Chapter 119. Only by Seeking the Truth Can You Know God’s Deeds


… There is a supreme principle in how the Lord of creation treats the objects of creation, and this is also the most fundamental principle. How He treats the objects of creation is completely based on His management plan and on His requirements; He does not need to consult anyone, nor does He need to get anyone to agree with Him. He does whatever He has to do, and He treats people however He has to treat them, and whatever He does and however He treats people is all in line with the principles, the principles by which the Lord of creation works. The only thing the objects of creation should do is submit; they should not have any other choice. What does this show? The Lord of creation will always be the Lord of creation; He has the power and the qualifications to orchestrate and rule over any object of creation as He pleases, and does not need a reason to do so. This is His authority. What about as objects of creation? Not a single object of creation has the power or is qualified to pass judgment on how the Creator should act or on whether what He does is right or wrong, nor are any objects of creation qualified to choose whether they should be ruled over, orchestrated, or arranged by the Lord of creation. Likewise, not a single object of creation has the qualifications to choose how they are ruled over and arranged by the Lord of creation. This is the highest truth. No matter what the Lord of creation has done to the objects of creation, and no matter how He has done it, the humans He created should only do one thing: Seek, submit, know, and accept this fact put in place by the Lord of creation. The final result will be that the Lord of creation will have accomplished His management plan and completed His work, causing His management plan to progress forward without any obstructions; meanwhile, because the objects of creation have accepted the Creator’s rule and arrangements, and due to having submitted to His rule and arrangements, they will have gained the truth, understood the Creator’s will, and come to know His disposition.


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