163 The Saints Throughout the Ages Are Risen

1 The saints throughout the ages are risen! Risen, oh risen again! The saints of all the ages are risen! Risen, oh risen again! Recalling their suffering and imprisonment throughout the ages, recalling their suffering and imprisonment throughout the ages, hey, hey, throughout the ages, our tears cannot but flow. They had their fill of persecution and tribulations in the world, trampled and slandered by others. Hey, hey! Trampled and slandered. They endured millennia of pain and humiliation, so many blows, so many lashes, ravages, and torments, and age after age of death by blade and stone. Hey, hey! So many lightless years; so many sunless years. Hey-ho! Hey-ho! Hey-ho hey-hey-ho!

2 The Sun of righteousness rises in the East and lights up the universe and the firmament, and suddenly all is renewed, suddenly all is changed, a new sky over the land. Hey, hey! We hear God’s voice; we rejoice and are glad. We live in the land of Canaan and attend the wedding feast of the Lamb. Hey, hey! The joy in my heart is beyond compare, as if I were in the third heaven; I taste the sweetness of God’s words and feel His warmth, and truly there is gladness in my heart. Hey, hey! Our hearts forever belong to God, who reigns therein as King. Hey, hey! He reigns therein as King.

3 Almighty God expresses the truth and brings the way of eternal life. His words judge us, refine us, purify and change us. Hey, hey! Hundreds of times we’ve been tried and refined, and after the utmost pain, sweetness does come. His words become our faith, His words become our life, and we live out a new human likeness. Hey, hey! We’ve been cleansed by God of Satan’s corruption, and in our hearts we feel liberated beyond compare. God graces us with salvation, and we are risen from the dead. Hey, hey! Almighty God has saved us—we are risen from the dead. Hey, hey! We are risen from the dead—hey!

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