or evil person, God’s chosen people must not blindly follow suit in order to avoid being deceived and duped. When looking at the words and actions of leaders and workers from all levels, one should decide on such things in accordance with God’s words and the work arrangements from the Above. This is because people are not dependable before they have been made complete by God. God’s chosen people should only listen to and submit to Christ as well as submit to the work arrangements from the Above. In all things, it is most reliable to act in accordance with God’s words. If the leaders and workers are people who pursue the truth and are honest and kind-hearted, then God’s chosen people should provide them with support and cooperate with their work. If it is discovered that the leaders and workers are not people who bear witness for God, exalt God, and fear God, but instead are deceitful, arrogant, self-righteous, selfish, despicable, and malicious people who only scheme for their own interest, then God’s chosen people must be discerning and guard against them. They must pray to God and submit to God, and they must not follow evil people. Such actions are entirely appropriate.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

If there are false leaders and workers in the church who use their position and power to control people, God’s chosen people should resist and reject them, and can fellowship about the truth to debate them. Only obey the truth and God’s words. Never obey the influence of Satan. Regardless of who it is, they can only be obeyed if their words and actions conform with the truth. And if not, they ought to be rejected. Say no to Satan. This is the principle of practicing obedience to God. If a church leader uses their position and power to control you, saying, “If you obey the work arrangements from the Above then you are not obeying the church, and I will expel you,” then you should say to them, “You don’t represent the church. You represent Satan. I obey the work arrangements from the Above, and this is an expression of obedience to God’s work. I won’t obey Satan.” This way, Satan will be shamed. People who truly obey God only obey what comes from God, what conforms with the truth, and positive things, and they should reject and say no to that which comes from Satan or from the will of man, and that which is disadvantageous to God’s work, or does not conform with the truth. They must not be controlled by any leader or worker. Only that is being someone who possesses the truth and reality. The highest authorities in God’s house are God, God’s words, the truth, and the work arrangements, sermons and fellowships from the Above that come from the work of the Holy Spirit. These are the four authorities that God’s chosen people should obey. Only obeying these four authorities is truly obeying God. When God’s chosen people all obey God’s words, obey the truth, and forsake the influence of Satan with one heart and one mind, Satan will be thoroughly shamed, and God’s chosen people will enter the right track of belief in God. Therefore, when it comes to leaders and workers of all levels, one must choose to obey or reject them based only on God’s words and the work arrangements from the Above, and one must not be obsequious, meekly submit, stoop to compromise, and be a slave of Satan. When one can train in practicing the truth this way and obey God and say no to Satan, over time they will be able to achieve true obedience to God and break free from the influence of Satan. This is the road to attaining salvation. God’s chosen people should see this clearly and must never again follow false leaders and antichrists in walking the path to destruction. Only people who do not pursue the truth can loyally serve Satan, worship power, and be obsequious and meekly submissive. Such slaves are all people despised and loathed by God. If they still do not wake up and pursue the truth and truly obey God, they will all be eliminated. The day false leaders and antichrists are punished is the day these slaves who follow and obey Satan will weep and gnash their teeth.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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