Problems That Must Be Resolved in Knowing Oneself

Several Fortresses of Satan That Must Be Conquered in Pursuing a Transformation in Disposition

Mankind has been corrupted very deeply by Satan, and the difficulties of the corruption of the flesh are very great, so the problems that man should resolve are also too many. However, within corrupt humanity, there are several fortresses of Satan which are especially difficult to break through, and this ought to be resolved with utmost urgency. There are five main aspects in these fortresses established by Satan, that is, there are five fortresses that are especially difficult to conquer. The first is man’s knowledge, doctrine, notions, and imaginations. These are the things that dominate man’s life, and people all treat knowledge and doctrine as the standards that they should use in their actions. So man’s knowledge, doctrine, notions, and imaginations have become a fortress of Satan. If this fortress is not conquered, then it will not be easy for a person to accept the truth. People who have understood something of the truth have become aware that people’s knowledge, doctrine, notions, and imaginations are all misconceptions, and aren’t the truth at all. Only after reaching this knowledge will a person begin to deny himself. Are you currently able to thoroughly deny your own knowledge, doctrine, notions, and imaginations? If you can’t deny them, that proves that this fortress inside you has not yet been conquered. The second is satanic life philosophy and scientific knowledge. This is the second fortress within people. When people read the word of God, they always study it and compare it through the satanic philosophy within people. Furthermore, there is also human’s scientific knowledge, and because people have faith in science, they come up with doubts about God, so the satanic philosophy and theory and scientific knowledge have formed this second fortress within people. If this fortress is not conquered, it is also not easy for people to accept the truth. Is this second fortress still present within your hearts? Aren’t there, within yourselves, a very lofty philosophical thought and theory, and do you think that theory is the most correct? Every person worships a kind of knowledge and theory. Some acknowledge God’s word as the truth, but some accept a type of philosophical viewpoint to be the truth. For example, some people think the viewpoints of Laozi or Confucianism to be the truth. Some acknowledge the theories of Daoism to be the truth, and some acknowledge science to be the truth. These philosophical theories and scientific knowledge are the second fortress within people. The third is the traditional culture of corrupt humanity as well as ancestral heritage. This is the third fortress of Satan. All people are full of admiration for the traditional culture of their own ethnicity and their own country, and it seems that people’s lives are not blessed and without happiness if it does not have something from traditional culture. There’s another thing, ancestral heritage, which is still more difficult for people to abandon. There are still some people who make offerings to their ancestors, even after they have begun to believe in God. If you want to remove the memorial tablets of their ancestors, then you’ll become their arch-enemy. Do people in your own households make offerings to your ancestors? If you really have those who make these offerings, are you able to remove them? Some people just don’t remove them, saying, “If we remove the memorial tablets for our ancestors, that would be dreadful! If the souls of our ancestors were to arrive, they wouldn’t allow it, and we couldn’t stand this. We can’t even burn enough paper offerings for them, so how could we dare to remove them?” The fourth is the great and famous people of the world, and the idols they themselves worship. This is also a fortress of Satan inside people. All people have idols they worship, and there are very few who don’t worship idols. In the past what they worshiped the most was Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin, and some people worshiped Confucius or Laozi. Now, people worship great and famous people, stars and singers, and personal idols. This is the fourth fortress of Satan within people, and this is also not easy to conquer. The fifth is the trends and fashions of the world. People always think that following the trends of the world is right, and that chasing after fashions is right. It’s as if these are immutable laws of nature, so that no matter what it is in the world that is popular or fashionable, people follow and chase after it. They don’t ask if it’s right or wrong, but just think that if everyone on the planet is doing it then it has to be right. This has become the notion among people. This is also a fortress of Satan within people. If these five kinds of the fortresses of Satan still exist in your heart, that demonstrates that you still have not gained the truth. God has still not taken power within your heart, and you still belong to the world and to Satan. It is completely accurate to speak of it like this. Some people say, “There’s no way I can conquer these fortresses.” If you can’t conquer them, then don’t pay attention to them. Just focus on pursuing the truth, on reading and pondering the word of God, and on fellowshiping about the truth. If you really understand many truths in the word of God to a state of clarity, then you will be able to accept the truth within the word of God. When you accept the truth within the word of God, then the fortresses of Satan within yourself will collapse by themselves. This is my experience. I didn’t intentionally go to attack the fortresses of Satan, but just incessantly read the word of God and pursued the truth. The more I pursued, the more I thought this is the truth, and that God’s word is so good, and I became more and more clear about the truth of God’s word. When I became more and more clear about the truth, those fortresses of Satan within me unconsciously vanished and disappeared, and don’t have any place whatsoever within my heart. None of those great and famous people in the world, or those famous people and great personages from Chinese history are anything to me in my heart. They are just dirt and devil Satan, worthless. Now I consider it my greatest blessing to know God in my heart. I consider the truth in the word of God to be my life, and I only worship and obey God. Without meaning to, I arrived at this kind of result.

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