150. The Principles of How to Approach Religious and Theological Theories

1. Religious and theological theories are counterfeit, bogus copies of the truth. They are all doctrines that appear true but are actually false, and which cause people to delimit and defy God;

2. Religious and theological theories absolutely do not come from the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, but come from man’s conceptions, imaginings, and logical reasoning—they are fraudsters’ lies;

3. Religious and theological theories are not the truth and they cannot save man. The more people seek theological knowledge the more wildly arrogant and self-important they become, and they deny the truth and defy God;

4. Religious and theological theories are exceedingly bewitching empty theories, without a shred of the reality of the truth. You must use the truth to expose, refute and repudiate them utterly.

Relevant Words of God:

Throughout many centuries, man has believed in this Trinity, conjured up by notions in the mind of man, fabricated by man, and never before seen by man. Throughout these many years, there have been many spiritual greats who have explained the “true meaning” of the Trinity, but such explanations of the Trinity as three distinct consubstantial persons have been vague and unclear, and all are befuddled by the “construct” of God. No great man has ever been able to offer a thorough explanation; most explanations pass muster in terms of reasoning and on paper, but not a single man has a fully clear understanding of its meaning. ... Let Me tell you that, in truth, the Trinity does not exist anywhere in this universe. God has no Father and no Son, much less is there the concept of an instrument jointly used by the Father and the Son: the Holy Spirit. All of this is the greatest fallacy and simply does not exist in this world! Yet even such a fallacy has its origin and is not entirely without basis, for your minds are not so simple, and your thoughts are not without reason. Rather, they are quite appropriate and ingenious, so much so that they are impregnable even to any Satan. The pity is that these thoughts are all fallacies and simply do not exist! You have not seen the real truth at all; you are merely making conjectures and conceptions, then fabricating it all into a story to deceitfully gain others’ trust and to gain dominance over those most foolish of men without wit or reason, so that they believe in your great and renowned “expert teachings.” Is this truth? Is this the way of life that man should receive? It is all nonsense! Not a single word is appropriate! Throughout these many years, God has been split by you in this way, being split finer and finer with each generation, to the extent that one God has been openly split into three Gods. And now it is simply impossible for man to rejoin God as one, for you have split Him up too finely! If not for My prompt work before it was too late, it is hard to say how long you would have brazenly continued this way! To continue splitting God in this way, how can He still be your God? Would you still recognize God? Would you still return to Him?


There are many contradictions in the explanations of man. Indeed, these are all the notions of man; without further scrutiny, you would all believe they are correct. Do you not know that this idea of God as a Trinity is but the notion of man? No knowledge of man is full and thorough. There are always impurities, and man has too many ideas; this demonstrates that a created being simply cannot explain the work of God. There is too much in the mind of man, all coming from logic and thought, that conflicts with the truth.

from “Does the Trinity Exist?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Look at the leaders of every denomination and sect. They are all arrogant and self-right, and they interpret the Bible out of context and according to their own imagination. They all rely on gifts and erudition to do their work. If they were incapable of preaching anything, would those people follow them? They do, after all, possess some learning, and can speak a little of doctrine, or know how to win over others and how to use some artifices, through which they have brought people before themselves and have deceived them. …

from “Only the Pursuit of the Truth Is the True Belief in God” in Records of Christ’s Talks

In Peter and Paul you can clearly see that it was Peter who paid the most attention to reality. From what Peter went through, it can be seen that his experiences drew upon the lessons of those who had failed in the past, and that he absorbed the strengths of the saints of the past—and from this it can be seen just how real Peter’s experiences were, that they were enough to allow people to touch, and to be capable of, and that they were achievable by people. Paul, though, was different: All that he spoke of was vague and invisible, things like going to the third heaven, the ascension to the throne, and the crown of righteousness. He focused on that which was external: on status, and reprimanding people, on showing off his seniority, being touched by the Holy Spirit, and so on. Nothing he pursued was real, and much of it was fantasy, and thus it can be seen that all that is supernatural, such as how much the Holy Spirit touches people, the great joy that people enjoy, going to the third heaven, or regular training and enjoying it to a certain extent, reading God’s words and enjoying them to a certain extent—none of this is real. All of the Holy Spirit’s work is normal, and real. When you read God’s words and pray, inside you are bright and steadfast, the external world cannot interfere with you, inside you are willing to love God, are willing to engage with positive things, and you detest the evil world; this is living within God, and is not, as people say, enjoying so much—such talk is not real.

from “How to Know Reality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When the day comes that you resolve all the difficulties of those religious people and refute all their fallacies, that shall be proof that you are absolutely certain of this stage of work and have not the slightest doubt. If you are unable to refute their fallacies, then they will frame you and slander you. Is this not disgraceful?

from “How Can Man Who Has Delimited God in His Conceptions Receive the Revelations of God?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

Religious doctrine is fundamentally not the truth and it cannot at all represent God’s word. Religious doctrine is something that man produced. It is something that is seemingly right but actually wrong. The more religious doctrines one has, the more he can deceive and harm man. The result is that one will just harm oneself. This is one of the reasons the religious world resists God and condemns God’s work.

from the fellowship from the above

Those religious leaders, especially those Doctors of Theology, why are they the main culprit behind Christ being nailed to the cross once more? It is because they have too much religious knowledge and they have too much knowledge of the Bible. They do not genuinely understand the Bible or God’s words. They use man’s thoughts and lines of reasoning to explain the words within the Bible and the events in the Bible. The theological theories that they produce do not originate from the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. They are entirely reliant on man’s thoughts, reasoning and judgment. Therefore, the theological perspectives of the religious world are all perspectives that resist God and they are not in accordance with the truth because they do not originate from the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. Instead, they originate from man’s thoughts. Someone said, “Those two perspectives do not differ that much.” What does this mean? It fulfills a common saying, “The difference of a hair’s width is equivalent to a distance of a mile.” Isn’t this the case? There are some brothers and sisters who, after they listen to a sermon from the religious world, come back to God’s family and listen to a sermon from God’s family. They say, “More or less the same. Both are talking about getting man to follow good examples, obey God and put the truth into practice. It is pretty much the same. I didn’t think there was much of a difference.” What is this all about? It indicates that these people do not understand the truth. They think that because the words sound good, it is about the same. They do not know how to discern. If someone really understands some truth, they will be able to discern. If someone does not understand the truth, they will be unable to discern.

from the fellowship from the above

Look at how unbelievers research some theory: They only research from what is written, they research doctrines and weigh them up and then arrive at their conclusions. After reading a passage of God’s words, some people start their research from the perspective of theory, especially if they are theologians, pastors, scholars. They do not seek the truth from experience, they do not seek a true understanding of God. They all investigate various theories and ultimately arrive at some conclusions. Do you think that the conclusions which they reach are reality or doctrine? They are all doctrine. This is because they reached these conclusions based on the specialized textual research and not based on their own experience. They investigated, deliberated, and weighed things up based on whatever they read. Conclusions reached from literal research, from researching the things recorded in the Bible, have created one kind of theory, called theological theory. There is no understanding from experience in this, and there is no enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. The deep understanding from the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit surpasses the outer layer of words; it cannot be expressed by any superficial language. The Holy Spirit will enlighten you only when you seek the truth after you have entered the experience. The things that the Holy Spirit enlightens and illuminates for you are the things that are the most real and the things which are the most true for you, these are the things that you cannot get from the Bible no matter how hard you study it. So today God lets us experience the word of God. If, in our experience of the word of God, the Holy Spirit enlightens us, we can get a real understanding of God’s words. This real understanding cannot be brought out no matter how you study the literal meaning of the words of God; this is something that cannot be reached by human thought. The truth cannot be imagined, no matter how hard you try. So, the truth received from the guidance and illumination of the Holy Spirit cannot be understood from researching books; it is the real understanding of God. Presently, we are experiencing God’s word and God’s work. That is why, in the end, we will achieve a genuine understanding of God. Those religious scholars and religious experts will never have a genuine understanding of God. No matter how hard they work at researching, it is all pointless. In the very end, God will convict them and say, “You who do evil things, I never knew you. Get away from me.” This is how they will be eliminated. What kind of path are they walking? They are not walking the path of experiencing God’s word and obtaining the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. Their faith in God is reliant on their own heads as they research, imagine and think it over. In the very end, they will produce a type of theory. However, this theory is absurd. It is not realistic. It will be determined by God to be erroneous. That is why God does not acknowledge them to be people that understand God. They are all very absurd and preposterous people.

from the fellowship from the above

Are what the religious pastors and theologians talk about realistic? Do they have the truth? No. Now, where do the theories that they talk about come from? They have written so many books that if you piled them all up they would form a mountain. Where do all those words and doctrines come from? After they finish reading the Bible, they use the thoughts in their heads to explain the words of the Bible. Furthermore, they add on their individual imaginations, judgments and reasoning in order to come up with all sorts of conclusions. Aren’t these the results of man’s thoughts and imaginations? These are the results of man’s thoughts and imaginations. They definitely do not originate from experience and even more so, they do not come from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Now, some people say, “Doesn’t this originate from Satan?” It has something to do with Satan. There are some things that involve tempting, judging and defining God. They involve imposing one’s own ideas upon God. These were produced by a satanic disposition. Why do you arbitrarily define God? Why do you impose your own ideas onto God? Clearly, it is not the case and you have not seen reality, yet you insist on saying these things and rely on your imagination to speak. You take matters involving God which people cannot see and do not understand and you make conjectures based on your own imagination. Furthermore, you use logic to summarize and speculate, thus coming out with all sorts of theories which you then apply to God and say that you understand God and that it was due to the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Now, wouldn’t you say that these practices are basically the manifestation of blaspheming God? If this is how they do their work and serve God, isn’t this the manifestation of resisting God? If it is resisting God, have their life dispositions changed? No. It is because inside, they have judgments, definitions and impositions about and on God. Some of the things they say are very subjective and far-fetched. That is why their work seriously goes against God’s intentions and completely originates from man’s corruption and satanic disposition. That is why the majority of their theories are fallacies and they are not in accordance with reality. Some words of theirs represent Satan and represent the archangel’s blasphemy toward God.

from the fellowship from the above

Could it be that man’s knowledge can accomplish God’s work? Could it be that man’s biblical knowledge and theological knowledge can save man? Could it be that man’s knowledge can represent the truth? Man’s knowledge cannot represent the truth at all. Man’s biblical knowledge and theological knowledge are all erroneous and they cannot replace the truth at all. Theological and biblical knowledge is completely incompatible with the truth. Today, from God’s word we can see that all of God’s word is the truth, and biblical and theological knowledge is completely incompatible with the truth that God has expressed. The more biblical knowledge and theological knowledge one understands, the more one resists and condemns God. This point should be quite clear. Just what is the truth? Does theological knowledge contain the truth? Does biblical knowledge contain the truth? These two types of knowledge are not the truth. Biblical knowledge and the words that God speaks in the Bible are two completely separate things, which can’t be mentioned in the same breath. Biblical knowledge is simply something that someone has written. It was produced in accordance with someone’s thoughts. God’s word that is contained in the Bible is the truth. However, biblical knowledge is not God’s word. Remember this! … If man has theological and biblical knowledge, why is it that he can resist God, judge God and become an antichrist? What is the reason for this? Too much knowledge can corrupt man. It can only cause him to be arrogant and conceited. It can only cause him to resist God even more frantically. This is especially the case when someone has too much biblical and theological knowledge. They just end up resisting God even more seriously. … Whether someone resists God is not dependent on how many years that person has believed in God. Consider the upper-level people of Judaism such as the chief priests, scribes, teachers of the law, people like Paul, and the Pharisees. They had believed in Jehovah God for generations, their biblical knowledge was abundant and they had researched the Bible for a thousand years or two. In the end, they all became the chief culprits that resisted God. They all became the incarnate God’s enemies. This is an example of biblical and theological knowledge producing antichrists one group after another. Someone said, “Is it right to delve into the Bible? Is it right to research theology?” How can this be explained? The path toward understanding God does not involve researching the Bible and theology. Understanding God is reliant on experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit. If one just researches the Bible and theology, one will betray God more and more and he will grow more and more distant from the truth. The path toward understanding God is only dependent on experiencing God’s work and experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit. If you research theology, would you be able to obtain the Holy Spirit’s work? If you research biblical knowledge, would you be able to obtain the Holy Spirit’s work? If you cannot, what is the use of this research?

from the fellowship from the above

Would you say that studying theology and pursuing knowledge would help one achieve an understanding of God? Not only would you not achieve an understanding of God, it would instead cause you to grow more and more distant from God and more and more resistant to God. Knowledge, including theological knowledge, is an enemy of the truth. Therefore, the more one focuses on theological knowledge, the more seriously one will resist God. In the end, one will become an enemy of Christ. Today, we accept Christ’s work and we accept Christ’s salvation. We are starting to have an understanding of God, we can see through the world, we can see through knowledge, we can see through theology and we can even forsake Satan. We are basically beginning to enter onto the right track of salvation. If someone understands the truth and can discern, see through, dissect, reject, and forsake Satan’s philosophies, knowledge, fallacies, and laws, this person will be completely saved by God. Presently, have we achieved this stage yet? If you were asked to dissect one of Satan’s philosophies, would you be able to use the truth to thoroughly refute and criticize it? If you randomly took a book out from the bookshelf of the world, would you be able to find where all the fallacies that go against the truth are within that book? If you randomly selected a religious book, would you be able to see clearly its fallacies? Would you know where its mistakes are? Would you know where it goes against the truth? Would you know which truths it is not in accordance with? If you can achieve this level of ability, you understand the truth and you have the truth. Say you get into contact with someone who believes in God. Regardless of what kind of person he is, regardless if he is a pastor or a Th.D., let’s say he starts to talk and you know where he is erroneous, where he is mistaken and what truths he is going against. This would indicate that you truly understand the truth. If at present, you have not achieved this stature, it indicates that you still do not have the truth. The consequences of not having the truth are that you are still susceptible to being deceived by Satan, deceived by man, following false shepherds and following false prophets. If some of the people from the religious world give you a book to read, and after reading it, you think that it is very good and is teaching man to be good and that there are no mistakes, this indicates that you do not know how to discern and that you do not have the truth. The moment you are able to refute, dissect and thoroughly criticize all the fallacies of the religious world that resist God and the types of people that resist God, then that will be great. It will indicate that you truly have stature and you are able to be a witness for God.

from the fellowship from the above

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