67. The Principles of Recalling Leaders and Workers

(1) Letters of denunciation and impeachment of leaders and workers should be subjected first to thorough investigation; such a matter should not be handled, nor its nature decided, until the allegations are found to conform entirely to fact;

(2) It is necessary to conduct a public survey as to whether a leader’s or worker’s work has yielded practical results. Only by determining they are a false leader or worker can they be removed from their posts;

(3) The work of leaders and workers should be subject to inspection at any time. Anything that constitutes a serious violation of the principles must be immediately dealt with and resolved;

(4) The recall of a false leader and antichrist who has engaged in multifarious acts of evil may be carried out by a significant number of God’s true chosen people jointly with two or three leaders or workers.

Relevant Words of God:

How should God’s chosen ones treat antichrists? They must identify them, expose them, report them, and cast them out. No matter how an antichrist comes into a position of leadership, he invariably is one who resists God. You must not accept the leadership of an antichrist, and you also must not recognize him as your leader, for what he does is not to lead you into the words of God; he wants to drag you down to hell and haul you along the same path of the antichrists that he is walking. He causes you to join with him in resistance against God and in disrupting and destroying God’s work. He tugs and pulls at you so that you come to wallow with him in the mire. Will you consent to this? If you do, and if you compromise with him, beg him for mercy, or are conquered by him, then you have not borne witness, and you are a person who betrays both the truth and God—and such people cannot be saved. What are the conditions a person must meet in order to receive salvation? First of all, they must possess the ability to identify satanic antichrists; they must have this aspect of the truth. It is only by possessing this aspect of the truth that they can genuinely believe in God and refrain from worshiping or following man; only people who can identify antichrists have the ability to truly believe in God and follow and bear witness to Him. In order to identify antichrists, people must first learn to see people and things with complete clarity and understanding; they must be able to perceive the essence of antichrists, and they must see through all of their conspiracies, tricks, inner motivations, and objectives. If you can do this, then you can stand firm. If you want to obtain salvation, then the first test you must pass is to learn how to defeat Satan and how to overcome and triumph over hostile forces and interference from the outside world. Once you possess stature and sufficient truth to persevere to the end in a battle against Satan’s forces, and have defeated them, then—and only then—can you pursue the truth steadily, and only then can you step steadfastly and without mishap upon the path of pursuing the truth and being granted salvation. If you cannot pass this test, then it can be said that you are in great danger, and you are liable to be captured by an antichrist and come to live under Satan’s influence.

Excerpted from “They Exclude and Attack Those Who Pursue the Truth” in Exposing Antichrists

What is the attitude that people should have in terms of how to treat a leader or worker? If what he does is right, then you can obey him; if what he does is wrong, then you can expose him, and even oppose him and raise a different opinion. If he is unable to do practical work, and is revealed to be a false leader, a false worker or an antichrist, then you can refuse to accept his leadership, and you can also report and expose him. However, some of God’s chosen people do not understand the truth and are particularly cowardly, and so they do not dare do anything. They say, “If the leader kicks me out, I’m finished; if he has everyone expose or forsake me, then I will no longer be able to believe in God. If I leave the church, then God will not want me and will not save me. The church represents God!” Do these ways of thinking not affect such a person’s attitude toward those things? Could it really be true that if the leader expels you, you can no longer be saved? Is the question of your salvation dependent upon your leader’s attitude toward you? Why do so many people have such a degree of fear? If, as soon as one who is a false leader or an antichrist threatens you, you do not dare to report it higher up and even guarantee that from then on, you will be of a single mind with the leader, then are you not done for? Is this the sort of person who pursues truth? Not only do you not dare to expose such wicked behavior as might be committed by satanic antichrists, but on the contrary, you obey them and even take their words as the truth, to which you submit. Is this not the epitome of stupidity? Then, when you are harmed, is that not what you deserve? Has God caused you to be harmed? You have wished it upon yourself. You took an antichrist to be your leader, and treated him as though he were a brother or sister—and that is your fault. What is the attitude with which one should treat an antichrist? One should expose him and struggle against him. If you cannot do this alone, then multiple people must come together and report him. Upon discovering that certain leaders and workers higher up were walking the path of the antichrist, making the brothers and sisters suffer, not doing real work, and coveting the benefits of status, some people signed a petition to remove those antichrists. What a fantastic job these people did! It shows that people understand the truth, that they possess a certain amount of stature, and that they are neither controlled nor deceived by Satan. This also proves that antichrists and false leaders do not hold a dominant position in the church, and they do not dare to show their true selves too plainly in anything they say and do. If they do reveal themselves, there are people to monitor them, identify them, and cast them out. That is, in the hearts of people who genuinely understand the truth, a person’s status, prestige, and authority are not the things that hold sway; all those who understand the truth are able to have discernment, and they rethink and reflect upon what path people ought to follow in their faith in God, as well as how they should treat leaders and workers. They also begin to think about whom people should follow, which behaviors constitute following people, and which behaviors constitute following God. Having pondered these truths for several years, and listened often to sermons, they have unconsciously come to understand the truths about believing in God, and so they have gained some stature. They have embarked upon the right track of believing in God.

Excerpted from “They Exclude and Attack Those Who Pursue the Truth” in Exposing Antichrists

If antichrists are allowed to run amok in a church, given free rein to cry whatever slogans and arguments they wish in order to control, threaten, deceive, or mislead the brothers and sisters, and the leaders do nothing, being without discernment and incapable of promptly exposing these antichrists and getting them under control, leading to the brothers and sisters being manipulated and disturbed by the antichrists at will, then the leaders of this church are garbage. If the antichrists and wicked ones in a church are spurned and abhorred by the brothers and sisters, if they are shackled within the church, and everyone has discernment over them, such that their speech and empty slogans that mislead and deceive the brothers and sisters do not work in the church and they are held in check, locked down, then this church’s leaders are up to standard; they are leaders possessed of truth reality. If a church is being disrupted by an antichrist, and, after being identified and rejected by the brothers and sisters, the antichrist takes revenge by oppressing and abusing the brothers and sisters, and the church leaders do nothing, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. As leaders of a church, if they are incapable of solving problems using the truth, if they cannot identify, control, and limit the antichrists’ waywardness in the church, are unable to protect brothers and sisters and protect them so that they can perform their duties normally, and are unable to maintain the normal execution of the work of God’s house, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. If the leaders of a church are afraid to approach or provoke an antichrist because the antichrist is malevolent and cruel, and thus allow that antichrist to run wild in the church, tyrannizing over others, doing whatever they want, and paralyzing and bringing to a standstill much of the work of the house of God, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. If, because of fear of retribution, the leaders of a church never have the courage to expose an antichrist, and never try to limit that antichrist’s evil acts, thereby causing disruption to the church life, and greatly hindering and damaging the brothers’ and sisters’ entry into life, then the leaders of this church are garbage, and should be eliminated. Would you choose such leaders? (No.) Then what should you do when you encounter such leaders? You should ask them, “Antichrists are causing all this trouble in our church, acting like tyrants and wielding power. Will you stop them? Do you dare to expose them? If not, then step down. If you are protecting your own fleshly interests, if you are handing over your brothers and sisters to antichrists and the wicked because you fear them, you deserve to be cursed. You are unworthy of being a leader. Step down!” Isn’t that how you should treat leaders like this? (Yes.) That’s exactly how you should treat them. Such leaders do no practical work. In the face of the wicked, they don’t protect their brothers and sisters. Instead, they bow to the wicked, compromise with them, and beg them for mercy. Such people are garbage, they are traitors, and should be rejected.

Excerpted from “They Do Their Duty Only to Distinguish Themselves and Feed Their Own Interests and Ambitions; They Never Consider the Interests of God’s House, and Even Sell Those Interests Out in Exchange for Personal Glory (Part Eight)” in Exposing Antis

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

As for those antichrists, wicked people, and deceivers that hold sway in the church, God’s chosen people must unite to remove them from their posts and reject them. Two or three leaders and workers who are in possession of the work of the Holy Spirit may directly remove them from their posts and ban them, and anyone also in possession of the work of the Holy Spirit may be selected to take over the work of those who were removed. Only this is truly hating Satan and turning one’s back on it. God’s house must never permit wicked people, antichrists, or those who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit to hold power in the church and thereby deceive and harm others. The moment such people show their true colors, they must be banned. This is God’s command, and it is a symbol of His righteous disposition. God’s chosen people should steadfastly stand by His side, upholding His work and submitting to the authority of His words. It is against God’s will for antichrists and wicked people to hold power in the church, and it goes against His administrative decrees. When one is discovered, one should be banned; and no one must shield such a person. Whosoever speaks out in the defense of an antichrist, a wicked person, or someone who deceives others is an accomplice and a pawn of Satan, and they are therefore someone who will be exposed and eliminated by God.

All kinds of people will be revealed during the final years of disasters and trials. False leaders and workers who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit make up approximately one third of leaders and workers. Amongst these false leaders and workers, some are antichrists who do all manner of evil, whereas some have lost the work of the Holy Spirit due to their not having pursued the truth, even though they have not done much evil, and it is people like these who may be given opportunities to repent. As for antichrists who do all manner of evil, or who try to establish their own independent kingdoms, leaders and workers at all levels as well as God’s chosen people should collect evidence of the wickedness of these people and make a summary of their evil deeds. When sufficient evidence has been gathered, action may be taken to remove those people from their posts and ban them—and this action is one of expelling evil to show devotion to God. In some churches, God’s chosen people have already grasped evidence of the crimes of some false leaders, false workers, or antichrists, and they should collate this evidence into written materials. If someone has formed into a force of the antichrist, then God’s chosen people should unite with leaders and workers who possess the work of the Holy Spirit and dismiss and replace that person. If there is insufficient evidence of the evil deeds committed, or it pertains only to the various problems of expressing corruption and does not constitute them doing all manner of evil, then the decision may be deferred and made based on the quality of their humanity after observing them for a period of time. In God’s house, only the leaders and workers who possess the work of the Holy Spirit are those who are approved for use by God; those who are without the work of the Holy Spirit are the ones of whom He does not approve and who must be banned. Therefore, God’s chosen people must ascertain whether or not a leader or worker of any level is kept on based on whether or not they are in possession of the work of the Holy Spirit. God’s defeat of Satan and His termination of Satan’s destiny has come to a pivotal moment. God’s chosen people must understand His will and must absolutely not allow the various wicked people and antichrists who belong to Satan to take power in the church—this is God’s demand, His command; and even more so, it is a symbol of His righteous disposition. Wicked people and antichrists are the lackeys of the great red dragon within the church, and they represent the forces of the great red dragon. If wicked people and antichrists hold power, therefore, it means that the great red dragon holds power. Only by rejecting wicked people and antichrists can people forsake the great red dragon and rebel against Satan. All people who are just and faithful to God should consciously rise up and uphold God’s work, protect the interests of God’s chosen people and launch a decisive battle against the forces of Satan—this is the power with which God has endowed His chosen people. In this spiritual battle, all those who stand with God and are faithful to Him, belong to Him, and all those who stand with Satan and do their utmost to disturb and demolish God’s work, belong to Satan; these two types of people have all been revealed, and God’s chosen people ought to see this clearly.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

If some false leaders and false workers are not replaced after committing a lot of evil acts, God’s chosen people should make a summary of the facts of their wickedness and report them to leaders and workers at higher levels. If the district leaders have done too much evil, this should be reported to the regional leaders and workers. If the members of the regional decision-making team have done much evil and they are obviously resisting the work arrangements and disrupting the work of God’s house, this should be reported to the pastoral decision-making team. If the pastoral decision-making team still defends them instead of resolving the problem, then the situation should be recorded in written documents and reported to the Above via the website. Additionally, measures may even be adopted to remove false leaders and workers by way of joint dismissal. The principle for implementing a joint dismissal is that a dedicated action to ban all false leaders and workers and the antichrists should be conducted by leaders and workers who possess the work of the Holy Spirit at various levels. For example, if members of the pastoral decision-making team do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, other members of the pastoral decision-making team or members of the work team who possess the work of the Holy Spirit should concur on actions to remove them. If members of the regional decision-making team do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, other members of the regional decision-making team or two or three regional coordinators who have the work of the Holy Spirit should concur on actions to remove them. If a district leader does not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, two or three other district leaders and workers should concur on actions to remove that district leader. If regional coordinators or district preachers do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, they can be reassigned directly by the regional decision-making team or district leaders. When removing the false leaders and workers who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, how many evil acts they have done and how God’s chosen people report them must be ascertained accurately and without any mistakes. False leaders and workers with relatively better humanity, but who do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit, should only be dismissed, yet still be treated as brothers and sisters. If false leaders and workers are wicked people steeped in iniquity, they should be evaluated according to the seriousness of their wicked behavior to decide whether or not they should be expelled. In addition, prior to taking actions to ban any false leaders and workers and antichrists, an investigation must be first conducted to determine the nature of the problem and make clear whether the people in question possess the work of the Holy Spirit, and whether or not the parties involved can be categorized as false leaders, false workers, or antichrists. Moreover, inquiries and investigations should be conducted with their co-workers and the brothers and sisters for whom they are responsible, in order to grasp the specifics regarding their evil deeds and resistance against God. A list of their wicked deeds must also be made, and confirmed by many people to show that the evidence is conclusive. Actions can only be taken once the majority of people familiar with them have confirmed the evidence. Any actions must be taken with caution, prudence, and wisdom, and appropriate opportunities must also be chosen; by no means can this ever be done under adverse circumstances. Regardless of location, as long as false leaders and workers and antichrists exist, this is how they may be dealt with. It is the command of God and the authorization of the man used by the Holy Spirit. All leaders and workers who possess the work of the Holy Spirit have the right to take action against false leaders and workers and antichrists, the premise being safety and the assurance that the church life of God’s chosen people not be disturbed. This is a genuine good deed and a true act of righteousness.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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