158. The Principles of Seeking Salvation

1. You must accept God’s judgment and chastisement, pruning and dealing, and trials and refinement, so as to know God’s righteous disposition;

2. You must be able to accept the truth and obey the truth from eating and drinking God’s words, and obtain the enlightenment, illumination and guidance of the work of the Holy Spirit;

3. You must establish a normal relationship with God, be absolutely able to obey God’s work and perform the duty you are supposed to do, and be devoted to God;

4. You must seek the truth and practice the truth in all things and live by God’s words so as to cast off the dark influence of Satan and truly obey God.

Relevant Words of God:

If people wish to become living beings, and to bear testimony to God, and to be approved of by God, they must accept God’s salvation, they must gladly submit to His judgment and chastisement, and must gladly accept the pruning and dealing of God. Only then will they be able to put all of the truths required by God into practice, and only then will they gain God’s salvation, and truly become living beings. The living are saved by God, they have been judged and chastised by God, they are willing to devote themselves and are happy to lay down their lives to God, and they would gladly dedicate their whole lives to God. Only when the living bear testimony to God can Satan be shamed, only the living can spread the gospel work of God, only the living are after God’s heart, and only the living are real people. … The living are those whose spirits have been reborn, who know to obey God, and who are loyal to God. They are possessed of the truth, and of testimony, and only these people are pleasing to God in His house. God saves those who can come alive, who can see God’s salvation, who can be loyal to God, and willing to seek God. He saves those who believe in God’s incarnation, and believe in His appearance.

from “Have You Come Alive?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

People cannot change their disposition themselves; they must undergo the judgment and chastisement and painful refinement of God’s words, or being dealt with, disciplined, and pruned by His words. Only after that can they achieve obedience and devotion to God, and not try to fool Him and deal with Him perfunctorily. It is under the refinement of God’s words that people have a change in disposition. Only those who undergo the exposure, judgment, disciplining, and dealing with of His words will no longer dare to do things recklessly, and will become calm and collected. The most important point is that they are able to obey God’s current words and obey God’s work, and even if it is not in line with human notions, they can put them aside and intentionally obey.

from “People Whose Dispositions Have Changed Are Those Who Have Entered Into the Reality of God’s Words” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Man lives amid the flesh, which means he lives in a human hell, and without God’s judgment and chastisement, man is as filthy as Satan. How could man be holy? Peter believed that chastisement and judgment by God was man’s best protection and greatest grace. Only through chastisement and judgment by God could man awaken, and hate the flesh, and hate Satan. God’s strict discipline frees man from the influence of Satan, it frees him from his own little world, and allows him to live in the light of God’s presence. There is not better salvation than chastisement and judgment! Peter prayed, “O God! As long as You chastise and judge me, I will know that You have not left me. Even if You do not give me joy or peace, and make me live in suffering, and inflict countless chastenings on me, as long as You do not leave me my heart will be at ease. Today, Your chastisement and judgment has become my best protection and my greatest blessing. The grace You give me protects me. The grace You bestow upon me today is a manifestation of Your righteous disposition, and is chastisement and judgment; moreover, it is a trial, and, more than that, it is a life of suffering.” Peter was able to put aside the pleasures of the flesh and seek a deeper love and greater protection, because he had gained so much grace from God’s chastisement and judgment. In his life, if man wishes to be cleansed and achieve changes in his disposition, if he wishes to live out a life of meaning, and fulfill his duty as a creature, then he must accept God’s chastisement and judgment, and must not allow God’s discipline and God’s smiting to depart from him, so he can free himself from the manipulation and influence of Satan and live in the light of God. Know that God’s chastisement and judgment is the light, and the light of man’s salvation, and that there is no better blessing, grace or protection for man. Man lives under the influence of Satan, and exists in the flesh; if he is not cleansed and does not receive God’s protection, then man will become ever more depraved. If he wishes to love God, then he must be cleansed and saved.

from “The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Right now, the path the Holy Spirit walks is God’s current words. So, for one to walk it, he must obey, and eat and drink of the current words of God incarnate. He is doing the work of words, and everything is spoken from His words, and everything is established on His words, His current words. Whether it’s being fully without doubts about God become flesh or knowing Him, one must put much effort into His words. Otherwise, he cannot accomplish anything at all, and he will be left with nothing. Only by coming to know God and satisfy Him on the foundation of eating and drinking His words can one gradually establish a proper relationship with Him. Eating and drinking His words and putting them into practice is the best cooperation with God, and it is the practice that best bears witness as one of His people. When one understands and is able to obey the essence of God’s current words, he is living on the path that is led by the Holy Spirit and he has entered the right track of God perfecting man.

from “People Whose Dispositions Have Changed Are Those Who Have Entered Into the Reality of God’s Words” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you can always eat and drink God’s words as well as be attentive to His will and practice His words, then you belong to God, and you are someone living inside God’s words. Are you willing to escape from Satan’s domain and live in the light of God? If you live inside God’s words, then the Holy Spirit will have an opportunity to perform His work; if you live under Satan’s influence, then the Holy Spirit will have no opportunity to perform any work. … If men live inside God’s words, then the Holy Spirit will be with them and perform work on them; if men are not living inside God’s words, then they are living within the bondage of Satan. Men living in a corrupt disposition do not have the presence or the work of the Holy Spirit. If you are living within the sphere of God’s words, if you are living within the state required by God, then you belong to Him and His work will be performed on you; if you are not living within the sphere of God’s requirements but instead are living under Satan’s domain, then you are certainly living under Satan’s corruption. Only by living within God’s words and giving your heart to Him, can you meet His requirements; you must do as God says, you must make God’s words the foundation of your existence and the reality of your life, and only then will you belong to God. If you sincerely practice in accordance with God’s will, He will perform work on you and then you will live under God’s blessings, live in the light of God’s countenance, grasp the work that the Holy Spirit performs, as well as feel the joy of God’s presence.

from “Escape From the Influence of Darkness and You Will Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you are a person who loves the truth, if you are able to accept the truth in spite of your corrupt disposition, can receive the work of the Holy Spirit and can understand God’s will, this way you will be able to forsake the flesh and obey God’s plan. When you have changes in your disposition after undergoing some trials, this means that you are slowly stepping onto Peter’s path of being perfected.

from “How to Take the Path of Peter” in Records of Christ’s Talks

A normal relationship with God means being able to not doubt or deny any of God’s work and submit to it, and furthermore it means having the right intentions in the presence of God, not thinking of yourself, always having the interests of God’s family as the most important thing no matter what you are doing, accepting God’s observation, and submitting to God’s arrangements. You are able to quiet your heart in God’s presence whenever you do anything; even if you do not understand God’s will, you must still fulfill your duties and responsibilities to the best of your ability. It is not too late to wait for God’s will to be revealed to you and then put this into practice. When your relationship with God has become normal, then you will also have a normal relationship with people. Everything is established on the foundation of God’s words. Through eating and drinking the words of God, practice in accordance with God’s requirements, put your viewpoints right, and do not do things that resist God or disturb the church. Do not do things that do not benefit the lives of the brothers and sisters, do not say things that do not contribute to other people, do not do shameful things. Be just and honorable when doing all things and make them presentable before God. Even though the flesh is weak sometimes, you are able to attach the highest importance to benefiting God’s family, not covet your own benefits, and carry out righteousness. If you can practice in this way, your relationship with God will be normal.

Whenever you do anything, you must examine whether your motivations are right. If you are able to act according to the requirements of God, then your relationship with God is normal. This is the minimum criterion. If, when you examine your motivations, there emerge those that are incorrect, and if you are able to turn your back on them and act according to the words of God, then you will become someone who is right before God, which will show that your relationship with God is normal, and that all that you do is for the sake of God, and not for yourself. Whenever you do or say anything, you must put your heart right, be righteous, and not be led by your emotions, or act according to your own will. These are the principles by which believers in God conduct themselves.

from “How Is Your Relationship With God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In the current stream, every person that truly loves God has the opportunity to be perfected by Him. Regardless of whether they are young or old, so long as they keep in their hearts an obedience to God and reverence for Him, they will be able to be perfected by Him. God perfects people according to their different functions. So long as you have done all in your strength and submit yourself to the work of God you will be able to be perfected by Him. At present none of you are perfect. Sometimes you are able to perform one type of function and sometimes you are able to perform two; so long as you give all your strength to God and expend yourselves for Him, ultimately you will be perfected by God.

from “On Everyone Performing Their Function” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

To escape from the influence of darkness, you must first be loyal to God and have the eagerness to seek the truth—only then will you have a correct state. Living in the correct state is the precondition for escaping from the influence of darkness. Not having the correct state means that you are not loyal to God and that you do not have the eagerness to seek the truth. Then, escaping from the influence of darkness is out of the question. Man’s escape from the influence of darkness is based on My words, and if man cannot practice in accordance with My words, they will not escape from the bondage of the influence of darkness. To live in the correct state is to live under the guidance of God’s words, to live in the state of being loyal to God, to live in the state of seeking the truth, to live in the reality of sincerely expending for God, to live in the state of genuinely loving God. Those who live in these states and within this reality will gradually transform as they enter more deeply into the truth, and they will transform with the deepening of the work, until eventually they will certainly be gained by God, and they will come to genuinely love God. Those who have escaped from the influence of darkness will be able to gradually grasp God’s will, gradually understand God’s will, and eventually become confidants of God. Not only will they have no notions of God and no rebellion against Him, but they will come to detest even more the notions and rebellion that they had before, engendering genuine love for God in their hearts.

from “Escape From the Influence of Darkness and You Will Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You must first resolve all the difficulties within yourself by relying on God. Make an end to your degenerate dispositions and be able to really understand your own situations and know how you should do things; keep fellowshiping anything you don’t understand. It is unacceptable for you not to know yourself. First heal your own sickness, and by means of eating and drinking My words more, contemplating My words, live life and do things according to My words; whether you are at home or in some other place, you should allow God to wield power within you. Cast off the flesh and naturalness. Always let God’s words have dominion within you. There is no need to worry that your life is not changing; you will slowly come to feel that your disposition has changed a great deal. Before you were quick to be in the limelight, you didn’t obey anyone or you were ambitious, self-righteous or prideful, and you will gradually cast these things off. If you wish to cast them off right now, then that is not possible! This is because your old self will not allow others to touch it, it is so deeply rooted in you. So you must make subjective efforts, positively and actively obey the work of the Holy Spirit, use your will to cooperate with God and be willing to put My words into practice. If you commit a sin, God will discipline you. When you turn back and come to understanding, then all will at once be well within you. If you speak indulgently, then you will immediately be disciplined within. You see that God takes no delight in that kind of thing, so if you stop it right away, you will experience inner peace. … The key now is to focus on life, to eat and drink more of My words, experience My words, know My words, make My words genuinely become your life—this is the main thing. Can the life of someone who cannot live by God’s words mature? No, it cannot. You must live by My words at all times. In life, My words must be your code of conduct. They will cause you to feel that doing things in a certain way is what God takes joy in, and doing things in another way is what God hates; slowly, you will come to walk the right track.

from “The Twenty-second Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who do not pursue a knowledge of matters in the spirit, who do not pursue holiness, and who do not pursue living out the truth, who are content only to be conquered on the negative side, and are incapable of living out and showing forth the truth, and becoming one of the holy people—they are people who have not been saved. For, if he is without the truth, man is unable to stand fast during God’s trials; only those who can stand fast during God’s trials are the ones who have been saved. What I want are people like Peter, people who pursue being made perfect. Today’s truth is given to those who yearn for and seek it. This salvation is granted to those who yearn to be saved by God, and is not only meant to be gained by you, but is also so that you can be gained by God. You gain God in order that God can gain you. Today I have spoken these words to you, and you have heard them, and you should practice according to these words. In the end, when you put these words into practice will be when I have gained you through these words; at the same time, you will have also gained these words, which is to say, you will have gained this supreme salvation. Once you are made clean, you will have become a real human being.

from “The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

To experience God’s work and be granted salvation by God one must fulfill one’s duty. This is an important condition of acting in concert with God’s work. Fulfilling your duty is also a sign of genuinely believing in God, and the proof that you believe in God is being able to faithfully fulfill your duty. If people do not fulfill their duty they are able to receive little of the work of the Holy Spirit, and it is nearly impossible for them to gain the perfection of the Holy Spirit. Only by fulfilling one’s duty can one fully experience God’s work, and easily receive the work and perfection of the Holy Spirit. Only by fulfilling one’s duty can one receive more of the work of the Holy Spirit, and be able to understand one’s own corrupt substance more profoundly, giving themselves more confidence to pursue salvation from God. Only by fulfilling one’s duty can one more comprehensively experience God’s judgment and chastisement, understand the nature of their resisting God and rebelling against God, and sincerely obey and worship God. Only when one has fulfilled their duty can they more genuinely understand God’s wisdom and almightiness and remove their own religious conceptions and falsehoods. Only when one has fulfilled their duty can they have richer life interaction with brothers and sisters of the church, bring about more of their own understanding of the truth to attain genuine knowledge of God, and bring about the transformation of life disposition. Only when we have fulfilled our duty are we able to make our hearts generous, our vision far-sighted, our knowledge broad, our wisdom full, thus step-by-step becoming suitable to be used by God. Only when we have fulfilled our duty can we understand the truth more deeply and enter into reality to attain transformation of our disposition and be perfected by God. In sum, fulfilling our duty is of great importance while experiencing the work of God. Whether we can fulfill our duty is directly related to the great matters of whether we can be granted God’s salvation and be perfected by God.

from the fellowship from the above

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