66. The Principles of Readjusting Leaders and Workers

(1) Any elected leader or worker who is unable to do practical work or resolve practical problems should be summarily readjusted and replaced;

(2) Any false leader or worker who does not accept the truth, does not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, and cannot do practical work must be replaced, and arrangements must be made for them elsewhere;

(3) A leader or worker whose work is not suitably arranged (i.e. whose talent is too great or too small for a given task) should be readjusted as appropriate, in light of their stature and strengths;

(4) Once a leader’s or worker’s work has been arranged, they should be subjected to inspection, investigation, and supervision; if the arrangement is found to be a poor fit, they must be readjusted as appropriate.

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

Any leaders and workers who are unable to perform practical work should have their role adjusted. Depending on their circumstances, they may be demoted or assigned more suitable duties; after that, the right people can be selected to replace them. God’s house does not abide by a set of rules in selecting and appointing people. Being elected does not mean they will serve in those roles forever. Candidates who are elected must be able to do real work; if they cannot do real work and are unsuitable, then they must have their roles adjusted and be replaced. Because most of God’s chosen people do not genuinely understand the truth, it is simply better and fairer that the majority of people be elected rather than promoted at the discretion of leaders and workers, at any level. If the leaders and workers at each level were allowed to promote people at their discretion, the proportion of those who were suitable would be even lower—sixty or seventy percent, at most. Instead, if leaders and workers are democratically elected, seventy or eighty percent of them can qualify. This, however, does not mean that those elected are absolutely the correct choices and in accordance with God’s will. Why does it not mean that? First, the majority of God’s chosen are limited in stature, and they have not reached an understanding of the truth; second, brothers and sisters only come into contact with each other in church life, and the time they spend together is too short for them to form clear views of a majority of the others, and, as a result, the people elected are not necessarily one-hundred-percent suitable—most of them are qualified, while a few are not; third, people behave differently when they have status and when they do not. After some people gain status, their nature essence, their ways of doing things, the path they walk, and how they treat others will all be fully revealed. When they had no status, these things were not manifested, and, as they were not required to do such work, these qualities remained hidden, and they remained quiet, not interfering in the business of an office that was not theirs. Therefore, those elected are not necessarily qualified. If they are revealed to be incapable of any practical work, they should be replaced and weeded out, and another should be elected.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

Why are leaders and workers at all levels constantly having their roles adjusted in God’s house? The purpose of this is to safeguard the ability of all of His chosen people to eat and drink of His words and to experience them normally, and get to where they can understand the truth and enter reality. This is the actual result that should be achieved by leaders and workers in their service to God. If they are not adjusted properly, or if a false worker or false apostle assumes the role of a leader or worker, will this not result in the suffering of God’s chosen? It is not only one person who will be set back or ensnared, nor the leaders or workers themselves; first and foremost, it will be God’s chosen people of an entire region who will be setback and ensnared. If a church leader is not selected properly, it may set back thirty to fifty people; if a district leader is not selected properly, it may set back three-, five-, even up to seven- or eight-hundred people; if a leader of a pastoral area is not selected properly, it will delay the life entry of hundreds of thousands of people—a serious consequence, indeed! If leaders and workers are not properly adjusted, a great many of God’s chosen will be set back and ruined; it is therefore crucial to adjust leaders and workers.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

As for those leaders and workers who are without the work of the Holy Spirit, they should be replaced at the earliest opportunity so as to avoid causing loss to the life entry of God’s chosen people. This is because those who are without the work of the Holy Spirit are people who have already been revealed and weeded out by God, and if someone continues to keep them on, then that causes interruptions to God’s work. Moreover, it is a way of doing things that defies God. Leaders and workers without the work of the Holy Spirit are, without a doubt, false leaders and false workers. No matter what level of leaders and workers they are, if someone is discovered to be one without the work of the Holy Spirit, then they must be replaced immediately and absolutely not kept in position, regardless of how good their humanity is. Those without the work of the Holy Spirit have already been revealed by God as people who must be replaced. To persist in using people whom God has no use for, is that not being antagonistic to God? Of course, there are differences in the states of those who are without the work of the Holy Spirit, but it is certain that the majority of them do not pursue the truth and do not have a good humanity. And there is also a minority who have calibers that are too poor, no work ability or whose experience is superficial and who do not understand the truth. They always work relying on their notions and imaginings, and they often cause interruptions to the work of God’s house, and this results in the Holy Spirit not working on them. Regardless of the circumstances, all who are without the work of the Holy Spirit must be replaced. This is absolute, and no one may violate it.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

The most important thing in judging whether a leader should be retained is to see how well they have performed in their assigned work. If they are not effective in performing their assigned work, no matter how good their behavior may be, and no matter how positive the impression they may give others is, this is of no use; however, if they are excellent in performing their assigned work, yet they have had some behavioral issues and have committed transgressions, this is not a matter of principle, and they should still be retained. If there is a leader whose reception of God’s words is skewed; who, in their fellowship, speaks only of letters and doctrines; and whose brothers and sisters, after a year of their leadership, have made no progress in their life entry, nor grown in their understanding of God’s word, would you consider this person qualified to serve? Such a leader should be replaced, no matter how popular they are, and regardless of their external enthusiasm or appearance of pursuit. After they are replaced, they can be assigned another role; they are not suitable for leadership. If they are suited to some professional work or other work instead, such duties may be arranged for them. This is the principle of being appointed in God’s house. Each person has their strengths and weaknesses. In God’s house, people’s duties are arranged according to their strengths and whatever work suits them; this makes them better able to develop their individual roles.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

The adjustment or replacement of any person should be based on this principle: It must be determined whether or not the person in question is pursuing the truth, what the character of their humanity is, and whether or not they have effectively fulfilled their duty. If someone has been performing their duty for six months or a year, their caliber and character have essentially been revealed; if their humanity is poor, they do not love the truth and fail to move closer toward it, they are of a low caliber, and have failed to perform their duty well, then this person’s nature has been established—and such people should be adjusted or replaced. When is the time to remove the tares? When the wheat is mature. In other words, it is when God’s chosen are discerning and able to identify what people are pursuing the truth, what people are not pursuing the truth, what people perform their duties with loyalty, what people have been consistently careless, perfunctory, and slipshod in their duties, and what people are suited to their duties and what people are not. All of these things can be discerned easily. Thus, this is the time at which it is most appropriate to remove those who are not suitable, or to make other arrangements for them. Moreover, there is another principle for the adjustment and replacement of personnel: One must look at their caliber and whether they can perform their work. For example, perhaps a certain duty calls for a person of caliber and humanity to perform it. If a person has reached a certain caliber, even if they have a corrupt disposition, as long as they can repent after being pruned and dealt with, then they can carry out that duty without issue. If they are of an insufficient caliber, it is pointless for others to help this person and they should be adjusted. If a person pursues the truth and has humanity, but they are not well versed in a professional work, even if they are a correct person, it is not appropriate for them to perform that duty, and they must be adjusted. Therefore, adjustments should be based on the duties a person is best suited to perform, which is to say, the duty in which they are guaranteed to be effective—those are the duties they should perform. Some people, who are of poor humanity and are not serious about what they do, and who are consistently careless, perfunctory, and ineffective in performing their duties, should be replaced and cast out. In the future, they will have nothing to do with the fulfillment of duty. There are some who ask, “Aren’t there some people we can try helping and observing?” Perhaps under the help and observation of others, a person may be more effective, however this must be measured on the basis of the circumstances of the duty they are fulfilling. If they have only performed their duty for half a year or so yet are still moving toward the truth, can find the reason for their failure to fulfill their duty through being pruned and dealt with, and, moreover, have truly repented and found a path on which to practice, then it is acceptable to offer them more help. In time, they can become effective in performing their duties. If, in performing their duties, they are consistently slipshod and perfunctory, and refuse to correct their errors even after repeated admonitions, do not listen no matter who is fellowshiping, and are stubborn, and they never accept or practice the truth and simply muddle along, then there is no need to help or observe them any longer. These are the principles of adjustment and replacement.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

In every level of leaders and workers, the primary targets who must be replaced and eliminated include the following: Those worked on by evil spirits; those whose humanity is bad; deceitful people; absurd people; those who only focus on letters and doctrines but do not understand the spiritual matters; those unable to discern; those unable to perform practical work; those who are unable to water and provide sustenance to God’s chosen people; those whose work cannot convince or be approved by God’s chosen people; those who always have notions regarding God and the man being used by the Holy Spirit. All these people must be thoroughly eliminated, and they must never again act as leaders at any level. The people that God’s house promotes and uses must possess the work of the Holy Spirit and show results in the work they perform, and must also be people who can get things done. All those who have not been approved by God’s chosen people, who cannot perform practical work or whose work is too lacking in efficiency, are parasites who have occupied positions but are unable to perform practical work, and who covet status. They must all be eliminated, every single one of them. This policy completely fits with God’s will, and is critical for God’s chosen people to enter onto the right track of believing in God.

Why does God’s house have to replace all those who always have notions regarding God and the man being used by the Holy Spirit, who have no real obedience? We must have an understanding regarding this. Those who have believed in God for over five years yet still have notions regarding God and the man being used by the Holy Spirit are certainly not people who pursue the truth. If these people become leaders at any level, they will certainly become antichrists, servants and accomplices of Satan. Therefore, they must all be eliminated, every single one of them. God’s house absolutely will not allow the enemies of Christ and of the man being used by the Holy Spirit to lead God’s chosen people. If anyone uses those loathed by Christ and by the man being used by the Holy Spirit as leaders, then they are also enemies of God as well as enemies of God’s chosen people. Those used by God’s house must be of the same mind as God, they must be people who coordinate tightly with the work of God’s house, they must be people who are loyal to Christ and obey Christ. Otherwise, they do not deserve to be used by God. Those who eat and drink of God’s words, who enjoy God’s grace, who do not bear witness for Christ but instead bear witness for themselves, who seek power and status, are all scum that have neither conscience nor reason, and they are all antichrists; they are not fit to serve God and must be eliminated. Therefore, God’s house requires that leaders of all levels must be those who absolutely submit to God, they must pursue the truth and be able to love God in their hearts, and they must coordinate well with the work of God’s house. If they do not possess these requirements, they absolutely cannot be used. Those who fulfill duties and serve God, but are not of the same mind as God and instead just manage their own affairs and perform work for the sake of maintaining their own status and power, are these people not the antichrists? All those who do not exalt and bear witness for Christ, but instead bear witness for and show off themselves, they are all enemies of Christ; those who, when fellowshiping at meetings, do not discuss knowledge of their own corrupt essences or how they experience God’s words and enter reality, are all people who deceive God’s chosen people and are their enemies; all those who have performed work for several years without helping God’s chosen people to know Christ and submit to Christ, and who are unable to help God’s chosen people to enter into God’s word the truth, are all people who serve God yet oppose Him; they are all hated and loathed by God. All these people are parasites that leech off of God’s house. They covet status, yet do not perform practical work; they are all evil servants who have no conscience or reason and who are selfish, despicable, brazen and shameless.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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