986 All Problems Can Be Solved by Pursuing the Truth

Now, reality is pursuing the truth, knowing your own corrupt nature, understanding the truth to be free from your corrupt disposition, and being able to perform your duty to God’s satisfaction. Entering into the reality of the truth and living out the likeness of a genuine person—this is reality. Reality is loving God, submitting to God, and bearing testimony to God. These are the results God wants. It is useless to research things that can neither be touched nor seen. They have nothing to do with reality, and also have nothing to do with the effects of God’s work. Truly intelligent people have the following attitude: “No matter what God does or how He treats me, no matter how profoundly corrupted I am or what my humanity is like, I will be unswerving in my determination to pursue the truth and to seek to know God.” Only by knowing God can one resolve their corrupt disposition and fulfill their duty to satisfy God’s will; this is the direction for human life, it is what humans should be seeking to achieve, and it is the one and only path to salvation.

Adapted from “Whether or Not You Have the Truth Decides Everything” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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