Corrupt Dispositions Can Only Be Resolved by Pursuing the Truth

Several Characteristics of Satanic Dispositions

People who possess Satan’s nature of betrayal develop all kinds of satanic dispositions. There are five major characteristics of satanic dispositions. The first is that, when serving God and doing one’s duty, people always work relying on doctrines, conceptions, knowledge and imagination. With the Bible and the words of God, they always want to summarize a whole set of ideas and theories based on people’s thinking to teach and water others. As a result, all those they lead are able to understand a great deal of Biblical knowledge as well as words and doctrines of the Bible because of their work, yet they cannot achieve a true understanding of the truth or knowledge of God. So, none of the people that they lead can achieve true salvation or be perfected, because no matter how many words and doctrines people understand, it is no substitute for a real knowledge of God. The more knowledge and doctrines people understand, the more arrogant and self-righteous they become, and people like this become less accepting of the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. They just believe that their own knowledge and doctrines are the truth. Thus, the more words and doctrines people understand, the more stubborn and self-righteous, even crazy and perverted, their God-resisting, God-betraying disposition will become. No matter how many years this kind of person has believed in God and no matter how many years they have served God, they are unable to gain the truth and unable to achieve true knowledge of God, and so their life disposition will never change. They can only become more and more arrogant, self-righteous and defiant to God. Therefore, as for all those who serve God relying on doctrines, knowledge, conceptions and imagination, is their disposition not a satanic disposition? This is one characteristic of satanic dispositions. The second characteristic is being unable to accurately pursue the truth, thereby not obtaining the work of the Holy Spirit. In the practice and work of people like this, there are always the impurities of emotions and self-will, and they can even attend to the evil passions and selfish desires of the flesh while serving God. Because they cannot pursue the truth purely, they do not have the Holy Spirit’s work and therefore their life disposition will not change. This type of person always acts based on their own preferences and emotions. To act on emotions and to treat people based on one’s emotions and preferences, is to be unfair to others. In addition, this type of person always lives their life based on their emotions and self-will, and so they cannot put the truth into practice, nor be considerate toward God’s will, nor truly obey God. Is this not the consequence of people being controlled by their satanic dispositions? There are many people who, no matter how you tell them, “Do not rely on emotions and your self-will. You must forsake the flesh. If you follow your preferences and emotions, then this will ensure that you are resisting God.” They find words like these hard to accept. After listening, they are willing to do so, but they are subject to being restrained by emotions. Their emotions and self-will are too strong, and they come under their control. Tell me, can people obey God if they rely on emotions and self-will? Can they satisfy God? No! They can only disrupt and disturb God’s work. We see that there are many people in God’s family who are prone to act on emotions. You ask them to be honest people and they find it very difficult. They cannot resolve the problem of telling lies as well as acting on emotions. Emotions estrange people from God. People with emotions only want to satisfy themselves. They feel good and feel satisfied when they act on emotions, but they are a grief to God. If people have a conscience and they see themselves causing God grief by acting on emotions, then they hate themselves, they regret it and will rectify their mistakes. But people who have no conscience or reason think, “There is no harm in me going by my emotions and my self-will. I haven’t resisted God and it isn’t wrong.” So tell me, does this kind of person really understand God’s will? Do they understand what God demands of people? Do they know what obeying God is? They simply do not know what putting the truth into practice is and what obeying God is. They think, “No matter what I do, as long as I don’t do evil, then it is right.” Are people who can say such words not downright confused? How can people who are this confused show due consideration to God’s will? So people whose emotions are too strong and who cannot put the truth into practice are all people who resist God and who do not show due consideration for God’s will. People who cannot show due consideration for God’s will and who cannot forsake the fleshly emotions will never become people who obey God. Therefore, people’s satanic dispositions also have this characteristic, namely: One always lives relying on one’s emotions and self-will and cannot truly obey God. If people who live relying on their emotions and self-will cannot obey God, then they are definitely people who resist God. In serving God, they can only resist God but cannot satisfy God. Therefore, the second characteristic of people’s satanic dispositions is living only by relying on emotions and self-will. This is a type of satanic disposition, and some leaders and workers have this type of characteristic. The third characteristic of satanic dispositions is: always trying to bargain with God, wanting reward for doing a little work, and wanting to be blessed after a little suffering. No matter what duty they do, they always want to be recompensed. Is this type of person not selfish and contemptible? People who bargain with others and who do not suffer losses, who go so far as to try to bargain with God and not suffer losses—are people like this not too arrogant and self-righteous? What kind of a person are they? Are they worthy to bargain with God? People are created beings and God is the Creator. People are even inferior to dust. They are nothing in the presence of God. Do the kinds of people who try to bargain with God have conscience and reason? They haven’t a shred of conscience or reason. So people like this are the most contemptible and shameless. People enjoy so much immeasurable grace from God, yet do not know to count God’s grace, much less to repay God’s love and have virtually no gratitude. On the contrary, they want more and more and ask God for blessings and rewards. If they do not get God’s blessings and rewards then they argue and keep accounts with God. Is this not a satanic disposition? This is a satanic disposition. There are a lot of religious people and what do they say? “Jesus atoned for us and we rely on the precious blood of Jesus to go to heaven and to be blessed. If God does not bless us, we will take Him to court. We are saved by grace. God, if You abandon us, then You are not listening to reason and Your words do not count.” Is there such a person? There are too many. These people want to take God to court. Tell me, is this not the pinnacle of arrogance? What are people in the presence of God? God has paid such a high price for the salvation of mankind and people barely obey Him and do not pursue the truth. God prepares the most complete and bountiful salvation for people, yet people do not accept it, do not obey and even want to argue with God, want more and more rewards and to wear the crown. Are people not unreasonable? They are too unreasonable! Too selfish and despicable! Is the disposition of such people satanic? This is a typical satanic disposition. Therefore, always trying to bargain with God is the third characteristic of satanic dispositions. The fourth characteristic of satanic dispositions is: always loving to show and reveal oneself, making others look up to them and admire them, particularly coveting undeserved reputation and status, working and speaking always for themselves, and always enjoying the benefit of status. Is such a disposition satanic? Satan is unreasonable like this. If people with such disposition work and lead others, they will not bear witness to God, but will take this opportunity to show and reveal themselves. They do not seek to satisfy God but put their own pleasure first. They are only satisfied when others admire and look up to them. If they cannot get what they desire, then they don’t feel right, and they have to bear witness for themselves and reveal themselves and they are dogged in achieving their goals. Fame and status supersedes all within these people and is more important to them than anything. If their vanity is not satisfied, then they do not sleep well, and do not eat well. They serve God for status, entirely to enjoy the benefit of status, and to achieve their own shameful objective—to stand out from the crowd. You fellowship the truth to them so earnestly and ask them to be considerate of God’s intentions: “The most important thing for believing in God is to pursue the truth. You bring brothers and sisters onto the right track of believing in God and allow them all to pursue the truth, to eat and drink the words of God and to reach salvation. This is God’s commission.” But what happens once they have status? They completely forget God’s commission and quickly put their own enjoyment and everything they want first. For the sake of satisfying their desires and to enjoy the benefit of status, they are always on the go, endure hardships and hard work, and are willing to undertake any amount of suffering. They completely forget what God has entrusted them to do. Is this not an expression of betraying God? Why do you not do the duty God asks you to do or the things God asks of you? Why do you always satisfy yourself and not satisfy God and not want to satisfy God? Can people serve God if this kind of satanic betraying nature inside people controls them? Can they satisfy God? Can they complete God’s commission? Are people who serve God in this way not people who resist God? These are people who resist God. The fifth characteristic of satanic dispositions is: working but just speaking to witness oneself, always exalting oneself, making people obey and revolve around them, putting themselves at the center, and only caring about bringing people before them to obey them and then calling it a day, no matter what God’s will is and no matter whether people have knowledge of God or not. They simply do not pay any attention to God’s requirements or will. When people do not obey them or rebel, they will get angry, continuously lecture them, chasten them, unscrupulously deal with and prune them, with the aim of making people submit to them, be well-behaved and well-disciplined before them. Only then do they feel genuinely satisfied. Why can they not understand God’s will? God’s saving mankind is to let people know God’s disposition, to let them understand all the truths that God expresses, and thereby achieve salvation. People do not bring others before God, but they make them obey themselves. Is this not taking the opportunity to seize power? Is this not making God a mere figurehead? Is this kind of person not despicable? God lets you accept His commission and you take the opportunity to seize power. You are acting as “God” here, making people worship, obey, exalt and revolve around you. Is this not being an antichrist? This is indeed being an antichrist. Does this kind of person believe in God? Who do they believe in? They believe in themselves. Religious pastors all believe that they are God. Although they do not say so, no matter how brothers and sisters treat them, worship them and love them as God, they always feel enjoyment and satisfaction and they do not stand and reject it at all. Although they do not say they are God, they are willing to enjoy the feeling of people treating them like God. Are people like these not antichrists? Therefore, the disposition of an antichrist reveals Satan’s most evil, most shameful nature of betrayal. If people have this kind of satanic disposition, then they are definitely antichrists and the path they walk is the antichrist’s path. Therefore, they serve God but they are indeed those who resist God and they are the enemies of God. After people have been corrupted by Satan, Satan’s nature completely wields power over them and takes control of them. People who have Satan’s nature in them can reveal all kinds of corrupt dispositions that resist God. Some people’s antichrist disposition is particularly severe, and this is their Achilles’ heel. As soon as they have status, they become the antichrist. Some people always work based on their knowledge, conceptions and imagination. If they can accept the Holy Spirit’s work, accept the fellowship and provision of people who understand the truth, then they still have hope of being saved. As long as they can accept the truth, then they will ultimately be able to forsake knowledge, doctrine, conceptions and imagination. If they are unable to accept the truth, but advocate knowledge, doctrine, conceptions and imagination, if they are persistently stubborn and they go their own way, then this is the kind of person who serves God but actually resists God. There is no doubt about it.

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