Chapter 106. The Proper Attitude to God’s Words

… God’s issuance of the commandments shows that, without the law that Jehovah God decreed to teach and instruct earliest mankind, there would not be the mankind of today, nor the so-called civilized society of present times. What does this “civilized society of present times” refer to? People understand some norms of behavior, they know right from wrong, they abide by the law, and thus there is order throughout the whole of society, it is without chaos, and easy to govern, everyone is aware of the law, everyone knows to abide by public order and the law, and is held in check by the law. Was this done by God? The state of mankind today is inseparable from the laws that God decreed to the Israelites in earliest times. … Moreover, though these commandments were issued to the Israelites, only a handful of the Israelites heard them—yet these commandments continued to influence future generations. That the society of today’s mankind could be so orderly, that there could be such a complete legal system, which holds people in check in this way, and has had such positive effects on society, and has made the whole of society safe, harmonious, orderly—this is all inseparable from the commandments decreed at that time. What a great foundation they laid! If there had not been the earliest regulation of mankind’s behavior, the development of all mankind’s societies could not be as orderly and systematic as it is today. This is the embodiment of God’s deeds, and the result—the accomplishment, it can be said—of the work He did.


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