547 God Saves Those Who Love the Truth

1 Of the things that happen each day, big or small, all those that can shake your resolution, occupy your heart, restrict your ability to do your duty, or control your forward progression are things that need to be treated seriously, and should be carefully examined to seek out the truth; they all happen within the realm of experience. Some people quit their duties when negativity befalls them, and are unable to surpass each setback that befalls them. These people are all fools who do not love truth, and they will fail to gain the truth, even if they have faith their whole lives. How could such fools follow unto the end?

2 Astute people who truly have caliber and understand spiritual matters are seekers of the truth, and, if ten things befall them, they may be able to gain some inspiration, learn a lesson, gain some enlightenment, and make some progress due to eight of them. When a fool who does not understand spiritual matters fails and stumbles ten times, they are still not awakened, nor do they seek the truth to find the root of the problem. No matter how much that kind of person listens to sermons, they will never understand the truth—they are a lost cause. Every time they stumble, they need someone else to help them back up and coax them. These people are useless and God does not save them.

3 God’s salvation of mankind is a salvation of those who love the truth. It is salvation for those with willpower and resolve, who aspire to the truth and to righteousness. One with resolve is one who yearns for righteousness, goodness, and truth, who is possessed of a conscience. God works in these people, making them understand and gain the truth, cleansing their corruption, and transforming their life disposition. If there is no love for the truth within people or aspiration for righteousness and light, then there is no way for them to be saved.

Adapted from “Confused People Cannot Be Saved” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

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