245 Resolve to Be an Honest Person

1 Before, my faith in the Lord was only to seek to understand profound biblical theory. I paid no heed to practicing or entering into the Lord’s requirement that we be an honest person. I did things that cheated and defied God, and yet I was numb and insensible. My frequent prayers and praises were just to extract blessings. I swore to love God, but when trials befell I misunderstood and complained. My hard work for the Lord was only to be crowned and rewarded. I appeared humble and patient, yet my heart was filled with arrogance and deceit. I understood much biblical knowledge yet was still bound in sin. I followed the path of the Pharisees and wished wildly to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.

2 Only today, experiencing the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, have I awoken to my errors. I’ve clearly seen my crookedness and deceit, that I have no human likeness. I only cared about theory but have not practiced the truth, I’ve gone my own way. God’s judgment and cleansing cause me to live out the likeness of an honest person. Every one of God’s words is the truth and even more is my own foundation of how to be human. Comporting myself according to the truth is a life of dignity, my spirit is at ease, at peace. God’s essence is faithful, He likes honest people and hates the deceitful. Only honest people love the truth and will be most blessed by God. Honest people love and obey God, only honest people can enter the kingdom of heaven.

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