145 Saints Throughout the Ages Are Reborn

1 Thinking of the hardship and imprisonment of saints throughout the ages, we cannot help but weep. They have suffered every form of persecution and affliction among man, they have been trampled and defamed. They have endured pain and humiliation for generations, so many blows, so many lashes of the whip, so much devastation and torture, stonings and murders, too. So many years in the dark, without sunlight.

2 There arises the Sun of righteousness from the East. It shines throughout the cosmos, all is instantly renewed, and changed. A new aura spreads across the land. We behold the appearance of the Son of man, our hearts are full of joy, free from worry. We are lucky to be lifted up before God, to attend the Lamb’s wedding feast. Special joy fills our hearts, as if we are in the third heaven. We taste the sweetness of God’s words, we gain God’s warmth, there is great joy in our hearts. Our hearts will always belong to God, He is the King of our hearts.

3 Christ of the last days has expressed the truth, He has brought the way of eternal life. His words judge us, they refine us, purify us, change us. We have suffered hundreds of trials and refinements, and found sweetness in pain. God’s word has become our life, and we live anew. We are cleansed by God, released from the corruption of Satan, our hearts free as never before. We have gained God’s salvation, and are reborn from death. Almighty God has saved us, we are born again.

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