139. The Principles of Treating False Leaders and False Workers

(1) False leaders and false workers of poor humanity who are capable of doing evil and do not accept the truth at all must be replaced, stripped of their titles, and eliminated;

(2) False leaders and false workers who cannot do practical work due to their poor caliber must be replaced and assigned different duties;

(3) False leaders and false workers who have relatively good humanity, but do not pursue the truth, are not possessed of the work of the Holy Spirit, and cannot do practical work must be replaced and assigned different duties;

(4) False leaders and false workers with caliber and the ability to do a bit of practical work, yet who lack experience and cannot resolve practical problems, may yet be cultivated for use.

Relevant Words of God:

What is the attitude that people should have in terms of how to treat a leader or worker? If what he does is right, then you can obey him; if what he does is wrong, then you can expose him, and even oppose him and raise a different opinion. If he is unable to do practical work, and is revealed to be a false leader, a false worker or an antichrist, then you can refuse to accept his leadership, and you can also report and expose him. However, some of God’s chosen people do not understand the truth and are particularly cowardly, and so they do not dare do anything. They say, “If the leader kicks me out, I’m finished; if he has everyone expose or forsake me, then I will no longer be able to believe in God. If I leave the church, then God will not want me and will not save me. The church represents God!” Do these ways of thinking not affect such a person’s attitude toward those things? Could it really be true that if the leader expels you, you can no longer be saved? Is the question of your salvation dependent upon your leader’s attitude toward you? Why do so many people have such a degree of fear? If, as soon as one who is a false leader or an antichrist threatens you, you do not dare to report it higher up and even guarantee that from then on, you will be of a single mind with the leader, then are you not done for? Is this the sort of person who pursues truth? Not only do you not dare to expose such wicked behavior as might be committed by satanic antichrists, but on the contrary, you obey them and even take their words as the truth, to which you submit. Is this not the epitome of stupidity? Then, when you are harmed, is that not what you deserve? Has God caused you to be harmed? You have wished it upon yourself. You took an antichrist to be your leader, and treated him as though he were a brother or sister—and that is your fault. What is the attitude with which one should treat an antichrist? One should expose him and struggle against him. If you cannot do this alone, then multiple people must come together and report him. Upon discovering that certain leaders and workers higher up were walking the path of the antichrist, making the brothers and sisters suffer, not doing real work, and coveting the benefits of status, some people signed a petition to remove those antichrists. What a fantastic job these people did! It shows that people understand the truth, that they possess a certain amount of stature, and that they are neither controlled nor deceived by Satan. This also proves that antichrists and false leaders do not hold a dominant position in the church, and they do not dare to show their true selves too plainly in anything they say and do. If they do reveal themselves, there are people to monitor them, identify them, and cast them out. That is, in the hearts of people who genuinely understand the truth, a person’s status, prestige, and authority are not the things that hold sway; all those who understand the truth are able to have discernment, and they rethink and reflect upon what path people ought to follow in their faith in God, as well as how they should treat leaders and workers. They also begin to think about whom people should follow, which behaviors constitute following people, and which behaviors constitute following God. Having pondered these truths for several years, and listened often to sermons, they have unconsciously come to understand the truths about believing in God, and so they have gained some stature. They have embarked upon the right track of believing in God.

Excerpted from “They Exclude and Attack Those Who Pursue the Truth” in Exposing Antichrists

If antichrists are allowed to run amok in a church, given free rein to cry whatever slogans and arguments they wish in order to control, threaten, deceive, or mislead the brothers and sisters, and the leaders do nothing, being without discernment and incapable of promptly exposing these antichrists and getting them under control, leading to the brothers and sisters being manipulated and disturbed by the antichrists at will, then the leaders of this church are garbage. If the antichrists and wicked ones in a church are spurned and abhorred by the brothers and sisters, if they are shackled within the church, and everyone has discernment over them, such that their speech and empty slogans that mislead and deceive the brothers and sisters do not work in the church and they are held in check, locked down, then this church’s leaders are up to standard; they are leaders possessed of truth reality. If a church is being disrupted by an antichrist, and, after being identified and rejected by the brothers and sisters, the antichrist takes revenge by oppressing and abusing the brothers and sisters, and the church leaders do nothing, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. As leaders of a church, if they are incapable of solving problems using the truth, if they cannot identify, control, and limit the antichrists’ waywardness in the church, are unable to protect brothers and sisters and protect them so that they can perform their duties normally, and are unable to maintain the normal execution of the work of God’s house, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. If the leaders of a church are afraid to approach or provoke an antichrist because the antichrist is malevolent and cruel, and thus allow that antichrist to run wild in the church, tyrannizing over others, doing whatever they want, and paralyzing and bringing to a standstill much of the work of the house of God, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. If, because of fear of retribution, the leaders of a church never have the courage to expose an antichrist, and never try to limit that antichrist’s evil acts, thereby causing disruption to the church life, and greatly hindering and damaging the brothers’ and sisters’ entry into life, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. Would you choose such leaders? (No.) Then what should you do when you encounter such leaders? You should ask them, “Antichrists are causing all this trouble in our church, acting like tyrants and wielding power. Will you stop them? Do you dare to expose them? If not, then step down. If you are protecting your own fleshly interests, if you are handing over your brothers and sisters to antichrists and the wicked because you fear them, you deserve to be cursed. You are unworthy of being a leader. Step down!” Isn’t that how you should treat leaders like this? (Yes.) That’s exactly how you should treat them. Such leaders do no practical work. In the face of the wicked, they don’t protect their brothers and sisters. Instead, they bow to the wicked, compromise with them, and beg them for mercy. Such people are garbage, they are traitors, and should be rejected.

Excerpted from “They Do Their Duty Only to Distinguish Themselves and Feed Their Own Interests and Ambitions; They Never Consider the Interests of God’s House, and Even Sell Those Interests Out in Exchange for Personal Glory (Part Eight)” in Exposing Antis

Some false leaders are gluttonous and idle, loving of leisure and loathsome of labor, averse to work and worry, ill-disposed to exertion or responsibility; they wish only for comfort, they love to eat and play, and they are lazy. In the morning, when everyone has finished breakfast, they are still in bed; in the evening, they watch their TV dramas until they can barely keep their eyes open, still up when everyone’s asleep. They spend all day eating, playing, and drifting about; they go wherever there is fun to be had, or play on whatever machine looks entertaining. Say a brother cook cannot stand it and reprimands them. What do you think, would they listen to a cook? (No.) If I said, “You have to be more diligent. You must do what you ought. You are a leader and must be present for all work, no matter what it is; when other people work for eight hours, you must be there for a minimum of six-and-a-half or seven hours. You can spend the remaining time attending to personal affairs,” would they listen? They would not. So, I say nothing to such people—I simply tell the decision-making group to replace them, to get rid of them, to send them wherever necessary, to get them doing whatever they are able. If they are trash and would freeload wherever they were, and are not capable of anything, then kick them out; do not allow them to perform a duty. They are not fit to perform a duty. They are not people; they do not possess the conscience and sense of normal humanity, and they are shameless. With this shiftless sort of false leader, as soon as you have seen through them, replace them at once. There is no need to give them counsel, no need to give them more chances or put them under observation, nor is there any point in fellowshiping the truth to them. Have they heard little of the truth? Would they change if they were dealt with and pruned? No. Were one of poor caliber, or at times absurd in their point of view, or ignorant and narrow-minded in the way they see things, but still diligent, burden-bearing, and not lazy—such a person, though deviant in their actions, can change by being dealt with and pruned; at the very least, they are aware of the responsibilities of leadership and know what they are supposed to do, and they have conscience and a sense of responsibility. They have a heart. But that kind of person who is lazy, loving idleness and hating labor, who has no sense of burden—they cannot change. If they have no sense of burden, whatever anyone says will have no effect.

Excerpted from “Identifying False Leaders (4)” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

Some people have been dismissed because of outrageous behavior, because they are antichrists. Others have been dismissed because they lack experience and cannot do the work. Still others have been dismissed because their caliber is too poor to be leaders, and they are not up to the task. People who have been dismissed are to be reasonably reassigned, not condemned or delimited. They are to do what they can and be handled as they should be. Can people dismissed for their excessively poor caliber be selected again as leaders and workers or as supervisors? (No.) Why not? Because it has already been tried. They have been exposed and seen through. Such people’s caliber and work abilities are not suited to the task of being leaders. If they are not suitable as leaders, does that mean they are not suitable for anything else? Not necessarily. If their caliber is too poor to be a leader but they can do other things, then, as long as no other problems such as evil humanity disqualify them from being promoted, they should do whatever they are suited to do. They should not be stripped of the right to perform their duties. They can still be put to use. Some are dismissed because they lack the ability to work, or they have not done church work before, or they are unaccustomed to it and, having done the work for a while, they still cannot find their way and do not know what to do. Or, they are too young and lack experience, so they cannot take on the job and are ultimately dismissed. There is room for people like this. If their caliber is sufficient, they can simply be demoted or put to work on something suitable for them. Once their understanding of the truth is clear, and once they have a bit of exposure to and experience with the church’s work, such people can be promoted and cultivated again based on their caliber.

What kinds of people cannot be promoted again after being dismissed? One is antichrists; another is those whose caliber is too low; and a third is people who are not antichrists, but whose humanity is poor, who are selfish or deceitful, who may be lazy or crave fleshly comfort and are unable to bear hard work. Even if such people are of good caliber, they may not be promoted again. Whatever they have the caliber to do, that is what they should do. Suitable arrangements can be made—but they cannot be leaders or workers again. Beyond having the ability to work and caliber, leaders and workers need to be able to take on responsibility, to work hard and bear suffering. They must be diligent, not lazy, and they must also be relatively honest and upright, and not too cunning. Those who are too deceitful or cunning end up always scheming against their brothers and sisters, their higher-ups, and the house of God. They spend their days thinking only devious thoughts. When dealing with someone like this, you must always guess at what they are truly thinking, you must know what they are doing at all times, and you must always keep an eye on them. Putting them to use is too exhausting. If this kind of person is promoted to perform duties, even if they understand a little doctrine, they will not practice it, and they will expect benefits and rewards for every bit of work they do. Using such people is too exhausting and too much trouble, so such people cannot be promoted. So, antichrists, those of excessively poor caliber, those of bad humanity, the lazy, those who seek fleshly comfort, those who cannot endure hard work, and the cunning and deceitful—the moment these kinds of people are exposed and dismissed, they are ineligible for a second promotion. Once they have been seen through, do not put them to incorrect use again.

Excerpted from “Identifying False Leaders (6)” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

False leaders and workers are leaders and workers who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, and who cannot do practical work. If leaders and workers have been without the work of the Holy Spirit for a long time, this shows that they are not people who pursue the truth. This is an absolute fact. God’s chosen people are aware that anyone who believes in God without pursuing the truth is not a person of whom God would approve, and so does not possess the work of the Holy Spirit. Such people do not understand the truth or enter reality, and cannot be saved. This is a serious problem. Leaders and workers without the work of the Holy Spirit are people of whom God does not approve and will not use at all, so they are called false leaders and workers. These false leaders and workers who do not pursue the truth are all revealed through various circumstances, positions, reputations, and interests. As the saying goes, “As distance tests a horse’s strength, so does time reveal the truth of a person’s heart.” Those who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit are never able to do the work of watering and providing for God’s chosen so that the latter can enter truth reality. They can never perform the work of fellowshiping on the truth to resolve any practical problems God’s chosen ones might have. They can never perform the tasks required by the work arrangements. After an extended period of time, God’s chosen people will be able to perceive and discern these people. When God’s chosen identify these false leaders and workers, who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, it is fair and reasonable, as well as a matter of course, for those people to be removed or assigned different jobs. This is good for God’s chosen people as well as for the false leaders and workers, lest they continue to endanger God’s chosen. Therefore, replacing all the false leaders and workers is completely in line with God’s will.

The false leaders and workers are those who are unable to do the practical work that should be done by leaders and workers at various levels of the church, because they do not have the work of the Holy Spirit. However, among the false leaders and workers who do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, there are still differences in their quantity of evil deeds and quality of humanity, which should not be treated in the same way. All false leaders and workers mainly fall into the following three kinds. God’s chosen people must distinguish among them. The first kind is people with relatively good humanity. Such people have committed fewer evil deeds and aroused less public resentment. They do not understand the truth, because they have believed in God for a short time or lack the support and supply of people who understand the truth. They have not entered the right track of believing in God, or they are unable to normally pursue the truth, because of the entanglement and control of certain matters. God’s chosen people should treat the false leaders and workers who fall into this category with love and more help and support, so that there are still hopes that they will pursue the truth and receive salvation. The second kind includes those who are of a nature that is crooked and deceitful, and selfish and despicable; they are people with poor humanity. These people have more transgressions and worse influences who particularly like to pursue status and lust for the benefits of status, and become depraved with a bit of status by indulging in wining, dining and pleasure. They always muddle through their duties, and do not do practical work. They like to perch on their positions and lecture others. These people have no place for God in their hearts, much less do they have any sense of responsibility. They are like the great red dragon’s officials, sitting on high and considering everyone else to be beneath them. They always command and relentlessly suppress God’s chosen people, brooking no resistance. They have no love at all. They never sympathize with or assist others, let alone solve the practical difficulties of brothers and sisters. In the church, these people are like police; they are meddlesome and officious. Regardless of what kind of work they do, brothers and sisters receive no edification, much less sustenance of the truth from them. Therefore, such people are the false leaders or workers that God detests most. They must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If they defy and cause disturbance, they will be expelled. The third kind is those particularly arrogant and insensible people who refuse to obey anyone, even to the point of irrationality. They are wicked people indeed. These people engage in all kinds of evil, arouse intense public resentment, and harbor no fear for God in their hearts. They have a bit of caliber and some gifts, and have come to hold a little experience, so they feel that they are amazing. They pay attention to no one; not even God. With a little position, they want to own God’s chosen people, acting like they are the master of God’s chosen people and treating God’s chosen people as their private property. They vainly compete with God for God’s chosen people to keep more of them under their control. There is no place for God in the hearts of such people who never worship God. They do not pray to God in tribulation and suffering, let alone seek to open their hearts to God. After gaining status, they keep themselves high above and begin officialdom. They do not regard the work arrangements from the Above as their own duties for implementation, nor do they show any obedience to God’s work. They are wicked people who fall into the category of antichrists. They deem giving orders and arranging and handling some general affairs to be capital, as if they have done some great work that merits superior treatment and extravagant feasts. In actual fact, they have not done one iota of essential work in service to God, nor any practical work that truly supplies God’s chosen people so that they can attain life entry. They have not resolved a single one of the problems encountered by God’s chosen ones along their paths to enter truth reality, nor have they led God’s chosen to understand a single aspect of the truth. They have merely done some administrative work to boss people around, after which they are swollen with pride and superiority, as if they were officials with achievements of merit. What qualifies them to enjoy the blessings of status? They are really shameless! Such wicked people never take the work arrangements from the Above seriously. If the work arrangements are found to be unfavorable or threatening to their reputations and positions, they will withhold those work arrangements, derogate and criticize their value and significance, and even assert that they have come from man instead of God, and then use this as a means of inciting people to abandon those work arrangements. Are these not behaviors that resist God? Is this not rhetoric for maintaining their reputations and positions? Is this not revealing of their nature of the antichrist? Such people refuse God’s judgment and chastisement. They also do not accept being pruned and dealt with; they think that they are untouchable, like the buttocks of a tiger. How can they claim to be experiencing God’s work! It is the path of antichrists that these wicked people are taking. Any leaders or workers who cannot correctly regard the work arrangements and strictly follow them for implementation can be considered as ill-intentioned. None of them are obedient to God’s work. Therefore, any false leaders or workers that judge, disparage or withhold the work arrangements must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If these wicked people continue to wield power, the disasters and consequences they bring to God’s chosen people will be unimaginable. Without any show of regret, such false leaders or workers should be expelled because they are the most vicious among false leaders and workers.

The three kinds of people above who are false leaders and workers must be distinguished strictly and treated differently. The first kind is people with relatively good humanity. They are still brothers and sisters who should be treated with love. They can be allocated different duties to perform, but they cannot be allowed to take on primary tasks; they are only suited to fulfilling cooperative or other duties. The second kind is people with bad humanity who must be replaced and segregated so that they can engage in self-reflection. They can be allowed to do their duties by spreading the gospel as an opportunity for repentance. The third kind is those wicked people who are antichrists, who are especially arrogant and opinionated, and who always want to control God’s chosen people. Although they have not engaged in building an independent kingdom, it is merely due to the lack of opportunity. Based on their nature essence, it is only a matter of time that they will engage in building their independent kingdom. Therefore, this kind of vicious, arrogant, and utterly defiant people must be replaced and segregated for reflection. They can only be allowed to preach the gospel if they are willing to do their duties. They have done so much evil and harmed others so seriously, without doing any practical work; they therefore have to preach the gospel and win people over to make up for their transgressions. Spreading the gospel is the most suitable duty for them to perform. If they do not perform any duty at all, then the church can expel them.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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