How to Practice Pursuit of Truth That Achieves Results—Entering the Stream of the Holy Spirit’s Work and Escaping Eight Things Unrelated to Truth

For the Pursuit of Truth to Achieve Results, You Must Discern and Escape From Things Unrelated to the Truth

To pursue the truth and achieve results, aside from finding the stream of the Holy Spirit’s work, what else must you be aware of? Learning to discern and escape things unrelated to the pursuit of truth. To learn to discern and escape things unrelated to the truth, you must first clearly understand what things you do in the church that are unrelated to the truth, meaningless, not fulfilling your duty, and purely a wasting of time. Which things are purely wasting time, causing trouble, and unrelated to the truth? First, forming cliques, causing jealousy and strife. Is this not purely a waste of time and energy? Forming cliques, starting fights against other cliques, squabbling with one person today and another tomorrow, pointing out one problem today and another tomorrow. Are you yourself the truth? Why continuously point out problems in others? What qualifies you to point out problems in everyone else? If one person displeases you, and another dissatisfies you, then what are you? Who do you please? Isn’t this just making trouble? This is absolutely unrelated to the truth and is purely a waste of time. Have you ever done this? Have you ever taken aim at one of your brothers or sisters, and in the name of fellowshiping on the truth, tried to stir up jealousy and strife and form cliques? Maybe you were angry at one of your brothers and sisters, or didn’t like them, so you rounded up other brothers and sisters to judge this person behind his or her back, you formed a clique as your own little alliance, and then attacked this person. Isn’t that forming a clique? If someone says something bad about you behind your back or has biases against you that upset you, so you grab some of your brothers or sisters to deal with him immediately, isn’t that forming a clique? Does this have anything to do with pursuing the truth? Isn’t entangling yourself in these matters just a waste of time? This only delays things that matter. As a believer in God, you don’t pursue the truth or fulfill your duties, but instead foster jealousy, strife, and factional struggles, form cliques and battle against other cliques, or grab a few brothers and sisters to fight someone who displeases you. What’s the point of the squabbling? Grin and bear it, and soon it will pass. Someone who speaks against you today may decide he likes you tomorrow and regret it. He’ll say, “Why did I say that about him? He’s not so bad, and he treats me well.” He’ll feel regretful and ashamed. What good does keeping score do? Most people easily get dragged into causing jealousy and strife, forming cliques, attacking others. This is the first thing unrelated to the truth. The second thing unrelated to the truth is striving for power and benefit. Most people want to rise above the crowd, restrain and control others, and show off their talent and skills, so they strive for power and benefits, to become leaders and workers, to occupy positions of authority over others, where they won’t be restrained by others. Striving for power and status delays your growth in life and could easily send you to your death. It is one of the most dangerous, and also most vicious, things you can do, because it is the dirty dealing of the devil Satan. Striving for power and benefit in the church is very dangerous, one of the most dangerous acts, because you could send yourself to your death, you could stumble and fall disastrously. Why does the church hold elections? They are fair competitions. If you aren’t elected, you can see you aren’t qualified, that you lack the realities of truth, and therefore other people’s support. Elections force you to know yourself, to pursue and practice truth, and to do less wickedness. This is why elections are fair. They are fair competitions. Do you still strive for power and benefit? Aren’t any who cause incidents or provoke disorder in the church striving for power and benefit in some sense? Those who strive to expand their influence, who attack some, draw in others, and create an ever-larger sphere of influence in the hopes of becoming a leader someday are doing precisely this. So, striving for power and benefits is unrelated to the truth. It causes terrible damage to your life entry. The temptation is too big, and in serious cases, you will easily fall, resist God or disturb and disrupt God’s work, and in the end be condemned as an evildoer and eliminated or expelled. That makes it very dangerous. The third thing unrelated to the truth is lecturing others with rote letters and doctrine. Showing yourself off without reason, speaking rote letters and doctrine to others, lecturing and teaching them lessons, and showing off your talent has nothing to do with the truth and is meaningless. This is not fulfilling your duty, so why bother with it? When you see that someone’s fellowship is wrong or that what he does is not in accord with the truth, you should pray for him, seek the truth, fellowship on the truth with him, and use truth to resolve the problem. This is a good deed, something legitimate, in accord with God’s will, and beneficial to your brothers and sisters, so your brothers and sisters will praise you. If you lecture another with rote letters and doctrine, it’s far too easy to confuse right and wrong, twist the facts, and mislead others. Rote letters and doctrine are harmful and bring no benefit to both you and others. Someone who enjoys using rote letters and doctrine to lecture others thinks he is fulfilling his duty, but actually it has nothing to do with the truth, and he should discern this, reject it, and escape it. The fourth thing unrelated to the truth is pointlessly being nosy about others, commenting on, and judging others. Perhaps someone who has been married four or five years has no children, and another starts being nosy, asking, “Why doesn’t this person have any children? Which one of the couple has an illness?” Do such questions serve a purpose? If they serve no purpose, why ask? Do you have nothing to do? Aren’t such people negligent of what they should be doing? There are some who comment or nose about the business of others, who comment on the appearance of others, what they wear, how well they speak, who want to comment on anything others do, who spend all day commenting on others, judging others, and looking into their business. Do such people bring others any benefit? Too many people have this problem. Is this an easy problem to escape? Would it hurt you to not be nosy about others? Suppose someone comes to meetings with a bitter, anxious face. Don’t be nosy at all. No matter what you see, just focus purely on God’s word, praying, and your duties. Can’t you do that? If you want to be nosy and comment about everything you see, is what you’re saying the truth? Can you solve others’ problems? If you really can use the truth to solve others’ problems, by all means, say more, speak all day. But if you have no truth, and just blindly nose about others’ business and comment, then be quiet. Don’t speak if you can’t say anything beneficial to others, and don’t act if you can’t use the truth to resolve problems. The fifth thing unrelated to the truth is quibbling and quarrelling over meaningless things, sometimes until you go red in the face, sometimes until both sides start yelling and physically fighting. What’s the point of fighting this way? One says a power pole is straight, another says it’s crooked, and they squabble endlessly and make bets. What’s the point? Who cares if it’s crooked or straight? Doesn’t it serve its purpose all the same? Most people have this problem, don’t they? This is why quibbling and quarrelling over meaningless things shows a lack of understanding. Pointless squabbling is a problem that needs to be resolved. The sixth thing unrelated to the truth is worshiping and following man. If you see someone who speaks well, is knowledgeable, eloquent, handsome, and of high caliber, and you think no matter what he says he is right, even if he’s wrong he’s right, so you listen to him, this is worshiping and following man, and it is unrelated to truth. If such a thing entraps and constrains you, it can easily lead you down the wrong path and delay your growth in life. What kind of people can you worship? Those who genuinely have the work of the Holy Spirit and understand the truth. They can be worshiped. “Can” here does not mean it is right to do so, but by worshiping such people, in time, you will be able to understand and gain the truth, and once you genuinely understand and gain the truth, your worship will become respect, and you will be able to treat such people correctly. If you worship those with the truth and who have the work of the Holy Spirit, it will guide you onto the correct path. There is no harm in this for you, and once you genuinely understand the truth and have knowledge of this person, you will say, “He is still a man, a man with the truth and humanity, and I should not treat him as if he was God.” Then the problem is solved, isn’t it? It’s essential that you understand what I mean by this. What is my point? You can worship someone with the work of the Holy Spirit and who genuinely understands the truth. This is allowable, but it’s not correct, so why do I say “can”? This person can bring you onto the correct path, and one day, when you genuinely understand the truth, you’ll know how to treat him correctly. At least it’s better than worshiping false leaders and antichrists, because the Holy Spirit will directly abandon you and leave you trapped in darkness, which will lead to death and perdition. Worshiping someone with the work of the Holy Spirit and the truth will allow you to walk the correct path and understand the truth, and one day when you genuinely understand the truth and know God, you will be able to treat this person correctly, which means to respect him instead of worshiping him, and then the problem will be resolved. That’s what I mean. But I don’t mean you should worship all people with the work of the Holy Spirit. If you worship the wrong people, if you worship false leaders and antichrists, or someone with extraordinary gifts, you will directly be walking the path of resisting God, and you will suffer a disastrous fall. Without the Holy Spirit’s work, every year you believe is a year in regression, a decade of belief is a decade of regression, and you will fall further and further behind. Worshiping and following men is unrelated to the truth, can lead you down the wrong path, and can end in perishing and perdition. The seventh thing unrelated to the truth is following rote letters and doctrine and abiding by rules. It is impractical, and in the end only harms you and ruins you. Many people understand rote letters and doctrine. They summarize several rules for themselves and abide by them, thinking they have the truth and reality, but in the end, after abiding by them for years, what happens? When the battle between good and evil comes to them, when it comes time to discern false leaders and antichrists, when it comes time to reject evildoers, they lack the discernment, because their rules tell them to call bad people good and good people bad. No matter how well they abide by their rules, without realities of the truth, in the end, they easily ruin themselves and harm themselves. So, abiding by rules is unrelated to the truth. It must be abandoned and escaped. The eighth thing unrelated to the truth is seizing the transgressions and mistakes of others to judge and condemn. Some people seize hold of them and never let go, but this is unrelated to the truth. This is blindly injuring and punishing people, and it is a very dangerous thing to do. Do you think those with the work of the Holy Spirit never commit transgression or expose corruption? No one, before they are perfected, is free of exposing corruption, and even the man used by the Holy Spirit who has been perfected still has normal humanity. Normal humanity still exists in him, which is to say he has times when he lacks penetration and must seek the truth. There are also things he must experience and come to understand, and at times he must repeatedly do so until he experiences and understands it correctly. This is the natural state of any with normal humanity. People have normal humanity, and God does not do supernatural things, which means He never tells you directly. It’s just like when someone is walking along and comes to a fork in the road but doesn’t know which is the right way. Sometimes he has to walk and experience, ask, listen, and experience verification in many aspects to determine which way is correct before he chooses a path. Going through this process is normal. If you don’t know the truth of the matter and only look at the appearance of things, it would be easy to mistakenly condemn him, and your judgment would be erroneous because you lack penetration into the essence of the matter. Before a corrupt man is perfected, what he exposes is, after all, corruption. Even if he understands the truth, there are elements of it he can’t practice. He still commits transgressions, and this is normal. He is someone with the work of the Holy Spirit, someone who pursues the truth, but if you lack the penetration to see it, seize on his transgressions and mistakenly condemn him, aren’t you harming him? Aren’t you attacking him? Aren’t you injuring him? You’re doing all of these. This both is unrelated to the truth and sending yourself to your doom. If you attack a good man and condemn him, you stand on Satan’s side and act on its behalf. You become Satan’s accomplice. When you seize on others’ transgressions and mistakenly condemn them, you are exercising judgment, and by doing so, it is easy to resist God. The essence of this matter is serious! So, if you lack penetration, under no circumstances should you condemn or judge others. Instead, seek the truth, and do not speak blindly. You must look at someone’s essence before you speak; only this is fair. Treat people fairly, do not blindly apply rules, laws, or labels, and do not assume that smoke implies fire. Have you ever seen me act like this? Have you ever seen me receive a report about someone and simply condemn him? Do I listen to such things? I don’t follow up or listen, because I don’t know if your words are judging or nonsense until I investigate the facts. We must not blindly condemn others. If someone steals something of yours and you accuse him of being a thief, I will say he might not be. Why? First, we need to know under what circumstances he stole and how many times he stole. If someone has money, food, drink, lodging, and yet steals repeatedly, I don’t deny he is a thief, but if he has nothing, is desperate, no one helps him, and he only steals when there is no other way, but in essence is not someone who steals, is he still a thief? According to the law he is, but the law is a set of rules that doesn’t care whether your nature is good or bad, nor does it care how many times you’ve done it. The first time is the same as the hundredth to the law, which is why the law always deals with people unjustly. Laws are unfair things, they are rules, and when rules are applied to good people, they can be persecuted, but if they can’t be applied, evildoers escape, and that’s all there is to say about them. But God’s house treats people according to the truth, which is fairest of all to man, and gives man release. Do laws accord with the truth? Is there any love in laws? Do laws function according to principles? Laws are simply rules, but the truth is different. The truth is deeply meaningful. There is principle in truth. Truth condemns people according to their nature and essence, and whether someone commits a crime once or repeatedly. The truth treats people fairly and reasonably. When truth rules man, he gains freedom and release, but when law rules man, there is no fairness at all.

It is primarily these eight things which are unrelated to the truth. Escaping these eight things will free you from their constraints and allow you to pursue the truth, perform your duties well. Seek the truth to resolve any problems you have, and use the truth to deal with any person, issue, or thing you encounter. This will allow you to escape all kinds of constraints and find freedom and release in the truth. Is it easy to escape these eight things unrelated to the truth? Not without the truth, and not without people beside you who understand the truth to guide and help you. Perhaps today what you encounter does not trap you, but what you encounter tomorrow might. Perhaps you suffer no constraints today, but tomorrow you might. Perhaps today you commit no transgressions, but tomorrow you might. When you can easily and joyously transcend and defeat these eight things unrelated to the truth, escape their constraints, and use the truth to resolve them, you will have achieved genuine understanding of the truth and entry into its realities, you will have normal humanity, you will not suffer the constraints of any person, issue, or thing, and you will loyally fulfill your duties and serve God. But doesn’t that require spiritual maturity? You can’t do it if your spiritual stature is too small, can you? Do you want to become someone with the truth and humanity? If you do, there is only one way, which is to pursue the truth. Seek truth before anything else, at all times, no matter what person, issue, or thing you encounter. Don’t get involved or trapped first and seek truth afterward. If you don’t understand the truth, find someone who does and fellowship, “How should I treat this matter? How should I resolve this matter?” The person who understands the truth will fellowship with you on the correct path, and then after you seek some more, you will gain some truth, you will find a way and know how to resolve the problem, and you will be able to say, “I will no longer suffer any constraints in this. In this matter, I can no longer be deceived, limited, or constrained.” This is how, bit by bit, you will escape the bondage and constraints of things unrelated to the truth and slowly find a path to pursue truth. What is the most important thing to possess if you want to escape things unrelated to the truth? You must first understand the truth, and have penetration into the essence of a matter. Once you see that these things are unrelated to the truth, that they represent the dirty dealings of corrupt mankind, you can decide to have nothing to do with them. Others may waste their time with them, but you shouldn’t get involved or dragged into them. First, pursue the truth, and once you genuinely understand the truth, when the right opportunity or circumstance presents itself, you can see who among those fascinated with things unrelated to the truth is able to accept and seek the truth and help them escape these things. By helping others resolve this problem, aren’t you benefiting them? First, keep yourself clear of these things. Some people can’t escape constraints, deception, and control, but they still want to save others. Isn’t that simply wasting effort? Save yourself first. Once you have, once you have prepared enough truth, then you can save others. And once you can save others, you’ll be ready to lead others in the church, and you’ll be able to fulfill your duties and resolve practical problems.

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