12. The Principles of Quieting One’s Heart Before God

1. Being quiet before God is done for the sake of living before God; you must achieve a state whereby your heart does not leave God’s words, and it is an important principle to be able to live within God’s words;

2. You must frequently contemplate, eat and drink God’s words so that your heart may be filled with God’s words; in this way, you will find it easy to be quiet before God and associate with God in your heart;

3. Seek the truth in all things, always have the guidance of God’s words in your heart and live within God’s words; obey the truth in all things, allow the truth to hold sway, and live before God;

4. You must examine yourself every day; regardless of any corrupt expressions or whether you are pruned and dealt with, you must always be quiet before God, and examine and know yourself.

Relevant Words of God:

If you can always eat and drink God’s words as well as be attentive to His will and practice His words, then you belong to God, and you are someone living inside God’s words. Are you willing to escape from Satan’s domain and live in the light of God? If you live inside God’s words, then the Holy Spirit will have an opportunity to perform His work; if you live under Satan’s influence, then the Holy Spirit will have no opportunity to perform any work. The work that the Holy Spirit performs on men, the light that He shines on men, and the confidence that He gives to men last for only a moment; if they are not careful and do not pay attention, the work performed by the Holy Spirit will pass them by. … If you are living within the sphere of God’s words, if you are living within the state required by God, then you belong to Him and His work will be performed on you; if you are not living within the sphere of God’s requirements but instead are living under Satan’s domain, then you are certainly living under Satan’s corruption. Only by living within God’s words and giving your heart to Him, can you meet His requirements; you must do as God says, you must make God’s words the foundation of your existence and the reality of your life, and only then will you belong to God.

from “Escape From the Influence of Darkness and You Will Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The people God uses appear from the outside to be irrational and seem to not have proper relationships with others, though they speak with propriety, don’t speak carelessly, and can always keep a quiet heart before God. But it is just this kind of person who is sufficient to be used by the Holy Spirit. This “irrational” person God speaks of looks like they don’t have proper relationships with others, and they don’t have outward love or superficial practices, but when they are communicating spiritual things they can open their heart and selflessly provide others with the illumination and enlightenment they have acquired from their actual experience before God. This is how they express their love for God and satisfy God’s will. When others are all slandering and ridiculing them, they are able to not be controlled by outside people, occurrences, or things, and can still be quiet before God. Such a person seems to have their own unique insights. Regardless of others, their heart never leaves God. When others are chatting cheerfully and humorously, their heart still remains before God, contemplating God’s word or praying in silence to the God in their heart, seeking God’s intentions. They never make the maintenance of their proper relationships with other people the main focus. Such a person seems to have no philosophy of life. On the outside, this person is lively, adorable, and innocent, but also possesses a sense of calmness. This is the likeness of a person God uses. Things like the philosophy of life or “normal reason” cannot get through to this type of person; this type of person has devoted his whole heart to God’s word, and seems to only have God in his heart. This is the type of person who is what God refers to as a person “without reason,” and is just the person that is used by God. The mark of a person who is being used by God is: No matter when or where, his heart is always before God, and no matter how dissolute others are, how much they indulge in lust, indulge in the flesh—his heart never leaves God, and he doesn’t follow the crowd.

from “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If your heart is quiet before God no matter what you are doing then you are someone who lives before God. If your heart is quiet before God and drawing close to God no matter what you are doing, this proves that you are a person who is quiet before God. When you talk with others, when you are walking, you are able to say, “My heart is drawing close to God, and is not focused on outward things, and I can be quiet before God.” This is a person who is quiet before God. Do not come into contact with things that can draw your heart away to the outside, and do not come into contact with people who can draw your heart away from God. Drop whatever it is that can distract your heart from being close to God, or stay away from it. That way is more beneficial to your life.

from “On Quieting Your Heart Before God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Quieting your heart before God is one of the most crucial steps for entering into God’s words, and is a lesson that all people presently have an urgent need to enter. The entry ways to quieting your heart before God are:

1. Withdraw your heart from external things, be quiet before God, and pray to God with a focused heart.

2. With your heart quiet before God, eat, drink, and enjoy God’s words.

3. Make it a usual practice to meditate on and contemplate God’s love and ponder God’s work with your heart.

First begin with the matter of prayer. Be single-minded, and pray at a fixed time. No matter how pressed for time, or how busy, or what comes upon you, pray every day as normal, and eat and drink God’s words as normal. As long as you eat and drink God’s words, no matter what your surroundings are, your spirit is especially pleased, nor are you bothered by the people, events, or things around you. When you normally contemplate God in your heart, what goes on outside cannot bother you. This is what it means to have stature. Begin from prayer first: Praying at peace before God is most fruitful. After that, eat and drink the words of God, and ponder God’s words and try to obtain the light, find the path to practice, know what the aims of God’s utterances are, and understand without deviation. Ordinarily, draw close to God normally in your heart, contemplate God’s love, and ponder the words of God, without being disturbed by external things. When your heart is at peace to a degree that you are able to muse, so that, within yourself, you contemplate God’s love and truly draw near to God regardless of what environment you are in, and you have ultimately reached the point where you give praise in your heart, and it is even better than praying, then in this you will be possessed of a certain stature. If you are able to achieve the states described above, then this will prove that your heart is truly at peace before God. This is the first step; it is a basic exercise. Only after they are able to be at peace before God can people be touched by the Holy Spirit, and enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, only then are they able to truly commune with God, and able to grasp God’s will and the guidance of the Holy Spirit—and in this, they will have entered onto the right track in their spiritual lives. Exercising yourself to live before God to reach a certain depth so that you are able to rebel against yourself, to despise yourself, and to live in God’s words, this truly is quieting your heart before God … If your heart truly is quiet before God you won’t be bothered by anything going on in the world outside, and no person, event, or thing will occupy you. If you have entry into this, then those negative states or all negative things, such as human conceptions, philosophy of life, abnormal relationships with people, and thoughts in your heart will naturally disappear. Because you are always pondering God’s words, and your heart is always drawing close to God and occupied by the current words of God, those negative things are unconsciously stripped off. When positive new things occupy you, negative old things will have no place, so don’t pay attention to those negative things. You needn’t make efforts trying to control them. Pay attention to being quiet before God, eat and drink more of God’s words and enjoy them, sing more hymns praising God, and let God have a chance to work on you, because God at present wants to personally perfect people, and He wants to gain your heart; His Spirit moves your heart, and if you live before God following the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will satisfy God. If you pay attention to living in God’s words and fellowship more about the truth to gain the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, then those religious conceptions, self-rightness and self-importance will all disappear, and then you will know how to spend for God, know how to love God, and how to satisfy God. Those things outside God are then unconsciously forgotten.

from “On Quieting Your Heart Before God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you desire to truly make your heart at peace before God, you must deliberately do the work of cooperation. That is to say, every one of you must take time away from every person, matter, and object for your personal spiritual devotionals, where you will be able to bring peace to your heart and quiet yourself before God. You should have your own individual devotional notes where you can record your knowledge of God’s word and how your spirit has been moved, regardless of whether what you write down is profound or superficial. Quiet your heart before God with intention. If you can dedicate one or two hours to a true spiritual life during the day, then your life that day will feel enriched and your heart will be bright and clear. If you live this kind of spiritual life on a daily basis, then you will be able to give your heart to God more and more, your spirit will become stronger and stronger, you will become more capable of walking the path led by the Holy Spirit, and God will bestow more and more blessings upon you. The purpose of your spiritual life is to deliberately seek and gain the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is not to observe rules or conduct religious rituals, but to truly act in concert with God and discipline your body. This is what man should do, so you must give it your all in order to do this. The better your cooperation and the more effort you put forth, the more you will be able to turn your heart toward God, and the more you will quiet your heart before Him. Once you’ve reached a certain state, God will gain your heart completely. No one will be able to sway or capture your heart, and you will belong completely to God. If you walk this path, God’s word will reveal itself to you at all times and enlighten you on everything you don’t understand—this can all be achieved because of your cooperation. This is why God always says, “All who act in concert with Me, I will reward twice over.” You must see this path clearly. If you wish to walk the right path, then you must do all that you can to satisfy God. You must do all that you can to attain a spiritual life. At the start, you may not be able to achieve much in this regard, but you must not allow yourself to regress or wallow in negativity—you must keep on working hard! The more you live a spiritual life, the more your heart will be occupied by the words of God, always concerned with these matters and always bearing this burden. After that, you can reveal your innermost truth to God through your spiritual life, tell Him what you want to do, what you’ve been thinking about, your understanding of and your own way of seeing God’s word. Don’t hold back anything, not even a little bit! Practice speaking the words within your heart to God, tell Him the truth, and don’t hesitate to speak what’s in your heart. The more you do this, the more you will feel God’s loveliness, and your heart will be pulled more and more toward God. When this happens, you will feel that God is dearer to you than anyone else. You will never leave God’s side, no matter what. If you practice this kind of spiritual devotional on a daily basis and do not put it out of your mind, but treat it as your calling in life, then God’s word will occupy your heart. This is what it means to be touched by the Holy Spirit. It will be as if your heart has always been possessed by God, as if there has always been love in your heart. No one can take that away from you. When this happens, God will truly live inside you and have a place within your heart.

from “A Normal Spiritual Life Leads People Onto the Right Track” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Pondering the words of God and praying over the words of God at the same time as eating and drinking the current words of God—this is the first step to being at peace before God. If you can be truly at peace before God, then the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit will be with you.

All spiritual life is achieved by relying on being quiet before God. In praying you must be quiet before God before you can be moved by the Holy Spirit. By being quiet before God when you eat and drink God’s words you can be enlightened and illuminated and be able to achieve truly understanding God’s words. In your usual meditation and fellowship, and when you are drawing close to God with your heart, only when you are quiet before God can you have genuine closeness to God, genuine understanding of God’s love and God’s work, and true thoughtfulness toward God’s intentions. The more you are usually able to be quiet before God the more you can be illuminated, and the more you are able to understand your own corrupt disposition, what you lack, what you should enter, what function you should serve, and where you have defects. All these are achieved by relying on being quiet before God. If you truly reach some depth in being quiet before God, you can touch some mysteries in the spirit, touch on what God at present wants to do on you, touch on deeper understanding of God’s words, and touch on the essence of God’s words, on the substance of God’s words, on the being of God’s words, and you can see the path of practice more thoroughly and more accurately … All who are able to be quiet before God are people who are pious before God, people who yearn for God. It is only people who are quiet before God who pay attention to life, pay attention to fellowship in spirit, who thirst for God’s words, and who pursue the truth.

from “On Quieting Your Heart Before God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You must first resolve all the difficulties within yourself by relying on God. Make an end to your degenerate dispositions and be able to really understand your own situations and know how you should do things; keep fellowshiping anything you don’t understand. It is unacceptable for you not to know yourself. First heal your own sickness, and by means of eating and drinking My words more, contemplating My words, live life and do things according to My words; whether you are at home or in some other place, you should allow God to wield power within you. Cast off the flesh and naturalness. Always let God’s words have dominion within you. There is no need to worry that your life is not changing; you will slowly come to feel that your disposition has changed a great deal … Can the life of someone who cannot live by God’s words mature? No, it cannot. You must live by My words at all times. In life, My words must be your code of conduct. They will cause you to feel that doing things in a certain way is what God takes joy in, and doing things in another way is what God hates; slowly, you will come to walk the right track.

from “The Twenty-second Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

As soon as people become hasty while fulfilling their duties, they don’t know how to experience; as soon as they are busy with matters, their spiritual states become troubled; they are unable to maintain a normal situation. How can this be so? If you are asked to do a little work, you become unconventional, unrestricted, do not draw close to God and become distanced from God. This proves that people do not know how to experience. No matter what you do, you should first understand why you are actually doing it and what the nature of the matter is. If it is categorized as fulfilling your duty, then you should ponder: How should I do this? How should I fulfill my duty well so that I am not doing it perfunctorily? This is a matter in which you should draw close to God. Drawing close to God is seeking the truth in this matter, it is seeking the way to practice, it is seeking the will of God, and it is seeking how to satisfy God. These are the methods for drawing close to God while doing things; it is not performing a religious ceremony or an outward action; it is done for the purpose of practicing in accordance with the truth after seeking God’s will. If you always say “Thank God” when you are not doing anything, but when you are doing something, you still do it according to your own will, this type of thanks is an outward action. When fulfilling your duty or working on something, you should always think: How should I fulfill this duty? What is God’s intention? Through matters, you draw close to God, and through drawing close to God, you seek the principles and truths to do things, you seek God’s will from within and do not leave God in all that you do. This is a person who truly believes in God. Now when some matter comes upon people, regardless of what the actual situation is, they think that they can do this and that, so God is not in their hearts, and they do it according to their own intentions. Regardless of whether the course of action is suitable or not, or whether it is in accordance with truth or not, they only stiffen their necks and act according to their personal intentions. It usually seems that God is in their hearts, but when they do things, God is not in their hearts. Some people say: “I can’t grow close to God in the things I do; in the past I was accustomed to performing religious ceremonies, and I tried drawing close to God, but it was to no effect; I couldn’t draw near to Him.” This kind of person does not have God in their heart, they only have themselves in their heart and they simply cannot put truth into practice in the things they do. Not doing things in accordance with truth is doing things according to their own will, and doing things based on their own will is leaving God.

from “Seeking God’s Will and Putting Truth Into Practice to the Greatest Extent Possible” in Records of Christ’s Talks

Every evening you must examine your own situations, and scrutinize your own behavior: which acts were done in conformity to the truth and which acts were in violation of principles.

from “Resolving Nature and Practicing Truth” in Records of Christ’s Talks

In your daily life, you must grasp those words you say and those things you do that will cause your relationship with God to be abnormal, then rectify yourself and enter into the correct manner. Examine your words, your actions, your each and every move, and your thoughts and ideas at all times. Grasp your true state and enter into the way of the work of the Holy Spirit. Only in this way can you have a normal relationship with God. By weighing out whether your relationship with God is normal, you will be able to rectify your intentions, understand the essence of man, and understand yourself; through this, you will be able to enter into real experiences, truly forsake yourself, and achieve deliberate submission.

from “How Is Your Relationship With God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

If you understand what entry of life is, you should reflect on yourself: “Which of God’s words have I practiced? Which of God’s words do I have real experience in? What truths have I understood from God’s words after all? Has the truth that I understand become my life yet? Am I living by these truths? How many truths have I gained from believing in God? How many truths have become my life? How much do I know about God by believing in God? Do I really belong to God now? Am I obedient to God now? How many ingredients do I have that are commended by God? How many ingredients do I have that are rebellious and resistant to God? Am I faithful to God in doing my duty? On which matters am I still resisting God and betraying God’s word? Do I betray God in anything?” Ponder over these issues repeatedly every day. It is beneficial for your entry to life. If you always ponder on these questions, then it proves that you are someone who stays quiet in front of God. You are a person who pays attention to the entry of life, and you are a person who pursues the truth.

from the fellowship from the above

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