Only Through Pursuing Truth Can One Escape the Influence of Satan and Attain Salvation

Only by Understanding the Truth Can One Escape the Influence of Satan and Be Saved by God

There are several steps to escaping the influence of Satan, but the first is understanding the truth. What are the most basic effects of understanding the truth? Having penetration and discernment about people. What does penetration into people refer to? It means having penetration into a person’s essence and nature and being able to see whether they are a good or bad person. Having penetration into the nature and essence of a person is having penetration about people. What does discernment refer to? Being able to see clearly whether or not a person possesses reality, humanity, and the truth, whether a person can attain salvation and be perfected, and whether they work on behalf of God’s chosen people. Seeing these things clearly is having discernment about people. Understanding the truth gives us discernment and penetration about people, which allows us to discern true and false leaders, as well as all kinds of absurd theories and satanic philosophies. People who can do this have spiritual stature, because not only are they impervious to the deception of false leaders, antichrists, they can also have discernment of all kinds of absurd theories, satanic philosophies, and satanic poisons. Such people possess the truth. When you understand the truth to a certain degree, which is being able to discern absurd theories, satanic philosophies, and satanic poisons, and being able to see the essence of all knowledge, such people have truly gained the truth, which makes them powerful, because they have penetration into everything. If you pursue the truth to such a degree, can Satan still limit your actions? If false leaders or antichrists say a few words to such a person, upon which he opens his mouth and fellowships on the truth, false leaders and antichrists will look at him and say, “This person has a deep understanding of truth, I can’t compete with him. These few words cannot deceive them. If they speak more, I will be shamed, there’s no place for me here, I’d better run away.” Satan sees you and flinches when it sees that you understand the truth. Never mind not daring to try to deceive you, Satan is frightened at the very sight of you! Besides, the forces of Satan and all kinds of people, matters, and things won’t be able to constrain or control you either. If someone brings you a book, you’ll be able to flip through a few pages and know what the book is and what it contains; if someone brings you an absurd theory, you’ll understand what it is instantly upon hearing it, know its root, and know how it betrays the truth. Someone who can do that can testify God. In all kinds of complex problems, in all matters, such a person can fellowship about the truth, testify all that God has and is, and can bring others before God. This is someone who can do God’s will, and this is the highest possible level in the pursuit of truth—knowing God. Such people can testify God and bring others before God, and leadership by such people is powerful, because no matter how many are under his leadership, each day they will grow and enjoy, there will be no problems they can’t solve, every problem will be made clear, and everyone will benefit when this person speaks. This is the highest possible level in the pursuit of truth, and a person like this is fit for use by God. Such a person has completely escaped the influence of Satan, resolved all his own difficulties, and knows instantly whether his own ideas are in accord with the truth and how to treat them. He doesn’t give a second thought to ideas not in accord with the truth. There is no resistance to God or negativity in his heart, and his heart is filled with love, understanding, and loyalty for God. He feels no difficulties of his own. Even if he becomes ill, he knows how to treat the matter. He suffers no difficulties. So, the deeper someone’s understanding of the truth, the more they escape Satan’s influence and find freedom and release. …

Now we can see that pursuing the truth is so important to our existence! If you want to survive, if you want to live, you have to possess the truth. Living without the truth is still suffering. Many people feel they understand the truth so superficially on escaping the influence of Satan, and have no penetration to many things, and that they are still unable to avoid the constraints of people, right? So you should strive for the truth now. And there are several aspects of practices when you do this. First, those who pursue the truth do so based on the present work of the Holy Spirit, based on the steps, direction, and newest light of the Holy Spirit’s work in the present, and the fellowship of the truth in accordance with the Holy Spirit’s present work. This is keeping up with the stream of the Holy Spirit’s work. When the Holy Spirit proceeds a step in His work, they will proceed a step, and when they follow the Holy Spirit to the ultimate step in His work, they will be perfected. If you leave the stream of the Holy Spirit’s work, if you leave the present enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit’s work and instead simply read through and choose God’s word by yourself, you will not gain the truth. To gain the truth, in the process of reading God’s word, you must follow the stream of the Holy Spirit’s work, the practical step of work, because only this way will you understand the truth and understand God’s word. This is critical, but average people can’t sense this rule. To believe in God without the understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work is blindly engaging in nonsense! The most important factor in belief in God now is to have the Holy Spirit’s work as you read God’s word, to follow the steps in the Holy Spirit’s work, and to keep up with the present light of the Holy Spirit. If you can’t keep up with the present light of the Holy Spirit’s work, and carelessly choose and read God’s word on your own, you’ll gain no results. It will be wasted effort. Can this statement be verified? The light of the Holy Spirit’s present work is the new direction of the Holy Spirit’s work. How can we locate it? We must follow the man used by the Holy Spirit, the work he is doing, and the truth he fellowships about. This is the new direction of the Holy Spirit’s work. You’ve seen that there are periods of time I speak only about one aspect or topic, as if I have endless things to say about it. I speak until I don’t want to speak about it anymore, then choose a new topic. Without me realizing it, the Holy Spirit is governing me, having me speak one way today and another tomorrow. The more I speak, the more steps come to my mind, the more penetration I have in my fellowship, the more detailed I get, and the more I find a way to fellowship. Is this something man could plan? I never plan it, but unknowingly, under the governing of the Holy Spirit, step by step I do the work. This isn’t something I planned or prepared for, it’s not something I wrack my brain to come up with, it’s very casual, very natural, almost effortless. Relaxed and joyous, I do the work. Is this not the governing of the Holy Spirit? It’s certainly not me planning what my next step will be or what I’ll do next month, the next two months, the first half year, or the next half year. I have no plan. The Holy Spirit guides and governs me this way without me realizing it, and so I work. When I fellowship with you like this, I have things to say every day without needing to think about it. The work the Holy Spirit is doing now, the things I do in the present, are the most important and most critical, so when I talk about this, I always have things to say. When I think about that, I always know what it’s important to say, what key points I should make, what God’s chosen people need right now, and what problems need to be solved. I see all of that. This is, without a doubt, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the stream of the Holy Spirit’s work. What is the Holy Spirit doing today? Leading God’s chosen people in their escape from the influence of Satan, which refers primarily to the influence of false leaders and antichrists, because by escaping the constraints of false leaders and antichrists, we essentially escape any difficulties posed by external people, matters, and things. We can resolve the constraints of our own corrupt nature entirely through the normal means of pursuit. First we should deal with our external enemies, because dealing with our internal enemies is a sustained battle. If we can’t defeat our external enemies, we have even less hope of handling the internal ones. First deal with your external enemies, because once you do, you will be able to receive the work of the Holy Spirit and the watering, provision, and guidance of God’s house, which gives you an opportunity to equip yourself with the truth and accept the truth, and only once you have those weapons can you do battle with your own satanic nature. Without resolving the control and the influence of false leaders and antichrists you suffer externally, it’s impossible for you to equip yourself with the truth or enter into truth, because those things control you and prevent you from pursuing or understanding the truth. This is why false leaders and antichrists are the most pressing obstacle that needs to be resolved! First, you must be able to discern false leaders and antichrists. Second, you must not allow anyone’s status or position to constrain you, nor allow leaders and workers to constrain you, because they are equal to us. Among God’s chosen people, no matter who they are or what status they hold, we are all equal before God and God’s word. Once you have penetration into the idea of “equality,” you will no longer be constrained by status. How should you treat leaders and workers at every level? “If you have the work of the Holy Spirit, I respect you. If what you fellowship is in accord with the truth and God’s word, I accept and obey. If what you fellowship is not in accord with the truth and God’s word, I don’t accept.” You have the right to reject things not in accord with the truth, which is to say that we are all equal in the matter of how we treat the truth and God’s word. You must see this matter clearly. You have the right to reject and refuse to accept others, which is a normal, natural, inherent, God-given right people possess. With this understanding, you will no longer suffer the constraints of other people. “No matter what level leader you are, if you lack the truth, I will refuse to listen, you are not my leader, and I do not recognize you.” Once you say this, what can he do? Nothing. Are the church leaders at various levels the true leaders of God’s chosen people? Were they ordained by God? God didn’t ordain anything in this matter, so they are not ordained by God. They are simply practicing the performance of their duties required by God’s work. They were not established by God so that you must obey them, so disobeying them does not imply that you betray God’s commandments. It’s not that case. If someone does not practice the truth, and you reject all he says and does not in accord with the truth, God will approve of your rejection, and say, “You’ve done well, you are obedient to God, you are someone who seeks the truth, you act according to principle, your rejection is principled and in accord with the truth, and your acceptance and obedience is also principled and in accord with the truth.” People who can do this have normal humanity, reason, and testimony. This is normal humanity, not the slavishness of Satan. You must understand God’s will in this matter. God did not establish such a leader for you and ordain him to constrain you so that you must accept and be constrained by his leadership. This is not the case. When you understand God’s will, you will know how to treat the leaders at each level in accordance with God’s will, you will be able to find a path, and you will have a principle, and you will know what you are doing as you practice, and whether what you do is in accord with the truth. Now you should understand. In this matter, you must seek God’s will and understand God’s meaning, and then you will know how to act in accordance with God’s will. Accept if what a leader says is in accord with God’s will, and God will approve and say you are obedient to the truth. Reject if what a leader says is not in accord with God’s will. Reject if God says he is not in accord with the truth and his actions belong to Satan. Practicing in this way is good. It satisfies and pleases God, and God will approve of you. This is what God means you to do. So, in all things, first you must understand God’s will through prayer, and then you will know what God means and what God requires in this matter, so why not obey? By practicing this way, won’t you enter the correct track? This way, won’t you have a path to practice in your treatment of leaders at all levels? Once you understand God’s will, you will know how to appropriately treat leaders, and doesn’t that mean you understand the truth in this matter? Once you understand God’s will, you will do things according to principles, you will know how to appropriately treat leaders, how to appropriately treat your brothers and sisters, and how to appropriately treat false leaders, antichrists, and unbelievers, and in all these things your actions will be in accord with God’s will, God’s word, and the truth. When this happens, you will genuinely possess the truth, understand the truth, and have entered into its realities. All that you do will be in accord with God’s will, because it is entirely in accord with God’s word, you will live by God’s word without abiding by rules or relying on the notions and imaginings of man, you will not be constrained by anyone’s status, you will be someone who feels freedom and release before God, someone who does things according to principle, and someone of normal humanity, which means you will be someone who is truly saved by God. Some people, when they see leaders, seem to only have obedience in their hearts. They lose any ability to resist. They believe leaders are always correct, and if anyone says the leader’s actions aren’t in accord with the truth, such people hold a notion in their heart: Is it possible for leaders to not act in accord with the truth? Can leaders actually be wrong? In this he is ruled entirely by satanic logic! But those who understand the truth have release in this matter. When you have contact with someone, and it turns out this is a district leader, what should the reaction in your heart be? Do you think, “Oh no, this is a district leader, I’d better obey, I’d better listen and be on my best behavior!”? How should you treat this person in your heart? You should think, “This is a brother or sister. Our position is equal. If what he says is in accord with the truth, I’ll accept and obey it, but if it’s not, I can reject it.” This is the correct way to think. You don’t need to bow your head before him. No matter what his status or position, you should never bow your head or feel you are unworthy or insignificant, because all people are equal. People with normal humanity should be rational, respect people worthy of respect, reject people unworthy of respect, and hold contemptible people in contempt. To do this is best.


… Also, you need to think long-term. To completely escape Satan’s influence requires more than simply escaping the constraints and rejecting the deception of false leaders and antichrists. There are still many things that prevent people from turning to God, living before God, pursuing the truth, and knowing God. These things are both external and internal, and include all varieties of absurd theories, satanic toxins, and worldly philosophies, as well as certain special types of people, the nature of whom are impossible to guess and which can become a kind of obstacle, things that bind, deceive, and control you in certain ways. So, to completely escape Satan’s influence requires more than entry into a single aspect of truth. You must enter into all truth, which means having penetration into all things and achieving the level where nothing can constrain you, where no theory, philosophy, or teaching can deceive you. To achieve this requires a deep understanding of the truth, one that is more practical and more comprehensive. Now, can you discern false leaders and antichrists? There are some who can, but can you discern the work of every type of evil spirit? There are many who still lack this ability. Beyond that, do you have discernment of the varieties of absurd theory, knowledge, and science? There are some people who are naturally born as devils, Satans, and demons. Are such people evil spirits? There are also preposterous spirits and spirits which express various heresies. These are all evil spirits, and you must be able to discern these as well, because they can also deceive you. So, to completely escape the influence of Satan, you must clearly understand all the truths expressed by God! When people genuinely understand the truth and achieve understanding of God, they can see through, refute, and expose every satanic force and theory. Someone who can do that has gained the truth and genuinely achieved understanding of God, which means he can become someone who can testify God. Someone who can genuinely testify God can genuinely lead others before God, into the realities of God’s word, into understanding of the truth, onto the correct track of belief in God, to escape the influence of Satan, and to become overcomers in the battle with the forces of Satan. This is the practical spiritual stature those who do God’s will must possess, and the practical spiritual stature those who are perfected must possess.

Total Acceptance of God’s Word and Obedience to the Truth is Genuine Obedience to God

What must one rely on to achieve change in one’s life disposition? Pursuing the truth and receiving the work of the Holy Spirit. When you achieve the level of understanding God in your pursuit of truth, your life disposition and views on things will begin to change. Before you reach understanding of God, you will undergo more trials, refinements, prunings, and dealings than man can count. After undergoing ten major prunings and dealings, can you achieve change in your life disposition? What about twenty? Peter underwent hundreds of trials. Can we achieve it in less? We also have to undergo at least hundreds of trials, or we won’t achieve change in our life disposition. Some people, after I deal with them for a time, develop hatred for me in their hearts, as if I just make things difficult for him, as if the sight of him bothered me, as if I want to suppress him and harm him, as if I had a deep-seated bias against him. Is this submission? Since in my eyes, you do have a problem, you are very self-righteous, you want a monopoly on power, and you refuse to accept anyone who criticizes you, how could I excuse myself for not dealing with you? If I don’t deal with you, who can? Whose dealing with you will you accept? Sometimes I temporarily promote people to positions in times of need, and they become very arrogant later. They don’t listen to anyone but me. What kind of disposition is this? When one of your brothers or sisters says something in accord with the truth in their fellowship, and you don’t listen or accept it? What disposition is this? It has to be me who says you’re wrong, because no one else’s words work. If I say it, you can at least partially accept. Are such people submitting to God? Does accepting my pruning and dealing represent submission to God? Don’t imagine that simply accepting my pruning and dealing means you are submitting to God, because that’s wrong! The fact that you can submit to my pruning and dealing with you only means that you still have a modicum of reason. What level must one reach to achieve submission to God? Being able to accept what is right from anyone, no matter who. Even if someone you have deep-seated biases against, someone you can’t stand the sight of says even one sentence in accordance with the truth or one sentence of enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, you have to accept and submit. People who can do that are people who can truly submit to God! The fact that you demonstrate a little submission to me doesn’t represent submission to God. Instead I will say you are arrogant precisely because you only submit to one person and no others. What one sentence most accurately summarizes someone who can truly submit to God? Those who can genuinely accept God’s word and submit to the truth are those who can submit to God. This sentence is mostly accurate, but I don’t guarantee it’s 100% accurate. Another sentence may come along later on that more accurately represents submission to God. Isn’t only accepting my pruning and dealing and not listening to anyone arrogance and conceit?! It is indeed arrogance! Why does he listen to me? Because I have a higher status, that’s why he listens. Without this status, if I fellowshiped about something in accord with the truth, would he listen? It’s hard to say. We have to put a question mark on that. If a brother or sister is someone you look down on more than anyone, someone rejected by God’s chosen people in the church, someone others say has no truth, but he says something in regard to some matter that accords with the truth, something that comes from the Holy Spirit, would you accept it and submit? This reveals a person like nothing else. Submitting only to me does not represent submitting to God, because I have status, my status is higher than yours, and you fear that if you don’t listen to me, I’ll dismiss you. So you have no choice but to submit. And what does it prove when you listen to everything I say? That you still obey the authority of status, and you are not obeying the truth. Is it correct to say that? You are submitting to status, you submit to whoever holds the highest status, you still worship power, and you are not someone who submits to the truth. Those who submit to the truth, no matter where the truth or correct opinions may come from, always accept and submit. This is someone who truly submits to God! When I believed in the Lord Jesus, I heard a story by someone who said a brother who had suffered disaster and had nothing to eat, so he became a beggar, and one day he came begging at the home of a believer in Jesus. The believer saw that a beggar had come, so he casually took the day’s leftovers and gave them to the beggar. The beggar asked, “Why do you give me leftovers?” “Because I believe in the Lord, I do it to glorify the Lord’s name!” “Oh, to glorify the Lord’s name. You’re a believer in the Lord.” If the Lord Jesus came one day, and He was being pursued by people who meant to arrest Him, would you take Him in? Would you recognize Him? Then how can you prove your sincerity to the Lord? You prove it by whether you treat your brother’s and sister’s problems with sincerity, whether you act according to His words, “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these My brothers, you have done it to Me” (Mat 25:40). There is practical meaning in this. Where is the reality of submitting to God? How do you prove it? If you truly have the reality, if you can truly obey God, then you must submit to the truth absolutely. Whoever speaks the truth, you must accept and submit. “No matter how humble or mean this person seems to me, no matter whether this person has status or authority, I accept the truth that comes from God, I accept these words from God.” Someone who can do this is impressive. What is this called? This is called possessing reality. How can we discern if someone possesses reality? Like this—if someone discovers truth in the least of his brothers and sisters, he can accept it, he can listen and submit when he hears something right or in accord with the truth. No matter who says it or where he discovers it, the moment he encounters God’s word, the moment he encounters truth, he treats it as an order. He submits the instant he hears God’s word, he accepts reverently. This is someone who submits to God. In Judaism there were many who worshiped God, and they worshiped Jehovah God. One day, Jesus came to spread the gospel. Were not all the words expressed from His mouth the words of Jehovah God? But when the words from Jesus’s mouth came, words of such truth, authority, and power, from the mouth of the most common Son of man, the Jews did not know God. They could feel that He spoke words of authority and power, but when He said He was the son of God, the Jews said, “We can’t have that! This is blasphemy, so we condemn him.” From this fact, do you think the Jews were able to submit to God? They did not submit to the truth, so when they heard any words of authority and power, they refused to accept and condemned the speaker. They did not only not submit to God, they resisted God and made an enemy of God. Is that not the fact of what happened? Now let’s look at whether the false leaders and false workers at every level have any obedience. No matter what they do, when the brothers and sisters say, “This doesn’t accord with work arrangements, this doesn’t accord with the truth, this doesn’t accord with God’s word.” What do such people say? “Just who and what are you to criticize? Do you have status? Do your words count here? Do you represent the church?” What are God’s chosen people in their eyes? Mere trifles, slaves, as if they all belonged to Satan and only they with authority belong to God and represent God. Isn’t this the disposition of false leaders and antichrists? Do they have obedience to God? They not only have no obedience, they resist God, condemn the truth, trample upon it and make an enemy of it. Is the attitude with which they treat the truth related to their attitude toward God? Isn’t one’s attitude toward the truth and attitude toward God the same thing? The way you treat the truth is the way you treat God, and that is a fact! God never openly reveals Himself to man, even when God is incarnated in the flesh, what man can see is only God’s word, “The word appears in the flesh.” Can man see God’s true body? No. All man can see is the word appearing in the flesh, that is, you can hear God’s word and God’s voice, but you can’t see God’s face. The word appears in the flesh. The word is the truth, the true way, the way is with God, the way is God, and the appearance of the word is the appearance of God. Your attitude toward the word is your attitude toward God. Your attitude toward the truth is your attitude toward God. Today we are experiencing God’s work, so why do some love the truth while others hate and despise it? Why do some people accept and practice God’s word and the truth, while others hear the truth and do not practice, or even hate and condemn the truth upon discovering it goes against their personal goals and desires? Doesn’t this indicate two different types of natures in people? Let’s look again at the actions of false leaders and antichrists. What do they do? Do they not despise and condemn the truth? Do they not trample upon the truth? Do they not toy with the truth? They say one thing in the open and do another in secret. They believe anything said by themselves is the truth, but the words of others are never the truth, and that the things they like to do are truth, but the things they don’t like are not the truth. If the truth goes against their desires and goals, then the truth is no longer the truth, and at times they treat it as fallacy. Is this not someone who hates the truth? False leaders reject the truth, deny it, despise it, and trample upon it, thereby becoming the chief sinners who directly resist God. Is this not a fact? Why is it that some people who fear God can accept and submit to the truth, and wherever they discover the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, they treasure it in their hearts like a precious gem and inscribe it in their minds as a maxim. What problem does this show us? This shows us the two types of starkly different attitudes toward the truth. God determines man’s final end based on his attitude toward the truth. If you pursue the truth, the Holy Spirit works in you, but if you deny the truth, reject it, and refuse to accept it, the Holy Spirit does not work in you. God uses the truth to reveal man and treats man differently according to his attitude toward the truth. In the end, all those who reject and despise the truth will be condemned by God, and those who love, accept, and submit to the truth will be perfected and blessed by God. When God’s work concludes, God will reward the good and punish the wicked, and determine the final end of each man based on how he treats the truth, which is to say how he treats all the words expressed by God. How do false leaders and antichrists treat God’s word? Do they not deny the truth, and even say God’s word was altered by man or entirely written by man? They are especially suspicious of any portions of God’s word not in accord with their will, that obstructs their evil deeds, or that reveals their wickedness, and they say it was altered or written by man, while they keep portions of God’s word that are in accord with their will and claim it to be the word of God. What is their attitude toward God’s word? Is it not hatred and enmity? Is it not denial and rejection? Do they not toy with the truth and trample upon it? So, antichrists and false leaders are condemned, and will suffer God’s eternal punishment. Where do we find true submission to God expressed? In the act of accepting and submitting to anything spoken or fellowshiped that is in accord with the truth and God’s word, no matter who says it or whether that person has power and status. If a dispute develops over something, and someone develops enmity toward his counterpart, who then says something in accord with the truth, and he immediately accepts and submits, saying, “We just had a dispute, and I viewed you negatively, but now what you are saying accords with the truth, so our dispute is over, I accept, you are still my brother or sister.” When his counterpart says words of enlightenment from the Holy Spirit that accord with the truth, all previous conflicts are gone, and he immediately accepts and submits; what is this called? This is called a heart that fears God! Such people hear words of enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit from another’s mouth and think, “The Holy Spirit is working in him, this is God’s love, this is my brother, I can’t hold enmity toward him. Holding enmity toward him is holding enmity toward God, it’s making an enemy of the truth.” Such people are truly obedient to God. If, for example, you have strong negative views of someone, and you say he never loves the truth, that he is a false believer and unbeliever, but later he repents and changes, comes to love the truth, and can even have the testimony of practicing the truth, how should you treat him? You should admit your mistake, and say, “I was wrong about this, this person is a brother or sister, and I should treat him as such. I should treat him with love, and I can’t hold opinions about him, he truly believes, and he has the work of the Holy Spirit. I was mistaken about him.” That’s how you should treat him, right? If you see someone who can fellowship on the truth, has understanding of God, and has practical experience, you should think, “His stature is much higher than mine! I need to observe him, because he is much further along than me, and if need be, I’ll give up my place and let him perform my duties, because he will do a better job than me, which will benefit God’s chosen, and is definitely in accord with God’s will.” To do this is to have conscience and reason before God. If church leaders at every level had such fear of God, practiced the truth, and were so considerate of His heart before Him, they would step down from their positions the moment they discovered someone better, saying, “You do this work, I’ll be your helper, you’re better than me. I didn’t realize it before, but now I know you’re better than me.” Would it be appropriate to do that? What should we call such actions? The realities and true reason possessed by normal humanity. Such people have only love, obedience, and fear in their hearts, no hatred.

Twelve Standards for the Roadmap of Belief in God

Here I’ll briefly list the twelve standards for the roadmap of belief in God. 1. The path for believers in God to attaining salvation is to pursue the truth and submit to God’s work. 2. The most fundamental realities for believers in God are being an honest person and true obedience to God. When you possess these two realities, you have reality, and without them, you do not. This statement is true and stands up to scrutiny. No matter how many years you believe, upon hearing this, you will feel it is a reality that nothing can change. 3. The most fundamental lesson of belief in God is learning to accept pruning and dealing and submitting to the judgment, chastisement, trials, and refinement in God’s word. 4. The fundamental conscience and reason of believers in God is to repay God’s love and fulfill the duties of a creature of God. You may not merely enjoy God’s grace, you must repay God’s love. How does one repay God’s love? By performing your duties well. This is the most fundamental conscience and reason. If you see someone who has believed in God for years, but never does his duties, yet claims to be a good believer, is this not false? It proves that he is not a good believer, and lacks any conscience and reason. 5. Believers in God should do four things each day: The first is to read God’s word. The second is to pray and draw near to God, to pray and commune with God. Reading God’s word comes first, and praying comes second. If you have read little of God’s word, your prayers are hollow, empty words, and meaningless. Prayer is built on the foundation of reading God’s word, and if you do not read God’s word, your prayers are insincere, and will have no effect. The third is to fellowship on the truth. The fourth is to fulfill your duties. If you do these four things each day, you have a spiritual life. If you do not do these four things, you have no realities of belief in God. 6. Believers in God must never neglect gaining understanding of truth and entry into its realities. 7. A required daily exercise for believers in God is to engage in sincere communion with God and to be earnest and seek depth in the truth. What does it mean to be earnest and seek depth in the truth? When you commune with God, consider into which aspects of knowledge of God you lack, which aspects of God’s word and requirements you have failed to accomplish, and which aspects of truth you lack entry into the realities of or do not understand, which is to say, which aspects of your attitude toward God you lack entry into, have not practiced, or are deficient in. Bringing these before God and sincerely communing with Him is being earnest and seeking depth in the truth. 8. Believers must not allow themselves to become confused in their belief by looking up to man, relying on man, worshiping man, or even obeying man, obeying leaders, or suffering the constraints of man. If someone, in all situations, always looks up to man, worships one man in his heart, suffers the constraints of man, follows man, or obeys man, if this problem is not resolved, his belief in God will fail, and he will not attain salvation. When someone looks up to man, follows man, and worships man, what is the problem? A lack of understanding of God, a lack of God in one’s heart, which is the most confused a person can be! 9. The highest principle of practice for believers in God is to carry out God’s word as if carrying out an order, and as if obedience to the truth is a supreme command. Soldiers consider obeying orders their supreme command, believers in God consider obeying truth their supreme command. In the most critical and most important matters, practicing truth should be the highest principle. No matter what constraints are imposed by any person, thing, or matter, no matter what anyone else says, directly obey God’s word and the truth. This is the highest principle of practice for obedience to God. 10. The most fundamental act of comforting God’s heart is to not do things that resist God and to never betray God. The most fundamental act of repaying God’s love is to perform all the duties you ought to perform and strive to protect God’s work. Whenever we find antichrists in the church who create disturbances or false leaders who constrain people and prevent them from understanding the truth and gaining entry into its realities, we must find ways to resolve these problems, protect God’s work, and ensure God’s chosen are free of their constraints. We must find ways to cooperate with those who pursue truth, to elect new leaders, and not delay the salvation of God’s chosen. This is what it means to protect God’s work. The most fundamental stature in one’s belief is being able to testify God’s work, testify God’s righteous disposition, testify God’s almightiness and wisdom, and testify that God is the truth, the way, and the life. The results this achieves are to make us able to rebuke the various fallacies, philosophies, knowledge, and poisons of Satan, make us able to truly supply God’s chosen, lead God’s chosen into understanding of the truth and entry into its realities, as well as make them able to truly submit to God without suffering the constraints of any person, thing, or matter. Achieving such stature brings one up to the standard of a leader, and such people are truly qualified to serve as church leaders. This is the most fundamental stature believers in God should achieve. If you cannot achieve this stature, yet you still want to be a leader, you will stumble and fall. This is the standard for attaining salvation, and the standard for being perfected. 11. Believers in God must remember (and make their motto) that those who love God never feel regret, that people never regret loving and expending for God. There are many things you can regret, but you will never regret loving God. You may regret loving man, but you will never regret loving God, and you will never regret loving the truth. 12. The motto of believers in God should be: Those with love for God in their hearts are the noblest of men, those who truly understand God are saints. The ultimate goal for all believers in God is understanding of God. This is a lifelong pursuit, and the highest level of belief in God. Understanding of God is everything! Those with understanding of God are true saints, those who love God are the noblest of men. As people achieve the highest level of belief in God—understanding God, they become holy; as they come to understand God they are used by God and are able to carry out God’s will, which is the most meaningful life. So, only those with an understanding of God have a true life, and only their lives truly have value. Do you remember these twelve standards? Is it good for you to have a roadmap? Once you have a roadmap, things are easy, you can choose the right path, it’s easy to walk on the right path, you have a safeguard against evildoers, you have true wisdom, a route, goals to pursue, and principle to practice by. You are no longer confused, and no longer need to make blind attempts. Having a roadmap is good, and very beneficial to man.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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