82. The Principles of Watering Newcomers

(1) It is first necessary to clarify, through fellowship, truths regarding visions, in order to lead newcomers to know God’s work and have true faith in Him, thereby putting down a foundation;

(2) One must treat newcomers with love and patience, and should fellowship on the truth with them to resolve their problems in accordance with God’s words by targeting their various notions and hinderances;

(3) First, you must identify which newcomers have true faith in God and love the truth. Focus on watering and providing for those of good caliber, and on cultivating and training them;

(4) It is necessary to train those with a talent for spreading the gospel so that they learn to fellowship on truths regarding visions, grasp the principles of evangelism, and spread the gospel and bear witness for God.

Relevant Words of God:

You must come to know the visions of God’s work and grasp the general direction of His work. This is positive entry. Once you have accurately mastered the truth of visions, your entry will be secure; no matter how God’s work changes, you will remain steadfast in your heart, be clear about the visions, and have a goal for your entry and your pursuit. In this way, all the experience and knowledge within you will grow deeper and become more detailed. Once you have grasped the bigger picture in its entirety, you will suffer no losses in life, nor will you go astray. If you do not come to know these steps of work, you shall suffer loss at each step, and it will take you more than a few days to turn things around, nor will you be able to set upon the right track in even a couple of weeks. Will this not cause delays? There is much in the way of positive entry and practice that you must master. As for the visions of God’s work, you must grasp the following points: the significance of His work of conquest, the future path to being made perfect, what must be achieved through experiencing trials and tribulations, the significance of judgment and chastisement, the principles behind the work of the Holy Spirit, and the principles behind perfection and conquest. These all belong to the truth of visions. The rest are the three stages of work in the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Age of Kingdom, as well as future testimony. These, too, are the truth of visions, and they are what is most fundamental as well as most crucial.

Excerpted from “The Difference Between the Ministry of God Incarnate and the Duty of Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Do you know what you need to be equipped with right now? One aspect of it involves visions about the work, and the other aspect is your practice. You must grasp both of these aspects. If you do not have visions in your quest to make progress in life, then you will have no foundation. If you have only paths of practice, without the slightest vision, and have no understanding whatsoever of the work of the overall management plan, then you are a good-for-nothing. You must understand the truths that involve visions, and as for the truths relating to practice, you need to find appropriate paths of practice after you have understood them; you must practice in accordance with the words, and enter in according to your conditions. Visions are the foundation, and if you pay no attention to this fact, you will not be able to follow along to the very end; experiencing in such a manner will either lead you astray or cause you to fall down and fail. There will be no way for you to succeed! People who do not have great visions as their foundations can only fail; they cannot succeed. You cannot stand firm! Do you know what believing in God involves? Do you know what following God means? Without visions, what path would you walk? In the work of today, if you have no visions, you will not at all be able to be made complete. …

Once people have had visions, they possess a foundation. When you practice on the basis of this foundation, it will be much easier to enter in. As such, you will have no misgivings once you have a foundation for entering in, and it will be very easy for you to enter in. This aspect of understanding visions and of knowing the work of God is crucial; you must have it in your arsenal. If you are not equipped with this aspect of the truth, and only know how to talk about paths of practice, then you will be hugely defective. I have discovered that many of you do not emphasize this aspect of the truth, and when you listen to it, you seem to only be listening to words and doctrines. One day you will lose out. There are some utterances these days that you do not quite understand and do not accept; in such cases, you should seek patiently, and the day will come when you do understand. Gradually equip yourself with more and more visions. Even if you understand only a few spiritual doctrines, that is still better than paying no attention to the visions, and is still better than understanding none at all. This is all helpful to your entry, and will clear away those doubts of yours. It is better than your being filled with notions. You will be much better off if you have these visions as a foundation. You will have no misgivings whatsoever, and will be able to enter in boldly and confidently. Why bother always following God in such a confused, doubtful manner? Is that not the same as burying your head in the sand? How nice it would be to stride into the kingdom with a strut and a swagger! Why be so full of misgivings? Are you not just putting yourself through sheer hell? Once you have gained an understanding of the work of Jehovah, of the work of Jesus, and of this stage of work, you will have a foundation.

Excerpted from “You Must Understand the Work—Do Not Follow in Confusion!” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

In order to coordinate with God’s work of saving mankind in the last days, the leaders and workers at all levels of the church must do a good job of watering new believers so they can establish good foundations on the true way as soon as possible and enter onto the right track of believing in God. After new believers accept God’s work, if they do not lay down good foundations in the first year, it will still be easy for them to be deceived by Satan and antichrists and stray into dangerous territory. If so, the steep price we pay to preach the gospel to them will go down the drain. Why would people who have already come before God be deceived and pulled away by Satan? Blame for this cannot be attributed to the weakness of new believers. This situation arises primarily because leaders of all levels in the church have not done a good job in their work of supplying and watering. This is a responsibility that leaders of all levels of the church cannot shirk. All people who serve God have once made resolutions to be loyal to God, willingly expend themselves for God, and do God’s will. How can God’s will be done if they cannot even keep people who have already entered God’s house? Is this not fooling and cheating God? If a person who serves God cannot fulfill God’s entrustment and do God’s will, then how can they possibly gain God’s praise and enter His kingdom? Just what is doing God’s will? The most fundamental one is to help all those who accept God’s work to truly understand God’s intention of saving mankind, understand all truths expressed by God, and achieve true obedience and worship of God. This means God’s will is carried out on earth. If church leaders and workers of various levels can fully devote themselves to God’s work of salvation and guide His chosen ones to eat and drink of His words and accept and submit to His judgment and chastisement to enter truth reality, then those leaders and workers will be people who do God’s will. Therefore, watering new believers so they can quickly establish a firm foundation on the true way and enter onto the right track in their faith is the most fundamental and core work of God’s house. The truths that new believers must be watered with include: the truth of the three stages of God’s work; the truth of God’s incarnation; the truth of God’s names; the truth of the differences between God’s work and man’s work; the truth of discerning the true Christ from false Christs; the truth of knowing the work of the Holy Spirit and discerning the work of the evil spirits; the truth of bringing God’s words into real life; and the truth of being an honest person, etc. Water these truths deep into the hearts of all those who have just accepted God’s work so they can lay good foundations. This can ensure that they will be able to stand firm on the true way and not betray or deny God no matter what disturbances they may encounter from Satan the devil. Only when one’s work achieves this result do they serve God in accordance with His will and genuinely do God’s will.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

This is a principle of church life: Brothers and sisters who sincerely believe in God and pursue the truth should be treated specially. Whether they are new believers or have believed in God for years, one must have genuine love for them, offer them real help, and have a bit of a spirit of dedication toward them. In ordinary times, one should fellowship more with them about the truth so that they can understand the truth as quickly as possible and grow up in life. As for people who do not pursue the truth, if they are watered for a time, and it is discovered that they do not love the truth and have no interest in it, then there is no need to expend too much time and effort on them; such would be unnecessary, because you have already fulfilled your obligation and done everything benevolent that was expected of you. Some people might have a different opinion, and say, “People who do not pursue the truth should be watered more and provided for more; you should think of ways to get them to pursue the truth. By contrast, those who already pursue the truth do not need to be worried about anymore, because they already know how to pursue.” Is this view correct? No, it is not. You must recognize that it is in the nature of people who do not pursue the truth to not love the truth. It is arguable that ninety percent of those who do not love the truth are dead. Are you determined to bring the dead back to life? What makes you think you have what it takes? If I bumped into a dead person, I would walk away quickly. If the Holy Spirit is not working in someone, then nothing anyone does will be of any use. It would be great if you took that sole bit of love you possess and dedicated it to God, or gave it to those brothers and sisters who genuinely pursue the truth. Some people are absurd and have absolutely no idea who they are or how capable they are; the more dead someone is, the more they want to save that person. In the end, they have spent forever trying to save people, but have not saved anyone. They end up delaying their own life entry, and those brothers and sisters who are really pursuing the truth still do not have anyone to water, and their life growth is slowed. Is this not a case of delaying serious work? You have to look at which people the Holy Spirit focuses His work on. Does God perfect those people who do not pursue the truth? If the Holy Spirit will not even do that, then why should people foolishly waste their time on it? Is this not an example of human ignorance? Thus, you must give more support to brothers and sisters who genuinely pursue the truth, because they are the ones who were preordained and selected by God, and are the ones He is going to save. If you frequently fellowship on the truth with these people, in tune with each other in both heart and mind, supporting and providing for each other, then you ultimately will all be able to attain salvation. If you cannot get along with these people, then you have turned your back on God’s will. In every church there is a tiny handful of people who are pursuing the truth; these are the ones on whom the Holy Spirit’s work is focused. They are the core of the church. How does the core of a church come into being? Whichever people the Holy Spirit focuses on are the ones who become the church’s core. If you can water these people, cause their statures to mature, and make them set foot upon the right track in believing in God, then your fulfilling of your duty will be adequate and in line with God’s will. If you do not focus on watering these people, and just discard them to one side and ignore them, and then mainly focus on saving those spiritless dead people who belong to Satan and the ones who were not preordained and selected by God, those service-doers, then this proves that you are singing a different tune to God’s; you are disrupting His work, are not cooperating with the work of the Holy Spirit, and have not achieved the critical points in your job.

Excerpted from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

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