213 Reflections As I Read God’s Words

1 Over many years of faith, I thought that my toil equaled love for God. Through God’s judgment, I finally saw the truth of my own corruption. Expending myself and working hard for God was only to gain blessings. I seemed to behave well but my life disposition didn’t change. I believed in God only to gain blessings, and shamelessly claimed that I loved God. I made deals with God, resisted God and tried to cheat God, but I was unaware of it. Without true self-knowledge, how could I fear God? There is no way for my corrupt dispositions to be cleansed without undergoing judgment. Peter went through hundreds of trials and was finally made perfect by God. It’s not easy for God to save and perfect so utterly corrupted mankind.

2 I look at God’s words and look into myself, I see how deep my corruption is. With a satanic nature, I often resist God in spite of myself. I often behave and do my duty according to satanic philosophies. I’m selfish and deceitful, lacking proper humanity. I reveal only corruption without any of the reality of the truth. Thanks be to the judgment of God for saving me just in time. The words expressed by Christ are truth and life, and it is the truth of God’s words that cleanses my corruption away. Judgment, chastisement, trials, and refinement are beneficial for mankind. I resolve to pursue the truth so as to be perfected by God.

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