Question (3) I want to make progress, but I feel that believing in God and fulfilling my duties is difficult. It gives me a lot of pressure, and especially when fulfilling my duties doesn’t bear fruit or my disposition doesn’t change, I become negative. How can I resolve this state?

The answer is as follows: When you run into these problems, don’t be negative. If you always pray and seek God’s work, some problems can be resolved. You must be interested in the truth, and as you fulfill your duties, you must understand in your heart that your purpose should not be to do your part only to ingratiate yourself with God, but to be able to gain the truth. Achieving changes in life disposition, becoming a new man, and living out the likeness of a real man through performing your duties ought to be the purposes of fulfilling your duties, and if you have this determination and understanding, the results you achieve in fulfilling your duties will be different. You will be able to seek the truth in performing your duties and be able to focus on how to perform your duties to satisfy God and to best achieve results. You will often think, “What problems exist in the current performance of my duties? What kind of nature and what kinds of corrupt dispositions, thoughts, notions, and satanic poisons are disrupting my duties and constraining me from practicing the truth?” Seek the truth and use it to resolve your corruptions, deficiencies, and insufficiencies, and you will make smooth progress in your entry into life to the point of gaining the truth, growing to maturity in life, attaining dispositional change, and finally truly living out the likeness of a man and satisfying God in your performance of your duties. On the one hand, you will be fulfilling your duties as a creature of God to satisfy God, and on the other hand, as you gain the truth and achieve changes in your life disposition, you will be living out the likeness of a real man. You will accomplish both at the same time. You will not do it to accomplish something or to prepare some good deeds to exchange with God for receiving salvation, but rather you will do it to change and alter yourself, and ultimately live out the true life to satisfy God. This should be the purpose and intended effect of fulfilling your duties. If you have this understanding, you will be interested in the truth. You will seek the truth and resolve your problems in the course of performing your duties, and with every problem you resolve, your heart will feel joy and comfort. “I have again benefitted from fulfilling my duties, what I’ve gained is more valuable than gold, it is life.” When you are interested in the truth, you will know why you pursue the truth, what you are pursuing, and what you will finally gain. With this penetration, you will have a source of endless strength and the faith to strive for progress. You will be unstoppable, as you have tasted the sweetness of being a man and seen the light of life. There are certain people who see the changes they have achieved in fulfilling their duties, and they are hopeful of attaining salvation, and think, “I expressed so much corruption, but through a year or two of performing my duties, I’ve solved some of my problems. I have some conscience and sense in performing my duties, I am much more honest in the performance of my duties, I no longer feel envy or hatred toward others in performing my duties, I am now able to coordinate harmoniously with others, I can obey the words of others that accord with the truth, I can respect others, and I have more of a human likeness than before. Everyone can see the change and likes it. They all say I’ve changed. I’ve attained salvation and broken free from corruption.” Isn’t this the effect of fulfilling their duties? If fulfilling your duties has altered your perspective on being a man, and if you have achieved progress and changes in being a man, you have entered onto the correct track of belief in God and tasted the sweetness of the pursuit of the truth. There is hope for such a person to attain salvation. When someone’s life disposition has begun to change and he has begun to live out the normal likeness of man, isn’t he happy? He sees hope. “People can change after all, they absolutely can!” Pursuing the truth indeed can change people, it can produce changes in you and allow you to live out the likeness of a real man. So, God’s work is indeed saving and changing people, and pursuing the truth is very meaningful! When someone has this understanding and sees it, he genuinely knows God’s work. All of God’s work is meaningful. Church life, eating and drinking God’s word, fellowshiping on the truth, serving in coordination, and fulfilling your duties are all meaningful, all are paths for entry into life, all are necessary to possess for entry into life, and all are very practical. When you experience God’s work to this level, do you not taste its sweetness? Once you taste this sweetness, do you not have more faith? Have you tasted it yet? If not, continue to experience this way, and before long you will, and once you do you’ll have faith, you’ll know you are believing in God, and you’ll know you are pursuing the truth. The pursuit of a meaningful life is sacred; anyone who pursues this way is being perfected by God. God gives us much grace, and this is the fact that God’s work in the last days accomplishes. Once you experience to this level, you will have true understanding of God’s work, and be resolutely following God and walking the path of pursuing the truth and attaining salvation. Like this, you are certain to attain salvation. You have already begun to see results, so who now could deceive you or lead you astray? Can you still follow false leaders and antichrists? Can you still be deceived by evil spirits? No one can deceive you, so follow God, eat and drink God’s word, pursue the truth, and know that you walk the right path. When you believe this way, every year you believe brings new benefit, every month you believe brings new progress, the more you believe, the more bright is your way and the more you grow in life. Such people are on the correct track of belief in God.

Previous: Question (2) At church meetings, after we pray, we start reading the work arrangements and fellowship from the above, but very rarely do we eat or drink God’s word, and sometimes we don’t do it at all. I believe that eating and drinking God’s word should come first, and reading the work arrangements and fellowship from the above should come afterward, but the others say doing so is blindly following doctrine and discriminating against the man used by the Holy Spirit, and that by doing so I won’t keep up with the latest steps in God’s work. I would like fellowship from the above on this aspect of practice.

Next: Question (4) What is the difference between testifying oneself and fellowship on one’s own real experiences? When I fellowship on my own real experiences, I unknowingly make others look up to me; what is the problem? What aspects of truth should I use to resolve this problem?

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