A Selection From the Ten Passages of God’s Word on “Work and Entry” (Part Two)

13. If man can truly enter in accordance with the Holy Spirit’s work, his life would quickly sprout like a bamboo shoot after a spring rain. Judging from most people’s current statures, no one is attaching any importance to life. Instead, people are placing importance on some inconsequential surface matters. Or they are rushing hither and yon and working aimlessly and randomly without focus, not knowing in which direction to go and much less for whom. They are merely “concealing themselves humbly.” The truth is, few among you know God’s intentions for the last days. Scarcely any of you know God’s footprint, and even fewer know what God’s ultimate accomplishment will be. Yet everyone, by sheer willpower, is accepting discipline and dealing from others, as if gearing up and waiting for the day when they have finally made it and can relax. I will not offer any commentary on these “wonders” among people, but there is one point that you must all understand. Right now most people are progressing toward abnormality, their entry steps already marching toward a dead end. Perhaps many people think that is the “Shangri-La” that man longs for, believing it to be the “place of freedom.” In fact, it is not. Or one can say that people have already gone astray.

14. God is incarnated in the Chinese mainland, what the compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan call the inland. When God came from above to the earth, no one in heaven and earth knew about it, for this is the true meaning of God returning in a concealed fashion. He has been in the flesh working and living for a long time, yet no one has known about it. Even to this day, no one recognizes it. Perhaps this will remain an eternal riddle. God’s coming into flesh this time is not something anyone is able to be aware of. No matter how large-scale and powerful the Spirit’s work, God always stays composed, never giving Himself away. One can say that it is as if this stage of His work is taking place in the heavenly realm. Even though it is perfectly obvious to everyone, no one recognizes it. When God finishes this stage of His work, everyone will awake from their long dream and reverse their past attitude. I remember God once saying, “Coming into flesh this time is like falling into the tiger’s den.” What this means is that because this round of God’s work has God coming into flesh and being born in the dwelling place of the great red dragon, His coming to earth this time is accompanied even more so with extreme dangers. What He faces are knives and guns and clubs; what He faces is temptation; what He faces are crowds wearing murderous looks. He risks being killed at any moment. God did come with wrath. However, He came in order to do the work of perfection, meaning to do the second part of His work that continues after redemption work. For the sake of this stage of His work, God has devoted utmost thought and care and is using every conceivable means to avoid the assaults of temptation, concealing Himself humbly and never flaunting His identity. In rescuing man off the cross, Jesus was only completing redemption work; He was not doing perfection work. Thus only half of God’s work was being done, and finishing the redemption work was only half of His whole plan. As the new age was about to begin and the old one about to recede, God the Father began to deliberate the second part of His work and started preparing for it. In the past, this incarnation in the last days may not have been prophesied, and therefore that laid a foundation for the increased secrecy surrounding God’s coming into flesh this time. At the break of dawn, unbeknownst to any, God came to earth and began His life in the flesh. People were unaware of this moment. Maybe they were all fast asleep, maybe many who were watchfully awake were waiting, and maybe many were praying silently to God in heaven. Yet among all these many people, not one knew that God had already arrived on earth. God worked like this so as to more smoothly carry out His work and achieve better results, and it was also to avoid more temptations. As man’s spring slumber breaks, God’s work will have long been finished and He shall depart, bringing to a close His life of roaming and sojourning on earth. Because God’s work requires God to act and speak personally, and because there is no way for man to help, God has endured extreme pain to come to earth to do the work Himself. Man is unable to stand in for God’s work. Therefore God risked dangers a thousand times greater than those during the Age of Grace to come down to where the great red dragon dwells to do His own work, to put all His thinking and care into redeeming this group of impoverished people, redeeming this group of people mired in a heap of manure. Even though no one knows of God’s existence, God is not troubled because it greatly benefits God’s work. Everyone is atrociously evil, so how can anyone tolerate God’s existence? That is why on earth God is always silent. No matter how excessively cruel man is, God does not take any of it to heart, but just keeps doing the work He needs to do so as to fulfill the greater commission that the heavenly Father gave Him. Who among you has recognized God’s loveliness? Who shows more consideration for God the Father’s burden than His Son does? Who is able to understand the will of God the Father? God the Father’s Spirit in heaven is often troubled, and His Son on earth prays frequently over God the Father’s will, worrying His heart to pieces. Is there anyone who knows of God the Father’s love for His Son? Is there anyone who knows how the beloved Son misses God the Father? Torn between heaven and earth, the two are constantly gazing after each other from afar, side by side in Spirit. O mankind! When will you be considerate of God’s heart? When will you understand God’s intention? Father and Son have always depended on each other. Why then should They be separated, one in heaven above and one on earth below? The Father loves His Son as the Son loves His Father. Why then should He have to wait with such longing and long with such anxiety? Although They have not been separated for long, does anyone know that the Father has already been anxiously yearning for so many days and nights and has long been looking forward to His beloved Son’s quick return? He observes, He sits in silence, He waits. It is all for His beloved Son’s quick return. When will He again be with the Son who is wandering on earth? Even though once together, They will be together for eternity, how can He endure the thousands of days and nights of separation, one in heaven above and one on earth below? Tens of years on earth are like thousands of years in heaven. How could God the Father not worry? When God comes to earth, He experiences the many vicissitudes of the human world just as man does. God Himself is innocent, so why let God suffer the same pain as man? No wonder God the Father longs so urgently for His Son; who can understand God’s heart? God gives man too much; how can man adequately repay God’s heart? Yet man gives God too little; how could God not therefore be worried?

15. Scarcely one among men understands God’s urgent heart because people’s caliber is too low and their spiritual sensitivity quite dull, and because they all neither notice nor heed what God is doing. So God keeps worrying about man, as if man’s beastly nature could break out at any moment. This further shows that God’s coming to earth is accompanied by great temptations. But for the sake of completing a group of people, God, laden with glory, told man of His every intention, hiding nothing. He has firmly resolved to complete this group of people. Therefore, come hardship or temptation, He looks away and ignores it all. He only quietly does His own work, firmly believing that one day when God has gained glory, man will know God, and believing that when man has been completed by God, he will fully understand God’s heart. Right now there may be people tempting God or misunderstanding God or blaming God; God takes none of that to heart. When God descends into glory, people will all understand that everything God does is for the well-being of mankind, and people will all understand that everything God does is so that mankind can better survive. God’s coming is accompanied by temptations, and God also comes with majesty and wrath. By the time God leaves man, He will have already gained glory, and He will leave fully laden with glory and with the joy of return. The God working on earth does not take things to heart no matter how people reject Him. He is just doing His work.

16. God’s creation of the world goes back thousands of years, He has come to earth to do an immeasurable amount of work, and He has fully experienced the human world’s rejection and slander. No one welcomes God’s arrival; everyone merely regards Him with a cold eye. In the course of these several thousand years’ worth of hardships, man’s conduct has long ago shattered God’s heart. He no longer pays attention to people’s rebellion, but is instead making a separate plan to transform and cleanse man. The derision, the slander, the persecution, the tribulation, the suffering of crucifixion, the exclusion by man, and so on that God has experienced in the flesh—God has tasted enough of these. God in the flesh has thoroughly suffered the miseries of the human world. The Spirit of God the Father in heaven long ago found such sights unbearable and threw His head back and shut His eyes, waiting for His beloved Son to return. All He wishes for is that people all listen and obey, are able to feel great shame before His flesh, and not rebel against Him. All He wishes for is that people all believe that God exists. He long ago stopped making greater demands of man because God has paid too high a price, yet man is resting easy, not at all taking God’s work to heart.

17. Today you all know that God is leading people onto the right track of life, that He is leading man onto the next step into another era, free from this dark, old age, out of the flesh, away from the oppression of the forces of darkness and the influence of Satan, allowing each and every person to live in a world of freedom. For the sake of a beautiful tomorrow, so that people might be more unconstrained in their steps tomorrow, the Spirit of God plans everything for man, and in order that man might have greater enjoyment, God devotes all of His efforts in the flesh to preparing the path ahead of man, so that the day for which man longs may come sooner. Would that you all cherish this beautiful moment, for it is no easy feat to convene with God, and although you have never known Him, you have long since met with Him. If only everyone could remember these beautiful yet brief days forever, and make them their cherished things on earth.

18. For thousands of years, the Chinese people have led the life of slaves, and this has so constrained their thoughts, concepts, life, language, behavior, and actions that they have been left without the slightest freedom. Several thousand years of history have turned vital people possessed of a spirit into something akin to corpses bereft of a spirit. Many are those who live under the butcher’s knife of Satan, many are those who live in homes like an animal’s den, many are those who eat the same food as cows or horses, many are those who lie in disarray in the netherworld and are utterly senseless. In appearance, people are no different from earliest man, their place of rest is like a hell, and all around them they are accompanied by various filthy demons and evil spirits. Outwardly, they appear to be highly-evolved animals; in fact, they live and reside with filthy demons. Without anyone to tend to them, people live in the hidden trap of Satan, and are so caught up in it that escape has become impossible. They don’t gather with their loved ones in cozy homes, living happy and fulfilling lives, but live in Hades, dealing with demons and associating with devils. In fact, people are still bound by Satan, they live where filthy demons gather, they are manipulated by these filthy demons, and it is as if their beds are where their corpses slumber, as if they are their comfort zone.

19. Man lives side by side with animals, and they get along harmoniously, without disputes or wars of words. Man is fastidious in his care and concern for animals, and the animals exist for man’s survival, expressly for the benefit of man, without any advantage to themselves and in complete and total obedience to man. To all appearances, the relationship between man and beast is a close and harmonious one—and filthy demons, it would seem, are the perfect combination of man and beast. Thus, man and the filthy demons on earth enjoy greater intimacy, and are inseparable: Man is seemingly estranged from the filthy demons, but actually connected with them, while the filthy demons hold nothing back from man, and “devote” all they have to them. Each day, people cavort in the “palace of the king of hell,” frolicking with “the king of hell” (their ancestor), and being manipulated by it. Today, people are caked in grime, and, having spent so long in Hades, have long since stopped wishing to return to the world of the living. Thus, as soon as they see the light, and behold the requirements of God, and God’s behavior, and the work of God, they feel jittery and anxious; still they yearn to return to the netherworld and reside with ghosts. Long ago did they forget God, and thus have they ever wandered in the graveyard.

20. Work and entry are inherently practical and refer to God’s work and man’s entry. Man’s complete lack of understanding of God’s true face and God’s work has brought great difficulties to his entry. To this day, many people still do not know the work God accomplishes in the last days or why God endures extreme humiliation to come into flesh and stand with man in weal and woe. Man knows nothing of the goal of God’s work, nor the purpose of God’s plan for the last days. For various reasons, people are always lukewarm toward the entry that God demands and remain vague about it, which has brought great difficulties to God’s work in the flesh. People seem to have all become obstacles and, to this day, they still have no clear understanding. Therefore I will talk about the work that God does on man, and God’s urgent intention, so that all of you will become God’s loyal servants who, like Job, would rather die than reject God and will endure every humiliation, and who, like Peter, will offer your whole beings to God and become the intimates gained by God in the last days. May all brothers and sisters do everything in their power to offer their whole beings to God’s heavenly will, become holy servants in the house of God, and enjoy the infinite promises bestowed by God, so that God the Father’s heart can soon enjoy peaceful rest. “Accomplish God the Father’s will” should be the motto of all who love God. These words should serve as man’s guide for entry and the compass directing his actions. This is the resolve that man should have. To thoroughly finish God’s work on earth and cooperate with God’s work in the flesh—this is man’s duty. One day, when God’s work is done, man will bid Him farewell on an early return to the Father in heaven. Is this not the responsibility that man should fulfill?

21. To man, God’s crucifixion concluded the work of God’s incarnation, redeemed all of mankind, and allowed Him to seize the key to the Hades. Everyone thinks God’s work has been fully accomplished. In actuality, to God, only a small part of His work has been accomplished. He has only redeemed mankind; He has not conquered mankind, let alone changed the ugliness of Satan in man. That is why God says, “Although My incarnate flesh went through the pain of death, that was not the whole goal of My incarnation. Jesus is My beloved Son and was nailed to the cross for Me, but He did not fully conclude My work. He only did a portion of it.” Thus God began the second round of plans to continue the work of the incarnation. God’s ultimate intention is to perfect and gain everyone rescued from Satan’s hands, which is why God prepared again to risk dangers to come into flesh.

22. In many places, God has prophesied gaining a group of overcomers in the land of Sinim. It is in the world’s East that overcomers are gained, so the landing spot of God’s second incarnation is without a doubt the land of Sinim, exactly where the great red dragon lies coiled. There God will gain the descendants of the great red dragon so that it is thoroughly defeated and shamed. God wants to awaken these deeply suffering people, to awaken them completely, and to have them walk out of the fog and reject the great red dragon. God wants to awaken them from their dream, have them know the essence of the great red dragon, give all their heart to God, rise up out of the oppression of the dark forces, stand up in the East of the world, and become proof of God’s victory. Only then will God gain glory. For just this reason, God brought the work that came to an end in Israel to the land where the great red dragon lies coiled and, nearly two thousand years after departing, has come again into flesh to continue the work of the Age of Grace. To man’s naked eye, God is launching new work in the flesh. But to God, He is continuing the work of the Age of Grace, only with a time separation of a few thousand years, and only with a change in work location and work project. Although the flesh image that God has taken in today’s work is quite a different person than Jesus, They share the same substance and root, and They are from the same source. Maybe They have many exterior differences, but the inner truths of Their work are completely identical. The ages, after all, are as different as night and day. How can God’s work stay unchanged? Or how can the work interrupt each other?

23. Jesus took on the appearance of a Jew, conformed to the attire of the Jews, and grew up eating Jewish food. This is His normal human aspect. But today’s incarnate flesh takes the form of the people of Asia and grows up on the food of the nation of the great red dragon. These do not conflict with the goal of God’s incarnation. Rather, they complement each other, more fully completing the true significance of God’s incarnation. Because the incarnate flesh is referred to as “Son of man” or “Christ,” the exterior of today’s Christ cannot be equated with Jesus Christ. After all, the flesh is called “Son of man” and is in the image of flesh. Every stage of God’s work contains considerably deep meaning. The reason Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit is because He was to redeem sinners. He had to be without sin. But only in the end when He was forced to become the image of sinful flesh and took on the sins of the sinners did He rescue them off the cursed cross that God used to chastise people. (The cross is God’s tool for cursing and chastising people; mentions of cursing and chastising are specifically about cursing and chastising sinners.) The goal was to have all sinners repent and to use crucifixion to have them admit their sins. That is, for the sake of redeeming all mankind, God incarnated Himself in a flesh that was conceived by the Holy Spirit and took on the sins of all mankind. The commonplace way of describing this is offering a holy flesh in exchange for all sinners, the equivalent of Jesus being a sin offering placed in front of Satan to “beseech” Satan to return to God the entire innocent mankind that it had trampled. Thus to accomplish this stage of redemption work required conception by the Holy Spirit. This was a necessary condition, a “treaty” during the battle between God the Father and Satan. That is why Jesus was given to Satan, and only then did this stage of work conclude. However, God’s redemption work today is already of unprecedented magnificence, and Satan has no reason to make demands, so God’s incarnation does not require conception by the Holy Spirit, for God is inherently holy and innocent. So God incarnate this time is no longer the Jesus of the Age of Grace. But He is still for the sake of God the Father’s will and for the sake of fulfilling God the Father’s wishes. How can this be considered an unreasonable saying? Must God’s incarnation follow a set of rules?

24. Many people look in the Bible for evidence, wanting to find a prophecy of God’s incarnation. How can man’s broken thinking know that God long ago stopped “working” in the Bible and has “jumped” outside of it to do with gusto the work that He had long planned but had never told man about? People are too lacking in sense. After only a taste of God’s disposition, they casually get up on a tall stage and sit in a high-class “wheelchair” inspecting God’s work, going so far as to start educating God with bombastic, rambling talk. Many an “old man,” wearing reading glasses and stroking his beard, opens up his yellowed “old almanac” (Bible) that he has been reading for a lifetime. Muttering words and eyes seemingly sparkling, he turns now to the Book of Revelation and now to the Book of Daniel, and now to the universally known Book of Isaiah. Staring at a page packed dense with tiny words, he reads in silence, his mind spinning ceaselessly. Suddenly the hand stroking the beard stops and begins pulling at it. Now and then one hears the sound of beard being broken. Such unusual behavior takes one aback. “Why use such force? What is he so mad about?” Back to the old man, his brows are now bristling. The silvered brows have landed like goose feathers precisely two centimeters from this old man’s eyelids, as if by chance and yet so perfectly, as the old man keeps his eyes glued to the mildewed-looking pages. He repeats the above sequence of actions several times, and then he can’t help but jump to his feet and begins chattering as if making small-talk with someone, though the light from his eyes has not left the almanac. Suddenly he covers up the present page and turns to “another world.” His movements are so hurried and frightening, almost taking people by surprise. Presently, the mouse that had come out of its hole and had just started to “feel unfettered” during his silence was so alarmed by his uncharacteristic movements that it ran back into the hole, disappearing without a trace. Now the old man’s motionless left hand resumes its up-and-down beard-stroking motion. He moves away from the seat, leaving the book on the desk. Through the slightly ajar door and the open window, the wind comes in, uncaringly blowing the book shut, then open, then shut and open again. There is an inexpressible forlornness about the scene, and except for the sound of the book’s pages being rustled by the wind, everything seems to have fallen silent. He, with hands clasped behind his back, paces the room, now stopping, now starting, shaking his head from time to time, seemingly repeating “Oh! God! Would You really do that?” From time to time he also nods, “O God! Who can fathom Your work? Is it not hard to search for Your footprints? I believe You do not do unreasonable things.” Presently the old man’s brows scrunch together, his eyes squeeze shut, showing an embarrassed look, and also an exceedingly pained expression, as if he wants to slowly deliberate. This is really challenging this “grand old man.” At this late stage in his life, he has “unfortunately” come upon this matter. What can be done about it? I am also at a loss and powerless to do anything. Who made his old almanac grow “yellowed”? Who made his beard and brows all grow heartlessly like white snow on different places on his face? It is as if his beard represents his background. Yet who knew man could become foolish to this degree, looking for the presence of God in the old almanac? How many sheets of paper can the old almanac have? Can it really record all of God’s deeds? Who dares to guarantee that? Man actually seeks God’s appearance and tries to fulfill God’s will by overly parsing words. Is trying to enter life this way as easy as it sounds? Is this not preposterous, false reasoning? Do you not find this laughable?

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