Chapter 115. To Resolve One’s Corrupt Dispositions, One Must Have a Specific Path of Practice


… The moment people gain status—regardless of who they are—do they then become antichrists? (If they do not pursue the truth, then they will become antichrists, but if they do pursue the truth, then they will not.) Thus, it is not absolute. So, are those who walk the path of the antichrists ultimately trapped by status? That happens when people do not take the right path. They have a good path to follow, yet they do not follow it; instead, they follow an evil one. This is akin to how people eat: Some do not consume food that can keep their bodies healthy and maintain their normal lives, and take drugs instead. In the end, taking drugs makes them addicted and kills them. Is this not a choice that people make themselves? Some people say, “Don’t be a leader, and don’t have status. People are in danger the minute they gain status, and God will expose them! Once they are exposed, they will not even be qualified to be ordinary believers, and will no longer have a chance of being saved. God is not just!” What sort of thing is that to say? At best, it represents a misunderstanding of God; at worst, it is blasphemy against God.


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These fellowships and words are directed toward the many difficult aspects and areas of putting truth into practice; they are also directed...


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