139. The Principles of Treating False Leaders and False Workers

(1) False leaders and false workers of poor humanity who are capable of doing evil and do not accept the truth at all must be replaced, stripped of their titles, and eliminated;

(2) False leaders and false workers who cannot do practical work due to their poor caliber must be replaced and assigned different duties;

(3) False leaders and false workers who have relatively good humanity, but do not pursue the truth, are not possessed of the work of the Holy Spirit, and cannot do practical work must be replaced and assigned different duties;

(4) False leaders and false workers with caliber and the ability to do a bit of practical work, yet who lack experience and cannot resolve practical problems, may yet be cultivated for use.

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

False leaders and workers are leaders and workers who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, and who cannot do practical work. If leaders and workers have been without the work of the Holy Spirit for a long time, this shows that they are not people who pursue the truth. This is an absolute fact. God’s chosen people are aware that anyone who believes in God without pursuing the truth is not a person of whom God would approve, and so does not possess the work of the Holy Spirit. Such people do not understand the truth or enter reality, and cannot be saved. This is a serious problem. Leaders and workers without the work of the Holy Spirit are people of whom God does not approve and will not use at all, so they are called false leaders and workers. These false leaders and workers who do not pursue the truth are all revealed through various circumstances, positions, reputations, and interests. As the saying goes, “As distance tests a horse’s strength, so does time reveal the truth of a person’s heart.” Those who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit are never able to do the work of watering and providing for God’s chosen so that the latter can enter truth reality. They can never perform the work of fellowshiping on the truth to resolve any practical problems God’s chosen ones might have. They can never perform the tasks required by the work arrangements. After an extended period of time, God’s chosen people will be able to perceive and discern these people. When God’s chosen identify these false leaders and workers, who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, it is fair and reasonable, as well as a matter of course, for those people to be removed or assigned different jobs. This is good for God’s chosen people as well as for the false leaders and workers, lest they continue to endanger God’s chosen. Therefore, replacing all the false leaders and workers is completely in line with God’s will.

The false leaders and workers are those who are unable to do the practical work that should be done by leaders and workers at various levels of the church, because they do not have the work of the Holy Spirit. However, among the false leaders and workers who do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, there are still differences in their quantity of evil deeds and quality of humanity, which should not be treated in the same way. All false leaders and workers mainly fall into the following three kinds. God’s chosen people must distinguish among them. The first kind is people with relatively good humanity. Such people have committed fewer evil deeds and aroused less public resentment. They do not understand the truth, because they have believed in God for a short time or lack the support and supply of people who understand the truth. They have not entered the right track of believing in God, or they are unable to normally pursue the truth, because of the entanglement and control of certain matters. God’s chosen people should treat the false leaders and workers who fall into this category with love and more help and support, so that there are still hopes that they will pursue the truth and receive salvation. The second kind includes those who are of a nature that is crooked and deceitful, and selfish and despicable; they are people with poor humanity. These people have more transgressions and worse influences who particularly like to pursue status and lust for the benefits of status, and become depraved with a bit of status by indulging in wining, dining and pleasure. They always muddle through their duties, and do not do practical work. They like to perch on their positions and lecture others. These people have no place for God in their hearts, much less do they have any sense of responsibility. They are like the great red dragon’s officials, sitting on high and considering everyone else to be beneath them. They always command and relentlessly suppress God’s chosen people, brooking no resistance. They have no love at all. They never sympathize with or assist others, let alone solve the practical difficulties of brothers and sisters. In the church, these people are like police; they are meddlesome and officious. Regardless of what kind of work they do, brothers and sisters receive no edification, much less sustenance of the truth from them. Therefore, such people are the false leaders or workers that God detests most. They must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If they defy and cause disturbance, they will be expelled. The third kind is those particularly arrogant and insensible people who refuse to obey anyone, even to the point of irrationality. They are wicked people indeed. These people engage in all kinds of evil, arouse intense public resentment, and harbor no fear for God in their hearts. They have a bit of caliber and some gifts, and have come to hold a little experience, so they feel that they are amazing. They pay attention to no one; not even God. With a little position, they want to own God’s chosen people, acting like they are the master of God’s chosen people and treating God’s chosen people as their private property. They vainly compete with God for God’s chosen people to keep more of them under their control. There is no place for God in the hearts of such people who never worship God. They do not pray to God in tribulation and suffering, let alone seek to open their hearts to God. After gaining status, they keep themselves high above and begin officialdom. They do not regard the work arrangements from the Above as their own duties for implementation, nor do they show any obedience to God’s work. They are wicked people who fall into the category of antichrists. They deem giving orders and arranging and handling some general affairs to be capital, as if they have done some great work that merits superior treatment and extravagant feasts. In actual fact, they have not done one iota of essential work in service to God, nor any practical work that truly supplies God’s chosen people so that they can attain life entry. They have not resolved a single one of the problems encountered by God’s chosen ones along their paths to enter truth reality, nor have they led God’s chosen to understand a single aspect of the truth. They have merely done some administrative work to boss people around, after which they are swollen with pride and superiority, as if they were officials with achievements of merit. What qualifies them to enjoy the blessings of status? They are really shameless! Such wicked people never take the work arrangements from the Above seriously. If the work arrangements are found to be unfavorable or threatening to their reputations and positions, they will withhold those work arrangements, derogate and criticize their value and significance, and even assert that they have come from man instead of God, and then use this as a means of inciting people to abandon those work arrangements. Are these not behaviors that resist God? Is this not rhetoric for maintaining their reputations and positions? Is this not revealing of their nature of the antichrist? Such people refuse God’s judgment and chastisement. They also do not accept being pruned and dealt with; they think that they are untouchable, like the buttocks of a tiger. How can they claim to be experiencing God’s work! It is the path of antichrists that these wicked people are taking. Any leaders or workers who cannot correctly regard the work arrangements and strictly follow them for implementation can be considered as ill-intentioned. None of them are obedient to God’s work. Therefore, any false leaders or workers that judge, disparage or withhold the work arrangements must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If these wicked people continue to wield power, the disasters and consequences they bring to God’s chosen people will be unimaginable. Without any show of regret, such false leaders or workers should be expelled because they are the most vicious among false leaders and workers.

The three kinds of people above who are false leaders and workers must be distinguished strictly and treated differently. The first kind is people with relatively good humanity. They are still brothers and sisters who should be treated with love. They can be allocated different duties to perform, but they cannot be allowed to take on primary tasks; they are only suited to fulfilling cooperative or other duties. The second kind is people with bad humanity who must be replaced and segregated so that they can engage in self-reflection. They can be allowed to do their duties by spreading the gospel as an opportunity for repentance. The third kind is those wicked people who are antichrists, who are especially arrogant and opinionated, and who always want to control God’s chosen people. Although they have not engaged in building an independent kingdom, it is merely due to the lack of opportunity. Based on their nature essence, it is only a matter of time that they will engage in building their independent kingdom. Therefore, this kind of vicious, arrogant, and utterly defiant people must be replaced and segregated for reflection. They can only be allowed to preach the gospel if they are willing to do their duties. They have done so much evil and harmed others so seriously, without doing any practical work; they therefore have to preach the gospel and win people over to make up for their transgressions. Spreading the gospel is the most suitable duty for them to perform. If they do not perform any duty at all, then the church can expel them.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

Some false leaders and workers do not have bad humanity. It is just that because of their corrupt dispositions, and because they do not understand the truth, when they encounter an issue, they tend to follow others, doing whatever others do, thinking that in acting thus they are doing nothing wrong—with the result that realization only comes to them when they are exposed, pruned, and dealt with by the Above. Only then do they realize that their behavior is wrong, and at odds with the truth principles. If these people are able to accept the truth and integrate God’s words into their self-reflection, if they can recognize that they are not fulfilling the responsibilities of church leaders and workers, and are actually being led to act recklessly and commit evil by the forces of Satan, and can find a path to practice and change in God’s words, achieving an understanding of God’s word the truth, and having real repentance, then this is progress. How should the house of God treat these false leaders and workers? If they are truly people who pursue the truth, then they can stay. If they are worth cultivating, then they can continue to be cultivated. But if their caliber is too poor, if they still do not know themselves, and have gained nothing, and repent nothing, then they should be eliminated. Such treatment of people is fair and reasonable. God’s will and the principle of His work is to save man to the greatest extent possible. The actions of the house of God must be fair and grounded in reality, which is entirely in accordance with God’s will and the words of God. Right now, there are some people who will not let go of issues to do with leaders and workers. They expose them once, then after a time they will hold them up to be exposed again. Is this not trying to foment a movement and being hard on people? You have exposed the problem in them, and they have recognized it and have repented, so why can you not let it go? Is this someone who is principled in handling things? Is this the correct way to treat leaders and workers? The work arrangements contain clear principles for how to handle leaders and workers at all levels, particularly false leaders and workers, therefore they should be handled according to the work arrangements: Those who pursue the truth and truly repent can remain to be used; for those who truly know themselves, and repent, but are incapable of doing real work because their caliber is too poor, alternative duties should be arranged; for those who are evil, who have bad humanity, and do not pursue the truth, they can be directly replaced and eliminated. It is that simple. Some false leaders and workers have stolen and misappropriated many offerings made to God’s house. These people who commit all sorts of wickedness and belong to antichrists must be fully investigated. It must be established just how many of God’s offerings they have stolen, just how much of the money of God’s house they have misappropriated, and these accounts must be settled one-by-one. Additionally, if they have been leaders and workers for several years, it must be clarified, one-by-one, how many people they expelled not in accordance with principles, whether these people have been brought back, how many people they have kept from attaining salvation, and how much harm they have done to the lives of brothers and sisters. The work of God has a beginning and an end; as God began His work, so He must end it, and when the time comes, those who commit all kinds of wickedness will weep and gnash their teeth, and not a single one of them will be able to escape!

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

Discerning and handling false leaders, false workers and antichrists is based mainly on the following four principles.

Firstly, those who are considered by the majority of people to have relatively good humanity, have done relatively less evil, can still do some actual work and truly repent, may keep their original position and continue working.

Secondly, those who are considered by the majority of people to have relatively good humanity and have done relatively less evil, but cannot do actual work because they have only believed in God for a short period of time and do not understand the truth: If their caliber is relatively good and they have cultivational value, they may be first arranged to be a worker and cultivated, but cannot be made a leader for the time being; if their caliber is relatively poor and they do not have cultivational value, then they must be replaced and arranged to fulfill other duties.

Thirdly, those who have relatively bad humanity, tend to commit more evil, do not attend to their proper duties, act recklessly, and never practice nor love the truth, and instead only pursue status, fame, and gain, and do not possess any truth reality whatsoever—whether or not they are willing to repent, these people must be replaced and segregated to engage in self-reflection, and may only be assigned the duty of spreading the gospel.

Fourthly, those antichrist-types who are vicious, arrogant, devoid of reason and do not have any truth reality, always have ambitions of controlling God’s chosen people, refuse to admit their mistakes and stubbornly resist to the very end when being pruned and dealt with, must be replaced and segregated for reflection regardless of whether or not they are willing to repent, and may only be arranged to perform the duty of spreading the gospel. If they refuse to submit and do not want to fulfill their duties, then this reveals even more that they are antichrists. Demons deemed to be antichrists must be expelled.

These are the four principles for handling false leaders and workers. Leaders of all levels of the church must handle and treat false leaders and workers in accordance with these four principles. Practicing in such a way basically will not be wrong. As long as the determination can be made, based on the views of the majority of church members, of whether these people possess humanity and how much evil they have committed, then those people will be able to be separated into categories, and whether they are good or evil will be made clear. Specifically speaking, if a person is confirmed to be a good person, they should be given a chance and assisted with love. If a person is confirmed to be someone with bad humanity or is a wicked person, then they must be replaced and eliminated. This is the basic principle for the handling of false leaders and workers. God’s house must not allow people with bad humanity or wicked people to be leaders or workers at any level of the church. Anyone who promotes or uses people with bad humanity or wicked people is to be treated the same as a wicked person. The principle of God’s house in handling false leaders and workers is to promote good people and ban wicked people. Only good people are people who can be saved and have hope of being saved and perfected. A person with bad humanity who truly believes in God can still be saved, but a wicked person is someone who is beyond salvation. You must remember these words firmly in your heart. And you will never go wrong if you treat people in accordance with this principle.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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