247 Seek the Way of Compatibility With Christ

Verse 1

The Pharisees charged that Jesus defied the Old Testament

and was not the Messiah.

Though Jesus wasn’t guilty, they nailed Him to the cross.

Christ’s returned to let truth out,

yet man would ban Him from the world

to reach heaven and gain grace.

They’d rather deny the truth and crucify Him again

just to defend the Bible.

How can man get salvation when his heart is malicious

and he’s against God in his nature?


Seek the way of compatibility with Christ.

Verse 2

Though God lives with humans, man doesn’t know He’s here.

Though God’s light shines on him,

man’s ignorance continues about God’s existence.

When God sends man His wrath,

man denies Him even more.

Man keeps searching for a way

to be compatible with the letters

and also with the Bible,

but not a single person comes into God’s presence,

seeking harmony with the truth.


Man looks up to God in heaven

but ignores the God incarnate,

since He who lives with human beings

is just too insignificant.


Seek the way of compatibility with Christ.

Verse 3

Those who seek harmony with just the Bible and a vague God,

God sees as being wretched,

because they worship dead words and a God non-existent

who gives treasures and is at the mercy of people.

What, then, can they gain from God?

Mankind is too lowly for words.

Those who are against God,

who make endless demands,

and who lack love for the truth,

can they be compatible with Him?


Seek the way of compatibility with Christ.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Should Seek the Way of Compatibility With Christ

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